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US President, Barack Obama has warned White House contenders


to avoid raising tensions, a day after a rally by Donald Trump


Video has emerged appearing to show Turkish coastguards lashing out


with sticks at a boat full of migrants in the Aegean Sea.


Thousands of people have been protesting in


They're demanding the government resolve


And, the dancing grandmother who met President Obama prepares


US President Barack Obama has called on the presidential candidates


in the race for the White House to focus on the country's needs


instead of seeking, as he put it, to divide society along racial


He was speaking after scuffles between protesters and supporters


of frontrunner Donald Trump prevented him from speaking


Another attempt to interrupt the Republican Party favourite


caused a security scare while he was campaigning in Ohio


Secret service agents rushed to form a protective ring around Mr Trump


when a man apparently tried to invade the stage


The BBC's Laura Bicker has the latest.


Donald Trump is back in the campaign Trail unperturbed. We are going to


build the wall. The scene in Chicago was very different. It felt less


like a political rally and more like a bar room brawl.


There is anger here at a candidate many perceive to be racist.


Mr Trump stayed away. Today he told supporters in how high or that they


were just wise skies. -- in Ohio. An attack came out of nowhere. The


posters were printed by professional people. They had a mark on them.


They were all done by a group and very professionally done. It is a


disgrace if you want to know the truth. These ugly clashes have not


been seen in presidential clashes in decades. Donald Trump says he is not


responsible, but his Republican rivals think differently. Donald


Trump has created a toxic environment. It has allowed his


supporters and those who sometimes the confrontation to come together


in violence. There is no place for this. But we'll be seeing is damaged


Donald Trump's campaign? Some believe the protesters denied the


candidate a right to speak at his own event. Others wonder if this is


a sign of things to come if you wince. -- if he winds.


He was President George W Bush's deputy assistant until 2004


I am going to work this first question to you carefully. What do


you make of the scenes at Donald Trump's campaign, not him himself? I


think it was disgraceful. I think it's disgraceful that the protesters


would upset a rally. Donald Trump should have known better in his


campaign staff to have a rally in Chicago at the University of


Chicago, where you are not going to find many Republicans. I think that


was a kind of invitation to the type of protest that we solve. Donald


Trump has been inciting violence. He can't expect that that is not going


to occur if he invites it to happen. It was disgraceful on both parts. We


should not be having that kind of political discourse in America and


as a Republican I'm ashamed. You are blaming Donald Trump. He is blaming


wise guys and orchestrated protest. America has got freedom of speech.


He has the right to believe what he wants to believe and his supporters


have the right to just what he says and the protesters have the right to


voice their views. They don't have the right to voice that in a venue


that Donald Trump has paid for. They did not have the right to invade it.


The Donald Trump has invited them in, he says he enjoys the


protesters. Then he instructs his audience to beat them up. It is a


crazy dichotomy of opposites between and tie and pro-Donald Trump people.


Both are to blame. The protesters and the Donald Trump campaign. What


does this say about America at the moment? There is a huge


dissatisfaction in America by Democrats and Republicans. We are


both sick and tired of the Government that does nothing, but


this is not the way to correct it, to violence in this respect. We


should come together as a nation to try and fix our problems. Donald


Trump is playing on the discontent of his supporters to act out this


way. I think it is wrong. He has a lot of supporters. He is hitting the


right note with lots of people and he is the Republican front runner.


He could be the president of the United States. He could be but there


is a vast majority of Republicans who do not accept him as their


nominee yet. He has not broken 50% of the Republicans. He has ample


coal minority, but to say he speaks for the majority of Republicans at


this point is not true. Thank you. More reaction on BBC world news as


you can imagine. Footage has emerged appearing


to show Turkish coastguards lashing out with sticks at a boat full


of migrants in the Aegean Sea. The video is believed to have been


filmed on Saturday morning in Turkish waters near


the Greek island of Lesbos. Turkey says the coastguards


were trying to stop the boat, Early this morning off


the coast of Turkey, a migrant vessel is being


hit with boat hooks. Women scream, children cower


on the floor of the boat. They're Turkish coastguards, trying,


they claim, to disable the engine Humanitarian experts say these


pictures are disturbing. Previously, the Turkish coastguard


has been filmed using water cannon Nato ships are now in the waters


between Greece and Turkey. Sailors and aircrew will be tasked


with sending boats packed full of people heading for Europe


towards Turkish coastguards for them But is this what Nato's servicemen


and women will be sending The Turkish coastguard says


it was trying to stop the migrants getting into Greek waters


without harming the refugees. Those on board this boat did


make it to Greece today, but others were intercepted


by the Turkish authorities Their attempts thwarted as efforts


are stepped up to stop the flow of people paying smugglers to get


them onto European soil. The Syrian government has ruled out


any discussion about presidential elections when peace talks resume


in Geneva on Monday. Syria's Foreign Minister confirmed


the government will attend the indirect talks but rejected a UN


request for leadership elections Meanwhile, rebels have reportedly


shot down a government Let's speak to Emma Ashford,


a visiting fellow at She's written widely about


the politics of the Middle East. Thank you for joining us. Isn't


discussing who run Syria quite a critical point that they need to get


to in the stocks? Absolutely. It has been the central point of contention


between rebels and the Syrian Government for the last five years.


