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This is BBC World News Today with me Tim Willcox.


The headlines - making the treacherous journey


We have an exclusive report on the African migrants


who are making a desperate journey in search of a better life.


The chance to succeed as 20% and the chance to be killed is a deeper


sent. -- 80%. President Hollande drops plans


to strip French nationality from people convicted


of terrorism offences. And Myanmar swears


in a new president - the country's first civilian leader


in more than half a century. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. We begin with an exclusive report


on Europe's migrant crisis. The Italian coastguard says it has


rescued 1,400 people from the water Many more have drowned in the last


two years trying to cross from Libya, and its a perilous


journey of up to 6 days across the Sahara, in extreme


temperatures just to get there. The jumping-off point


for the desert trek is Agadez, in Niger - which it's thought


100,000 people passed Our West Africa correspondent


Thomas Fessy sent this report. This is where the long road through


the Sahara begins, in the desert of Niger. They have come from all over


the West and Central Africa with one goal, a better life in Europe. And


so off they go tonight, adrift in an ocean of stand, clinging to their


dreams. Some of them may not survive the extreme heat when the sun comes


up, others may be left behind by smugglers, but there will be no


rescue mission. A rear stop on this perilous journey. Most of the


migrants have left countries with few jobs and limited prospects. This


is the alternative. Young men but also teenage girls and children.


Some like Samuel have fled war. I have to take the risk, you know when


you want to achieve something you have to take risks, so that is why I


prefer to go to Europe. Willing to risk your life? It is God who has


been the last word. I must make it for my family. Migration is big


business in the Sahara, there will be officials and soldiers to brave


and militia today. For the smugglers, nothing is more


lucrative. We charge different prices depending on where they come


from but on average the ride to the border costs more than $200. We have


only been here for a couple of hours and have seen dozens of these


pick-up trucks, hundreds of migrants, and there will be hundreds


more tonight. Borders are being tightened in Europe but how do you


stop this? Just a few miles down the road more migrants are preparing to


set. The ancient trading Post, home to smugglers and traffickers for


centuries, a transit hub where migrants dreaming of a new life


crossed paths with those returning to their old lives. These migrants


have turned around defeated and destitute. They were starved or


during the journey or they are going home. They have failed. 28-year-old


James from Liberia wanted to study computing in Italy. He took great


risks to reach the coast. But the state of the boat used to cross the


Mediterranean terrified him. Very much afraid to get on the boat


because people tell you the boat is good, you go and within three hours,


they are all lies. The chance to succeed is 20%, the chance to be


killed is 80% and the chance to terrorise, 100%. Food each migrants


backtracking towards the home country, another pick-up truck


loaded with dozens more is already speeding through the desert. The


exodus continues. The United States military has


announced plans to station thousands of extra troops in eastern Europe,


in response to what it has labelled From early next year,


NATO forces in Eastern Europe The deployment is the most


significant US reinforcement of NATO since the tensions with Moscow


increased over the Ukraine crisis. A typical US armoured brigade has


four and a half thousand soldiers. The US European command says they'll


be conducting military exercises Is this a return to the cold war?


Three are amid a grades in Europe would have a hard job stopping


Russia if it was seriously intent in the rolling westwards. The crisis in


Ukraine sent a shock wave through needle especially those with a clear


memory of Soviet power. Ever since that crisis, the Americans and other


allies have been sending small numbers of official equipment to


Europe and mounting routine and almost permanent exercises, some


large but mostly small-scale in Poland and the Baltic republics.


