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This is BBC World News Today with me, Alpa Patel.


It's a story that's gripped South Africa and beyond.


A woman has been found guilty of kidnapping a baby girl


who was reunited 17 years later with her biological family.


Air accident investigators in the UK say there wasn't a proper risk


assessment at the Shoreham show where a plane crashed,


After the Sun newspaper stands by its claims that the Queen backs


a Brexit, we look at whether the relationship


between royalty and media has changed again.


And the US and Canada now the best of neighbours,


It's an incerdible story which reads like the plot to a film.


Today a South African woman has been found guilty of kidnapping a newborn


The girl, known as Zephany, was snatched from her mother's


bedside in hospital, but was reunited with her family


last year after making friends with a girl at her school to whom


This woman's baby she named Zephany, stolen from her hospital


Now, 20 years later, Celeste Nurse is seeing justice.


The woman who snatched her baby convicted at last.


But it was left to the child's biological grandmother to speak


For years, Zephany's biological parents, who went


on to have other children, still celebrated their missing


daughter's birthday every year, never giving up that they would see


Then, at school last year, in a remarkable twist of fate,


their younger daughter befriended a girl who looked just like her.


Extraordinary, too, was that here, just a short distance


lived the woman who kidnapped the baby all those years back.


Today, before she was convicted, the woman, who cannot be identified


for legal reasons, told me she was sorry but claimed that


Zephany, who now uses a different name, still loved her.


We didn't see each other for this whole year, but she


What is also astonishing, her own husband never


We still have that bond, even though this is happening


Throughout the case, the 51 year old accused insisted


the baby girl had been given to her by a stranger.


In convicting the accused, who has a history of miscarriages, the judge


said he was astonished at her conduct.


He said her story was a fairy tale, she deceived everyone,


You don't have to be a rocket scientist, he said,


to know that you can't buy a baby in South Africa.


Absent from the court has been Zephany Nurse herself,


now a young woman, sitting exams, and getting on with life.


How she will be affected by this extraordinary turn of events


You can find out more about that case on our website.


In August last year, 11 people were killed when a plane


crashed during the Shoreham Airshow in south-east England.


Today, air accident investigators branch says a proper risk assessment


had not been done before the jet took to the air.


Our transport correspondent Richard Westcott reports.


Seven months on and it's still shocking.


The day a vintage jet came down on a packed road,


But could tighter safety rules have stop this happening?


-- But could tighter safety rules have stopped this happening?


The report describes weaknesses in the


The man in charge of safety didn't know the pilot's display routine.


He is not required to but the report says it meant he couldn't judge how


The risk assessment is described as having


deficiencies despite being approved by the regulator.


For the victims' families, it is yet another blow.


For it to basically be in black and white that his manoeuvre


discussed or planned, or was never set in stone that this


is what he would be doing when he got into that


It has stumped me quite a bit, actually.


Investigators also found aircraft breaking flying rules.


This is the same plane at Shoreham the year before.


It is not permitted to stray over busy areas, but it did.


You can see the train just going past,


Now, in that display in 2014, the report


said that the Hunter pulled a tight turn over this town.


Then investigators checked other aircraft


at Shoreham and other airshows and found there were plenty straying


The Civil Aviation Authority writes the rules or airshows and it said,


-- The Civil Aviation Authority writes the rules for airshows and it


said, "We have confirmed a series of new measures to enhance airshow


safety this year and beyond, including making sure all airshows


conduct enhanced risk assessments before they can be permitted to take


Everybody involved in this business are hugely experienced


aviators and nobody I know would ever wish to compromise safety


More than 6 million people visit an airshow


Many are charity events run by volunteers.


The Shoreham crash could have a big impact on dozens of other airshows.


Extra rules and a doubling of charges from the CAA could force


If the increases are implemented the way the CAA would like them


to be then I would see no option but to cancel the show because we're


not going to make the money we would like to make


and if that is the case then, yeah, I don't


see a future for the Throckmorton airshow.


Back in Shoreham, families are still waiting for the final


report that will tell them once and for all


A woman has flown from Turkey to France with a four-year-old child


The girl was discovered when passengers noticed the bag


It's thought the woman was trying to adopt the child from Haiti,


Aung San Suu Kyi has finally been ruled out of the running to become


Her party, which won the last election has put


Ms Suu Kyi is barred from becoming president under the military-drafted


constitution because her sons have foreign passports.


Rubbish is starting to pile up in the Spanish city of Malaga


as a strike by refuse collectors is now in its 10th day.


Concerns have been raised that the smell and mess could put


off tourists ahead of the Easter holiday.


Rubbish collectors from the partly state-owned waste management company


Limasa are on strike over wages and working conditions.


The personal details of more than 20,000 people who've signed up


to so-called Islamic State have been leaked.


The documents were stored on a memory stick handed


It's said to include home addresses and phone numbers of fighters


Here's our security correspondent Gordon Corera.


The group calling itself Islamic State has drawn in thousands


of recruits from around the world, including many from Britain.