What hope should be having these talks will be successful? I think


there have been some recent signs that indicate they may be more


successful than previous talks. We have had two weeks where a ceasefire


has held inside Syria. Violence is down substantially. That is a good


first step to bringing these countries together and making them


less distrustful of each other. How community in peace and Syria?


Letters say that everyone agrees on elections and there is a new ruling


party, there are still going to be factions that are going to want to


fight and that will not be happy and there will still be Islamic State


and other terrorist organisations. Definitely. The CC nation of


hostilities didn't cover two of the most violent groups and that is a


problem because they are going to remain a problem even if we resolve


the conflict and Syria. If the US and Western Europe want to resolve


the problem of Isis, resolving the Syrian civil more is a good first


step and it will also solve the refugee crisis and the humanitarian


issues associated with that inside Syria. Can you take us inside the


talks on Monday with your experience and your knowledge. Where do the


peace brokers began? For starters they are probably going to want to


consider some kind of more formalised and permanent ceasefire


and speciation of hostilities. Then they will want to talk about


transition, can they keep Syria together as one political entity.


Will they need to move to effect the licensed with different regions have


a lot of the time and make so they don't have to resolve those problems


immediately? Will they have to consider some kind of large-scale


petition of Syria, a formal splitting of the country? Think all


of those countries around the table. I think the second one is probably


the one that is most to emerge. Thank you for that.


The Council of Europe has said the changes in Poland undermine the rule


of law and we can democracy. People are demonstrating against


what they see as the new Government's attempts to endanger


the independence of certain courts. The Council of Europe said on Friday


that changes introduced by the Government made it very difficult


for the court to take decisions and that endangers the rule of law and


democracy. The court ruled that the changes were legal. What we have now


is a 's tuition or political crisis that is raising concerns in


Washington and Brussels. Turkey has lifted a 48-year-old


ban on table football, but it seems many Turks didn't even


know the ban existed. Number of dead and wounded defy


belief. This was the worst terrorist attack on European soil in modern


times. In less than 24 hours the Soviet Union lost a second reader


and replaced him with our dynamic figure 20 years younger than him. We


heard gunshots and we jumped and then he started firing at us and we


were petrified. Aged 41 sentenced to 99 years due for parole when he is


90. He travels from the jail in an eight car convoy. What does it feel


like to be married? It feels fine. Will it change your life? I don't


know. I have never been married before.


US President Barack Obama has warned White House contenders to avoid


raising tensions, a day after a rally by Donald Trump


Video has emerged appearing to show Turkish coastguards lashing out


with sticks at a boat full of migrants in the Aegean Sea.


Protestors in Lebanon's capital Beirut have been on the streets


demanding the government resolve the months-long rubbish crisis.


Rubbish has been piling up on beaches, forests and rivers


The group named You Stink marched through the city centre, calling


Our correspondent, Lina Sinjab, is there.


A familiar protest scene, a reminder of the Arab Spring. The Lebanese are


taking to the streets and are calling to topple the regime, but


for one main reason. This river of rubbish. This fitted obtained from


You Stink, which started last July against the Government's failure to


collect the rubbish. Lebanon produces nearly 4000 tonnes of


rubbish day. The Government has closed one of the main landfills,


leading to piles of uncollected rubbish scattered around the streets


of the Lebanese capital. When protesters took to the street last


year, the Government responded with tear gas and live ammunition,


feeling one civilian and leaving many wounded. The country that


prides itself as being a tourist attraction is now suffering an


environmental crisis. You can see thousands of people gathered here in


protest of the garbage crisis. There is a sense of nationalism here. They


are not just calling for an end to the garbage crisis but also an end


to corruption. They are calling for a general strike and told there is a


solution. They are also calling for the whole Government to change.


There are slogans being chanted here that remind you of the protests in


the Arab world and the Arab Spring. We will never accept any kind of


stupid solution. I'm here because I am fed up with smelling of garbage.


