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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


Thousands gather at a memorial in Brussels as prosecutors announce


three men face charges relating to Tuesday's bombings,


Iraq buries the victims of a suicide bombing during a football match


which killed more than 40 people, many young boys.


Syrian forces backed by Russian air strikes are advancing


on the hostorical city of Palmyra in a major operation


Campaigners for Britain to leave the European Union reveal the names


A man named as Faycal C has been charged with terrorist killings


in the wake of the Brussels attacks


Meanwhile a demonstration in solidarity, planned for Sunday


in the heart of the city, has been cancelled after a request


Since Tuesday, the investigation into the attacks has moved quickly -


With the latest, here's Damian Grammaticas.


This is now a watchful country on alert, all the time.


Brussels airport may not open until next week -


teams are checking whether the building is safe to use again.


But the police investigations appear to be making progress.


The man who was shot in the legs at a tram stop yesterday,


He was dragged away by police and is still being questioned


and from the number of men arrested, two have now been charged.


Belgian prosecutors gave only first names and they have identified one


of them as Faycal C, charged with murder and of being part


What we know about Faycal C is that he was arrested


right here outside the offices of the federal prosecutor


on Thursday evening, two days after the attacks,


but what he was doing here, we do not know.


Nor is it clear what part prosecutors believe that Faycal C


played - could he be the third airport attacker who ran away?


Painstakingly, the evidence is being assembled to unravel


French police and American FBI agents


Earlier this week I called the Belgian Prime Minister


and offered support in bringing to justice any terrorist involved


in planning or aiding this attack on innocent people.


Belgium is a close friend and ally of the US and when it comes


to our friends, America has their back, especially


as we fight the scourge of terrorism.


The security services here are stretched


by the bomb scares, manhunts and investigations


and the government has asked people not to turn out for a planned peace


march tomorrow, saying they do not have the manpower to protect it.


There are enquiries, important enquiries going on and for this


we need a lot of police capacity, all over the country.


It is our main priority to let the police in the best circumstances


The organisers say they have now postponed their march,


designed as a demonstration that Brussels will not be cowed by fear,


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has offered his condolences


to the families and friends of 41 people killed in a suicide


bombing at a soccer stadium in Iraq on Friday.


Many of the dead were young boys attending a trophy ceremony


In a statement, the President of Fifa said he was "shocked"


The so-called Islamic State says it carried out the attack.


Here's what one local resident said he saw.


TRANSLATION: There was a local championship here in the


neighbourhood. At the end of the game, there was an award ceremony


and the district Governor and other political people were there. Lots of


residents had come to watch the game. While the ceremony was taking


place -- Katie Ghose, a suicide bomber blew himself up in the crowd,


killing many people. Syrian government forces backed


by militiamen and Russian air strikes have retaken parts of


the city of Palmyra. The Unesco World Heritage site


was taken by the so-called Militants destroyed archaeological


sites, drawing global outrage. The Russian Defence Ministry says


more than 150 targets have been hit Syrian activists say it's


the heaviest assault against IS in Palmyra,


in a three-week offensive. Our Middle East Editor


Sebastian Usher reports. This has been the heaviest


day of fighting so far in the Syrian Government offensive


to drive IS out of Palmyra. Tanks and armoured vehicles


have been pounding Syrian state media is making


the most of the advance, which has provided


a major propaganda boost An army commander


interviewed on Syrian TV TRANSLATION: We are still


destroying the terrorists using large convoys and driving


away from the city. The battle for Palmyra


has been fierce, with heavy losses


reported on both sides. The government has called


on its elite troops and other militias, including


most notably Hezbollah. Devastating firepower has been


provided by Russian The Army has taken most


of the high ground around the city, including a medieval


castle that overlooks the spectacular


ancient ruins that once drew tens of thousands


of tourists each year. The loss of that priceless site


to IS last year shocked the world, which then watched


in horror as the jihadists Syrian media suggesting


that the capture of Palmyra being imminent, the country's


head of antiquities has promised TRANSLATION: I felt the greatest joy


in my time as head of antiquities when I heard the freedom of the city


had become a reality. But the city of Palmyra,


ancient and modern, Recapturing it would open up


an important new front against IS in its Eastern Syrian


stronghold of Raqqa. This could be a decisive moment


in the war against IS. Dr Joshua Landis is the Director of


the Centre for Middle East Studies Thank you for being with us. We


heard there, the head of the Syrian antiquities promising to repair the


damage done. But will that be possible? Much of the city, the old


city, the antiquities, are still standing. Palmyra is a vast, vast


Roman relic. Two of the most beautiful shrines have been blown to


pieces. But still, there is an extraordinary set of ruins in


Palmyra, so it will still be a grand sight, even if much has been


destroyed, so the choicest pieces have been destroyed. But this is


clearly a big day for Assad, to fight Isis, take back the biggest


city he has taken back from any rebel group so far. And that is


going to make his job a lot easier, to sell himself as the saviour of


Syrian history, antiquities and in a sense, civilisation, against Isis.


