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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


A triple bomb attack near the holiest Shia shrine


in Damascus kills at least 50 people.


The so called 'Islamic State' group claims responsibility.


There appears to be a military target for the attack but also a


very large number of civilians who are in this neighbourhood and also


affected. There's fresh hope at the Syrian


peace talks in Geneva as the UN envoy plans talks with


both sides for Monday. A village in north eastern Nigeria


is attacked by suspected Boko Haram militants - leaving


at least 50 people dead. One of Canada's most notorious mafia


bosses is shot dead at his home. His son-in-law is


charged with murder. As attempts are made to get peace


talks on Syria under way in Geneva, Syrian state media is reporting that


at least 45 five people have been killed in a triple bomb attack


on the outskirts of the capital Damascus - some reports say


the number of death could be as high The attack was near the highly


important Shia shrine The attack has been largely


condemned as an attempt Our correspondent Rami Ruhighem has


just sent this report. A sight not seen here around for


months. This is south-east of Damascus. The people here are safe


from air strikes, but today not from suicide attacks. We have slight


delifrn accounts but what we know for sure is this street in the


Sayyida Zeinab neighbourhood was the target of the attack. This is the


building which is the closest to the attack. We are told that the ground


floor was a military headquarters and the rest of it housed the


families of the forces who lived on the ground floor. There was fury as


soldiers gathered around the wreckage.


TRANSLATION: We are not afraid to die. They can send all the cars they


want to Sayyida Zeinab, and all of Damascus. But soldiers weren't the


only ones affected. Opposite the army building is a fraught and


vegetable market. Testament to a street that was bustling just before


the blast You can still smell a very strange mixture, I think perhaps of


blood and fruit, on the site of the explosion.


In Geneva the UN was still struggling to kickstart the talks


but on the ground, all over Syria's fragmented landscape, the war raged


on, unaffected. We will hear more on the significance of a see ya


district being targeted in Damascus. Islam zwraict or so-called Islamic


State is a sunny fundamentalist group. It considers Shia in general


at heretics and it has said so many time it is raging war against Shia.


We have seen similar attacks in Iraq. There is a similar factor


which is that many militants, or militias fighting the IS at the


moment are Shia militias, coming from Iraq, from Iran, and they are


Hezbollah militias as well. And many of them actually go to Sayyida


Zeinab shrine in a pilgrimage, even before they start fighting IS. These


are two important factors to bear in mind in this context. Well, to the


talks now and the main Syrian opposition group, the HNC says it


will not negotiate directly with the Syrian government at the talks until


massacres have stopped. Earlier, they did have an initial


informal meeting with the UN's envoy He's due to hold separate talks


on Monday, first with government representatives, and then delegates


from the opposition The US Secretary of State,


John Kerry, has appealed to the parties involved in the talks


to make "concrete progress". While battlefield dynamics can


affect the negotiating leverage, in the end there is no military


solution to the conflict. Without negotiations, the bloodshed will


drag on until the last city is reduced to rubble and virtually


every home, every form of infrastructure and every semblance


of civilisation is destroyed. And that will ensure an increased number


of terrorists, created by and attracted to this fight. This


conflict could easily engulf the region, if left to spiral completely


out of control. That is what the negotiations in Geneva can prevent.


It's being reported that at least 50 people have been killed in an attack


by Islamist militants in the village of Dalori -


close to the city of Maiduguri in north eastern Nigeria.


A military spokesman said that Boko Haram were behind the attack


Pictures from the scene of the attack show burnt buildings


and livestock and it's been reported that the fire could be seen


I got more details from the BBC's Tomi Oladipo in Nairobi.


We heard on Saturday this attack happened. Thesis lambist Milne tants


stormed the village and attacked, opening fire, setting buildings on


fire eye witnesses saying some people were trapped in their houses


as they were set on fire. But the army came into the town and fighting


continued for hours but as we speak, much of the building was in ruins


pretty much most of the buildings burnt down. This is not the first


time we have had a lull in the way Boko Haram operates there. They go


sometimes for weeks or even months almost quite and relying on the


kinds of suicide bombings we have been seeing over the past few weeks.


