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The headlines: A political showdown for Barack Obama


He's nominated a moderate judge, Merrick Garland, to fill the vacant


But the Republicans say they'll block him.


He is the right man for the job. He deserves to be confirmed.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump bolster their positions as the US


presidential frontrunners, winning key US primary votes.


European naval forces say there's been a sudden increase in the number


of migrants trying to reach the EU on flimsy boats from Libya to Italy.


Get the roles Royce. We are going for a little dry.


Sylvia Anderson, the co-creator of the children's adventure series


Thunderbirds, who gave voice to one of its most famous characters


President Obama has announced his choice for the next


He's nominated a judge from the centre of the political


This is despite calls from Republicans to leave


the nomination to the next president,


The announcement came just hours after Donald Trump


He challenged Republicans to drop their refusal to even consider his


choice. At a time when our politics


are so polarised, at a time when norms and customs of political


rhetoric and courtesy and comedy are so often treated


like they are disposable, this is precisely the time


when we should play it straight and treat the process of appointing


a Supreme Court Justice with the seriousness


and care it deserves. Well, that announcement


from President Obama came just hours after another big night in the run


up to the presidential election. Fve big states chose their preferred


candidate for November. The two frontrunners -


Donald Trump for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton


for the Democrats - Our North America editor Jon Sopel


reports now from Florida. He's young, articulate,


telegenic and Hispanic. But Senator Marco Rubio


is also a loser. Last night the great


hope of the Republican establishment was crushed


in his home state of Florida While it's not God's


plan that I be president and while today my


campaign is suspended... ..the fact that I've even come this


far is evidence of how special Donald Trump made


impressive gains last night, winning nearly all the races


he fought and is now even further And he's achieved it


by bringing in new We have a great opportunity


and the people that are voting, Democrats are coming


in, Independents are coming in and very importantly,


people that never voted before. Donald Trump has had an emphatic


victory here in Florida. But perhaps the most striking thing


about tonight is what has happened It was to this man, the state


governor John Kasich, a moderate Republican who has now


vowed to carry on his fight We are going to go all


the way to Cleveland and secure the Republican


nomination. But the path is strewn


with more than confetti. John Kasich staying in the race


means the anti-Trump vote is now split between him


and Senator Ted Cruz. On the Democratic side,


things couldn't be Last night she won


all the contests that had been declared, leaving her rival


lagging a long way behind. John told me a short while ago that


the picture in the race was becoming clearer. I think things have become


a lot clearer on the Democratic side. It is hard to see how Senator


Bernie Sanders is going to overtake Hillary Clinton. I think there will


still be a week ago and more contests, but I think effectively


the Clinton camp can feel some relief. -- there will still be a way


to go. On the Republican side, much more complex. What looks like will


happen is Donald Trump will get to the convention way ahead of all his


rivals, but without the critical majority that he needs. That raises


the question, would the Republican establishment they try to mount a


coup against him even though he is out in front? -- would they dare?


Donald Trump has said if they try to do that there would be riots in the


streets. You have got a clash between the mathematics and the


politics. Mathematically it would be possible to stop Donald Trump,


politically, less so. How much hope are those who don't debate Donald


Trump taking from that win in all I will? -- who don't want Donald Trump


taking from that win in Ohio? It is accommodated and high-risk manoeuvre


to say we will stitch this up at the convention. -- a complicated


manoeuvre. What it is saying is we will go into a smoke-filled room, do


some deals and then decide. It would be seen as very anti-democratic.


That is why you still have to bet that Donald Trump will be the


Republican nominee for the presidency. President Obama 's


announcement of his choice for the next Supreme Court Justice. This is


the perfect consensus candidate, what is the problem no? There is no


such thing as a perfect inventors in US politics, particularly in an


election year. -- no such thing as a perfect consensus. Everything is


hotly disputed, and so it will be already Supreme Court pick that


Obama announced today. I don't see how this can make a lot of progress


when you have Congress in control of the Republicans who believe, and


they ... Wait until the election is over and then review it, they say.


