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A massive car bomb has hit the main square of the Turkish capital,


Ankara, killing 34 people and wounding many more.


The Turkish government bans access to Facebook and other sites


to prevent images of the attack being shared on social media.


In Ivory Coast, there's been shootings at a resort popular


with tourists, with at least 16 people killed.


Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb says it carried out the attack.


They killed a child, despite him kneeling


I swear, I heard them shouting "Allahu Akbar."


Exit polls in regional elections in Germany suggest heavy losses


for Chancellor Merkel's ruling Christian Democrats and major gains


And the family cat who has helped a little girl with autism start


The Turkish government has accused Kurdish militants of being behind


a deadly car bomb attack in the capital Ankara


in which at least 34 people have been killed.


In the past few minutes, the Turkish Health Minister has


announced that at least one or two of the dead


The blast could be heard across the city,


sending a huge plume of smoke into the air and setting vehicles


on fire in the busy Kizilay district.


As well as being a transport hub the area is also


Rescue workers arrived at the scene quickly.


At least 125 people have been injured, although that figure


The blast happened at 6.40pm local time.


Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, convened


an emergency security meeting after the bombing.


He has been receiving advice from security chiefs.


Today's explosion comes with the country already


An attack last month on a military convoy in Ankara killed 28 people.


Panic as emergency crews respond to an explosion in the city centre.


A car blew up near a bus stop, a bus destroyed, vehicles burnt out.


The blast could be heard across the city.


TRANSLATION: It came next to us, the second past. There was a lady near


us and her seat catapulted. Something hit my forehead. A car


exploded. Five or six people on board


the bus died, I saw it. Something hit my forehead


and my shoulder. Police sealed off


the scene of the blast. With many already confirmed dead,


the number killed is likely to rise. The explosion happened


in the Kizilay district, there are government


buildings nearby. Just two days ago, the US


Embassy in Ankara warned Last month, 29 people died in a car


bombing and a Kurdish militant In October, a double suicide bombing


blamed on so called Islamic State Authorities are now investigating


this latest attack. So far no group has


claimed responsibility. Our Turkey correspondent Mark Lowen


gave us this update from Istanbul. This looks like being a very


serious attack in the heart As the casualties rise there will be


questions as to who carried it out. Turkey faces multiple


security threats. Three separate bomb blasts in Ankara


over the last six months, one in October killed over 100


people, blamed on so-called Islamic State and one last month


close to the site of today's bomb blast that killed 30 people


was blamed by the Turkish government on a Syrian Kurdish group


but responsibility was claimed by separate Kurdish group, one based


in Turkey although the Turkish Turkey is involved in the coalition


against so-called Islamic State, it is fighting IS in Syria and Iraq,


making it liable to attacks, and is fighting a renewed insurgency


in south-eastern Turkey with PKK Kurdish militants, leaving it open


to attacks by Kurdish This country for so long


considered the stable corner of the Middle East, the West's vital


ally in a volatile region. Today's attack, the third


attack in six months, raises serious questions


about the government's ability to maintain security in the heart


of the capital and shows once again how dangerous a moment


this country now faces. With me now is Ibrahim Dogus,


director of the Centre for Turkey Thank you for joining us. No one has


yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but where are the suspicions