There has been a need felt by the Americans to bolster the resident


combat power. There are currently two US army brigades in Europe, one


is your board and sold relatively light and the other is a so-called


strike brigade. What the Americans are now proposing is to put in from


2017 and armoured Brigade saw tanks and heavy infantry, 500 or so


personnel. That's brigade will stay in Europe for some nine months and


come over what it's still fit modern equipment and when it is finished it


will return to the native states and be replaced by another brigade with


its own equipment. Not only will more sets of American troops get


experience operating in Europe but the equipment will be significantly


modernised. And the Russian response? The Russians clearly not


happy. They have pointed with a little justification saying that


Nato and Russia agreed to not build more permanent bases. And of course


that is semi-suspended in the wake of the crisis. It insists they are


not permanent bases because the troops and the armoured brigade will


be rotated, so they are not absolutely permanent, like setting


up a base with the same trips they have for extended periods. A lot of


people might argue that as an academic distinction but the


Americans want to reassure their allies and send a clear message to


Moscow that they Nato alliance is in business and willing to defend its


interests. They also want to push other allies to do more than one of


the interesting things is that a number of Nato countries are


spending that little bit more on defence so it is not a new world


war. It is not a return to the cold war as was, but it is an attempt by


needle to show Russia it means serious business and we shouldn't


perhaps try to think about encroaching into the Baltic


republics. President Francois Hollande says


he's dropping plans to strip French nationality from people convicted


of terrorism offences. The change to the constitution


was proposed in the wake of November's attacks in Paris,


but the plan has caused deep divisions within Mr


Hollande's Socialist party. He says it's now being set aside


in the face of opposition For more on this let's speak


to our correspondent in Pairs, All that supports for President


Hollande in the immediate aftermath seems to have the Lindo Wing? It has


completely dissipated and back then he called the Houses of Parliament


together this and made a big speech, National unity was the watchword,


and part of his response, Security response, was this measure, to make


it possible for by National is, people with two nationalities, to


have their French nationalities stepped away from them if they were


convicted of terrorist attacks. It was broadly supported and in the


heat of the moment everyone was for it can be left forgot that this was


a measure that actually the far right has been calling for four


years. The left remembered that in the weeks that followed and as time


went by, more people on the left of the Socialist party and for the left


began to see this as against our basic principles and by doing this


you are creating two types of French citizens, French citizenship and


people with French and something else and they will be treated


differently and that is not free and it is against our idea of


universality of right, and as the weeks went by, and it is a sign of


President Hollande's diminishing responsibility, that the left got


more and more willing to take him on. The Justice Minister resigned,


so President Hollande wrote back and change the vet and the Wright said,


we don't like this either, so the whole thing in the end meant he had


alienating the left and the right sort has all come to an ignominious


close. Thank you. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. It's emerged that the jihadists


who attacked Brussels last week had photographs and building plans


of the office and residence of the Belgian Prime


Minister, Charles Michel. They were found on a computer


belonging to one of the suicide bombers who blew himself


up inside the airport. A Portuguese branch of the Anonymous


hacking collective says it's shut down around two dozen Angolan


government websites. It is currently impossible to access


many of the sites listed In a statement on Facebook,


the hackers said it was because of the jailing of 17 Angolan youth


activists who were found guilty Less than four months


after his appointment, Gary Neville has been sacked


as manager of Spannish football team The former England and Manchester


United captain had overseen a string of disappointing results that left


the team 14th in La Liga. An Egyptian man accused of hijacking


an Egypt Air plane yesterday has Seif Eldin Mustafa forced the plane


to divert hundreds of miles by wearing what later turned out


to be a fake suicide belt. All 56 passengers and crew


were eventually freed. Just a glimpse of the man accused


of this bizarre hijacking before The hearing was brief and he didn't


speak but as he was driven away, The suspect presented today before


the court and he will stay Today we learned a bit more


about the personal motivations of Seif al-Din Mustafa as he caused


a domestic Egyptian flight to be He says he was desperate


to see his estranged Cypriot wife Emotions ran high at Cairo airport


as passengers and crew of Flight MS181 were reunited


with their friends and family. Others didn't feel


threatened by the hijacker. And he told only nothing


will happen, so... The suicide belt was found to be


fake but that wasn't clear when this On the right is Ben Innis from Leeds


who is now famous, This guy was so cool,


he's a British guy. He asked him to take a picture


and he took the picture. There are enquiries into how


the alleged hijacker got through airport checks,


apparently with fake explosives Controls at Egypt's airports


were heavily criticised after last year's deadly bombing of a Russian


plane, but Egyptian officials say they handled the latest


incident correctly. Yesterday's hijacking ended


dramatically, ultimately, with no one harmed but it


has left concerns about The Syrian army's recent successes


will help accelerate a political settlement, according


to President Assad. He told Russian media


that the conflict has cost his country more


than $200 billion - But there has also


been a human cost. After five years of civil war,


some parts of Syria are in ruins, and the biggest city,


Aleppo, has seen widescale Our International Correspondent Ian


Pannell has been covering the story from the beginning and caught up


with a doctor he first met in 2012. You may find some of the images


disturbing in his report. On a cold winter night in 2012 we


crossed into Syria and this is what we saw. A popular uprising that


would eventually turn to war. It was a movement built on the call for


democracy and dignity, fuelled by decades of Fiat and brutal


repression. The Assad regime responded with an iron fist and


protest as were attacked and killed. The bloodshed had begun. We


witnessed those who called for changes take up arms. Weapons were


smuggled in as a new rebel force emerged.


By the summer of 2012 the revolution had become a civil war. We saw


street battles rage as the death toll rose. Under fire and under


pressure, the regime unleashed ever greater firepower.


