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A massive leak of confidential data from a law firm in Panama reveals


how the world's richest use tax havens to hide their wealth.


The secret papers reveal how a close friend of Vladimir Putin owned


companies that benefited from suspicious deals.


Staff at Brussels airport applaud the first flight to take off from


the airport since suicide bombers destroyed the departure hall and


killed 16 people 12 days ago. And in cricket, the West Indies men


and women are champions A leak of 11 million confidential


documents from a Panamanian law firm have revealed the extent


to which the world's rich and powerful use tax havens


to hide their wealth. The documents - which the BBC


has had access to - show how a law firm helped


clients launder money, Among the papers, suspicious deals


involving a close friend The firm - called Mossack Fonseca -


says it's operated beyond reproach for 40 years, and has never been


accused or charged with wrong-doing. Here's our Special


Correspondent Richard Bilton. Panama's carnival attracts visitors


from around the world. But away from the lights this place


is a thriving tax haven. Investors come to


Panama for secrecy. You can go to Panama and you can get


a foundation or a trust or a tobacco company and you can use those


complex, strange structures to hide or disguise ownership


or control of assets. An enormous leak of files


from the company Mossack Fonseca From outside it looks


like a respectable company, but this is a business which has


helped people from around The documents were leaked to German


newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung with the international consortium


of investigative journalists. Panorama has been


analysing the documents. We found links to 72 current


or former heads of state. Like the Icelandic Prime Minister


Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson. He had a secret stake


in an offshore company. The company held his wife's


interests in Iceland's banks worth Nobody knew that, when her husband


was dealing with the Icelandic banks Including the British demands


for compensation Gunnlaugsson is today facing calls


for his resignation, He walked out when questioned by an


Icelandic reporter. Gunnlaugsson is today facing calls


for his resignation, but he says he has not broken any


rules and his wife did not benefit Mossack Fonseca said the services


they provide are commonly used worldwide and they are responsible


members of the global financial But some of the deals


in the files are extraordinary. We believe we have found


a billion-dollar laundering This man, cellist Sergei Roldugin,


close friend of President Putin, was officially the owner of two


secretive companies which benefited For example, an offshore company


borrows $6 million. Three months later the loan


is written off, for just $1. Why would anyone want to give


all this cash to a cellist? There is nothing I've seen


which would make me do anything other than say stop,


we need to investigate very To you, does it look


like money-laundering? Sergei Roldugin has not


answered our questions, and Mossack Fonseca say they have


a strong compliance record. Through the leak, the world can now


see more clearly how the wealthy can Earlier I spoke to Gerard Ryle,


from the International Consortium He led the investigation so I asked


him how it was undertaken. The revelations here are global.


What we have done is pulled together a global team of journalists, more


than 370 journalists from more than 70 countries. We have had more than


100 media organisations join us. As we have gone through, we all help


each other put together the pieces. Everything we are seeing has major


public interest. How long did it take you? It has been more than a


year since we first got word from the German newspaper, Suddeutsche


Zeitung, that first got hold of these documents. They contacted us


to put together the international team. We have been working together


for more than a year now. How do you begin deciphering the information


you are looking at? It's piecemeal. You have to look at what sat public


interest and what's not of public interest. We focused on, is the


public interest things we seemed in the documents, and we have applied


that tests to everything we have done. Can you talk about the process


of looking through very completed information. What we are doing and


specialising in in the last couple of years is using technology in ways


that have never been used before in journalism. We have about half of my


staff, they are computer engineers and data specialists, and we are


pulling together tools that help journalists analyse very complicated


structures and documents like this. In the big issue of offshore


banking, is this about secrecy? For me, the whole offshore world


basically has one product, and that is secrecy. When you have secrecy,


you have the potential for wrongdoing. I should point out that


not everyone who uses the offshore world is engaged in wrongdoing, but


where you have secrecy you have that potential. Do you expect this


investigation to lead to any changes? What we are seeing in the


documents is the offshore world is reacting to crack downs on secrecy.


