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At least 39 people drown trying to reach Europe,


in the latest migrant boat disaster off the Turkish coast.


16 more people are reported to have died of starvation,


a stark reminder of the importance of peace talks.


We are here to make this a success, we are ready to start negotiation.


At least we should see something on the ground in Syria. We should stop


these massacres against our people. The number of people infected


with the Zika virus in Colombia women are being advised


to avoid getting pregnant Serena Williams loses


the Australian Open final The plight of migrants escaping war


in Syria shows no signs of abating. After five years of violence


there are more risks than ever Those inside the country face


fighting and major food shortages. The medical charity MSF says 16


more people have starved to death in the town of Madaya,


since the UN aid convey gained For those trying to


leave there are other risks and uncertainty,


and Syrians are among those who have The news at least 39 people


including five children have drowned as they crossed the sea


between Turkey and Greece shows just how desperate


these people are. It comes as a team of negotiators


representing Syria's main opposition groups makes its at to UN sponsored


peace talks in Geneva, though the umbrella group


representing the opposition has threatened to withdraw before


they even get started. But first Mark Lowen reports


on the latest migrant deaths VOICEOVER: What remains of a death


trap for the desperate, it carried 120 but was


meant for far fewer, dozens onboard drowned


when the vessel capsized off the western coast of Turkey,


just miles from the Greek most of the pictures are too


graphic to show. The casualties were from Syria,


Afghanistan and Myanmar, He is asked, don't


you have a conscience? he says he was onboard and had


six relatives. He says he does not know


if they were alive and he wanted Typically the migrant task


with driving the boat is caught and the big smuggling


bosses are never found. have already made the journey


to Greece this month, Here, Italian coastguards


spot a group of the Scuba divers are sent


in to the rescue. Gradually they are


pulled in, Strong winds and freezing seas


are still not deterring those who risk their lives


dreaming of a new one. STUDIO: Staying inside Syria is not


an option for many civilians, the latest deaths from starvation


highlight that, even so, how to help those still inside Syria


has been one of the main stumbling blocks in the UN-sponsored peace


talks underway in Geneva. The BBC's Imogen Foulkes


has the story. VOICEOVER: Syria's war has


lasted five long years. At least one quarter of a million


Syrians have been killed, 13 million have been


driven from their homes, After months of trying


and a lot of false starts, the United Nations has


persuaded the Syrian government and the opposition to come


to Geneva to talk. TRANSLATION: The Syrian people


are waiting for rapid results, especially regarding


the humanitarian crisis. They need the delivery of aid


supplies to besieged areas, we also need to solve pending issues


like detainees, kidnapping, these issues are becoming


the top priority, we The goals for these talks are very


ambitious: a ceasefire,


a transitional government, a new constitution, and finally,


UN-supervised elections. Previous attempts to bring peace


to Syria have collapsed in failure, United Nations is hoping that this


time, the tranquil surroundings of Geneva will have


a positive effect. Even if these talks are successful,


they will not be quick, we are told to expect six


months of painstaking negotiation and even as talks inch


towards their start, reports claim of more deaths


from hunger, in the besieged city. We know that in many of the besieged


areas, people do not They have not had food in weeks.


They are emaciated. We have seen people


die from starvation. Over the five-year long


years of the conflict, the United Nations estimates


that life expectancy has fallen from just over 70 years


old to just over 50 years old. For people trying


to live here, peace STUDIO: We can hear from one of the


main spokesman for the main opposition in Syria. This is him,


Salem al Maslet, as he arrived in Syria. We are here to get a success,


we are ready to start negotiation, but we need to see something on the


ground. We need to stop these massacres against our people. These


help us save our children, save the remaining children of Syria. We are


willing to do anything to put an end to this war. We want to put an end


to Isis, to terrorism in Syria. We want to put an end to what this


dictatorship is doing. We want to see a new Syria. Coalition bombings


continue across Syria. Turkey's president,


Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has warned Russia it will face


