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A mystery over the death of one of President Putin's top aides


Mikhail Lesin's family says his death last year was a heart


attack but US officials now say he was killed by a blow


The IAAF says five countries are in "critical care"


over their drug testing systems with just months to go before


Five years on - Japan remembers the devastating earthquake


and tsunami that triggered the Fukushima nuclear meltdown.


Having his support adds total credence to what I am trying to do.


From throwing insults to hugs all round.


We'll look back at the relationship between Ben Carson and


Russia has demanded information from the United States


about the death of a former key ally of President Putin,


in a hotel in Washington last November.


US medical officials say Mikhail Lesin died from blunt force


injuries to the head, not a heart attack as initially reported.


Lesin also suffered injuries to the neck,


torso, arms and legs and there's reports he may have been assaulted


He was a former press minister and key


media advisor to President Putin, nicknamed "The Bulldozer"


for his crack down on media freedoms in Russia.


Let's get more from our Washington correspondent.


Mikhail Lesin was nicknamed the bulldozer. He was a member of what


you put in's inner circle and was once the press Minister, before


going on to find this TV station in Russia. In 2014, he retired and


moved to America's West Coast. Then, last November, Mikhail Lesin was


found dead. He was discovered at this hotel in Washington, DC. A, his


former news network RTE reported his family said he died of a heart


attack. -- RT. But the Washington, DC medical examiner said the cause


of death was... The other causes well... The manner of death was


undetermined. This latest development raises more questions


than answers. Most of top Tis A Beauty did in 90 days, so why did


this take so much longer? One newspaper reports that Mikhail Lesin


was involved in an altercation before retiring to his room. So how


did he die? In what seems like a very ordinary crime scene, the


circumstances around this man's death are anything but. Before he


died, he was being investigated by the FBI for money laundering and


corruption. As police in Washington continue enquiries, the Russian


Government is demanding more information from US authorities. So


far, officially at least, there are no suspects, motives or concrete


clues as to why a one-time aide to Vladimir Putin met an untimely and


brutal death. The International Association


of Athletics Federations, the IAAF, says its needs more time


to investigate Russia's anti-doping progress before this year's


Olympic Games in Rio. But it says the country


will not yet be reinstated Our sports correspondent


reports now. With the Rio Olympics under five


months away, the question of Russian athlete competing at the games


remained in the balance. The IAAF ruling received an update


from a task force charged with assessing whether Russia


is cleaning up its act, after evidence of widespread


state-sponsored doping was revealed The president of the IAAF revealed


the sheer scale of the task at hand. This is not a numbers game. I am not


here to be judged on how many athletes I can get to an Olympic


Games. I am yet to be judged on how mini athletes I can get from safe,


secure systems into free, fair and open competition. And that has to be


the sole arbiter. The final decision will be made on me but IAAF


officials warned that there are still significant things to be done


by Russia if they are to be readmitted to international


competitions. The US Government has intensified its attack on Apple over


refusing to help investigators. In a legal filing released on Thursday,


the Government made the point that Apple has previously held the


Chinese Government demands for iPhone data.


giant cooperated there, because China is such a huge


In its brief, the US Department of Justice said "As well as


providing data from nearly 4,000 iPhones to Chinese authorities,


Apple appears to have made special accommodations in China.


For example, moving Chinese user data to Chinese government servers,


and installing a different WiFi protocol for Chinese iPhones".


Apple's lawyer Bruce Sewell called the DoJ's brief a "cheap shot..."


Speculation based on no substance at all".


He said the brief "reads like an indictment.


