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The headlines: A war of words between the US and Russia -


Secretary of State John Kerry warns Moscow it must stop targeting


legitimate opposition groups in Syria.


A big turnout to welcome Pope Francis in Mexico


as he challenges the country's leaders to bring 'true justice


Brazil's President insists the rapid spread of the Zika virus will not


compromise this year's Olympics in Rio.


Why there will be no celebrations of romantic love


on St Valentine's Day in a district in the north west of Pakistan.


A war of words has broken out between Russia and the West -


a day after they agreed a pause in the fighting in Syria.


At a security conference in Germany, Russia's Prime Minister said


the West was rekindling the Cold War.


NATO responded by accusing Moscow of intimidation -


while the US said Russia was bombing civilians in Syria.


Russia's jets, still in the skies over Aleppo, still bombing targets


in the rebel-held East in a divided city. In west Aleppo, President


Assad and his best friends are in control. And they are popular. The


Russians are our brothers, this speaker says. They are honest and


stand behind us along with Iran and Hezbollah. There is praise for Putin


from this taxi driver. He said he changed the balance of power here.


And that is the point made here in Munich, too. The vast majority, in


our opinion, of Russia's attacks have been against legitimate


opposition groups. To adhere to the agreement that has been made, we


think it it a call that Russia's targeting changes. Nato's policy


with regard to Russia remains unfriendly and opaque. One could go


as far as to say that we have slid back to a new cold war, almost on an


everyday basis. Last year at this major forum, the main crisis was


Ukraine. This year it is Syria but the issue hasn't changed, the


growing power of Russia and how it is calling the shots. The big


question for world leaders is if they can't resolve major crises


without Russia, can they find ways to work with it? And they are moving


on some issues. Trucks are being loaded with aid to ease the


suffering. If the Munich agreement holds, more aid will soon be on its


way. But if fighting doesn't stop, and even more terrifying chapter


will start. As we heard in Lyse's report,


the agreement reached includes allowing more access


for humanitarian aid agencies. The BBC has filmed this footage


of the Syrian Red Crescent leading four trucks into the


Damascus suburb of Douma. Which is currently controlled


by opposition forces but besieged The district has seen fierce


fighting between the two sides. The opposition says there is a dire


shortage of food and medicine in Douma but the Syrian government


disputes that and says it has Here's what the Syrian Red


Crescent had to say. We have in our fourth trucks, as you


see, these trucks, we have chronic diseases, it is coming from WHO. And


we have vaccinations. From the Ministry of health in Syria. Add we


have other things. And we have meat powder for children.


On his first full day in Mexico, Pope Francis has called


on the country's leaders to combat drug crime.


He warned that a society driven by greed and selfishness was fertile


The Pontiff was cheered by huge crowds as he travelled


After a day of making history in Cuba, Pope Francis was


enthusiastically welcomed by the Mexicans. The screams of excitement


has not abated. Is that it is morning talking to the crowds


outside his residence. He made his way to the National Palace, streets


lined with Mexicans charting his name. This is Pope Francis first


trip to Mexico. As a fellow Latin American, many people here see him


as one of their own. But more than that, big expectations are being


pinned on this trip that what he says and does could have a big


impact on the country's politics. We love the Pope! Later on Saturday, he


will make his way to the Pacific of the virgin of whether Lupe. This is


the highlight for many, people travelling from farther away.


Carmine slept overnight to get a good spot to see the Pope.


