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The Headlines: Britain's Prime Minister sets the date


for a referendum on whether the UK should remain in the European Union.


David Cameron tells voters they're making the biggest decision


The choice is in your hands, but my recommendation is clear. I think


that Britain will be safer, stronger and better off in a reformed


European Union. Round three of the race


for the White House and the front runners are facing tough


challenges from their rivals. I'm Nick Bryant in Columbia South


Carolina, where Donald Trump's hoping to see off a challenge


from his closest rival Ted Cruz And I'm Kim Ghattas


in Las Vegas Nevada where Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders


are neck and neck in Plus Fiji takes a battering as it's


hit by the worst storm Britain's Prime Minister has fired


the starting-gun in a referendum campaign which will decide


whether the UK remains David Cameron has announced


that the vote will be held It'll be Britain's second referendum


on European membership in just In June 1975, voters backed


membership of the then European Economic Community


by two thirds. Mr Cameron was speaking


in Downing Street after a special cabinet meeting, where he outlined


the deal he secured at marathon That includes the power to limit


some EU migrants' benefits for four years and an exemption


from "ever closer union". But five members in his cabinet -


including the Justice Secretary Michael Gove - have already joined


the Vote Leave campaign. Here's our political


editor Laura Kuennsberg: Just what has the Prime


Minister opened up? An argument that not


all of his colleagues Why didn't this deal


convince your colleagues? As the Cabinet gathered to tell


each other, at last, Was it a difficult


decision, Mr Gove? An awkward entrance for one


of the Prime Minister's closest While ministers met,


a crowd gathered. It's no secret how big


a decision this is for us all. But what the Prime Minister


would recommend was never really With the deal from Brussels


in his back pocket, here it was. We are approaching one


of the biggest decisions this Whether to remain in a reformed


European Union, or to leave. Our plan for Europe gives us


the best of both worlds. It underlines our special status,


through which families across Britain get all the benefits


of being in the European Union, including more jobs,


lower prices and greater security. But our special status also means


we are out of those parts of Europe I will go to Parliament and propose


that the British people decide our future in Europe


through an in-out referendum I believe that Britain will be


safer, stronger and better off Don't be in any doubt,


this is one of the biggest political He has finally confirmed you will be


asked the biggest political question in decades and he is putting


at stake our membership of the European Union,


the unity of his party and, I think everybody thinks


this is a good deal. The question is whether it is a good


enough for everybody to think And it's a great deal


for Scotland as well. Those who will fight him


slipped out the back door. I'm a member of the Cabinet,


I'm the Secretary of State Yes, I am actually ringing


you from the Vote Leave campaign. Going straight to the headquarters


of one of the out campaigns. The first Cabinet minister


to speak for out told me. There are things that we could


and should be doing in the interests of this country that we simply


cannot do as members of the EU. I want to be able to


control our borders, to limit the number of people


who come and live and work here, but, above all, I just do not


believe we can take decisions in our national interest when we are


part of the European Union, when we have given up so much


control over what this country does. How dangerous a moment do you think


this is for the Conservative Party? For the next few months,


we are going to have senior figures, from top to bottom, publicly


disagreeing with each other over I'm not going to attack


the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has worked


immensely hard to deliver change for our relationship


with the European Union. The debate is whether that change


is sufficient to enable us to stay, Britain to stay in


the European Union. The campaign to stay


will have the backing of most Tory, Lib Dem, Labour and SNP MPs,


even if for different reasons. Our position is quite simply


that we want to be in government in 2020 to deliver a much


stronger social Europe, better workers' protection,


better environmental That is the agenda that Cameron


should have been following. Number 10 hopes a new and improved


relationship with the EU can But the referendum will ask if this


place, if all of us, Deputy Director of Britain