Intended to smear the other side with false accusations


The correspondent is in Washington and has been following the fallout


closely. It is really intensify now. Yes, indeed. It is quite


entertaining to watch, actually. How much scope as the claims of the


Department of Justice God? What do we know about Apple's dealings with


China and exchange of data? The truth is, we do not explicitly


know what they have done to comply with Chinese laws. But what we do


know is that there is a very extensive patchwork of regulations


that smartphone companies have to comply with in order to operate in


China. Essentially, there are three layers of regulations. The first


being regulations from the Ministry of technology that requires


extensive audits compliant with Chinese standards. The second layer


is various surveillance regulations from the Ministry of Public


Security, requiring companies to facilitate access and decryption on


various technology platforms. And the third being bespoke requirements


that smartphone vendor is quite frankly have to comply with in order


to connect with mobile networks in China. These companies are all


state-owned. The unspoken rule is that, essentially, any types of


regulations that the Chinese Government does not explicitly want


to create in law, they achieved through contractual agreements and


state-owned mobile network operators, like China Telecom and


others. As you this is not just about an iPhone belonging to a


Government, this is about international strategy and policies


amongst many governments who want to know more about what view, potential


terror suspects and other criminals or two. Precisely. The Chinese


Government have similar concerns. If you look at the size of the China


market, it is the number one largest mobile, smartphone market in the


world. Number two is India, in fact, which just surpassed the US last


month. Number three is the United States. The Apple CEO Tim Cook has


explicitly said that China is Apple's future. If they wish to sell


products in China and access that market, I assume they will have to


find a way to comply with Chinese laws. Thank you for speaking to us


here. Five years ago today,


an earthquake and the tsunami it triggered


devastated communities along 18,000


people lost their lives, and the nuclear power plant


at Fukushima went into meltdown. Today commemorative events have been


taking place, including a ceremony in Tokyo at the exact hour


the earthquake struck. Our correspondent Rupert


Wingfield-Hayes reports. And the sounds of buildings


being crushed, of the terror of those watching, their homes


being swallowed by the waters. For too many, there


was no time to escape. Today in the ravaged


city, the sirens sounded It was in memory of the 18,000 who


died. These people are looking


for the spot their house When the sirens sounded


that day, their father rushed to help evacuating


people near the coast. I think it is our duty as survivors


to show the world how dear life is. Even with classmates


who have also lost TRANSLATION: If we talk about it,


I feel down. I sometimes want to know


what my friends went When the tsunami swept


in here, nearly 2000 people were killed in this one small


town, that is nearly Any government's first duty


is to protect its people and it is not


surprising that this Massive new walls like this


will stretch for 250 miles The whole landscape is being


re-engineered to make it safe But after five years,


this woman is waiting for a plot of land


with growing frustration. I sometimes think we would be much


better off if we left here after the tsunami and started


a new life somewhere else. We have waited so long


to rebuild our lives. In what was once their front


garden, they have found They decide to dig it up


to plant in their new house. The former candidate in the race


for the Republican presidential nomination, Ben Carson,


has pledged his support Mr Carson, who is a retired


neurosurgeon, becomes the second former rival to back the billionaire


businessman in the race Mr Carson made the announcement


at a joint news conference with Mr Trump in Florida,


ahead of the state's primary But were these two always


on such good terms? Let's take a look back over


the makings of what could be Today is something very, very


special because Doctor Ben Carson He went after his


mother with a hammer. He hit a friend of


his in the face with He took a knife and he went


after a friend and he lunged. Everybody loves him and truly,


truly admires what he has I don't want a person that's got


a pathological disease. His life has been


an incredible life. I just want to tell


you that having his support adds total credence


to what I'm trying to do. If you are pathological,


there is no cure. If you are a child molester,


a sick puppy, a child There is only one cure and we do not


want to talk about that. Some people said, why


would you get a hand I have come to know Donald Trump


over the last few years. He is actually a very intelligent


man who cares deeply What do you have to say


about Donald Trump? Here is what I would


say - now that he has completed his attacks,


why don't we press on and deal He said terrible things about you,


how can you support him? That was political stuff and,


you know, that happens Politics of personal destruction,


that is what people are tired of. I am hopeful that at some point


we reach the level of maturity that we can deal with the issues


that are facing us right now. We are moving on because it is not


about me, it is not about Mr Trump, How stupid are the people


to believe this crap? We thought you would find that


interesting. Do stay with us here. We're going live to the US in a


moment as the world says goodbye to the former first lady, Nancy Reagan.


Boris Johnson has been setting out why he is campaigning for Britain to


leave the EU. In his first major speech for the Vote Leave campaign,


Mr Johnson said the union was outdated and no-one in their right


minds would vote to join now. I know that there are people who say that


this country does not have the guts to get out. That we have no choice


but to remain. I have to say, I think they are hopelessly


underestimating this country of ours and what we can achieve. Because it


is precisely because we stayed out of the Euro that we were the most


successful economies of Europe. And if we burst into the shackles of


Brussels, we will be able to begin immediately with those long,


neglected free-trade opportunities that we can do at the moment. --


cannot do. You're watching BBC World News


Today. The latest headlines... Russia has demanded information from


the US about the death of a former key ally of President Hooton in a


hotel in Washington last November. -- resident Vladimir Putin. The IAAF


says five countries are in critical care over drug testing systems with


just monster goal before the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. -- just months to


go. Our chief international


correspondent has been covering the sale and conflict from the


beginning. Here, she talks to present Assad's media adviser,


asking whether this what could have been avoided.


It is absolutely not true because I worked here all the way through and


I remember from the 24th of March 2011, when the Syrian government


announced very important radical reform measures. And every time we


started to implement, one after another, the campaign against us,


followed by Western media and countries, the campaign got harder


and harder on Syria. What happened in Syria certainly is not about


making Syria better. Because if you ask any Syrian person anywhere, and


you know the people here, Syria is much better off five years ago than


now. What happened destroyed Syria and the Syrian people, not making


Syria better place for the Syrians. Now with the Russian, political and


moral support, do you feel... The Russian military support to fight


terrorism and restore peace and security. It is only when the


Russians came that the terrorist oil tanks were attacked and destroyed.