Every time a new rule is brought in, for instance in Europe or the UK,


the world is changing and adapting, and people are doing it in different


ways and by staying in the law. Flights have resumed from Brussels


airport is two weeks after suicide bombers killed 16 people. Staff


applauded the first of three fights to take off today but authorities


have warned it could be months before services are fully restored.


James Reynolds is in Brussels and gave us more details. It was a


symbolic moment and there was a moment of silence before the airport


reopens to remember the victims. When the first flight took off, a


flight to Portugal run by Brussels airlines, there was even scattered


applause on the ground, people happy to see the airport reopened. The


first flight left 25 minutes early. Only two more flights scheduled from


the airport and they also left early, to Italy and Greece. That's


it for the first day of operations, but there are plenty of new security


measures here. When you drive up to the airport you are now met by


soldiers and police officers. They are armed, they look at the cars,


and cameras check the license plates. If they are happy because


can proceed to the terminal building along the road. There is then a new


ID security check for passengers and then they will be allowed into the


terminal building. Those procedures have been put in place since the


attacks on March 22. Do we know when the airport will fully reopen after


the extensive damage done during attacks? It will be a gradual


process. Three flights took off today. We understand more than 20


flights are scheduled on Monday. The airport hopes to get back to full


capacity of operating more than 500 flights in and out every day by the


end of June when there is the huge rush for school holidays. It was ill


have to sort out some of the damage in the building and test some of its


procedures, that it will try to get back to where it was by the end of


June. -- it will still have to do. The captain and crew of the EgyptAir


flight which was hijacked and diverted to Cyrpus last month,


have spoken out about their ordeal. Flight 181 was forced to land


in Larnaca in Cyprus when Egyptian national Seif al-Din Mustafa


allegedly threatened to blow It later transpired that he was


wearing a fake explosives belt. All passengers and crew


were released unharmed Authorities say the hijacker


was motivated by a feud with his former wife, rather


than anything terrorism related. Crew member Hazim Nagi has described


the moment the hijacker TRANSLATION: The hijacker came


to the back of the plane He opened his shirt


and showed me the belt. He showed me a button and said


if he pushed it the whole plane would explode


with everyone on it. The crew knew something was up


when I went to talk to the pilot To be honest, the crew


gave me strength And here's what the captain


on the plane had to say TRANSLATION: You have to always


think of every eventuality I don't want to make


myself out to be a hero, but our training, which was given


to us by EgyptAir through the International Aviation


Authority, is what we were able to apply to a great extent


through the situation. The World Anti-Doping Agency,


has described newspaper allegations of drug-taking among elite


British sports stars, The comments come after a doctor's


been filmed claiming to have provided performance enhancing drugs


to top sports stars, including players at three


Premier league clubs Dr Mark Bonar has denied any


wrongdoing, but it's emerged tonight that he currently doesn't


have a licence to practice medicine The football clubs say the claims


are completely unfounded, and have no knowledge of any


of their players being involved. Obviously, some of these


treatments used are banned Having said that, I have worked


with lots of professional athletes Dr Mark Bonar, caught claiming


to have helped scores of sports Secretly filmed by the Sunday Times


last year, the London-based medic prescribes banned performance


enhancing drugs to an athlete posing If somebody came into me and said


why are you giving me BLEEP I can say, look, his testosterone


level is 15. The normal range is for - 30, and he has symptoms of


testosterone deficiency syndrome. His levels are suboptimal and I have


topped him up. The reason is to


improve performance. Bonar says he has worked with 150


elite sports people, including boxers, an England


cricketer, tennis players, Britsh cyclists and Premier


League footballers. If you are a footballer in your 30s,


how are you going to keep up There is no suggestion that any