The Government has responded. They say they will reopen the closed


landfill and start collecting this week. The protesters want more than


that. They are calling for a more fundamental change and an end to a


corrupt sectarian system in Lebanon. A 48-year-old ban on Table


Football in Turkey has The game had been classified


as gambling in the But the Constitutional Court ruled


that unlike gambling, table football didn't


interrupt family order, Previously anyone caught playing it


faced a prison sentence, With me now is Seref Isler


of the BBC's Turkish Service. It seems very bizarre that this ban


was in place. On social media is seen that many people did not


realise. I did not realise. Now I'm in a position to reveal that I used


to play table football with my cousins. It is very strange, a very


strange case of the lobbying incorrectly phrased. The word for


table football was also used in place of the word slot machine. When


these machines started arriving in Turkey they were classified as


gambling tools and they were banned. Is that because you had to put money


in them? It is to do with the word. It just seems that the slot machine


and a table football machine with the same word and when one was


banned, in legal text the other one was banned as well. It was never


enforced. We used to play all the time. Now when we realise there was


something wrong in the law and changed it, he effectively legalise


table football today. Why go to the trouble of lifting the ban if it is


not enforced? No one really knows how this happened and everyone is


very shocked. It was met with amusement and ridicule in Turkey,


because even in this bulletin we have two stories on Turkey and they


are very serious. You think that they would be prioritised and other


things. Exactly. But for whatever reason someone realise that the law


was not phrase correctly. When they fix this glitch, it enabled cable


football to be legalised when it didn't seem to be illegal, or no one


realised it was illegal. Perks are mad about football, but are they


also mad about table football? -- people from Turkey. It is very


popular, it is even in some schools. People play this game all the time.


Will you any good? Not as far as I can remember. I was only 12. Thank


you. There was a clash in Six Nations


earlier when England met Wales at Twickenham. England were looking for


revenge after losing to Wales last year but it looks like it might go


the same way when Wales staged a late comeback. The England held on


three victory and our correspondent was


there. Twickenham was meant to haul now fear for Wales after they beat


England here in the World Cup back in September. England have


reasserted themselves and it totally dominated the first half. There were


a number of penalties from Owen Farrell. England were 16-0 at the


break. It looked like it was slipping away from Wales until they


scored two late tries to give themselves hope, but England held on


for a narrow but impressive victory. 25-21. That puts them within


touching distance of the Six Nations title. If Scotland beat France on


Sunday, it will be England's with a game to spare and then we roll on to


Paris for the final round. Well, after the match,


both coaches gave their reaction I thought I first 40-60 minutes was


very good and some of the rugby was immaculate. We have to do better


than that and we know that and that is what we're going to aim to


interview next week. How significant was that victory given the


opposition and what happened here. Wales have been together for eight


years now and we have only been together for six weeks old to put a


performance like that insures with the team is going. We'll be have


worked today and we are not the finished product, but that is the


build of the team. Sitting in the box after 25 minutes


I was thinking that I needed to make some changes and make some


replacement spits and energy into the team. It was unlike some very


disappointing. I've scored England three tries to one, so is that an


indication of what you're capable of? At half time we had to ask where


our enthusiasm and energy was. I said to the boys that we need to


keep playing and play rugby and in the second half we saw those three


tries. In the day's other match


Ireland got their first win of the tournament,


thrashing Italy 58-15. The Irish ran in nine tries -


a record for them in Everton are through to the semi


finals of the FA Cup after beating Thanks to this man, who is goals


gave Everton the victory over his former club. It is Everton's first


ever FA Cup semifinal appearance since 2000 and 12. I thought there


were atmospheres that every single one of us will take away and it


creates a special memory. I think the goal is one of the great goals


that you are going to see in the FA Cup. All in all we played a very


good side and if Chelsea were terrific. We saw two teams that were


very similar in terms of the way we are technically. A very close


affair. In the Premier League,


Manchester City's slim title hopes have suffered another blow,


after a goalless draw It means that city are still nine


points behind the beat leaders with nine games to play, but it could


prove a valuable point for Norwich remain in the bottom three. -- a


valuable point. Two other games in the Premier


League, Bournemouth beat And Southampton won


away at Stoke 2-1. She's the viral video star


who was born before Virginia McLaurin -


the grandmother from Washington DC who danced with joy when she met


the Obamas in the White House last Remember Virginia McLaurin? She


became an Internet sensation last month. At 106 years old she melted


people's hearts and this video, showing her visiting the White


House. What is the secret to still be dancing at 106? Now on to her


fans is grandmother Ginger, she is now celebrating her 107th birthday.


To mark the occasion she was awarded the presidential medal of honour, in


recognition of her years of volunteering. She is still dancing.


Once they reach a certain eight people tend to sit down. The grammar


has taken this as her other career and she has had a revival. Who knows


what life at 107 will bring for her, but when you have danced in the


White House at 106 the bar has been set quite high.


A computer programme has come -- has beaten a human opponent in a game


for the first time. The third straight win means the software has


clinched the best-of-5 series and established that it is superior in


the ancient Chinese game. That is despite many people believing that


Goal would be too complex for games to master. If you have anything to


say about anything we are covering to send it to to us here. For me and


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