TRANSLATION: I cannot explain it, it is incredible. For us, he is a


representative of Christ and he has come to give us a message of peace


and mercy at a time when our country is giving a different time. Ritter


was given six months to live. But she survived, thanks to a miracle


and has travelled to Los Angeles to give thanks to the Pope and the


virgin. For many here, the excitement masks a wider


disillusionment among Mexicans, the feeling that the government has not


done enough to curb the violence and corruption that has become such a


problem here. We Mexicans are fed up with violence and corruption. We are


looking for alternatives, both Catholics and the non-X. We hope the


Pope can be an ingredient in the creation of this huge coalition. The


Pope talked about the dangers of a society driven by greed and


selfishness. TRANSLATION: Sooner or later, society becomes fertile


terrain for drug trafficking, the exclusion of different cultures,


violins and even kidnapping and death. The journey for some pilgrims


have been harder for some than others. It is a long night for some


who waited in the cold but that is not important, everybody here is


celebrating the Pope. Brazil's president has insisted


that the Zika virus will not More than 220,000 soldiers have been


deployed across Brazil to warn Authorities are investigating almost


4,000 cases of birth defects in babies - which could be


linked to the virus. Speaking in Rio, President Rousseff


said that everyone must play part in fighting the mosquito


responsible for spreading Zika. The government is going to do its


bit and so is the mayor, the governors and the armed forces. But


none of our actions will work if the population is not with us. Fighting


for the sake of our children. Our Brazil correspondent Wyre Davies


gave us more details It is interesting that a


disproportionately large of the 200,000 troops on the streets of


Brazil have been focused on the city of Rio de Janeiro and that is


because of the Olympic Games later this year. The president is adamant


the Zika virus will not be out to jeopardise the league games. That is


why so much of the effort the government is putting in to try and


combat Zika virus and the mosquito which carries the violets is being


focused here in Rio de Janeiro. Any suggestion that the gains could be


called off, the president is keen to avoid that. The outbreak has caused


considerable alarm. How much confidence is there that it can be


dealt with by the Olympics games? That is a good question. I think the


limits are taking place in the winter time here. They are putting a


great deal of faith here and that the mosquito will be less active


during the winter. They are a long way off finding out exactly how the


virus works on the human body. They think, but they are not sure, but


this causal link between Zika virus and microcephaly, the damaging


condition in infants. Also another condition which is paralysing. All


of these things are being blamed on the Zika virus and they haven't yet


got a vaccine. Developing and producing a vaccine can take a long


time so they are hoping they can keep the mosquito down by the time


the lyrics are here. But any suggestion that it will be


completely eradicated and the Zika virus will be defeated by the time


the Lebanese comes around, is rather fanciful. The government has come


under criticism for not getting on top of this virus earlier. What are


your thoughts? It is difficult to criticise them for not getting onto


but the virus because it has only been imprisoned for just over a


year. In that space of time, more than 1 million resilience have been


infected by it. You cannot blame them for the appearance of the


virus. But they can be blamed for not getting on top of the mosquito


which carries Zika virus because it also carries the dinky virus. The


government deserves criticism for not having got on top of that virus


which we knew was around and we need the mosquito was carrying that, the


same mosque either that also delivers mosque Ito -- Zika virus.


The Somali Islamist group, al-Shabab, says it was behind a bomb


attack earlier this month that blasted a hole in the fuselage


The suspected bomber was the only person killed by the explosion


Hundreds of people have gathered at a hospital in Australia,


to show their support for doctors, refusing to release a baby girl


They say the child will not be discharged until a


She suffered serious burns at an offshore migrant centre


The US Senate has supported a plan to name a plaza in Washington


after the Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo.


Mr Liu is a pro-democracy dissident and the plaza lies in front


The White House said that President Obama would


A medieval ship has been raised after half a millennium of resting


A team of construction workers stumbled upon the 20 metre long


vessel when they were preparing to excavate the port


From the Netherlands, Anna Holligan sent this report.


Buried deep beneath the sand and silt, a 15th century trading vessel


that once sailed the North and Baltic Seas. This animation shows


how archaeologists used a specially constructed metal frame and straps


to act as a harness. It is rare to find a medieval vessel so remarkably


well preserved. Even the brick oven and glazed tiles on the Maria deck


are still intact. Experts say the metal joints make her more robust


than most ships of the same Iran and meant they could use a remote


control to slowly bring her to the surface. Once we lifted it enough to


measure the weight which was 40 times, we knew we had a stable


situation and could carry on lifting. The delicate wreck has been


called something after the River Delta where she lay undiscovered for


500 years. She has been taken to a heritage centre where she will be


restored to her ancient glory and kept wet at all times to ensure she


never crumbles. Still to come:


Latest sports news this time at the hands


of struggling Sunderland. This is BBC world News. The latest


headlines. A war of words between the US and Russia as Secretary of


State John Kerry warns Moscow it must stop targeting legitimate


opposition groups in Syria. Let's stay with Syria now -


thousands of people are still stranded on the border with Turkey


and in desperate need of help. Let's just remind ourselves how


this latest humanitarian The Munich agreement should make it


easier for humanitarian agencies to reach the people


in need inside Syria. But the situation on the ground


makes access difficult, as Misty Buswell from the charity


Save the Children explains. It is really unclear how this is


going to work. We need to have a lot more detail than we also need to


make sure that this is not just going to be one-off convoys. A few


weeks ago, we actually had people starving to death and two convoys


able to get in, so not sufficient to help the situation there. What we


need is sustained humanitarian access and not one-off convoys but


right now we don't have any idea what this will look like. What is


your thought that a humanitarian access is being agreed alongside a


pause in the fighting, very much part of the political bartering


here? It is unfortunate that it has taken this kind of agreement to


ensure or even discuss aid getting into besieged areas. Aid should not


be used as a bargaining chip. People have a right to get food when they


are starving, they have a right to health care, basic humanitarian aid.