Stronger in Europe. And Neil Hamilton -


Deputy Chairman of the UK Independence Party -


is in our Bristol studio. Lucy, if we come to you first, the


EU is far from perfect, costing the UK taxpayer billions of pounds. What


is going to be your main argument in order to convince them to stay in? I


would agree with you that the EU is not perfect. But that is why you


Reform Act, as the Prime Minister has just done, and as British prime


ministers over history have done successfully and will continue to


do. We will be arguing that Britain is stronger, safer and better off in


Europe than we would be on our own, and that means we are safer working


together with 27 other countries to fight terrorism and other global


threats, we are stronger as part of one of the biggest organisations in


the world, dealing with big problems, and we are better off as


part of the largest free-trade single market in the world, allowing


businesses to trade freely, creating jobs and meaning lower prices in the


shops. Neil Hamilton, Lucy makes that argument, the Prime Minister


says we are economically and in terms of national security better


and more secure. I think that is a load of rubbish. There is no reform


of the European Union. David Cameron asked for next to nothing and got


even less. Just restricting migrant benefits in work for a short period


of time is no reform at all. He has not brought back any treaty change,


we have not repatriated any powers to Parliament, we have not reduced


the powers of the European Court, we have not cut budget contributions,


we have no control over large areas of national life. Parliament at


Westminster has been reduced to a eunuch. Thousands of jobs were lost


at Port Talbot in the steel industry, because of huge energy


prices imposed by EU environmental legislation, and because we cannot


protect our jobs in this country because the EU has our place on the


World Trade Organisation board, so that we cannot apply ourselves for


anti-dumping duty is to be applied on Chinese imports. Britain is in a


position where it cannot take any of the major decisions it needs to do


to be a successful economy in the world. It is amazingly the fifth


largest economy in the world. The doom monger is on the other side of


the argument are saying we cannot survive. This is absurd. It seems to


me that nobody really knows what a Brexit would mean, and uncertainty


is really dangerous for the British economy? It's quite easy to see what


it will mean. There are 100 countries in the world that trade


perfectly well with the EU without being members of it. We trade with


the United States, Canada, Australia, China, India, but we are


not part of their political unions. You don't have to be in a political


union to trade with them. We have a massive trade deficit with the EU, a


surplus with the rest of the world. We will be able to have a free trade


arrangement with the other countries in the EU. The EU already has


free-trade agreements with 60 countries in the world, why were


they not want to have a free-trade agreement with us when they are


massively the beneficiaries of British trade? The people that want


to push for a British exit from the European Union, they say you are


going to be running a really negative campaign, fear mongering. I


would like to pick up on a couple of points there, he has failed to think


about the successful reforms which have been achieved that Britain's


parliament will be able to block EU regulation, we will not be dragged


into the ever closer union, political integration, and were we


to leave, it would be far worse, we would still have to apply many EU


rules, but we would have no say over them and we would continue to pay


into the EU budget as we would continue to accept free movement of


people. I think Neil and his colleagues have to be clear about


what leaving really means, which they have not done to date. We talk


about our campaign, we will be honest about both the benefits and


the risks of leaving, because that is the choice on the ballot paper.


It is the benefits of being stronger, safer and better off,


within the largest free-trade market in the world, or leaving, which is a


leap into the unknown. Lucy Thomas, Anthony Hamilton from the UK


Independence Party, thank you both very much for being with us.


Republican and Democratic candidates for the US presidential nomination


are facing their third big electoral test this weekend.


Voting is underway in the South Carolina Republican


primary - which is likely to be a tight contest between Donald Trump


Meanwhile, in the past few hours, Democrats have begun voting


Well our correspondents are here to give us more analysis.


Nick Bryant is in South Carolina and Kim Ghattas in Nevada.


