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Hello, I'm Karin Giannone with World News Today.


The Iowa caucus makes the race for the White House


The conservative senator, Ted Cruz, wins for the Republicans,


But don't forget third placed Marco Rubio, who's picked


Tonight is a victory for millions of Americans who have shouldered


the burden of seven years of Washington deals run the amok.


Bernie Sanders by the narrowest of margins.


As they stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh


Brazil says there's no chance the Rio Olympics will be cancelled


despite the WHO declaring a worldwide emergency over


The one-time American graffiti artist who's making a big impression


He's dominated the race for the White House,


to the Oval Office lost some momentum?


The Republican candidate suffered an unexpected setback in the Iowa


vote, while the Democrats Hillary Clinton secured a victory


over rival Bernie Sanders, but by a tiny margin.


Our North American Editor, Jon Sopel, has been


Donald Trump has repeatedly said he hates losers.


But at his campaign party, you wouldn't know it.


We will go on to get the Republican nomination.


And we will go on to easily beat Hillary, or Bernie,


or whoever the hell are they throw up here.


Well, Donald Trump has given not a victory speech,


However, he says he's going to go on and hopes he will win


This a party that has gone very flat for Donald Trump.


The winner was a Conservative insurgent, Senator Ted Cruz.


Another figure load by the Republican establishment.


And not that popular with his daughter either,


But he had a brilliant ground game, clinically targeting his right-wing


Tonight, is a victory for courageous Conservatives


Yes, Marco Rubio only came third, but he way exceeded


expectations and has emerged as the clear front runner


And on the Democratic party site, half a dozen times last night this


In the most eye water really tight contest ever held.


Our delegate for this precinct is Hillary Clinton.


So, as I stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief,


The left-wing senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, did spectacularly


and in the middle of the night flew straight to New Hampshire where


next week he hopes to go one better and beat her.


This whole contest has a long way to run.


So, the race for the White House is up and running.


All the candidates, apart from the two who've packed it in,


have left Iowa and moved on to hit the campaign trail in New Hampshire


where both parties' primaries will take place next Tuesday.


Rajini Vaidyanathan is in Manchester, in New Hampshire.


Thoughts are already turning to the next battle.


That's right. This is where the focus is. As you say, almost all of


the candidates except Ben Carson have already begun campaigning. IMA


New Hampshire. Behind me there is a long queue waiting to get into a


Bernie Sanders rally. He actually arrived in this state at 5am and


this is one of a number of events is holding today. This is a key battle


ground. The results in Iowa on the Democratic side was incredibly


close. Editor Sanders is hoping that he can win here in New Hampshire. A


couple of factors, first of all he is ahead in the polls by as much as


20 percentage points. He is also the Senator for neighbouring Vermont, so


this is home turf for him. Lastly, if you look at the demographics are


a lot of young voters in this state. If you look at the people who voted


last night, of the young people, 84% of them opted for Sanders over


Hillary Clinton. He really is trying to galvanise the youth vote,


assuming they will turn out to actually pushing over the edge. If


you look at the queue behind me, there is lots of young people. Some


of his policies like free education have really resonated with that


group. It is still early on in the process,


but how important is it to get momentum in these first states?


It is all about the momentum. As you say, it is very early on. In terms


of actual delegates and the weight they hold, by numbers it is not that


significant. But by setting the terms for the race, it is huge. As


of last night, Donald Trump is no longer presenting himself as a


winner in the sense that he didn't come first place. It was humbling


for him in one sense because he has been full of bravado about how he


will win the Republican nomination. Here in New Hampshire he is way


ahead in the polls come polls which were taken before last night's


result. It's interesting because one Republican was quoted here by saying


that last night, Donald Trump is now the underdog. He is not necessarily


that here. He has worked hard in New Hampshire to make sure he can win


that state. He is ahead in the polls. What is interesting is who


might come second and third here. There is a lot of established


candidates, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, mentioning John's report, who


are trying hard to make sure they Campaore well here and provide a


more moderate alternative to Donald Trump in the Republican party. --


they can perform well here. Thank you.


Now a look at some of the days other news.


North Korea's announced plans to launch a satellite


The International Maritime Organization says it's been


officially notified of Pyongyang's intentions.


Critics of North Korea's last satellite launch say it was a cover


for a test of ballistic missile technology.


US air strikes in eastern Afghanistan have destroyed a


radio station used by the Islamic State militant group.


For the last two months, the "Voice of the Caliphate"


had been illegally airing evening broadcasts in Pashto,


Officials say there have been casualties, but the exact number


India's Supreme Court has heard a challenge to its decision


to criminalise homosexuality in 2013.


A bench of five judges will decide whether a 19th century law should


Currently, gay sex is a crime which can lead to a ten-year


prison sentence, though it is rarely enforced.


The Brazilian government is insisting this summer's Olympics


in Rio will go ahead, despite the Zika outbreak that's now


been declared a global health emergency by the


The mosquito-borne virus has been potentially linked to thousands


of babies being born with under-developed


Health officials in Brazil insist it poses no risk to anyone other


The country's President said Brazil would be entering into a partnership


with the US to develop a vaccine as is possible.