It is the President's constitutional duty to bring forward the name, but


it has to be approved by Congress, and Congress looks like it is going


to block it. Now a look at some of


the days other news. Former Brazilian president


Luis Inancia Lula da Silva has agreed to take a cabinet post


in the Government Prosecutors have decided to charge


Lula in connection with a huge corruption scandal centred


on the state oil company Petrogras. By joining the cabinet,


he will escape the jurisdiction The United States has accused


North Korea of using American citizens as pawns to pursue


a political agenda. The White House statement came


after North Korea sentenced a US student, Otto Warmbier,


to fifteen years of hard labour An alliance of Kurdish,


Christian and Arab groups say they are planning to declare


a federal system of self-administration


in northern Syria. They said the areas would represent


all ethnic groups living The move comes as representatives


from the Syrian Government and rebels hold a third day of peace


talks in Geneva. The EU naval force targeting migrant


smuggling gangs in the Mediterranean says there's been a sudden increase


in the number of boats trying Navy chiefs say they expect those


numbers to continue to rise sharply in the days to come


because of improved weather conditions and as a direct result


of the Greek-Macedonian Our Europe ereporter Gavin Lee


has spent the past few days on the European ships looking at how


the operation is working. The daily routine in the battle


against migrant smugglers. This is the Nave Cavour,


an Italian aircraft carrier commanding a fleet of five EU


warships in international waters Every day helicopter search


the skies, reporting signs The ships have a mandate to seize


and destroy empty migrant boats. But the presence of these patrols


has turned the operation into a huge We received information


from a patrol aircraft that around three migrant boats at sea,


just outside the territory Within minutes of the boats


being spotted, we joined the emergency response


team searching for them. The smuggling business


has become routine now. A clear sky and a calm sea mean


the perfect conditions We are 40 nautical miles


from the Libyan coast, and this is the daily reality


for the patrol teams in the sea. Down below, there is a migrant boat


with around 100 people on board that has just been rescued by the British


ship HMS enterprise. There are people now being


processed on the ship. You can see quite clearly them


climbing the ladder as they are being rescued,


but I am told there are still another four migrant boats


still waiting to be rescued. We flew a few miles from the British


ship and spotted this. A boat full of people desperate


for help, with no life jackets, children crouched at the front,


floating in this vast sea. Within an hour, rescue teams


from HMS Enterprise managed to get Eight migrant boats


were picked up today. 900 people were rescued -


the highest in a single day But there is growing criticism


that the EU ships have become a magnet, with smugglers


now directing migrants We have to think about


what if we were not here? Patrolling, creating


deterrents and able to support And I am afraid that a good


percentage of the migrants we save maybe would not be alive any


more if we wouldn't be Senior military commanders say more


than 100,000 migrants are in Libyan And navy officials here claim


the recent closure of the migrant route from Greece to Macedonia


will lead to more people choosing this far more dangerous route by sea


in the days to come. Martin Xuereb is the director


of Migrant Offshore Aid Station, a foundation dedicated to preventing


loss of life to refugees Thank you for talking to us. Does


this warning of increased numbers do, across the Mediterranean


correlate with what your agency is seeing? Yes, definitely. It does


not, as a surprise. There is always spike depending on the season, and


we now expect crossing along the Mediterranean route today, and then


there is a lot of trepidation as to what is good happen in the Aegean. I


have no doubt that some refugees who feel they have no option but to do


this crossing will choose the riskier route from Libya. You say


this is down in part to some of the Central European routes being close.