of the three Premier League clubs implicated were aware


of any of the wrongdoing. They say the claims are false and


without foundation. Leicester City is one


of those clubs, and today, fans at the match against


Southampton gave their reaction. You would not want to be


paying to see a sport There is so much money in the game,


never say never, but as things stand they have not found anything


and we have got to continue and enjoy what we see


in front of us. The newspaper investigation stems


from evidence passed to the UK Anti-Doping Aagency two years ago


by a whistle-blower athlete. It said it failed to act at the time


because Mark Bonar was not governed They decided not to pass the case


on to the General Medical Council. The Culture, Media and Sport


Secretary John Whittingdale said he was shocked and deeply concerned


by these allegations and has asked for an urgent independent


investigation. He added doping could be made


a criminal offence for athletes. I welcome the fact there will be


an investigation into UK anti-doping and the way it operates,


and if that leads to more robust procedures being put in place,


more funding put in place, and hopefully at some stage, maybe


leading towards the criminlisation of steroid use in sports,


all that is positive. His conduct is currently the


investigation of an by the GMC. Today, Mark Bonar's clinic


terminated its agreement with him when it was revealed he does not


currently have a license In response to the


allegations Bonar said... These are


unsubstantiated allegations. Investigators will treat them with


caution until they are presented But they do raise questions


about those tasked with protecting clean sport and the fear will be


that amid a doping crisis, this could just be evidence


that the range of sports afflicted The suspicion currently hanging over


the integrity of sport shows little Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come: That is it, the moment the West


Indies have won the game. The BBC's Justin Rowlatt will take is through


the fans reaction to the West Indies stunning T20 victory.


Police are investigating death threats made against a human rights


lawyer, who spoke out after the murder


Aamer Anwar who lives in the city, said he received the threats,


after calling for unity within Scotland's Muslim community.


The funeral took place yesterday of Asad Shah,


A man has appeared in court charged with murder.


Eighteen people have been injured after a train that was pulling


into Plymouth station crashed into another train that


Devon and Cornwall police said there had been a "low impact


At least one person has been taken to hospital,


Police are warning people not to use Santander cash machines


in Lancashire, as they say security has been compromised.


In the last few days, customers across the county have


reported seeing suspicious devices on the bank's machines,


which it's feared are used by criminals to steal


The latest headlines... A massively cough confidential data from a law


firm in -- a massive leak of confidential data from a law firm in


Panama has revealed... Greek coastguards have rescued


a boat full of people off the island of Lesbos - less than 24 hours


before Greece is due to begin returning people who have no claim


to asylum back to Turkey. The returns are a key part


of an agreement between the EU and Turkey aimed at stemming


the flow of migrants From Lesbos, Sarah Rainsford


sent this report. Every day hundreds of refugees


and migrants arrive Few know yet that their state


in Europe could be brief. I met Rada and her


family from Damascus. She told me she wants


to join her eldest son in Sweden and she is full


of smiles and hope. But from tomorrow migrants


will be sent back from here across the sea


as the new EU deal with Turkey We have some dreams. Just across the


harbour, a Turkish ferry is already in place for the deportations.


Greece says the first ago will be those who have not claimed asylum.


But at the camp were all migrants are now detained, there is little


information about what is planned, only rumours. Men, women and


children are crammed in here. They are worried and confused. When I


found her again, she was distraught. Her family are sleeping in the open


here, and as for requesting asylum, she doesn't even know what that is.


You don't look so happy as you did yesterday?


Not happy, all the time she's crying.


This morning, though, brought new exhausted arrivals.


Boats like this are still coming in every single day here to Greece.


People being helped to shore by the volunteers.