Let's cross to Rio now, to talk to Mario Andrada,


spokesman for the Rio 2016 local organising committee.


Thank you for speaking to us. How can you be sure that it will be safe


for the reader games to go ahead given the current global health


emergency? We are sure for several reasons.


First and foremost, we are working very hard to prevent further


infections and to curb the reproduction of the mosquito. During


the winter months, especially August, the attacks of the mosquito


dropped virtually to zero. It is our winter he and the mosquitoes are not


so efficient during the winter. That being said, we are still worried


because a lot of families have been destroyed by this tragedy. A lot of


women have lost their dreams are pregnant and and a lot of children


have been affected. We have to use this energy to produce conditions


for great games and to welcome tourists from all over the world in


a safer country. You are not telling pregnant women


to stay away from the games, even if some governments around the world,


including the US, are saying don't go to prison. -- don't go to Brazil.


The following instructions and knowledge from the World Health


Organisation. They issued advice about the Zika crisis and haven't


mentioned anything about a travel ban or travel advisory. We have


followed their recommendations and don't believe it is necessary to


enforce any travel ban at the moment, especially concerning the


games because they will take place in a safe month.


Are you worried that you might be accused of downplaying the risks?


How do you reassure people that you are taking the correct precautions,


but safety is your number one concern, rather than ensuring the


games go ahead? Our first concern is the safety of


people. There is no downplaying. There is no glossing. We follow


organisations from the World Health Organisation to the letter. We are


doing everything we can to get past this disease. We are attacking all


the places the mosquito can breed and row and are not taking this


lightly or taking any risk with anybody. -- breed and grow. We are


making sure Brazil is a safe country for people to travel, especially


during the winter in August. Thank you for your time.


BBC Brasil has been speaking to a journalist with microcephaly


about what it's like to have the condition.


On the day I was born, the doctors said I would have no


"She Will not walk, she will not talk, and,


over time, she will enter into a vegetative state


I chose journalism to give a voice to


people like me, who do not feel represented.


With the spike of microcephaly cases in Brazil, the need for information


And people need to leave their prejudices aside.


The Minister of Health, for example, he said that Brazil


will have a damaged generation because of microcephaly.


If I had the chance to talk to him, I would tell him what is damaged


Because microcephaly is a box of surprises.


You may suffer from serious problems, or you may not.


Those who opt to have abortions do not give their children a chance


to succeed and survive, as it happened with me.


I survived and lived, as so many with microcephaly do.


Has a deal been reached that will persuade British voters to stay


Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron had presented


his demands to Brussels, and the EU Council President,


All 28 member states must now decide whether or not to back


Having months of private negotiations achieved very


Even Cabinet ministers when letting on the secret.


In Paris, the clock ticked down to the documents.


Is this a good enough deal to make the campaign to stay in?


And in Brussels, it was finally time for


At a suitably EU friendly engineering business,


the Prime Minister gave his unsurprising verdict.


would you opt to join the European Union?


If I could get these terms for British membership,


I sure would opt in to be a member of the European


The Prime Minister wanted more power for our Parliament.


There will be some extra power to prevent a new EU


Guarantees British firms won't lose out just because we are not


And Britain will be formally excluded from ever closer union.


The EU tradition of countries getting


But an David Cameron's big promise to squeeze


Key details on how long new limits will


apply and the document are just X, Y and Z.


We do know the so-called emergency brake will mean EU workers gradually


start getting benefits. But they won't be banned for four years as


commerce. EU migrants. Be able to send child benefit home. Not what's


David Cameron wanted. But rates will reflect the cost of living in their


native country. I was told I would never get a four


year proposal and yet that is what is the document.


Listing heavily. Not paying in full is not the same as banning


altogether. Do you admit that you have had to


water down some of your demands? Can you say to the public, hand on


heart, but these proposals will actually cut the number of EU


migrants coming to live in this country?


I can say I've delivered the commitment that I made in my


manifesto. The whole country knows that if you pay people five or


?10,000 additional to their wages, that is a draw to Britain and that's


one of the reasons we've seen such high levels of migration and


movement. It's not an empty deal. There are


changes, if enacted, that would limit the changes of payments to


benefits in EU -- in this country. Their protections for British


businesses trading around the continent. Crucially it does not


allow David Cameron to keep all the promises he made the election. It


weeks our relationship with the rest of the U, rather than Terry niqab


and starting again. For those who want to leave, this set the terms


for the campaign. In the coming weeks, every line will be pored


over. Every weakness in the deal pounced on. Many minds are already


made up. If you look at the renegotiation


passage put to us today, it was hardly worth the of weight. All the


big talk two years ago, a fundamental treaty change, nothing


fundamental has changed at all. Labour was furious. The Prime


Minister presented his deal to the public and press first, rather than


to Parliament. But will in the end, inevitably, back him.