Given what happened in Brussels earlier this week, resident Assad


looks like he is in a good position in saying that he is fighting the


terrorists here. Well, he is fighting the terrorists, and this


puts the United States in a very embarrassing position in some ways.


Just yesterday, there were questions about whether it was good that Assad


had taken back Myra. But in a sense, this does put the United States and


Assad's army on the same side, and they are in a sense partners, trying


to take back ISAs territory. Given that this book -- this operation is


showing results, why is it that Assad was able to let the city go in


the first place? He lost Palmyra and the same time as rebel groups were


being honoured by the US and Great Britain and the West were taking --


armed, taking towns like Idlib, he was being pushed in by Saudi Arabia,


and other groups were arming the Southern command, so he was pinned


down all over the place and I guess he thought that antiquities would


have to be sacrificed in order to maintain big centres. Thank you very


much. Greece has begun moving migrants


from the camp on the Macedonian border, where more than


11,000 people are living. Buses were used on Friday


to transport about 400 people to new shelters elsewhere


in the country. A deal has come into force,


meaning many migrants entering Greece from Turkey


will be sent back, and other countries further north


in Europe have imposed severe


restrictions to block migrants. Children still managed to play here.


But conditions in this sprawling camp are grim. It has become a


makeshift home to thousands of migrants who arrived from Turkey,


hoping to move north through Europe. Greece wants to move people from


here, to other camps and reception centres so it can process their


claims for asylum. So far, buses have taken around 400 people, mostly


women and children, from the camp. But many here are reluctant to go.


And they do not know what will happen to them if they are moved. I


think, here, some of it is good but even if we go to another camp, it is


the same. But maybe, nearer the Borders. Last week, the deal came


into force meaning migrants hoping to reach Germany and other Western


European countries will be sent back unless they claim asylum in Greece.


Countries to the north have put up fences along their border to try to


stop people making the journey further into Europe. On the Greek


island of Lesbos, protesters showed that anger at the detention of


migrants under the New Deal, and aid agencies have warned reception


centres are already well overcapacity. But Greece is


determined to push ahead with the plan and says the operation to


remove people from this camp will intensify from Monday. Jonathan


Blake, BBC News. Stay with us on


BBC World News, still to come: A lucky escape after an


extraordinary journey for a cat called Cupcake.


With great regret, the committee have decided that South Africa be


Streaking across the sky, the white excluded from the 1970 competition.


Streaking across the sky, the white hot wreckage drew gasps from


onlookers on Fiji. This is BBC World News today,


the latest headlines: Crowds continue to gather at Place


de la Bourse in central Brussels to remember the victims


of Tuesday's suicide bombings. Prosecutors have announced they've


now laid charges against three men in connection with the suicide


attacks which killed 31 people Funerals have been held for victims


of a suicide bombing at a football stadium in Iraq. Many of the 41 dead


were young boys. The campaign for the UK to leave


the European Union has revealed the names of 250 leading


business supporters. Those eager to stay insist


the big names on the list are only there in a "personal


capacity" and say the majority Our Business Correspondent


Joe Lynam reports. The economy is central


to the referendum debate and until now, those


campaigning to quit the EU struggled to get high-profile


business leaders The new Business Council


by the Vote Leave group Included on the list


is the former boss of HSBC, Michael Geoghan, the hotelier


Sir Rocco Forte, as well as the entrepreneur and investor


Luke Johnson And the council


will be chaired by John Longworth, who resigned


from the British Chambers of Commerce for speaking out


against EU membership, in breach of the organisation's


neutrality on the subject. We have got a list of supporters


and business champions who are some of the top business


people and business owners, people who created their own


businesses actually signing up The Britain Stronger In campaign


is quick to say that all of those on this council are there


in the personal capacity and some of their companies


may not feel the same. The list also did not have any


current chief executives from Britain's largest companies.