falling? Turkey has become very vulnerable to terrorist attacks over


the last 15 months and a lot of that is to do with the Syrian policies


and the Kurdish issue. Last month in Ankara there was an attack against a


monetary convoy which was claimed by TAK, claiming they did the attack in


retaliation for Turkish operations against militants in the Kurdish


region of Turkey. Who is TAK? As far as we know it is a group that split


from the PKK, the main Kurdish militant force in Turkey who have


had negotiations with Turkish authorities. TAK claims the


negotiations are not going to work for Turkish people and they say that


the PKK is a very passive organisation. They are claiming to


represent the desires and wishes of the Kurdish people. They are known


to be using terrorist tactics and violence to reach out. Today's


attack comes as Turkish authorities have launched a renewed offensive, a


crackdown against the PKK party, the pro-Kurdish party. Turkey has


changed its policy on Kurds over the last 15 months. There have been


similar attacks against civilians in Turkey. The most recent one was in


October in Ankara, which was blamed on Islamic State and prior to that,


suicide attacks elsewhere which were blamed on Islamic State. If this


attack was an attack against civilians, then we shouldn't rule


out Islamic State's involvement yet but if it was aimed at military


personnel, it is very likely to be carried out by TAK. The Turkish


government was in serious negotiations with the Kurdish people


and the PKK, indirectly through elected officials.


Turkey plays an important role on the international political stage,


it is part of the coalition against IS. I'm afraid we have to leave it


there. Thank you for joining us. Huge but peaceful protests have been


taking place in cities across Brazil to demand the resignation


of President Dilma Rousseff. The opposition accuses Ms Rousseff


of mishandling the economy and of involvement in a massive


corruption scandal, which has also Tens of thousands of Islamists


in Pakistan have held a rally in Karachi in protest


at the execution last month of Mumtaz Qadri, a former bodyguard


who killed a provincial governor for criticising the


country's blasphemy laws. The head of the Conservative


Jamaat-e-Islami party described Mr Qadri's death


as judicial murder. A Palestinian teacher has won


a prestigious education award worth a million dollars,


described as the Nobel Prize The Varkey Foundation Global Teacher


Prize was awarded in Dubai to Hanan Al-Hroub, who works


at a school near Ramallah Ms Al-Hroub has developed a unique


approach to teaching, using co-operative play


to counter violent behaviour. The president of Ivory Coast,


Alassane Ouattara, says 14 civilians and two soldiers


were killed in a gun attack at a beach resort at


Grand Bassam near Abidjan. The resort is popular


with Western tourists. The government says six attackers


were killed by security forces. An offshoot of the Islamist militant


group al-Qaeda claimed The country's interior


minister, Hamed Baka-yoko, went on television to announce


the attack was over TRANSLATION: Three hotels in Grand


Bassam, not far from Abidjan, were attacked early morning on Sunday the


13th of March by armed men. The Ivorian defence and security forces


intervened immediately. They were able to neutralise six terrorists.


Searches are underway. A detailed report will be communicated in the


next few hours. We ask people to stay calm.


The gunmen targeted a holiday town with no history of terror attacks


The BBC's Will Ross has this report.


An eyewitness trapped in a hotel room films the confusion and terror


People fleeing from the beach in search of safety.


The sleepy resort of Grand Bassam has never witnessed


One eyewitness said the gunmen were masked.


They killed a child, despite him kneeling


I swear I heard them shouting, "Allahu Akbar."


The military are coming now, as you can see.


The government appealed for calm as heavily-armed soldiers took


They also helped drive people away from the scene to places


Medical staff helped those injured, including some children.


On the ground, evidence of the attackers.


Other images, which are too graphic to show, are of bloodied bodies


A BBC colleague at a different coastal resort spoke to people


who had been relaxing in Grand Bassam when the gunmen struck.


Friends who were there at different hotels have told me they heard


the shooting, they heard big bang sounds.


The army came in and swooped up quite a lot of people and put them


My friend could not tell me where she was on the phone


because the army said the terrorists could be listening.


Although Ivory Coast has a history of political turmoil,


this looks like yet another terror attack in the West African region.


With me now is Will Ross, former BBC correspondent in west


What's the latest on this? We have had a group called Al-Qaeda in the


Islamic Maghreb saying they carried out the attack and another Al-Qaeda


linked group have also said that it sent the gunmen to this resort. What


is very clear is that this is of great concern, not just to Ivory


Coast, which has never experienced anything like this before, but to


the entire region because this is the third to mellow style attack


since November in West Africa. Mali was targeted, its capital was


targeted and we had Burkina Faso and 30 people were killed in this


attack. There is a lot of concern about the movement of jihadists


across the porous borders in the region. We have heard that


authorities are using the phrase "Have neutralise" the attackers.