But it doesn't mean that the group has been destroyed. They are known


to have sleeper cells within major urban centres and they are still


able it carry out attacks like the one we have seen. The fact they have


carried out such an attack on such a scale, shows how great they are - I


mean how great their firepower is and how they are able to regroup and


restrategise and come back again. So a lot for the Nigerian military to


think about in terms of strategy, a lot to think about in terms of


intelligence-gathering, so they can stop this group from coming back


again and wrecking havoc across the north-east of the country, as we


have seen. In the United States


it's the final weekend of campaigning before


the Iowa caucuses on Monday. It's the first chance that voters


get to decide who'll be the presidential candidate for each


of the main parties. Well, just before this crucial vote,


one respected opinion poll suggests that Donald Trump is ahead


in the Republican contest. and Bloomberg Politics gives


Donald Trump a 5 point lead over It puts Trump at 28%


and Cruz at 23%. On the Democratic side,


the poll gives Hillary Clinton a more narrow lead


over Bernie Sanders. Clinton is on 45% while


the Vermont Senator There's a margin of error


of plus or minus 4 Gary O'Donoghue is in


Iowa and joins us live. Of course, this is that one time


that Iowa ends up being on the global stage. Usually it isn't.


That's absolutely right. I mean this is a small state, but it is not a


very populated state, only 3 million people here and they get an enormous


say as the first one in the nation to actually cast some votes in the


nomination. Now, as you pointed out, Donald Trump is leading the


Republican field, the surprise candidacy, really of Donald Trump


and really sweeping a lot of the other candidates before him. Getting


a lot of mainstream votes as well, Donald Trump. It is not just fringes


voting for him. A lot of mainstream Republicans are backing him. Second


place, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. He is popular among the socially


conservative and evangelicals and there are lots of those among


Republican voters in eye owia. On the Democratic side, Hillary


Clinton, here lead over Bernie Sanders, within the margin of error


there. It is neck-and-neck in that race and a lot of the vote in the


colleges here supporting Bernie Sanders and those colleges are in


session at the moment. That's in the always the case during the Iowa


caucuses, the students aren't always here but they are this time and the


Sanders campaign will be hoping that means that their vote will get


boasted by their presence. So, an awful lot hangs on the vote on


Monday. It will help it, indeed - particularly the Republican side


where there are still 11 candidates, Chris, in the race, it'll help to


narrow that #2350e8d down. Some on 1, 2, 3%, may not last into the next


primary which is in New Hampshire in just over a week's time. -- narrow


that vote down. Well thank you for that.


The White House hopefuls have to get out to meet voters face to face


rather than rely on reaching them through television adverts.


Monday's caucus is the first contest in the long nominating process,


and all candidates are keen to shake as many hands and kiss as many


We sent the BBC's Rajini Vaidyanathan out on the campaign


trail in Iowa to see how many candidates she could see in a day.


It is just ever 9.00 in De Moines in Iowa. The candidates are trying to


get as many votes as they can. I have a list of where they will be. I


will see how many of them I can meet. Wrong car, wrong car. Stop


number 1, candidate Ric Santorum, who is doing a coffee and bagels


meeting. Just over there. Do you think you have a shot in this race?


Of course I do. We are off. What is this place called? We have


been in the car for two hours a and we are now hoping to catch the next


candidate but we are late. You should have the right to exercise


your second amendment rights. Are we allowed to replace restrictions on


that? Only in the most extreme circumstances. That was Chris


Christie, our second candidate of today. Got more to go.


Stop number 3, a Bernie Sanders event. We are talking about making


public colleges and universities tuition-free.


You know you have to drive a short way from our last one. Already met


three candidates and a long queue for the next person we are hoping to


see. It's 5.30pm and we have driven all


across this state searching for candidates. Candidates we are now in


Wilson and off to see one more It's protected the second amendment


rights to bear arms of law-abiding citizens. We travelled 315 miles.