It seems that Donald Trump was on the march, but he is facing some


stumbling blocks? Yes, ever since he declared his candidacy last summer,


he has been in the lead in South Carolina. There has only been one


poll that has not shown him out of the top of the pack. In the last few


days, the race has tightened. It has been an eventful few days for the


billionaire, even by his remarkable standards. There was a spat with


Pope Francis, although it is worth remembering there are not that many


Catholic voters, proportionately, in South Carolina, and many people


support his desire and goal to build a wall between America and Mexico,


which was what the row was about. He has also picked a fight with former


President George W Bush, in South Carolina campaigning for his


brother. He has called him a liar for going to war in Iraq on flimsy


evidence about the existence of weapons of mass destruction, which


Donald Trump claims George Bush knew was false. In the past few days, he


has had a rocky time. What has damaged in most is a barrage of


negative television and adverts put up by Ted Cruz, his Texan rival,


questioning whether he is a Republican at all, reminding voters


that Donald Trump used to support the woman's right to abortion, an


anathema to many Republican voters in South Carolina who are


evangelical Christians. Who comes third and fourth is very important,


it could be a crucial test for Jeb Bush? It really could be. He needs a


strong third-place finish today. He really needs to beat his Florida


rival Marco Rubio, who used to be his protege, but has emerged as the


stronger candidate. Jeb Bush has had his brother in town. He has had his


mother in town as well. They have really highlighted his weaknesses as


a candidate. They are much better on the stump than he is. He has fought


a fairly lacklustre campaign and has not broken through. He hoped to be


the standard-bearer of the Republican establishment, that


position looks like it will be occupied by Marco Rubio. If he does


not do well enough tonight, I think many supporters will come up to him


and say, it is time to put your ambition of following your father


and following your elder brother into the White House to one side.


Kim, in Nevada, a crucial test for Jeb Bush, but also for Hillary


Clinton, who lost out in New Hampshire? Yes, absolutely. There is


a lot at stake in Nevada, for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


Some key questions that both candidates will be trying to answer


today, or hoping to be able to answer. One of the questions is if


Bernie Sanders can show he has support beyond the very whitest


states of Iowa and New Hampshire, where he did very well? Certainly


from the results we are seeing right now in Nevada, it looks like he's


going to have a strong showing. Remember, this is a state where


Hillary Clinton was leading by quite a few points until recently. The


question for Hillary Clinton today, here in Nevada, is Will she be able


to have a whim, perhaps even a decisive win or enough of a win,


that she can put behind the narrative that her campaign is


struggling. Hillary Clinton has accused her arrival of making


promises of an unachievable revolution, but Bernie Sanders is


gathering a lot of enthusiasm. What do his supporters think of his


promise for universal health care and affordable, or rather free,


tuition for college? My colleague went to a Bernie Sanders rally, just


outside Las Vegas, to find out. You can't really get


results if you don't try. Wanting to try free tuition


in public universities, I feel like, you know,


it's not unrealistic. There are plenty of times


for compromise if we don't get He has put more amendments


on bills than I believe So he knows how to compromise


when that is necessary. But we need to start


out with bold ideas. As a mom of two biracial children


and one Native American daughter, we are very impressed


with Bernie standing up and saying our lives


are important and black lives As a cancer survivor,


I appreciate his stand on improving I'm OK with him not


being so realistic. I think sometimes you


have to dream bigger than where you are in order to make


the place you are better. We are allowed to


believe in a dream. The dream that Bernie


stands for may not be real, in my generation,


I believe that it's going to be If there are people in Congress not


pushing through bills that we want to see put through,


they need to find new bills and we need to elect people


who are going to help us out. We have to go out there,


we have to vote for more liberal people from the House,


the representative houses, the Senate, get more


left-wingers in there. There you have it, a lot of support


for Bernie Sanders in Nevada, a state that Hillary Clinton thought


she could easily win. The results we are getting so far show it is a very


tight race. We will have more in the next few hours, as the results


continue to come in. We are standing right here at the location where


Hilary Clinton will give her speech in a few hours. Will it be a victory


speech? Will she be able to show that she has a campaign that can


move forward, all will she have to concede defeat to Bernie Sanders? Or


will it be such a small win for her that she will continue whatever aids


are calling a long, hard slog into the month of March. We will have all


of that for you later on. Thank you very much.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come:


30 years in office and counting - Uganda's Yoweri Museveni wins


Nine years and 15,000 deaths after going into Afghanistan, the final


troops were coming home. A withdrawal completed in good order,


but the army defeated in the task it had been sent to perform. And has an


effect on the morale of the people, recognitions in the streets. --


repercussions. As the airlift got underway, there


was no letup in the eruption itself. Lava streams from a vent low in the


crater flowed down to the sea on the east of the island, away from the


town for the time being. It could start flowing again at any time. The


Russians heralded the station with a spectacular night launch.


The latest headlines: Britain's Prime Minister,


David Cameron, announces that a referendum on whether to remain


in the European Union will be held on the 23rd of June


Republican and Democratic candidates for the US presidential nomination


are facing their third big electoral test in the race for the White


Yoweri Museveni has been declared the winner of Uganda's presidential


election, giving him a fifth term in office.