What do you think should be the other options for people if they


feel they have no option? All I have to say is, the transfer or ferry


crossing from Libya, from Turkey to Greece costs a few euros. For a


Syrian national to do it will cost them 600, 700, 800, 900 euros. So


clearly there are people who feel they have no option. Otherwise they


would not take this option. There have to be options, F 's upstream, a


greater effort in countries of have to be options, F 's upstream, a


transit and for those who unfortunately choose to take this


crossing at the, there needs to be an adequate effort to save lives at


sea. We are out of time. Thank you very much for joining us on that


from Malta. The search for two armed men


goes on in Brussels. The men escaped from an apartment


in the city after a police raid Another suspect was shot dead hours


after the raid. Belgian prosecutors say


he was Algerian and was in


the country illegally. Beside his body they found a flag


of the Islamic State group, a Kalashnikov rifle and a large


quantity of ammunition. Anna Holligan sent this


update from Brussels. This is an average residential


street in suburban Brussels. But look up there and there


is evidence of the intensity Windows on the first


and second floor blown out, and police are now in the process


of recovering pieces One of the suspect was killed inside


the apartment by a special forces sniper. Detail about the object


found next to his body give us some indication as to who these people


might have been. There was a bit on fundamental is one and a black


standard flag, the flag that has been adopted by and have become


synonymous with the so-called Islamic State. In terms of who this


man what, he has been named as a 35-year-old Algerian national who


the authorities say was in Belgium illegally. He had only come to their


attention once before in the past, in 2014, an connection with a


robbery. The two other suspects managed to escape and there is


speculation they jumped through one of the back windows of this


apartment. You can see the glass in the kitchen is smashed. So those two


people still the subject of a police manhunt. Two other people who were


questioned have now been released without charge.


And in France, police say they've arrested four Islamist militants


on suspicion of planning to carry out attacks in central Paris.


Officers said three men and one woman were arrested at dawn.


Police also seized an unused cartridge for an automatic rifle


The French media say the four were already known to security


services and one had been under house arrest since last month.


World football's governing body Fifa says it's a victim


The organisation is trying to get back tens of millions of dollars


it says were stolen by its former leaders.


The new head of Fifa, Gianni Infantino,


has filed a damages claim in the United States,


saying money meant for developing the sport has been illegally


Our sports correspondent Alex Capstick told me more.


It is officially a victim according to the US authorities,


which entitles it to go after the money it says it lost


from the so widespread corruption scandal.


Fifa claims that the people involved in this, many of them senior,


were operating outside the boundaries of Fifa.


They were part of the regions, part of the confederations.


Conmebol in South America, Concacaf North Central America


They were separate legal identities, therefore they didn't know


They have said and they have always said.


And the reason they are going after it is they have got


What they did to secure that was pushed these reforms through.


When Gianni Infantino was elected as president a few weeks ago,


just before that election, there was another vote on key


This was seen as absolutely essential for the firm if it was to


maintain its victim status. It was pushed through, it was good news for


them. Is Gianni Infantino driving this action or was it an the


pipeline beforehand? He had given it the green light to budget has been


on the minds of Fifa officials for some time now. They were


particularly annoyed about that wheat by Geoffrey Webb who replaced


the head of Concacaf who was indicted by the US authorities.


There was a picture of him celebrating his wife's birthday in a


mansion where they were sipping champagne and having a good party,


which really annoyed the far officials. They were really


determined to go after the money that these former officials have


diverted away from Fifa to pocket themselves.


Britain has become the latest country to announce a tax on sugar


in soft drinks, to help tackle childhood obesity.


The measure was announced by the British finance


George Osborne said the levy, from 2018, would raise more


than ?700 million to fund sport in schools.