Last month, 36 FTSE 100 bosses signed


a letter urging Britain to remain in the EU.


They included Carolyn McCall from easyJet, Sebastian James


from Dixons Carphone and Sir Roger Carr from BAE Systems.


If you look at almost all of the opinion polls carried out


in the last several months, the overwhelming majority show


businesses wanting to stay in the European Union,


from the CBI to the British Chamber of Commerce, to the poll of polls,


18 different polls, 18 different polls showing small businesses


would prefer to stay in the European Union.


How companies react in the event of a vote


to quit the EU is an important part of the referendum debate.


As are the opinions of business leaders.


But come the 23rd of June, they will have one vote each,


We are joined now by Lucy Thomas, who is Deputy Director


of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, and from Dubai,


Farzana Baduel, founder of the London based


Thank you both for being with us. Farzana, if we come to you first,


tell me why Hugh added your name to this list. I was concerned about the


dynamic. -- why you added. London is a global city, Britain is a trading


nation and my business takes me outside of Europe, my officers are


in New York, Delhi and Dubai outside London. My issue was, what impact


will this have in terms of talent? Instead of being able to hire


someone from outside the UK, there is a greater priority being given to


workers from the EU, so therefore, my talent pool is reduced. At the


moment I am trying to bring in somebody from South Africa and some


of the US and it is more difficult for me to get them to come and live


and work with the UK -- in the UK with me than to hire someone from


the former Soviet Union. The other aspect is the red tape issue. I run


a small business and I do not have these streams of lawyers working for


me and lobbyists going to Brussels and dealing with all of the European


in directives, introducing the maximum 48 hours etc, I do not have


time to keep up with the increasing bureaucracy coming out of Europe.


All I need to do is focus my business, hire the best talent,


whether it is in Russia or in the EU. I need to be free as an


entrepreneur to choose my talent and be free from bureaucracy. Lucy,


Farzana says the talent pool is reduced and there is lots of red


tape involved being part of the EU. Well, I think she should take that


up with the UK Government because they set the visa restrictions and


any other limits on non-EU migration. And actually, leaving the


EU would do nothing to change that. There are those on her side of the


argument who would want to retain free movement of people and


actually, in order to continue to access the world's largest free


trade single market, like we currently can, we would have to


continue to take free movement of people from the rest of the EU so I


am not sure how leaving would solve a problem. Secondly, on the red tape


issue, again, if we were to continue to have that free access to the


single market, like for example Norway and Switzerland do, who are


not part of the EU but want to continue to trade, they accept the


overwhelming majority of EU rules, but yet they have no say over them,


so Britain would lose our seat at the table and would still have to


accept those rules. Thinking specifically about employment rules,


for example the working time directive, the UK as an opt out from


that, so we are not bound by the working time directive. A number of


the other employment rules which some businesses claim are too


onerous, it is the UK Government which over and fermented them,


so-called gold-plating, making it harder for businesses. So once again


I think this question of leaving the EU solving some of these problems is


something not true. OK, but going back to this list. These are not


small figures, they are figures from the world of banking, sport, hotels.


It is quite a credible list. What is striking is that every single one of


them signed this in a personal capacity, they are not representing


their business and the thousands of people employed. Unlike the list of


businesses backing our campaign, released a few weeks ago, where it


included a third of the FTSE 100 and not one FTSE 100 chief is included


on this other list announced today. So there is a whole range of people


and I do not doubt the credibility of Farzana and those who have


signed, but I think the fact that people were not signing on behalf of


their company, that there is no current serving FTSE 100 company,


and indeed some of those who have signed at themselves that would have


themselves talked about the huge uncertainty for the British economy.


Farzana, what is your reaction to that? I would say first and


foremost, if you look at immigration figures, the fact is that people


from the EU are given preferential treatment of people from outside the


EU, and there has been a recent clamp-down on people coming in from


other countries. You may say that it has nothing to do with the European


Union. From my perspective, I'm in the process of trying to bring in


someone from the US and some from South Africa. I am unable to bring


them in and my immigration lawyer told me it is because of all of the


pressure coming in from the immigrants coming in from the


European Union, and in order to ensure that the net migrants are


meeting the political objectives of the current government, it is having


a negative impact. That has a negative impact upon me, for I


cannot hire according to talent, I have to hire according to the talent


in the EU pool. Unfortunately, we will have to leave that there. Lucy


and Farzana, thank you so much for being with us.