If the Prime Minister of the country elected in May says this is a good


deal, I think that sways a lot of people. He is the Prime Minister. I


think that's important. But beware.


The stakes are high. The EU President to put the deal


together warns it is not signed and sealed. Even getting this far was


hard enough. Our Europe Editor Katya Adler has


been looking at the reaction Britain's relationship


with the EU has been turbulent, Never a marriage of conviction,


more assumed convenience. And, as of today, EU-UK relations


will be fundamentally changed. This is the first time in EU history


that one country stood up in front of the rest, threatened to leave


if the EU didn't dance to its reformist tune,


and then got what it asked for. The problem right now


with the UK's new EU deal is that the stage is set,


but the piece of music And to complicate things further,


with the European Union's 28 piece orchestra, every single musician


is allowed to have their say. The danger is you end up


with a discordant cacophony, rather than a harmonious


composition that will And that is what


David Cameron needs. A credibly composed,


legally watertight deal for his audience at home,


that all his EU partners But already today, as expected,


there were rumbles of descent from Central


and Eastern Europe and the plan According to all statistics,


Poles are very successful So, I do not see why


they shouldn't be paid the same And the French, well,


they are wrinkling their nose at the idea that the UK


and other non-Eurozone nations can The current state of the Eurozone


is not sustainable. It needs to be fixed and you cannot


allow someone that is outside the family to forbid


you from making it work better. All-important Germany, meanwhile,


is soothing ruffled feathers Determined that everything must be


done to keep the UK in. In general, I would say


we are going the right way. We want the United Kingdom


to remain active and strong partner in an active


and strong European Union. David Cameron is banking


on a grand finale at the EU leaders' summit in a couple


of weeks, where his reform deal is applauded by peers in Europe


and presented to the British public. But the players on the stage


are an unpredictable lot, and the Prime Minister should be


prepared to improvise. If your daily commute


fills you with dread - have a look at this


travel nightmare. Around 55,000 people have been


stranded outside a railway station in Guang-zhou in southern


China, waiting to travel home for the Chinese New Year


on February 8th. Train services have gradually


resumed after unexpectedly heavy snow in some parts of central China


led to plane and train delays and cancellations, with a knock-on


effect across the country. Imagine waiting outside a train


station in freezing weather alongside tens of thousands


of other anxious travellers. In this southern manufacturing hub,


thousands are waiting And in Shanghai, also


overwhelmed with people, Adding to the problem,


many are turning up at train stations hours, even days before


they are set to travel, worried they will miss


their journey home. It's all part of the annual mass


migration ever the Chinese New Year, the most important holiday


in the national calendar. Up to 2.9 billion individual


journeys will take place over the holiday period state media say,


as long as the weather cooperates. The English countryside is playing


host to some unusual, and gigantic, artistic


imports from America. The New York-based artist Kaws


is putting on display some of his cartoonish figures


for a period of four months. The contrast of these huge figures


and the serene countryside around them creates quite a sight,


as our Arts Editor reports. How's this for an incongruous


addition to the Yorkshire landscape? A ten metre high cartoonlike figure,


inspired by American pop culture It's the work of a one-time graffiti


artist from Brooklyn, New York, who tried his hand


at making toys which led to a big By working with wood and doing


something at ten metres, it's a different feeling


from when you were growing up and little and have


your wooden toys. You can put them on a shelf and make


them do what you want. Then you walk into a space like this


and these wooden toys can not only carry you in that hand,


you want to do something Nowadays, he is much more


interested in the Smurfs. When I was little,


I grew up on the Smurfs. This one, I'm not sure if it's


running from something or running Being chased by a giant black


Smurf across Yorkshire! Possibly so.


Or warning you of fire or something. Sir Henry Moore and Dame Barbara


Hepworth were two towering giants They were king and queen


of British post-war modernism. Both were brought up a few


miles from the park. First cultures inspired


by the local landscape, and often aiming


to be at one with it. A far cry from Kaws'


pop art inspired Americana. He really is confronting it.


in a way that really nobody else is. What do you think Dame Barbara


Hepworth would have thought, had she seen Kaws' sculptures


in and around the same I think that she would recognise


that sculpture has to change. There is absolutely no doubts that


any artist looking at the way that It's possible that Kaws' sculptures


may not be to everyone's taste. But I do think they pose interesting


questions around scale, Not least the all pervasive


nature of popular culture, from which there seems


to be no escape. Probably something you haven't


given much thought to, but at one zoo in Japan


they like to be prepared. So they've been staging


an emergency drill just in case. Here's a member of staff dressed


in a less than convincing costume, pushing over a colleague


and making a run for it. While the injured zookeeper


is getting all the medical attention they need, plans are afoot


to capture the animal. Some sturdy netting is erected


giving the zebra no place to run, and then an eagle eyed marksman


sedates it with a dart. Let's hope for the zookeepers'


and zebra's sake they never need That is it from the programme. The


weather is coming next. From me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


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