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the world health organisation sees Zika virus needs a response.


US presidential hopefuls make their final pitches


I'll happily test on the campaign and Iowa.


The culinary world reels from the apparent suicide of one


We'll discuss the industry's pressures.


The World Health Organisation has been meeting to discuss


The world health organisation has the clear and Zika virus I global


emergency. It said a coordinated response was needed. After a review


of the evidence the committee advised that it constitutes an extra


ordinarily invent and a public health threat to other parts of the


world. In The View a coordinated international response is needed to


minimise the threat and reduce the rescue. Members of the committee


agree that the situation meets the conditions of a public health


concern. I have accepted this advice. I am now declaring that the


recent cluster of abnormalities reported in Latin America following


a similar cluster in 2014 constitutes a public health concern.


A very alarming sounding declaration.


What does this mean? This puts it in the same class as Ebola. The whole


point is to get research going to fast track it.


It is a key priority for the countries involved to tackle this


condition. You mentioned Ebola. There was


criticism of the world health organisation after the outbreak at


the time it took for that to become an emergency.


The Dr was talking about how now is not the time to weights.


We need a lot more research but she said it is important that all of


this cause I head now even with the uncertainties.


She said it was a strongly suspected link that it had not yet been


proven. In terms of how many countries are


affected did they get a sense of how it is predicted to spread?


We have heard before from the world health organisation that it is


expecting most of the Americas to encounter this virus. It is spread


by mosquitoes. There are 20 countries at the moment reporting


cases of this infection. The advice at the moment for pregnant women is


that these should think about whether they should be travelling to


these areas, seek medical advice, and cover up and protect themselves.


More than 20 countries in the Americas are trying to fight disease


macro. Brazil is the worst affected country.


Our Science Editor, David Shukman, has sent this report from Recife


A young woman four months pregnant has just heard she may be infected


An agonising glimpse into a nightmare here


Another pregnant woman who asked us not to show her face says


This woman has red eyes - a typical symptom of the Zika virus.


She is due to give birth in two months' time and she is waiting


I am feeling worried, she says, because she has aches


and a rash which are also indicators of the virus.


And what makes everyone here more anxious is the uncertainty.


What's so disturbing about what's happening here is that women


are turning up with a lot of highly personal, very pressing questions


Above all, what damage can Zika virus do to their babies?


The painful moment when test results are handed out.


Evidence is growing that the virus is to blame for deforming babies'


brains but it's not certain so there's no way


When you see the ultrasound has something wrong you have


to tell her and then you know that after you tell her she will ask


If the children will walk, will hear properly, will see


Like several thousand babies in Brazil, this baby was born


with a small brain and unless she is rocked all the time


The mother, Michaela, is clearly overwhelmed.


It is not the moment to get pregnant, she says.


So far nobody knows where the virus comes from.


All this adds to the urgency of killing the mosquitoes that


But reaching them is difficult so from today officials


have a new power, to break into homes if they need to.


So the authorities are harnessing the Carnival spirit.


A mosquito costume raises awareness of the dangers.


Anything to get people to join the fight against the insects.


All day as Michaela rocks her baby she worries about how


This glance shows that there is some brain function.


But no one can tell how this crisis will unfold.


Let us stay in Brazil. Brazil facing the brunt of the Zika virus. Any


reaction to the declaration by the world health organisation. This is


welcome because it will get the attention and the funding perhaps to


develop a vaccine for the virus. This is a 2-pronged attack. The


eradication of mosquitoes is a must and that is happening in many areas.


It is difficult in a country where the species of mosquito is


widespread. The next thing is try and develop a vaccine against them


by this itself. International efforts, international cooperation


and finance is very important in that regard because of putting at


least one year, possibly five years to develop a vaccine. The other


least one year, possibly five years slightly good news for Brazil is


that despite this dramatic declaration of an international


health emergency there was no further travel advisory people not


to come to Brazil. We have got Carnival now and the Olympic Games


later on this year in Rio de Janeiro. Of course there is travel


advice already out there. Pregnant women and women wishing to get


pregnant. Finally it is important to point out that 4000 suspected cases


in Brazil but only 300 confirmed cases. They are still going through


the process of looking at the other suspected cases to see Ed they are


also -- to see if they are verified. I do.