Civilians in Syria have pleaded for foreign help for five years but


instead they got foreign meddling. There are countless villains in this


war. Terrible crimes against humanity. But there have also been


many heroes, those who have risked everything to help others. Above


all, the medics of Syria. We met this doctor in a front line hospital


in Aleppo, a young trauma surgeon who had been held and tortured by


the regime for doing his job but they didn't stop working round the


clock to help the growing influx of casualties. The hospital also became


home to his family. They played here but also witnessed the full horrors


of this war. This is where their childhood came to an end. For years


on. No safe, living in Germany, but far from well. The sounds and


screams of Aleppo haunt them all. The children talk of severed limbs


and death. Doesn't he was all you just surviving here rather than


leading? -- leading? The most important for me now, the


children. The children must learn, must be educated and must live far


from bombing, from fear. They need to live normal lives. But this isn't


normal. Like many refugees, he may be here but his heart isn't. This is


what is left of his home today. Aleppo five years after the


revolution began. Syria's largest city, whole districts abandoned.


Perhaps this ceasefire will hold but now one will forget what happened


here and many won't forget. -- forgive.


The BBC has obtained a draft bill that suggests that a special


position is, being created in the new Burmese government


for former political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi.


The bill would create the position of "Advisor to the State"


with a broad mandate similar to a Prime Minister.


The revelation comes as Myanmar's first civilian leader in more


than half a century has been sworn in.


Those waiting for change in Myanmar have had to be patient.


Five months after a historic election, and after decades


of military rule, this was the day that the Burmese army


For Aung San Suu Kyi, this is the culmination of a long


journey from house arrests and detention


she's about to be the leader of Myanmar's first civilian


The Constitution bars her from taking that job


because her sons are British, not Burmese.


So she shows a close friend, Htin Kyaw.


And watched on as he was sworn in as the country's first elected


civilian president in more than 50 years.


A short while later it was the turn of the ministers, including Miss Suu


She will control the energy, education and foreign affairs


portfolios as well as having a seat in the President's office.


Much now rests on whether she can work with an army that still wields


We are very happy, this is an auspicious day,


Someone who has been chosen by the people has been sworn in,


The end of 50 years of military rule.


It is going to be a challenging time ahead but it is remarkable we've got


Most people two or three years ago would not have imagined


At the outgoing President's house there was a ceremonial handover.


Myanmar is not yet a democracy and faces many serious challenges.


But when Thein Sein first took office five years ago,


Jonah Fisher, BBC News, in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.


50 years ago, visitors to Longleat House in the west


of England were invited to drive their own cars among


In that moment the Safari Park was born.


Since then millions have come face to face with lions,


tigers and rhinos, John Maguire reports.


We are about to go and feed the lions and tigers but luckily this is


lying proof! Isn't it? Suddenly I feel like Daniel about to enter the


lions den but first it is Tiger sign. Twice a week we feed them and


they chased us. The chase is important because it is replicating


chasing the prey. Who ordered the romp? Fell at stake? When they first


come running up to the back of the vehicle they let the lips and fix


you with huge unblinking eyes. You wonder whether that is that meet or


this week they are more interested in. A fantastic site.


This all started when the aristocrat met the man from the big top.


Lord Bath had Longleat and Jimmy Chipperfield


What followed was the creation of the world's first safari park.


Next we are heading across the lake to meet one of the park's oldest and


most distinguished residents who enjoys watching television. It was


something people brought over for him when he had to do a quarantine


period and he had to stay in the house for six months. We had heard


some people had used it with chimpanzees and pacified them so we


tried it and it worked really well and never took it away! And his


favourite programme, wildlife documentaries. Among the history and


the splendour of the house, I meet validate whose husband was a local


vet back in 1966. He had never looked after an exotic and knew


virtually nothing but that was how he dealt with it because the inside


of a lion is only a larger version of a cat. Two of Longleat's longest


serving staff Shearer 70 years of experience and remember simpler


times. We are still working on fencing now. It is like the Forth


Road Bridge, it never stops. And that is how it was first place. The


lions were originally in an old railway shed but now they have


proper indoor shed. It is amazing, with technology, we need to use


things now. We used to have meters to read the ultraviolet and laser


thermometers that can do how warm the soil is and how these guys did


back then I have no idea but that is how it has progressed.


The original vision for Longleat was to bring Africa to England.


And for the vision past 50 years, this corner of Wiltshire


The most expensive pair of trainers have been been unveiled in New York.


Designed by luxury brand Bicion and Mache Customs,


they have gone on sale to raise money for charity Soles4Souls.


The shoes features several hundred carats of tailor made white diamond


pieces and blue sapphires set in gold.


They even come with a solid gold price tag.


just in case your children ask for a period of those, you can get in


touch with me and plenty more on the website. Goodbye.


Good evening. Not much change to the weather for tomorrow but today we


had quite a few showers and tomorrow one or two once again but it will


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