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This is BBC World News Today with me Chris Rogers.


A mystery over the death of one of President Putin's top aides


Mikhail Lesin's family says his death last year was a heart


attack - but US officials now say he was killed by a blow to the head.


The IAAF says five countries are in "critical care"


over their drug testing systems with just months to go before


Five years on - Japan remembers the devastating earthquake


and tsunami that triggered the Fukushima nuclear meltdown.


Having his support adds total credence to what I am trying to do.


From throwing insults to hugs all round. We'll look back at the


relationship between Ben Carson and Donald Trump.


Russia has demanded information from the United States


about the death of a former key ally of President Putin,


in a hotel in Washington last November.


Lesin also suffered injuries to the neck,


torso, arms and legs and there's reports he may have been assaulted


before returning to his hotel.He was a former press minister and key


media advisor to President Putin, nicknamed 'the bulldozer'


for his crack down on media freedoms in Russia.


Let's get more from our Washington correspondent. You have been


speaking to the Russian embassy there as well. Yes, I have. I spoke


to them in the last few hours and the told me we first knew of these


injuries was yesterday when results of the autopsy were made public. The


expressed an amount of frustration. That they had not had more


communication from the American authorities. They say they are


looking for more details and more communication from them. When I


asked about whether this was a violent end, that was far fetched


they said. It was difficult to see when you read the details of the


autopsy what other detail you can reach. They were blows to the head,


neck, arms and legs. The medical examiner was saying it was the blow


to the head which actually caused his death. What they do not know at


this stage is what the call the manner of death. The law because but


not the manner. What the mean by that is how it happened, where it


was done and the is speculation at the moment that you may have


sustained the injury is outside of the Hotel and come back to the


hotel. None of that has been confirmed by the police. Do we know


why it has taken so long for the autopsy report to be released? It


was an extraordinary amount of time. He was found dead on the 6th of


November and normally the guidelines say the medical examination to


complete 90% of autopsy within 90 days. They are over that mark.


Clearly from these reports there were physical signs of damage to


Mikhail Lesin body. I spoke to the medical examiner or sportsmen and


asked him what took so long -- spokesman. He said every case is


different. They had no explanation for that. Thank you for that update.


The International Association of Athletics Federations,


the IAAF, says its needs more time to investigate Russia's anti-doping


progress before this year's Olympic Games in Rio.


But it says the country will not yet be reinstated


Our sports correspondent reports now.


The ruling council received an update charged with assessing


whether Russia really is clearing up its act after widespread state


sponsored doping was revealed last year. The council unanimously agrees


that the authorities in Russia need to undertake more work to satisfy


the reinstatement conditions. They should not be reinstated to


membership to IAAF at this stage. A final decision will be made in May.


The IAAF officials warned there was still significant work to be done by


Russia if the art be readmitted to international competition.


The world doping agencies say they have been 90 positive tests. The


agency did not provide details of who tested profs positive. Seven of


the cases come from Russia, including Sharapova.


Russia and China have issued a joint call for North Korea to resume


international talks over its nuclear weapons programme.


After talks in Moscow, Sergei Lavrov and his Chinese


counterpart also want North Korea to abide by a UN resolution banning


The Arab League has declared the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah


The move comes a week after Arab Gulf states did the same.


Tensions between Saudi Arabia in particular and Hezbollah have


intensified recently as the Saudis have clashed more openly


The United Nations says South Sudan's army has


allowed its soldiers to rape women as payment for their services


during fighting against rebel forces.


Investigators found that 1,300 women were raped last year in the oil-rich


It's the latest damning report by the UN on the world's


Amnesty international said 60 men and boys were suffocated in a


shipping container by Government forces.


The aftermath of more than two years of bloody crashes in the world's


A new United Nations report now says the Government is responsible


for much of the atrocities, which would


amount to war crimes and crimes against you manage to.


The revelations include killing of civilians,


They are orchestrating the violence against their own civilians. You are


either loyalist or you are not. If you are not then you are in peril of


harassment, rape, abduction or death. Amnesty International has


accused Government forces of suffocating men and boys last year.


The Government has denied the allegations of targeting civilians


but says it is investigating. As the parties continue to stall in


agreeing a deal, the people will continue to suffer.


Five years ago today, an earthquake and the tsunami it


people lost their lives, and the nuclear power plant


Today commemorative events have been taking place, including a ceremony


in Tokyo at the exact hour the earthquake struck.


Our correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports.