US presidential hopefuls are making their final pitches


to people in the state of Iowa, where the first votes for party


nominations will take place later on Monday.


Polls suggest that Republican Donald Trump has a narrow lead over


Ted Cruz, but both are well ahead of the others.


The Democratic race is slightly tighter, with former US Secretary


The great thing about Iowa is that it is so traditional.


It is a state as wedded to its political dos and don'ts


Or to its small towns where nothing seems to change from one election


This election Donald Trump has defied all the Iowa norms


He travels the state by private jet with his name screaming


He whizzed into the state's biggest political gathering in a helicopter.


And then most cardinal of all Cardinal sins,


And once again his approval ratings went up.


What is this - an abusive relationship?


So the question is have Iowans just discovered their inner New York


billionaire or have they concluded that the state of the country


is so miserable that they are going to take the rule book and toss it


Because when they are not flirting with the Donald they are


Bernie Sanders' politics are the opposite of Trump's


How has a grumpy self declared socialist who doesn't even talk


about his faith done well in this conservative heartland?


This Government belongs to all of us not just a handful of billionaires.


To many Americans, advocating free health care and free college tuition


as Bernie Sanders does is as extreme as telling Europeans that


In a normal election it would simply be outlandish.


I see conservatives that are drawn to him and his ideas basically


I like how he is not taking any money from billionaires or anybody


On Monday Iowa will tell us whether political norms really have


been upended in America or if politics as normal


Let's speak to our correspondent Gary O'Donoghue who is in


How are the Paul's looking? We have had another survey in the last 24


hours that has on the Republican side Donald Trump I haired on 31% of


the vote versus 24% for Ted Cruz. -- Donald Trump ahead on 31%. It is not


much of a lead 20 take into account the margin of error but it is


something of a lead. On the Democratic side the latest survey


has Bernie Sanders ahead by three points. That puts the survey the day


before that had Hillary Clinton the points I haired. That is within the


margin of error so they are neck and neck. -- Hillary Clinton ahead.


Apparently she delivered coffee and doughnuts to her campaign team and


she wants to get the vortex later. Donald Trump was at a rally and he


did normal speech. He did his two of the things he hates. Then he said it


is important to get out to vote, even if you cannot walk, if you are


sick, go and vote. That is has advice for tonight. We will wait for


the voting to begin. This begins in about five hours' time and then it


takes three hours and the results will pour in where precinct by


precinct 1700 is little meetings around the country, we will see who


comes out on top. That will shape the race and the way it goes on to


the rest of the primary is, New Hampshire, Nevada.


And you can get much more on the Iowa caucuses


Our North America editor, Jon Sopel, gives his take on the unpredictable


race taking place at the Iowa caucuses -


He says it is not so much retail politics as market stall politics.


That's at BBC.com/news or use the BBC News app.


Britain is the first country to approve the process of Jean editing.