So, it is very worrying that it has taken this kind of political


negotiation to get the issue a few and tearing access on the table. We


are talking about quite dangerous conditions that aid workers with no


guarantee that all sides will honour this pause and fighting. That is


right. We just don't know what this will look like right now. Anything


that brings a pause or stop to the violence is potentially a positive


thing but we don't know what it is going to look like. We don't know


whether all parties are going to agree to this. And we don't know


whether it is actually going to make a difference on the ground. Over the


last few weeks, we have seen a massive escalation in the conflict


in the north, around Aleppo, but also in the South, with lots of


people forced to move to flee the fighting. And the situation has


become so insecure that aid agencies have even had to stop their


programming and have not been able to respond in some areas to the


people who really desperately needed. So, you know, at this point,


we just don't know what is going to happen.


Now let's get all the sports news. Sunderland have beaten


Manchester United at the Stadium Of Light for the first


time in the Premier League era - boosting their survival hopes


and increasing the pressure Wahbi Khazri put Sam


Allardyce's side ahead after three minutes


with a free-kick. Anthony Martial levelled


but the Black Cats won it when Lamine Kone's header went


in via a deflection off David de Gea In the late game Chelsea thrashed


Newcastle 5-1 to pile A big blow. I said we have to win


this match because we have to be in the race for the top four positions


in the league. And then you have to win these kinds of matches. But I


think we can only blame ourselves. In the late game Chelsea thrashed


Newcastle 5-1 to pile Elsewhere today there


were wins for Stoke, Norwich threw away a two goal lead


against West Ham with it finishing In Spanish football,


Gary Neville's Valencia are playing The home side trailed


at half time but now lead 2-1 in what would be Neville's


first league win for the club. Earlier Real Madrid were 4-2 winners


over Athletic Bilbao to move a point behind leaders Barcelona,


who have two games in hand. And a meeting of the top two


in Italy at the moment, with Juventus taking


on leaders Napoli in Turin. Ireland's hopes of a third


successive Six Nations title are all but gone after a 10-9 defeat


to France in Paris.Ireland posed most of the attacking threat


in the first half but poor handling meant they had to settle for a 9-3


lead courtesy of three Johnny Sexton Maxime Medard's 70th minute try set


France up for victory, their first over the Irish in five


years to take them top of the table. It was hard having no wins for the


first two games. I think Fox ask, we are probably looking at the second


half that we just didn't quite get the dominance we had in the first.


It is hard, you know, with the question. But we look at that as a


massive missed opportunity for us. Wales came from behind in the second


half to beat Scotland 27-23, in a great match under


the roof in Cardiff. Wales move into second


on the table with three points, Big when new Scotland would turn up.


We knew it would be a tough challenge. It is a tough six Nations


this year. I think it is wide open. And that's because Australia's


Adam Voges has bettered Sir Donald Bradman's


test cricket average, for now, to more than 100


in the first Test against Usman Khawaja hit 140


as Australia closed on 463 for 6... Voges is 176 not out and moved ahead


of Bradman - whose career average of 99-point-94 from 52 Tests -


WAS the best of all time. Voges' average is 100.33,


although that will drop if he doesn't score any more runs,


in his 19th Test innings. To Pakistan now: The President,


Mamnoon Hussain, has denounced St Valentine's Day, saying


the festival has no connection He was speaking a day after Kohat


district in the conservative north-west announced a ban


on all sales of Peshawar has also


banned celebrations. But the moves have divided


opinion in the country. Our South Asia Editor,


Charles Haviland reports. The day which originated in the


Christian church and celebrates romantic love is celebrated this


Sunday. Conservative Muslim Pakistanis view Federico 14th as


detrimental to traditional marriage. One newspaper report called at a


festival of 70. The local authorities in co-hat on Friday


ordered police to stamp out any sale of Valentines merchandiser in the


nearby city of Peshawar, where Valentine's Day is perhaps


surprisingly popular, the council passed a resolution to ban


celebration of what it calls the useless day. Then, the president,


seen here on a recent visit to China, told a student gathering that


Valentine's Day belonged to Western tradition and convicted --


conflicted with modern culture -- Muslim culture. We don't have to


express love on this particular day. Love for your mother, wife,


brothers, etc, that is an everyday thing. Why should we wait until


Valentine's Day to express such love. This day comes only once a


year. Those who are in love get to meet and sometimes get chance to


propose on this day so we should celebrated and that is why I'm


celebrating. Disagreements over St Valentine's Day in the past spurred


violence. But it has continued to appeal to many Pakistanis, including


for commercial reasons. Indeed, late on Friday came the news that both


the ban and the resolution in Peshawar are being disregarded.


Police and civil officials say the anti-Valentine measures are both


unpopular and illegal. A reminder of our top story. The US


Secretary of State John Kerry has said Russia needs to changes policy


are best legs in Syria to keep an agreement to end the war. He told a


conference in Munich that Russian forces were mainly bombing


legitimate opposition groups. If you want to get in touch with me, Du


Cann, via twitter. That is it for now. Thank you for being with the




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