Met four candidates and one former President who is married to a


candidate. It made us realise if we are exhausted, imagine what the


capped dates go through on a daily basis as they work to get the vote.


Let's bring you some other news in brief now:


The Israeli cabinet has voted to create a separate prayer space


for non-Orthodox Jews at the Western Wall in Jerusalem


The contentious decision means a new prayer area will be situated


adjacent to the existing Orthodox compound where men and women


are segregated for prayers, in line with tradition.


Police in Tanzania say they have arrested three men after a British


helicopter pilot was killed while tracking


The pilot, Roger Gower, died on Friday when his helicopter


was shot down during a patrol in the Maswa game reserve


Russian officials say 12 people, including three children,


have died in a huge fire at a textile factory in Moscow.


The victims were migrant workers who had been living and working


A former Mafia boss has been shot dead at his home in the Canadian


in southern Italy, according to Canadian media.


He was once one of Toronto's most powerful mafia leaders.


Zito's son-in-law, Domenico Scopelliti,


has been charged with murder after turning himself in to police.


Rob Lamberti is a veteran crime reporter for the Toronto Sun


snr one could be forgiven, Rob, for not thinking of Canada and the Mafia


and finding the Mafia there. Well, surprise, we probably have the most


powerful Ndrangheta groups outside of Italy, based in Toronto area. How


much trouble do they cause? They are worth millions of dollars. A will


the of the money that's generated in -- a lot of the money generated in


Italy finds its way here because they have found Canada a very safe


place to invest their gains. They are in semi, they are almost in


retirement then when they get to candidate I wouldn't say that. We do


have our problems. We have had at bit of a gang war in Canada, pitting


Sicillian-based organised group in Montreal with Calabrian groups in


Ontario. Things have calmed down and the splice done good work,


especially in cue Beck, where they have made some arrests. Tell us more


about Rocco Zito and what we know about his death? He was born into a


Mafia family in Calabrian in 1928. He tried to sneak into North America


twice, once as a stowaway in a boat, to New York City, but American


officials caught him and sent him back and again he was caught in


Texas when he was trying to sneak in from Mexico when they sent him back.


In 1955 he came to Canada as a legal immigrant and became a citizen


shortly after that. Police started noticing him in about 1960 when he


was fined for $108 Canadian for having an illegal still and they


spotted him at a mob boss's house in nearbyburg ton, Ontario. What he


didn't know in 1962 he became a founding member of a Board of


Directors of organised crime. They sell disputes, carve up territories,


make deals. Sort of what you have seen on television in the God skas


father movies and so on. Police didn't know of this Board until 1968


but by that time Rocco had been developing as a masterful and very


quiet and traditional leader among organised crime groups. He wasn't a


flashy kind of guy. He lived in a very non-disscript neighbourhood in


North for on con a very non-descript bung low. He raised five daughters,


has become a grandfather. He was finally caught in 1987 in a murder


which he was convicted of man slutter. And then later in a theft.


I'm going to have to wind you up a little bit. It is fascinating but


obviously his murder will continue to be invested but, wow, a whole


book to be written there but we have to leave it there, many thanks. OK.


To Probably a movie to be made as well. Stay with us. Still to come.


Awesome in Australia. Tennis world number one, Novak Djokovic beats


Andy Murray to win Melbourne's Grand Slam for a sixth time.


The earthquake brought buildings down in seconds. Tonight the search


for any survivors has an increasing desperation about it, as the hours


pass. The new government is finally in


control of the entirely republic of Uganda. Moscow go the its first


taste as Western fast food as McDonald's opened his first


restaurant but the hundreds of Muscovites that queued up won't find


it cheap. It'll cost half a day's wages for the average Russian.


# This is BBC World News Today.


The headlines: Bomb attacks in Damascus have killed at least 50


people near the country's most important Shia Muslim shrine.


So-called Islamic state have claimed responsibility.