And now, the sport. Some of the high profile


teams looking forward to the European Championship


in France later this year are beginning their preparations


in earnest this weekend. None more so than


the world champions. Germany are playing England


in Berlin and lead 2-1 through a Toni Kroos goal


just before half time. Harry Kane's just got


one back for England. Kenya's Geoffrey Kamworor recovered


from almost being run over at the start line to win gold


at the World Half Marathon Championships in Wales Kamworor


is the defending champion... but immediately fell over


as the race began and was engulfed Incredibly, he came back from this


to win in a time of 59 Double Olympic and World distance


Champion Mo Farah couldn't keep with the leading Kenyans' pace


in front of his home crowd but held off Ethiopia's Abayneh Ayele


with a typical sprint finish We now know three of the four


semifinalists at cricket's England beat defending champions


Sri Lanka in Delhi by 10 runs They qualify alongside


West Indies from their Group, knocking both South Africa


and Sri Lanka out in the process. England are likely to have a


semifinal against New Zealand who won their fourth match


in a row on Saturday by 75 The Black Caps scored 145 for 8


and then bowled their opponents out Australia play hosts India


for the last remaining Finally, Nigeria could face a fine


from African football authorities following the extraordinary scenes


at their Africa Cup of Nations An estimated 40,000 people watched


in a 25,000-capacity stadium on Friday after fans


were let in for free at the Ahmadu Bello


Stadium in Kaduna. Some supporters climbed up


floodlight scaffolding While others sat on the roof


of neighbouring houses. No off-pitch incidents were reported


but African Football Confederation are considering penalising Nigeria


for poor crowd control. It's a happy ending


to an extraordinary story. A cat has survived eight days


trapped in a box of DVDs which was sent in the post


from Cornwall, in South West England, to the town of Worthing,


more than 250 miles away. Vets traced the owner of Cupcake


the cat, through her microchip. The eight days she spent in the mail


left her very weak. She was quite dehydrated,


obviously quite scared and nervous. But she has done really


well, she has responded Cupcake's owner, Julie,


travelled all the way from Cornwall to Worthing for this


tearful reunion. When I realised she was missing


two weeks ago, it was the most horrible,


scary feeling. I feel terrible about what has


happened, you know, because... I mean, I put everything in the box


and sealed it straightaway so I don't know how


she managed to get in. It was a miracle, she was alive


and she has managed to survive Time to go home now, another 250


mile or so journey for Cupcake. The Rolling Stones have performed


to an estimated The rockers gave an energy-filled


concert featuring a set list of their greatest hits


to an overflowing sports stadium It was the first big gig


by any rock band in Cuba - under the former leader,


Fidel Castro. The Stones concert came two days


after US President Barack Obama ended his landmark


visit to the island. So very unpleasant conditions at the


moment. Lots of service spray on the roads and severe gales in western


and northern Scotland. For the remainder of the weekend it is not


looking great. There will be some sunshine but it will be changeable.


This is the weather system that has upset the weather right now. Lots of


cloud shrouded in the country, and heavy rain. But the rain should pull


into the North Sea as we head into the early hours of the morning. It


is across northern Scotland where we will see the sting in the tail from


the weather system, strong winds, possibly 70 to 80 mph gusts on some


of the exposed coasts. Further South, still a bit of a breeze but


just a few showers dotted around. Some clear spells about as well. The


forecast for Easter Day in Scotland and Northern Ireland and a breezy


start, but the worst of the winds will have eased from the North of


Scotland. What we have at this stage is just a mixed of sunshine and


showers. The best of the weather will be in the South East of


England, East Anglia into Lincolnshire the top further West,


certainly Wales, the South West of the country and along this Channel


coast, plenty of showers which will be gathering during the morning,


pushed in by that south-westerly wind, so, really love with sunshine


followed by showers, sunshine again -- will really blustery.


Temperatures typically around eight or nine Celsius, maybe nudging to


ten or 11. This is Storm Katie, which is out in the Atlantic, it has


not formed but as we head into Monday, the storm could potentially


affect Southern and south-eastern areas of the UK. We are talking


severe gales, possibly 70 mph early in the morning, but then the storm


will pull away into the red Sea, blow itself out and conditions will


improve in the afternoon. -- into the North Sea. There will be is in


around. Tuesday, a mixed bag with sunshine and showers, still breezy.


Just to emphasise again, it is looking pretty nasty tonight across


western and northern Scotland, then Monday morning in the South East of




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