They say that six of them were killed but we don't know if there


were any more. We had a comment from the French president Francois


Hollande calling it a cowardly attack and saying that France is


going to bring in logistical support and intelligence and will intensify


its fight with partners against terrorism. It is no coincidence that


this is the third former French colony that has been targeted.


France has huge interest in its former colonies, business interests


in particular. France is playing a lead role when it comes to the


military fight against Jihadist groups across West Africa and


certainly the comments that have come from Jihadist groups in the


past are that they are going to keep targeting them until they pull out


the troops. The Ivory Coast became the base of the French fighting


against IS in 2014, didn't it? It has other bases, in Chad but also in


Mali, the French troops have played a key role in stopping the spread of


the Jihadist insurgency that came down from the North. It was the


French who led the attempt to stop the Jihadist is taking over even


more territory. So they have really spread across the region and they


are seeing this as a key priority. Francois Hollande says they are


going to beef up the effort rather than being put off by such attacks.


Thank you for joining us. Exit polls from state elections


in Germany suggest the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel,


the conservative Christian Democratic Union, has


suffered significant losses. The votes have been seen as a test


of Mrs Merkel's refugee policy. The anti-immigration


Alternative for Germany party, the AfD, looks poised to enter three


regional parliaments, and could surpass the 20%


mark in the eastern The exit polls also suggest


that the Green Party is on track The AFD has demanded that


Germany closes its borders. Mrs Merkel has said the AfD stokes


up prejudice and division. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come. The family cat who has helped


a little girl with autism start The numbers of dead and wounded


defied belief. This worst terrorist atrocity on European soil in modern


times. In this than 24 hours, the Soviet Union lost an elderly Sikh


leader and replaced him with a dynamic figure 20 years his junior.


We hope these gunshots. We were petrified. James Earl Ray, aged 41,


sentenced to 99 years, due for parole when he is 90, travelling to


Nashville State prison in a convoy. Paul, what does it feel like to be


married at last? Fine, thank you. Is it going to change or life? I don't


know, I've never been married before!


A massive car bomb has hit the main square of the Turkish capital,


Ankara, killing 34 people and wounding many more.


In Ivory Coast there's been shootings at a resort popular


with tourists, with at least 16 people killed.


Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb says it carried out the attack.


The German pilot who deliberately crashed an airliner


into the French Alps last year killing all 150 people on board


had been told by his doctor two weeks before the tragedy


that he needed treatment


Andreas Lubitz, who had a history of severe depression,


never told airline bosses of his doctor's recommendation.


The final report by French investigators into the tragedy


says there must be "clearer rules" on the lifting


Every life that ended here began with one locked door.


The last deadly claim of privacy for a man in the grip


After locking his fellow pilot out of the cockpit,


Andreas Lubitz aimed the plane he was flying directly into a remote


part of the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board.


In the face of all that can't be changed, investigators today focused


TRANSLATION: Our first recommendation is a balance


between medical secrets, confidentiality, and public safety.


We want clear rules to require health care providers to inform


the authorities when a specific patient's health is very likely


Andreas Lubitz had battled depression for years and had seen


several psychiatric doctors in the weeks before the crash,


one of whom recommended he be treated in a psychiatric hospital,


information that was not passed to his employer.


By the time Mr Lubitz sat behind the controls a year ago,


The cockpit voice recorder registered only his level breathing


Doors that had been strengthened in the wake of 9/11


against hijacking by passengers now proved fatal when the threat


To this, investigators said there was no easy answer.


Relatives of those who died have expressed their disappointment


Almost everybody, completely unsatisfied with the answers that


Most of the people who were present didn't understand the reasons given


A year ago, one young co-pilot spread pain across Europe.