consequences after alleging that a Russian fighter jet had again


violated Turkish airspace. In November, Turkey shot down


a Russian plane which it said had A Turkish foreign ministry statement


said that in the latest incident on Friday, a Russian pilot


was warned in advacne in both -- A Turkish foreign ministry


statement said that in the latest a Russian pilot was warned


in advance in both


English and Russian. The Russian defence ministry has


dismissed the claims In Sweden police say a number


of masked men have carried out assaults on migrants in the capital,


Stockholm. A gang of up to a hundred


people, wearing black balaclavas and armbands,


marched through the city's main Local reports say they beat-up


foreigners and handed out leaflets Sweden is among the EU states


with the highest number of refugees Earlier,


we spoke to James Savage, Editor of The Local


magazine in Stockholm. We asked him what more


we knew about the incident. What we know is about 100 masked men


gathered in a central part of Stockholm, on Friday evening,


handing out leaflets calling for immigrant children to be given the


punishment that they deserve. One man was arrested for attacking a


plainclothes police officer, no other people have been taken into


custody as yet. Witnesses say that they saw masked men hitting


foreigners, and targeting people of foreign appearance in the area.


In Britain, three people have been arrested in Dover during


Far right demonstrators clashed with anti-fascist groups


One person suffered a broken arm and five others sustained minor


Earlier Maidstone service station was closed when coaches on the way


The United Nations has for the first time


revealed the nationalities of peacekeepers


accused of sexually abusing children in the Central African Republic.


The suspects come from Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic


Our Africa editor Mary Harper reports.


VOICEOVER: The United Nations said more than one third of last year 's


alleged cases involve troops in the Central African Republic, revoking


anger and disgust in the country, but increasingly within the United


Nations itself. It is hard to imagine the outrage that people


working for the United Nations and for the causes of peace and security


feel when these kinds of allegations come to light.


Particularly involving children, so hard to understand. Last year, an


independent panel condemned the United Nations approach to the


problem, as gross institutional failure. Fresh allegations have also


been made against soldiers serving with EU and French intervention


forces. A seven-year-old girl said that French troops demanded sex in


exchange for biscuits and a bottle of water. TRANSLATION: It is not


just girls who are abused, it is all central Africa, the interior is


abused. TRANSLATION: They came here to help us, we were in a difficult


situation, instead of helping us, they aggravated the situation.


International troops have been in the C a R since 2013, their mission


is to protect civilians from sectarian and ethnic violence, which


has killed tens of thousands. -- the CAR. The repeated allegations of the


sexual abuse of children suggests some of these so-called peacekeepers


are adding to the trauma. STUDIO: Brazil is at the forefront


of the zika outbreak which the World Health Organisation


says is spreading "explosively" More than 20 countries


in the Americas are affected. Colombia has released its latest


figures on the outbreak which include some suspected but not


yet confirmed cases. There are 20,297 people


infected with the Zika virus which is spread by mosquitoes


who breed in stagnant water. This includes 2,166


six pregnant women. It's feared that the virus can lead


to babies being born with smaller And the government is warning


that there could be six hundred thousand cases to come


as the virus spreads Natalio Cosoy joins


us now from Colombia. What is the government telling


people they can do to help to stop the spread? There is a couple of


things, they say that first thing, take pre-emptive measures, try not


to leave water stagnant. Use nets. Use repellent for mosquitoes. The


other thing they have said, they have told women, if you can, try not


to get pregnant for the next six to eight months. They are encouraging


as much as they can women to postpone pregnancies if they can.