Well the so-called international coalition led by the United States


never destroyed anything from these oil tanks that were crossing Syria


to Turkey and Europe. So I think history will show the effort from


the Russian Government, this huge effort, against terrorism and in


favour not only of peace in Syria but of peace in Europe, of peace in


the world. Because terrorism is a threat to all of us, particularly to


Europe. And I think Russia is offering a service to Europe by


fighting terrorism in Syria. But the Russian intervention also turned the


tide for President Assad's forces. You now feel that the war is on your


side? There is no such thing as those forces. There is the Syrian


army that is defending the Syrian people and fighting terrorism and


this is where the Russian help is coming. Fascinating stuff. President


Assad's media adviser speaking to our correspondent. Let's catch up


with the world's sport. Premier League side Newcastle United


have a new man in charge. The former Liverpool, Chelsea and Real Madrid


manager Rafa Benitez has signed a three-year contract after the club


sacked Steve McClaren early today. Newcastle are currently 19th in the


Premier League and the Spaniard's first match in charge will be


against Leicester City on Monday. Not easy.


Rafael Benitez began this season at Real Madrid and ends it facing one


of his biggest challenges. Newcastle and in the bottom three and lost a


Bournemouth at the weekend. When it is is their last talk. The type of


manager years, the players will react. -- he is. They will play


better and play for. If he stays with us next season, we could climb


the table hire, if you've given the money to bring in players he wants.


Fantastic. They guy has a lot of stature. Probably one of the best


since Sir Bobby. Very happy. Benitez has won the FA Cup Spanish league


and Champions League. The as the CV but the job description is


demanding. Newcastle's mix of external passion and internal


politics make it one of football's toughest jobs. Despite spending over


?80 million on players, they went out of the FA Cup in the third run


and have won just six league games all season. That cost Steve McClaren


his first level jobs since being sacked as international manager. He


had one week in limbo as his position was discussed by the board.


Few managers hang around long here. Benitez will be the eighth manager


since Mike Ashley bought the club, not counting caretakers. All the


managers appointed by Mike Ashley have been in a position of weakness.


Not being able to name terms. Busy not with the transfer system that


has not benefited the club of themselves. And other things. But


Rafa Benitez can come in, put down exactly what he wants. Benitez will


have ten games to keep Newcastle in the Premier League, starting against


league leaders Leicester on Monday. If he fails, it is understood there


is a break clause in his contract and it is certain that the Spaniard


is stepping into a storm. The FA Cup quarterfinals are taking


place this weekend and the first match between Championship side


reading and Premier League Crystal Palace is under way. It sees Alan


Pardew return to his former side. He has not seen that much action so


far. Not many chances and there are no goals after one hour of play.


Both matches at the 2020 World Cup in India had to be abandoned today


because of bad weather. Ireland against Bangladesh at already been


delayed before the Bangladeshis... Where that and against them and it


means Ireland and the Netherlands are now out of the tournament.


Lord Coe, president of the IAAF, says Russia will find out in May if


they can send a team to Rio de Janeiro.


We unanimously agreed with the recommendation from the task force


that they be given more time. Some progress has been made but they want


to see significant progress in key areas. Those areas are clear. We


have the five step changes be want to see. And the council will welcome


the task force back almost certainly in May to report, hopefully, and


further progress. That is the sport from now. 0-0 in the FA Cup match.


Almost 5000 guests and representatives from former White


House families have gathered for the memorial tribute to Nancy Reagan at


her husband's residential library in Southern California. Let's get more


on this from our correspondent. James, it is a who's Who of the


White House but no President Obama, much to the criticism of people on


Twitter. That is right. Although, in fairness


to President Obama, there is precedents for sitting president is


not attending funerals of former first lady 's, not least Ronald


Reagan himself. It was notable that he was not there. Also not there,


some other significant figures. But the people who were there, perhaps


most importantly given the occasion itself, as we can see, where the


former first lady is that my -- ladies that the picture there. The


women terming it to pay tribute to a first lady tribute two present


during a remarkable time in US politics. And as we had in the


ceremony, she played a very important part in her husband's


decision-making process throughout his time in the White House, for


eight years throughout the 1980s. The former chief of staff James


Baker spoke about her influence, saying she could be as tough as any


Marine drill Sergeant at times. She was also part of a loving


partnership with her husband, Ronald Reagan, described by some as the


greatest love story in the history of the American presidency. In terms


of that historical aspect, it is interesting to hear him note that


Nancy Reagan insisted her husband that he would have to negotiate with


Mikaeel Kular bridge off, the Soviet leader. -- Mikel Gorbachev. He --


she informed his views. You can see much more on Nancy


Reagan's funeral on the BBC News website. That is it from me and the


rest of the team. Thank you for watching.


We're moving into a very settled spell of weather across most of the


UK but what about elsewhere around the world? Settled is not a word you


would use of the southern states of the US, particularly Louisiana and




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