Starting to smile, some of them, as they finally realise


Whatever the politicians have agreed it's clear there are still plenty


of people willing to make this journey hoping they can move


From tomorrow tough new rules could deter them. The EU says it's about


ensuring safe new ways to ensure asylum. For the people here, the is


slamming shut. A train has derailed near


Philadelphia on the United States east coast, killing two


people and injuring 35. The train, with more than 340


passengers and seven crew members, The train hit something


and there were three or four really big bangs and it threw us off


the chairs, the seats Everybody was yelling


and the train stopped. And then later on everyone


was running to the front. All the conductors, and the people


in the front of the train It's been an exciting day for the


West Indies. There will be wild celebrations for fans of West Indies


cricket as they secured a double at the world Twenty20 in India winning


both the men's and women's competitions. The women were


convincing winners over Australia, but the men's matchup against


England went right down to the wire. England set a rather underwhelming


topics of 156, helped by 54 from Joe Root, but an excellent fielding


session from Eoin Morgan's side left the West Indies with 19 from the


last over. But Carlos Brathwaite hit what role sixes from the last four


balls to leave England with a devastating defeat.


Leicester City went seven points clear at the top


thanks to a 1-0 victory at home to Southampton.


It was a nervy performance after the international break,


with captain Wes Morgan heading the winner in the first-half.


But with six games to go it's Leicester's 4th straight 1-0 win.


It's another good step, another three points and another clean


sheet. One match less until the end. It was a normal match. We waited for


this kind of match, they played five at the back and wanted to close all


the space, but we found the space to score a goal. They had a fantastic


chance in the first half, but we worked so well. We did everything in


the second half. We had the substitutes to play even more


offensively. They have some good chances to kill the game after the


1-0. I think our start of the game was not good enough. That after


that, we came back into the game and had good chances to score. -- but


after that. They had fantastic defending in all the crosses in the


second half. Still, you have some key moments in the game. And it's a


different game then. Louis van Gaal's Manchester United


gave their hopes of Champions League qualification a boost


by beating Everton 1-0 at Old Trafford thanks


to a second-half winner from France It means United are now one point


behind 4th-placed Manchester City. It was very tight. Everton play very


good football and have great quality players in the midfield, quick


wingers and a very good striker. We knew it was difficult to beat them,


but we started very well in the second-half and we scored earlier


than them, and that was the difference. After the goal it's


easier to play because they open up more of the pitch and there are more


spaces to try to create more and we had a few more chances to score. At


the end, 1-0 was enough. Disappointing to come to Old


Trafford and perform in the manner that we did, if you look at the two


teams, the performances were very level. We ended up losing the game.


When you do that, you should never end up losing. If you can't win, you


certainly shouldn't lose. There was another win


for Mercedes in Formula One - and again the driver on top


was Germany's Nico Rosberg. He made it two wins from two this


season at the Bahrain Grand Prix, finishing ahead of Ferarri's Kimi


Raikonnen and team-mate The key was the start. I got a great


getaway. From then on I was trying to control the pace, but very happy


with today. Awesome to get another win.


There were wins for both world champions in cycling's


Slovakia's Peter Sagan took the men's race for the first time


It came right down to the last few metres in the women's race though.


With the chasing pack closing in on them, world champion


Lizzie Armitstead of Britain outsprinted Emma


But there was less than half a wheel in it.


It's her first win here - one better than her second place


More on that stunning win for the West Indies. We were at the stadium


in Kolkata. That's it, the moment the West Indies have won the game,


and what a game. It literally could not have been any closer. Let's see


what the fans think. FIREWORKS I had given up hope in the last


over, I said England have it. I was shaking. I started to congratulate.


He was congratulating them on the win. I reminded him that cricket was


a game of glorious uncertainties, never over until it's over.


Unbelievable emotion at the end, four sixes in a row. England did an


incredible job through the tournament, great young team, credit


to the country, and the West Indies had something incredible they could


pull out of the bag when they needed to. It was crazy. You thought you


had won the game, didn't you. Yes, but in Twenty20 cricket you can


never tell. How did it feel in the final over? It was gutting, to be


honest. It was awesome, very good. Do you think any of the team could


have pulled it out of the bag? Only New Zealand. Apart from New Zealand!


Congratulations to the west Indies team. Goodbye from us on the world


news team.


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