The question of who could have stopped him will haunt it for a long


FA Cup football to come but we start with rugby union because England


Scotland beat France by 29-18 in Edinburgh


which means England have an unassailable lead at the top


It was Scotland's first win over France in a decade.


So, a good day for Scotland and a great day for England,


crowned Six Nations champions for the first time since 2011


and just four months after Eddie Jones was


Here's conformation, with two points for a win,


England can't be caught at the top of the table.


They will head to Paris next Saturday night looking


Our reporter Sonja McLaughlin has caught up with the England coach


and asked him, now with the Championship assured,


whether he thinks they can make it a clean sweep.


If we prepare well then we can do the business.


France are always going to be a difficult side and they showed


at times today that they can play some sublime rugby.


Other times it isn't so we have to make sure they don't have too


You just said that you were talking to Dylan and what did you come up


with? We have our normal squad meeting


after dinner and we might go down to the bar and have


a couple of beers. Football


now and after winning the last two FA Cups, Arsenal have been dumped


out of the competition, beaten 2-1 by Watford


at the Emirates. It was a thrilling quarter-final,


with Watford taking This strike by Odion Igahlo


putting them ahead. scored this absolute screamer


to double their advantage. Danny Welbeck got one back


for Arsenal, but it's Watford We felt that our performance


deserved a victory but let's give credit to Watford for


the chances that they took. Maybe we've made one or two


mistakes defensively. Overall, we put in


a decent performance. Our run comes to an end,


it is very sad. We had a chance to equalise


in the last minute. will need a replay to decide


the last FA Cup semi-final spot minutes, a magnificent free-kick


from Dimitri Payet looked put West Ham on course


for a semi-final at Wembley. But Manchester United keep


pushing for an equaliser and Anthony Martial provided


it for the home side It was a fantastic match between two


good sides. And I'm very happy that my players could show their spirit


again, especially after a very nasty week, where we lost against West


Brom and Liverpool. Then we have shown this.


Premier League leaders Leicester after a 2-0 win away at Aston


Harry Kane scored the goals either side of half time.


Villa had just two shots on target and remain eight points behind


Newcastle at the bottom of the table.


We created more chances and we played well. Always difficult to


play in the Premier League, against a team who are playing for survival


it is difficult. I think we took the game in the right mentality and the


right way. I am very pleased. are through to the Super 10s stage


of the Twenty20 World Cup in India. Tamim Iqbal guided them


there by hitting the first century They beat Oman by 54 runs


in a rain-affected game. As winners of Group A,


Bangladesh join India, Australia, South Africa and Pakistan


in the next group phase. Six-year-old Iris Grace is severely


autistic and spent the first half of her life trapped in her own


world, barely communicating. Her mother Arabella Carter-Johnson


explains how her cat, When we got the diagnosis of autism,


the doctors were quite depressing in what they thought was possible. She


was severely autistic and they said that she may never talk and may


never be able to develop relationships that a normal child


would have. When we got Toola, everything changed, it was a


remarkable difference. She was able to communicate with us what she


wanted. She started off by saying to Toola more cat and giving it is


drugs and is. She has a large following in America on our Facebook


page and it was suggested that by put up a list of the traits that I


wanted in a cat and then we found Toola. She can come and sit on


Iris's leg and that helps. They are very friendly, they are interested


in the activities. In the home-schooling, she will join in


with whatever we are doing. As soon as I set out, Toola will be there,


playing and it's just amazing. We've got the saying that different is


brilliant and I really mean it. Autism, to me, is brilliant. It


doesn't have to be this grim diagnosis. It can be very, very


challenging at times but I feel that if you work with the child and work


with their interests, you will see a progression, you will see changes.


Inspiring stuff. If you want to get in touch, you can always use


Twitter. Thanks for watching. We're already getting a first set


again across rural East Anglia, so the temperatures are dipping away.


This is one view of the sunshine across the Midlands from one of our




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