A similar tax introduced in Mexico in 2014 has led to a drop


In other economic news the Federal Reserve has kept its target interest


rates unchanged for a further three months. Despite raising rates in


December, they decided to keep them at between 0.25 and 0.5% over


concerns in the global economy. Sylvia Anderson - the co-creator


of Thunderbirds and the voice of one of its most enduring characters -


has died aged 88. She was the woman behind


Lady Penelope, the elegant aristocrat who moonlighted


as a secret agent. An aristocrat, a British '60s style


icon and a secret agent that regularly saved the world


from imminent disaster. Someone has been


listening at my door. Come along quietly so as not


to waken the other passengers. Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward


was voiced and modelled Along with her then husband


Gerry Anderson she created some of the most iconic TV shows


of the time, including Thunderbirds, At a time long before computer


graphics, the puppets, filmed in what was called


Supermarionation, were As was the role of Sylvia


in the then very male world The woman was always walking a few


paces behind the lead. So I wanted to get away


from that if I could. You only realise when you step back


from what you've done And that is why I think a lot


of our stuff has lived on. After divorcing in 1991,


Sylvia continued to have a successful career in TV and film


for the next 30 years. But it is probably her alter ego


Lady Penelope that she will Sylvia Anderson, who has died at the


age of 88. Now, earlier we brought


you Jon Sopel's report and you may have detected


the sound of some strain Well, there's been criticism


from some commentators Brit Hume, senior political analyst


with Fox News, said she was "shouting angrily"


during a victory speech, while others on social media spoke


of her "shrill" voice. First, let's hear again a little


of her speaking following those When we hear a candidate


for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants,


banning all Muslims from entering When he embraces torture,


that doesn't make him strong, So should Ms Clinton take any notice


of those criticising the way she speaks and do such


things make a difference? Joining me now is the executive


speech coach Simon Bucknall. What did you make of that? The last


thing I would think of that particular clip is that she sounds


shrill. Certainly if you're in that hall as an audience member it is


very different from watching it on TV. There needs to be an energy from


the speaker that can seem a little strong sometimes. For me it is


natural that for a presidential candidate who has done as much


speaking as she has done, it is not surprising voice has some strain.


Yes, it sounds as if she has been doing a lot of shouting impact all


is trying to get herself heard. Yes, these events are high-energy and it


can come across as strained on TV. When we get stressed, have to use


the boys a lot, it is natural that eventually the boys. To show that.


-- when we have to use the voice. Men's voices will also go up, but


people will hear the female voice going to a higher pitch. Speaking to


colleagues in the newsroom, they detect perhaps some sexism in the


criticism. Not so much criticism if a man went shrill or started


shouting, perhaps. I think that is true. If not sexist then certainly


patronising as a description. To describe somebody was Mac energy is


different from commenting on the voice or how high-pitched it is. The


election is becoming very emotionally charged, it seems to me,


so it is not surprising that there are men and right-wing commentators


who are having a bit of a go. One politician who famously


tried to change her voice to improve her electoral


prospects was the former British Prime Minister


Margaret Thatcher. We must tand together


and fight for the things They are more important


than any of us individually. He wanted the European Parliament


to be the democratic body he wanted the Commission


to be the Executive, he wanted the Council


of Ministers to be the Senate. That was a sort of before and after


clip showing what she had thought she had to do to sound more credible


over the years. Yes, I think it is something many people not just in


politics seeks to work on from a leadership point of view. I meet all


kinds of people both male and the mill who want to work on their


voice. There is something in our nature for a listener that lends


authority. To speak in a deeper voice you have to be more relaxed.


The tension makes the boys go higher. It is about portraying come


outside even if there is no harm in sight. Absolutely. -- even if there


is no harm inside. Churchill, for example, had to work very hard to


convey the authority he wanted to convey. So the work on the voice is


a male and female challenge. There is something in human nature that


means that I play slower, deeper tone tends to greater authority in


general. There must be many people listening out there who want to


know, how do I make myself sound cam if I am feeling very nervous about a


presentation or something like that. What do you recommend? One thing is


remained yourself to dig deep quality breast using the diaphragm.


Which is hard if your body is tense. Yes, but just taking a moment. A tip


I have found has worked out treat is tipped the chin down. It helps to


just centre you and enable you to breathe deeply. That can certainly


help. The second thing is it needs to feel artificially deep and slow.


If it feels natural, it is probably not deep enough and it is probably a


bit too fast. Thank you very much. You can get in touch with me


and some of the team via Twitter.


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