And now, a unique insight has emerged


It comes in these documents, smuggled out by a former member


and obtained by some media organisations.


The BBC has seen only a few of them but they look to be


personnel records, effectively application forms for those


The questions to fill out range from the


standard name, date of birth and blood type,


"Have you done jihad before, and where?"


and "Do you want to be a fighter or a suicide bomber?"


The German government today confirmed it had received a copy


TRANSLATION: In the opinion of the security services,


these documents are, in all probability, authentic.


They show how conscientious this criminal organisation is and,


in part at least, how effective it is.


The documents are reported to include details of 16 Britons,


including Junaid Hussain and Reyaad Khan, both killed


Hundreds more Britons have gone out and these documents are only thought


to cover a period from late 2013 into early 2014.


The security service, MI5 here, are not making


any comment on these documents but the British authorities


are thought to have been passed a copy and, if they do prove to be


authentic, they could be a source of valuable intelligence.


A former intelligence officer says the documents could help find those


who have tried to evade the authorities.


Clearly they will prompt or support investigations,


particularly into people who have come back home and who may deny ever


Now it is much harder to do that because clearly,


although these records may not have been


authenticated completely, they look highly genuine.


IS may aspire to act like a state, even having its own personnel


department, but in this case, the desire for


record-keeping could prove to be its weakness.


The Sun newspaper has stood by its claim that the Queen supports


a british exit from the European Union in this summer's referendum.


-- a British exit from the European Union in


It's also been critical, along with others,


in recent weeks of the workload of the Duke of Cambridge,


So does this mark another change in the royal family's relationship


With me to answer that question is the royal commentator


Has the British press fallen out of love with the Royals? No, we have


two different subjects. The Brexit story involves the Queen, and there


has been no criticism of the Queen'sactions, it is more to do


with a Privy Council member breaking their oath if the sun is to be


believed. The issue of the chick of Cambridge is a different story. So,


one part of that is the tradition of knocking down those we have


previously celebrated. The press seem to be annoyed that the Duke of


Cambridge is not playing the game in terms of giving access to his family


for photographic sessions the way his father did. The Duke is keen to


have his family life remain private. Is there anything in the allegation


he is not pulling his weight? He has apparently done far less than his


grandfather. It is not a fear comparison because this is the first


area to the throne who has a proper job. The Duke of Cambridge works


about two thirds of the hours of his colleagues but he has royal


engagements at the same time so years trying to be -- he is trying


to be everything to everyone. He is a well trained pilot, still going


through exams as he did in the RAF, and also fulfilling royal functions,


as we will see him do in the months leading up to the Queen's90th


birthday. Have the papers be more negative towards the Royals


recently? To the contrary. The monarchy is shorn not just here but


around the world in its strongest position in years. That is due in


part to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. We will see that with the


Queen'sBuffy, the press will be praising the Queen and all of the


Royal family. -- the Queen'sbirthday.


Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting Washington.


It's the first official state visit, of a Canadian leader


to the United States in nearly two decades.


The two countries have the longest common border


and the largest trading relationship in the world.


In a joint news conference a short time ago, President Obama described


the US and Canada as the closest of friends.


In terms of our interests, our values, how we approach


the world, few countries match up the way the United States


Given our work together today, I can say,


and I believe the Prime Minister would agree, that when it comes


to the central challenges we face,


our two nations are more closely aligned than ever.


We want to make it easier to trade and invest with one another.


The relationship, the friendship between our two countries goes far


beyond any two individuals or any ideologies.


I have tremendous confidence in the American people


and look forward to working with whomever they choose to send


The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has criticised Balkan


countries for closing their borders to migrants trying to reach northern


Mrs Merkel said EU countries could not simply leave


the problem to Greece, where thousands of


Austria insists the closure of the Balkan route is the only way


to deter more migrants from crossing by boat from Turkey to Greece.


The BBC's Danny Savage sent this report from a migrant camp


in Idomeni on the Greek border with Macedonia.


I was last at this camp at Idomeni on the border between Greece


To return here, the conditions now can really be


Heavy rain has been falling for the last


24 hours, the place has turned into a mud bath and people


are living in pretty terrible conditions.


They were already living in tough conditions


We have been talking to doctors here on site who say


they are treating more and more children


for illnesses, and more and more serious infections as time goes on.


First of all, it was coughs and colds and minor illnesses,


but things are getting more serious now.


For the first time today as well, as we approached this camp,


we found people leaving, people walking away.


The message is slowly spreading that the border here has closed


and it looks like it is closed for some


So people have been walking away from the camp,


heading in a different direction, maybe to a different camp in Greece,


maybe to find people smugglers who they want to get them


But the numbers are slowly dropping off.


There are coaches here, too, offering to take people to other


camps in Greece, but there are still many people here living


in hope that this border will open at some point and,


until they're convinced otherwise, they will stay here.


Staying with politics and Britain will vote in June


We've been looking at the costs and benefits of the EU by looking


in detail at objects people encounter in their daily lives.