Critics say it is the first stage towards designer babies. -- gene


editing. Now scientists can alter it


genetically. Researchers will be using the needed embryos left over


from IVF. I find it frustrating that I never


had answers as to why I kept miscarrying. This research had come


earlier and could have helped me provide answers it could have saved


a lot of heartache. This is a five-day-old embryo. Already the


sales are starting to differentiate. Scientists will edit the genes which


will go on to form the foetus but who will be do it? Gene editing is


cheap and accessible. It scans DNA, reading the called, looking for the


error. It uses molecular scissors to snip through both strands switching


of the faulty gene or enabling a healthy copy to be inserted. Both


techniques can treat or cure diseases, potentially. For some this


is the slippery slope which will lead to designer humans. In fact


gene editing is ready being used to change all types of life and that


may raise more pressing concerns. It has huge ramifications on the


environment in terms of insects, animals and plants. Ramifications as


to how you develop biological weapons. That is what you should


concentrate on. Designer babies has not happened and it will not happen


in the near future. It may take years before this research leads to


better fertility treatments that across all areas of science gene


editing is promising major advances. Improving human health is just a


part of fats. -- part of that. With me is Dr David King,


director of Human Genetics I do not have a problem with this


particular research. My concern is it is the first step on a process


that has already been mapped out towards the creation of genetically


modified designer babies. My previous guest said the slippery


slope is there but if you are willing to rate fruit where you do


not have too feared that in that footwear is regulation. That


metaphor always gets used. It is not an adequate metaphor. It implies


that something passive is going on. There are thousands of people


employed to constantly push us down that slope. The regulator, I do not


think it deserves to be called a regulator. That is the British


regulator. That does not deserve to be called at regulator. It never


sees no. It is an approval body. It acts as a cheerleader for every tech


dollar G. Like a lot of regulators it has been captured by the industry


that it regulates. I am sure that if the regulator was hugely speak for


itself it would refute what you are saying strongly but what about this


question of understanding what goes wrong in so many embryos, why they


do not come to fruition, why so any IVF treatments feel? And that


knowledge that we heard about in that report. People seeking answers.


Why do you want to stop that? I do not have a problem with this


particular piece of research what worries me is the next thing that


would be researched with the designed specifically to improve


techniques retreating embryos with a few to creating babies and there but


the proposal before Parliament. Already in 2014 it was oche to have


the patent embryos. You have only decided that as oche to genetically


change human genes so that is what we are going to be told then. The


problem is that we are likely to keep on. In the meantime surely you


are denying developments that have so much potential in a positive


sense. I am not denying that this particular research. But 25 years of


experience of watching how the scientific establishment works how


the industries and the radiators work, I have never seen a case where


the regulator said stop there you cannot do that. It does not happen.


Thank you. The United Nations' special envoy


for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, is holding talks with the main


opposition umbrella group. Representatives of the the


Saudi-backed High Negotiations Committee arrived at the hotel


in Geneva where Mr de Mistura, is trying to launch indirect peace


talks between the Syrian Government The opposition group is demanding


that the Government lift sieges on rebel-held towns,


allows in aid, ends air strikes, Now a look at some of


the day's other news. A British woman, who took her


14-month-old son to Syria to join the Islamic State group,


has been jailed for six years. Tareena Shakil sent messages


to her family, insisting she wanted to die a martyr, and allowed her


toddler to pose for photographs, 20 people are reported to have died


in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan. the English club, Manchester City


have pulled off the biggest deal, but it's for a manager,


not a player. The highly-regarded Bayern Munich


manager, Pep Guardiola will become their new head coach


at the end of the season still in the race


for four trophies. The Chef Benoit Violier,


whose Swiss restaurant was named the best in the world in December,


has been found dead at his home. Mr Violier, who was 44,


ran the Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville in Crissier,


near the city of Lausanne. It earned three Michelin stars


and came top in France's La Liste ranking of the world's


1,000 best eateries. Swiss police said Mr Violier,


who was born in France, With me is restaurant critic


and food writer Andy Hayler, who's eaten recently


at the Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville, while Monsieur


Violier was Head Chef. A tragic story. How good a chef was


he. He was very good. He to go over from another famous chef. That


restaurant has a great history. The two meals I have had there are some


of the best I have ever eaten. I have been to every three star


Michelin restaurant in the world. He was at the top of his game. He


served fantastic flawless classical cuisine. It is a great shame


obviously for the industry and for his wife and their son as well. The


process of achieving three Michelin stars is quite something. There are


only 100 people who have achieved that in the world. Not just to get


to that stage but arguably ranked at the very top of that is quite


remarkable achievement. We cannot speculate about his individual


circumstances but what about the pressures of cooking at that sort of


level? The profession is tough and people work long hours. Financial


pressures, customers and so on. Who knows what happened in this


particular case. But it does put a lot of pressure on people. It is a


high-pressure job. Is there a sense that if our chef is feeling immense


pressure they are not in a position to let anyone else around them know


about it? That is true of any leadership position. If you are a


chief executive officer or a general you are supposed to be in charge and


not showing any signs of weakness to others. And in terms of a legacy to


the world of food he would you diss fine him -- who would you define


him? He was at the top. It is a restaurant but I had a fantastic


time is at. He will be remembered and sadly missed. Thank you.


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