There is some hope for progress at the Syrian peace talks in Geneva, as


both sides agree to meet the UN's envoy for separate discussions.


More than 50 thousand migrants have made the perilous sea crossing


from Turkey to Greece this past January.


That's a 35-fold increase from this time last year.


During the same period, 250 people have


Our correspondent James Reynolds has been aboard a rescue


25 Iraqi migrants wave from their broken boats.


A private company, called MOAS, supports the Greek coastguard.


Winter has not stopped migrants from coming.


But it has made their journey much more dangerous.


A child can survive in these waters for only 15 minutes.


The migrants, their children coming aboard now.


For those who have been at sea for such a long time,


this moment of rescue must surely be one of the great moments


Inside the ship, an Italian medical team treats a man who has collapsed


And are ready to stop being smothered.


This man and his family have escaped Islamic State in Iraq.


At dawn the rescue boat heads to Greece, towing with it


Their first steps in Europe are a little uncertain.


We are hearing from our correspondent in Downing Street in


London that no deal has been reached between the British Prime Minister,


David Cameron, and the European Union President, Donald Tusk, aimed


at pressing the UK's case for curbing the benefits of European


Union migrants can claim. Another 24-hour talks has been agreed.


Now the sport. A fantastic night in Melbourne for


Novak Djokovic. A sixth title for him.


It was another emotional night for Andy Murray in Melbourne,


Runner up for a fourth time at the Australian Open


With fatherhood just days away, he admitted


that he may have been affected by off-court distractions.


The prize that has eluded Andy Murray for so long was perched


tantalisingly close, but Novak Djokovic's grip on that


trophy and Britain's number one has been vice-like.


The first set followed a familiar pattern.


Murray simply outclassed as the Serb took the first set 6-1.


Murray had been late to bed the previous night after watching


brother Jamie win the doubles and in the second set he finally


woke up, matching his nemesis, until at 5-5, once again,


he fell under Djokovic's spell, another crucial break, 2-0.


At least Murray had shown some fight and that continued in the third


where he managed to break Djokovic and level at 3-3.


Murray forced a tie-break but during that, the trophy looked


Novak finished things with an ace, one that seemed to bring tears


The Serb's six Australian Open titles are matched only by the great


Murray, once again, is left dreaming of a first.


It's phenomenal. I'm very proud of it, as is my team. We worked hard to


be in this position and we should enjoy T we should cherish every


moment that we get to experience now, because these are the


tournament we all value. Enjoy it. We want it play well. No doubt I'm


playing the best tennis of my life these last 15 months.


11 titles for Djokovic. Still celebrating her first Slam


is the German Angelique Kerber who sensationally beat Serena


Williams in Saturdays women's final. They end she came to me and said


that she would really like to say that I'm deserved. That's also


something that's still in my heart. I have had the best two weeks of my


life and the best moment of my career last night when I won the


matchpoint and really took the Grand Slam. It was always my dream and my


dream came true. When I was a kid I was always dreaming of this, to win


one day a Grand Slam. I think I had a really crazy week, in the first


round, where I was matchpoint down but the best weeks of my life.


The draws been made for the FA Cup fifth round, Chelsea will play


Manchester City, Oscar scored a first half hatrick as they beat MK


One other line to emerge after that match, John Terry will be leaving


He confirmed that he hasn't been offered a new contract by the club.


The 35 year old, who has spent his entire career


at Stamford Bridge, says he will keep playing but it won't be


Thank you. Let's remind you of our main story on the programme tonight:


A triple bomb attack near the holly Shia shrine in Damascus has killed


at least 50 people. So-calledist Islamic State group have claimed


responsibility and there is fresh hope at the Syrian peace talks in


general ehave as the UN enjoy plans talks about both sides for Monday.


-- Geneva. That's all from the programme R you


can keep up-to-date with all the latest developments, analysis and


news at the BBC website. From me and the rest of the team. Thanks for


watching. Winds will start to pick up


overnight ahead of the arrival of Storm Henry,


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