Who can forget these pictures? And the sounds of buildings being


crushed, of the terror of those watching, their homes being


swallowed by the waters. Hurry, hurry, a man shouts. For many there


was no time to escape. Today in the ravaged city the science sounded


again. -- sirens. These people are looking for the spot their house


used to stand on. When the sirens sounded that day, their father


rushed to help evacuating people near the coast. He never came back.


I lost my father. So many lives were lost in our town. Each one is


important. I think it is our duty officer -- as survivors to show the


world. She is finding it hard. Even with classmates who have also lost


parents. If we talk about it. I feel down. I avoid talking about it. I


sometimes want to know what my friends went to but I do not ask.


When the tsunami swept into your nearly 2000 people were killed in


this one small town, that is nearly 10% of the population. The trauma


has been immense. The Government's first duty is to protect people and


it is not surprising that this has been the response. Massive new walls


like this will stretch for 250 miles along this coast. The whole


landscape is being re-engineered to make it safe from the sea. But after


five years, many are waiting for a plot of land with growing


frustration. I sometimes think we would be much better off if we left


here after the tsunami and started a new life somewhere else. We have


waited so long to rebuild our lives. In what was once their front garden,


they have found a little settling. They decide to dig it up to plant in


their new house. It is a small sign of new life amongst so much


devastation. The US government has


intensified its attack on Apple - for refusing to help investigators


open the iPhone of the gunman who helped shoot 14 people


dead in San Bernadino, In a legal filing released


on Thursday, the government made the point that Apple has previously


helped with Chinese government demands for iPhone data -


the implication being that the tech giant cooperated there,


because China is such a huge In its brief, the US Department


of Justice said "As well as providing data from nearly 4,000


iPhones to Chinese authorities, Apple appears to have made special


accommodations in China: for example, moving Chinese user


data to Chinese government servers, and installing a different WiFi


protocol for Chinese iPhones". Apple's lawyer Bruce Sewell called


the DoJ's brief a "cheap shot.. Speculation based on no


substance at all". He said the brief "reads


like an indictment... Intended to smear the other side


with false accusations Let's speak to our correspondent. He


is an expert on Tech companies in China. I don't know if you can


answer this, but is this possible? Could Apple could have done this? Is


the technology there to help the Chinese authorities? The reality of


what is required in China protect companies like Apple, is much more


nuanced than the making it out to be. Yes the environment is very...


Providing data, source code for review is very different from back


door access and these have been inflated for political purposes.


Just explain, back door access is what the American Government is


asking for. Whats why is that different? Just to give you an


example, to be a tech company in China, it is very common for


companies to undergo data review. Having data reviewed by the Chinese


Government is different from providing encrypted data. There is


really a fine line. Apple is concerned that if they are forced to


do this then the technology is there that can be used by countries in


China who will not be responsible with the technology needed to get


back door access. I think it is a technology concerned but it is also


about political pressure and right now we are in an environment in


China where they are exerting greater control over foreign


networks, data information transmission and saw the concern is


that they will take a much more hard line approach to implementing these


kinds of regulations if the precedent is set here in the United


States. We could be think that our data could be checked by


governments. What we are learning here that it is really difficult.


Your data really is quite private. Absolutely. I think for companies


like Apple, providing encrypted access as a precondition for market


entry in China would be a very high wall. Something we have to remember


is that the Chinese Government does not really want to alienate foreign


tech companies at this moment. There is a massive economic restructuring.