For women that are pregnant already, it is the same measures that they


are telling people that they should implement but they are also asking


women who are pregnant to go to the doctors as soon as they feel any


possible symptom of the disease, to check on them, to see if they


actually have the virus or not. There has been called from the World


Health Organisation for countries in the Americas to come together to


work together to help stop the spread of the virus, do you get any


sense that is happening? It is not completely clear yet, there is


difference in reporting, for instance, you are seeing many more


cases in Colombia because the reporting system is working harder


and harder but you are not getting the same number of figures from


other countries, from Venezuela, we do not get as much of a clear


picture, unless they get together in terms of reporting and informing on


the cases, it will be difficult for them to work together. At some point


they will end up coming together. Thank you very much for the update.


Coming up: blasting into space, the network of satellites capable of


beaming back information on natural disasters within minutes.


The shuttle Challenger exploded soon after liftoff, seven astronauts on


board, one of them a woman schoolteacher, all of them believed


to have been killed... Thirty nine people


including several children in the latest migrant boat disaster


in the Aegean Sea. Health workers in the besieged


Syrian town of Madaya say another sixteen people have starved to death


since UN aid convoys reached it Dozens more are said to be at risk


of death from severe malnutrition. The New York Times Editorial


Board has endorsed Hillary Clinton in the race


for the Democratic nomination This comes as the State Department


has said that it will not allow some of Hillary Clinton's private


emails to be released, because they contain information it


considers "top secret." It applies to seven email chains


in an unsecured account used by Mrs Clinton


when she was Secretary of State. Our Washington correspondent


Laura Bicker reports. VOICEOVER: The campaign continues,


but so does the controversy. Hillary Clinton has tried to end


the endless questions about her use of a private e-mail account


while Secretary of State, 22 messages she either sent


or received from her home account have now been classified


as top secret. They were not at the time


she dealt with them, but the State Department is looking


at whether they should have been. I can confirm that as part of this


monthly production of former the State Department will be denying


in full seven e-mail chains


found in 22 documents, at the request of the intelligence


community because they contain


a category of top-secret


information. These documents were not marked


classified at the time Hillary Clinton has always said


she's done nothing wrong, that using her private e-mail


account was simply convenient. But the public were drip-fed her


e-mails over months and, finally, there was an


expression of regret. Looking back, it would have been


better for me to use two separate I thought using one device would be


simpler, and obviously it hasn't In Iowa, the Clinton


campaign reacted swiftly, calling for the e-mails to be


made public, saying this It's unlikely to harm


her core support. has already said he is sick


of hearing about her e-mails. But Republican opponents


are unlikely to play by those rules and saying her actions


were, at the very least, has launched the first of a planned


network of telecoms satellites. They'll send images back to earth


much faster than has been It's hoped the European Data


Relay System, or EDRS, will provide emergency


services around the globe with information on natural


disasters within minutes. On the line now


from Leiden in the Netherlands of this project at the


European Space agency. Michael Witting, how long does it


take at the moment? It typically takes images, and they have about a


contact time of ten minutes per 100 minute orbit, to relay it. In the


worst case, you have to wait 100 minutes. So, give me an example, of


how this would work, let's say that there is a huge unprecedented flood


in the United Kingdom. How would these satellite help people back on


Earth? What we are doing is relaying the data, the satellite data, and we


transfer it with a high-speed laser link. It is on the ground within


minutes compared to 100 minutes, and we have a rescue team, and emergency


health team on the ground -- help team. In case of flooding, we would


have the data to the team within minutes, giving you a big advantage.


Flooding can destroy roads and bridges and houses I guess. Will


this be used solely for natural disasters to get better emergency


responses to what is going on, or can it be used for other things as


well? I cannot speak for other uses but it is certainly very useful for


many other applications. Ships moving through polar ice, ice sheets


move very quickly. If you want to go through where I see breaking up,


Betty to know in minutes rather than two hours later. It is not really


disaster application. But it is very important for ship navigation. Is


this something that the European Space Agency is particularly proud


of, are we ahead of the curve in impaired to Americans by using laser


technology? We are very proud, this is cutting edge, the most cutting


edge in the world, we do it by laser beam, high data rates. The Americans


have a similar system to the last couple of years which uses a classic


radio frequency technology, but you can also see that if you use optical


communication, eavesdropping, as well as jamming the signal, is very


difficult. An terms of security it is a real step ahead. Who would have


thought this, some people may have thought that the space race no


longer exists! Shocking tennis news coming up for


many fans of Serena Williams, we have the sports news for you.


to beat the 21-time Champion, Serena Williams.