Matthew Price has been taking a look at the clock.


What does a clock tell us about the EU? Have you ever heard of Greenwich


mean Time? Britain has been telling the world how to set its watches


since 1884. Now time has taken on a distinctly European feel. Thanks to


the working time directive. Eurosceptics hate it. It says that


on average you cannot work more than 48 hours per week, that you get a


living hours rest every single day and that you can take 28 days of


holiday every year. For the working Time directive came in in 1998,


there was no law here in Britain that made your employer give you any


time of at all. -- time off. Here is a lorry and here are the simplified


rules the driver must follow. EU clock watching doesn't apply to most


jobs and most can opt out of the maximum 48 hours working week. At


first that was just in the UK but now 15 other countries also use that


opt out. Why? Because many people feel the working time directive


isn't, well, working. It is a great example of how the EU itself can


fail to work efficiently. Brussels wants to rework the directive, the


28 states want to rewrite it, the European Parliament wants to rewrite


it but they can't agree with how to do it so now we are stuck with it.


Doctors in Britain say they've tested two drugs that can


dramatically shrink and eliminate some breast cancers


The combination therapy was trialled on more than 250


After 11 days the cancer significantly shrank in most


Earlier I spoke to James Gallagher, Health editor for News Online.


For some people this seems to be incredibly effective, and it uses


two highly targeted precision weapons in the cancer arsenal.


Breast cancers are very different but one in ten have this week is


because they are driven by a protein which is like fertiliser for cancer.


If you take it away, it cannot survive. So these two drugs target


that. When used in combination, it seems to have impressive result. In


11 days, in 90% of patients, the cancer was shrinking. In 17% of


cases, it was tiny, and in 11% of cases disappeared entirely. When can


breast cancer patients see these drugs be made available to them? I


think there will be much larger trials taking place quickly. One


astounding thing is that doctors did not expect it to happen at all. They


were just testing different combinations of drugs and then the


short window of -- testing and accommodations of drugs in the short


window between diagnosis and treatment. Now they will do a proper


trial testing both drugs in combination. It raises a powerful


prospect that if you can eliminate cancer with these drugs without


surgery or chemotherapy, that could transform the way cancer is treated


for some patients with breast cancer. There have been quite a few


advancements in cancer, how does this compare? It is impressive. It


is an interesting field in cancer research because all cancers are


different but they have secular different week points. The field of


cancer is moving away from thinking about breast cancer, or varying


cancer, but thinking about the specific weaknesses in each cancer


and this is about targeting those weaknesses. Yes, it only works for


one in ten breast cancers at the moment, but start doing it for a lot


of other cancers and it could be powerful.


Today is BBC News School Report Day, when school children around


the world get to make the news for real.


Today students from Immaculata Secondary School in Soweto give


a guided whistle-stop tour of their hometown.


It's is a very different place from when the Apartheid regime shook


We're students from Immaculata High School here in Soweto.


It is home to Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the late Nelson Mandela


We are in Orlando West, outside Hector Pieterson Museum,


one of the most popular places in Soweto.


This place is popular because in 1976, thousands


of students protested against the government.


It had passed a law for students to be taught in Afrikaans,


Only a few people in South Africa understood the language.


The march turned violent and the police shot at the students.


Some died, hundreds were injured and some fled the country.


Hector Pieterson was the youngest to get killed.


On the day, in the township, what they did, the police,


they started shooting tear gas at us, and we never disbursed,


-- they started shooting tear gas at us, and we never dispersed,


even with the tear gas, and then they started


I was really scared but because of the group


that we were in, we became brave, because we were united.


That was a sad day for many South Africans but how


We want to show you around the Soweto we know and love.


There are more than 2 million people in Soweto but most of them use


To get to the right destination, we use different hand signals


to show the driver where we are going.


I know this hand signal which says it goes to Jabulani,


I know this one goes to Bara and this one is town,


# Soweto is a cool place I can't let go.


# If they hating, man, I pray they're not slow.


# Silence all over, prevention is the form #.


Like many young people around the world, we enjoy hip-hop


and watching our friends do tricks on their bikes but we also


want to stay in touch with our roots and that's why we enjoy


If it wasn't for the class of 1976, we wouldn't have as many


We stand proud and inspired but now is our time to inspire


But for now, let's get back to school.


And you can read more about this year's BBC School Report


on our website, at bbc.com/schoolreport,


including live updates from around the UK as around 30,000 school


children at more than 1,000 schools make their own news


Part of one of Argentina's biggest attractions,


the Perito Morenio Glacier known as the "White Giant",


has collapsed crashing into the water.


Dramatic footage captured large pieces of ice breaking away


and falling into the river below on the site in the City


of El Calafate, in the Santa Cruz Province.


The Glacier usually attracts big crowds, who come to watch it crack


It fully sheds ice roughly every few years and the last time big ice


And you can get in touch with me and the team on Twitter.


But for now from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


After some pretty terrible weather across some parts of England and


Wales, and flooding problems, it is much quieter today


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