The need for an companies and know-how. They do not want to push


companies like Apple to far at this time. Fascinating. Thank you for


joining us. The former candidate in the race


for the Republican presidential nomination, Ben Carson,


has pledged his support Mr Carson, who is a retired


neurosurgeon, becomes the second former rival to back the billionaire


businessman in the race Mr Carson made the announcement


at a joint news conference with Mr Trump in Florida,


ahead of the state's primary But were these two always


on such good terms? Let's take a look back over


the makings of what could be Today is something very, very


special because Doctor Ben Carson He went after his


mother with a hammer. He hit a friend of


his in the face with He took a knife and he went


after a friend and he lunged. Everybody loves him and truly,


truly admires what he has I don't want a person that's got


a pathological disease. His life has been


an incredible life. I just want to tell


you that having his support it adds credence to


what I'm trying to do. If you are pathological,


there is no cure. If you are a child molester,


a sick puppy, a child There is only one cure and we do not


want to talk about that. Some people said, why


would you get a hand I have come to know Donald Trump


over the last few years. He is actually a very intelligent


man who cares deeply What do you have to say


about Donald Trump? Here is what I would


say now that he has completed his attacks,


why don't we press on and deal He said terrible things about you,


how can you support him? That was political stuff and,


you know, that happens Politics of personal destruction,


that is what people are tired of. I am hopeful that at some point


we reach the level of maturity that we can deal with the issues


that are facing us right now. We are moving on because it is not


about me, it is not about Mr Trump, How stupid are the people


to believe this crap? Tattoos are now commonplace in many


parts of the world -- but in Cuba they've been frowned


upon for many years. Now attitudes are changing


and while there are still few places to get "inked" the BBC's Will Grant


has visited the only tattoo For some time this person has wanted


an elephant on her torso. The colourful design is the logo of the


fashion magazine she writes for and has a sentimental value. She now


realises that she underestimated how much it would heart. She is the


latest in the wave of Cubans who are getting tattooed is. It just used to


be for prostitutes and sailors, it is very popular now. Karen has her


daughter name on her arm and a religious symbol on the other. This


man did his two sure his family's long-standing connection with


Russia. Tattoos are about changing attitudes on the communist island.


There is only one place to get it done properly. This tattooed pilot


recently celebrated its anniversary of the only licensed tattooed shop.


Most artists work from their homes and many have been shut down by the


health authorities. This man is the top body artist. He says the shops


sterilisation processes are of a professional standard. We have all


the eyes on us. We need to be like Kit. We need to be healthy and good


quality. We need to take care. It is not just Cubans getting inked, many


two arrests looking for a moment to all of their trip are now seeking


out the artists. Running a tad too high alert in the country that are


still under a trade embargo is a challenge. It is hard here because


we do not have any tools, supplies and we need to fly out of the island


to buy things. We do not charge to much. We will never be rich here. We


are not rich. The elephant is finally finished. On reflection, she


says it was worth the agony. More and more young Cubans are rolling up


their sleeve to receive body art. Whether or not it is part of a


culture explosion or a desire to express themselves more freely, the


chances are it is here to stay. We've marking a rather special


anniversary here on BBC World News. 25 ago to the day,


we first went on air, The world has changed a lot


since then, and so have we. Here's some of the stories we've


covered in that time - Good evening. This is the world


Service news. The Gorbachev the row has now come to an end. Now is the


time for self Africans to celebrate democracy. You are watching BBC


world. The press Association have reported that Diana Princess of


Wales has died. Mr Clinton's extramarital affairs have been the


subject... I did not have sexual relations with that woman. As we


came on air a plane appears to have crashed into... Engaged in what is


rapidly becoming the battle... Tidal waves left a trail of destruction.


This was a resounding win for Barack Obama. Change has come to America.


To watch the fool interview with the president make sure you go to the


BBC website. Meltdown Monday began with markets tumbling in Asia. He


returns a free man. The people here are proud they started the


revolution. What an incredible night for London and because of the UK.


World News begins broadcasting from its new studios in central London.


Welcome to the worldnewsroom. Welcome to the BBC face big news


stream from Lebanon on. Most people are standing in front of their


spontaneous memorial to the victims. This is the capital city, it is


astonishing. Are there any questions, this is BBC pop up. We


turn your story ideas into short beautiful films. Some amazing


memories there. Here at the BBC we keep in dating. On Saturday the


grant click premiered a new programme. It is thought to be a


world first and the rapid development of virtual reality


technology. This is the world's largest machine as it has never been


seen before in 360 degrees. It it is spectacular in its size and in the


special viewers are transported deep underground to experience it for


themselves. If you are wearing a virtual reality headset, you can


feel you are really there and surrounded. Without the high end


kit, you still can get the virtual reality experience. As you move your


smartphone around the movement changes. You can slot it into one of


these cheap and cheerful headsets for a more immersive experience. You


can use your mouse to drag it around on the web page. Like the BBC, many


broadcasters are now experimenting with 360 cameras, which shipped in


all directions at once. 2016 is the year of virtual reality. It has


taken this long to get the technology ready. It might make you


feel sick before but now the teleport me to a different reality,


the jungle, the space and everywhere in between. The big tech companies


are getting in on the game. Adverts for virtual reality are already on


our screens and Sony are releasing its virtual reality headset. Virtual


reality games will be the first market but Facebook boss recently


outlined his virtual reality vision as one where we work, interact and


form relationships with people we have never physically met. It's a


fascinating experience for early adopters, but there are still the


few barriers to overcome before virtual reality convinces audiences


to do things like this. The devices are not quite there yet nor is the


content. The experience is not as compelling as it has to be in order


to get their attention. This is certainly a new and challenging way


to tell compelling stories, although if you are blessed with a


spectacular location, it certainly helps.


But for now from and the rest of the team, goodbye.


Hello there. The week at head is upon us. It is looking pretty good


for most of the


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