Serena Williams was seeking her seventh Australian open title and


22nd overall, seventh-seeded Angelique Kerber, however, would not


be an done by the occasion of her first grand slam final, breaking


twice in the first set, Williams made 23 unforced errors. Not many


people dared to challenge Serena Williams to a game of baseline


tennis, but Angelique Kerber did just that, she was rewarded with the


opening set. She began to get her timing back and made less errors as


she raced out to a 4-1 lead in the second, but the power return of the


American was back in business. The world number one send the match into


a decider, when Angelique Kerber hit an easy looking for hand straight


into the net. -- forehand. Both players suffered early breaks in the


third set, the championship was beginning to tip in favour of the


German, she managed to take a 4-2 lead. She extended that to 5-2 and


was serving for the title before Williams fought back. Angelique


Kerber was inspired and went on to clinch a first grand slam title,


completing victory after two hours, eight minutes. The German in


disbelief on Rod Laver arena. I wish try to believe in myself,


when I won the first set against Victoria Azarenka, I am a good


player, and I can show it on the big courts. I was not playing very well


last year on the big tournaments, but the first big tournaments of the


year here, and I have won it, it is my first grand slam! It sounds crazy


but I can say that I am a grand slam champion now! -- The seventh seed


said she had spent her whole life working for this moment after she


beat the world number one and defending champion, Serena Williams


to claim the Australian Open. Kerber becomes Germanyt's first Major


winner since her childhood idol Steffi Graf.


STUDIO: There was success in the men's doubles


for Brazilian Bruno Soarez and Jamie Murray.


The pair, who were playing in their first Grand Slam


to beat Daniel Nester and Radek Stepanek.


There we no major upsets in the 13 ties played in the fourth


all of the favourites progressing to the last 16 of the world's


The holders Arsenal were drawing 1-all at half time


against second tier side Burnley but they are through thanks


to an Alexis Sanchez winner at the Emirates.


Manchester City had a very comfortable 4-nil win


at the Premier League's bottom side Aston Villa.


Kelechi Iheanacho scored a hat-trick, with record signing


Raheem Sterling grabbing the other goal at Villa Park.


Tottenham Hotspur are also safely through to the fifth


round after they beat third tier side Colchester United.


Nacer Chadli scored twice for Spurs, Eric Dier and Thomas Carroll also


scored in the comfortable 4-1 win for Mauricio Pochettino's side.


Branden Grace produced a superb display to become the first player


to successfully defend the Qatar Masters in


Grace began the final round two shots behind former


Open champion Paul Lawrie,


who was seeking his third victory at the Doha Golf Club.


Lawrie had won on six of the seven occasions where he held the lead


after the third round but he couldn't manage it this time.


Grace shot four birdies and one bogey to finish 14 under par,


two shots ahead of Denmark's Thorbjorn Olesen and Spain's Rafael


STUDIO: The latest sinkhole spotting, one has turned up in the


US state of Oregon. It opened up because of heavy rain, it is


believed, last month, it has not swallowed any vehicles, and there


have been no injuries but it is big, repairs could take eight weeks.


Detours will be in place for most places for sometime! The police in


Turkey say they've recovered a stolen Picasso painting in an


undercover operation. It's believed to be a1 1940 painting


of Pablo Picasso's muse -- Dora Maar -- titled "woman dressing her hair".


It's believed to have been stolen from a collector in New York and


Turkish police mounted a sting operation in Istanbul to get it


back. If you have a story or a sinkhole that we have not


spotted(!), get in touch with us. That is it from the world today.


Thank you for watching.


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