The country's electoral commission said that Mr Museveni won 61%


But the main opposition leader, Kizza Besigye - who was placed under


house arrest on Friday- described the election as a sham


and has called on the international community to reject the result.


The BBC's Catherine Byaruhanga has more.


There is a heavy police presence outside the home of Kizza Besigye,


the main opposition leader in Uganda.


He hasn't been allowed to leave his home today.


He is disputing the announcement that


the President won the election in Uganda.


He has called it the most fraudulent election in Uganda's


There has also been criticism from international


observers, for example, the Commonwealth Observer Group says


this election fell short of democratic benchmarks.


The United States ambassador to Uganda also


told us she was concerned about the fact that there has been


restrictions on social media and certain parts of the internet


It remains to be seen whether Kizza Besigye will challenge


The most powerful storm ever to hit Fiji is clearing away


As it made landfall, Tropical Cyclone Winston,


brought strong winds and waves of up to 12 metres.


Flights were cancelled and hundreds of evacuation centres set up -


though there are no reports of casualties so far.


The Fijian government has declared a state of natural disaster,


with the Prime Minister calling the cyclone an ordeal


A curfew is in place across the nation.


Well here's Ben Rich from the BBC Weather Centre


Severe tropical cyclone Winston is clearing away from Fiji, but it


certainly made its mark. It is the strongest tropical cyclone to have


made landfall in Fiji since records began. The storm has been on an


incredible journey. About a week ago, it was sitting to the


south-west of Fiji, then it lost some of its strength as it died down


to the south. It moved eastwards into warmer waters. The warmth of


them enhanced by the current El Nino. That caused it to spring back


to life and strength. You can see on the satellite picture, a clearly


defined eye to the storm as it moved across Fiji. A short time ago, the


centre of the storm was sitting to the west of Fiji, continuing to


clear away. But it has caused some significant impacts. In fact, some


real destruction in places. The gusts got up to 320 kilometres per


hour. 200 mph wind. We saw wave heights up to 12 metres. That caused


some significant coastal flooding. There was flooding elsewhere as


well. We recorded more than 200 millimetres of rain in places. It is


no surprise this storm has caused such huge destruction and so many


problems. What happens with the storm next? As I mentioned, it moved


away to the west of Fiji. There is some disagreement between computer


weather models about exactly where it will go next. It looks like it


will pass perilously close, and might not make landfall, but you


will feel the impact, some strong wind, potentially rainfall. Then it


looks like the centre of the storm is then going to dive away to the


south. As the story continues to develop to the next few days, we


will keep you up to date. Serbia says two of its nationals


have been killed in a US air strike on so-called Islamic State


militants in Libya. Serbian authorities say


they were trying to secure their release and are now demanding


an explanation from Washington. It seems the kidnapped Serbs


were being held near The strike killed


more than 40 people. Here's what the Prime Minister


of Serbia said a little earlier. TRANSLATION: This is the first major


hostage crisis that the Republic Our state security acted very


professionally, very seriously. If they had not been killed


in allied bombing, our people would have been freed,


as we have said so many times before Earlier I spoke to our correspondent


in Tunis, Rana Jawad. They condemned the move, saying that


the US did not coordinate with them, the Libyan government. That it was a


flagrant violation of sovereignty and national conventions. The


Serbian Prime Minister also said they would be seeking an explanation


from US authorities, at some point he said that apparently the


Americans did not know that there were foreigners held in the building


that was struck. Have there been any responses from the United States? We


have not seen any official response so far. I think overall the fact


that these two Serbian nationals were held in that building that was


struck poses a worrying development. It was never entirely clear who


exactly abducted them. The fact that the Serbian government was, as they


put it, negotiating their release, even the Foreign Minister said that


the kidnappers were asking for a very high sum of money that the


government and their families could not meet, it poses a worrying


development because if they were kidnapped by a criminal group that


sold them to the Islamic State, that is certainly a new thing for Libya.


If you want to get in touch, you can. That is it for now.


Most of us will have seen rain at some stage, otherwise there is huge


variety up and down the UK at the moment. It hinges on


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