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Turkey insists that it will be ready to handle an increase in migrants


But amid protests against the plan our correspondent finds there's


Here, they are saying, not in my backyard and that no preparations


have been made for those who will be sent back here.


Brussels Airport prepares to reopen - almost two weeks


after being attacked by suicide bombers.


We'll explain why a flare up in fighting in a disputed region


of the Caucuses is making people so worried.


Tottenham Hotspur close the gap on leaders Leicester


in the English Premier League, but can only manage a draw


We see into the Pakistan's tea houses that are dominated by men,


There are concerns that neither Greece or Turkey are properly


prepared to begin the return of migrants from the Greek Islands


The deportations follow a EU agreement to try and stem the flow


of migrants into Europe from Syria and elsewhere.Our Correspondent Mark


Lowen has been to the town of Dikili in turkey where there


They came with a message of defiance. We don't want the migrants


back! The Turkish town of Dikili will see the first batch arrived on


Monday, deported from Lesbos. But locals object to any camp and have


vowed to resist. Here is a beautiful place, in Turkey. When they come


here, we are not in peaceful, because of this, we are here. And


they don't belong to year. They don't belong to Turkey.


TRANSLATION: . Our children feel uneasy. They can


take them somewhere else, we don't want them here. A burst of


patriotism, with talk of defending Turkey from another migrant influx.


The authorities say they will only stay in Dikili temporarily, before


being moved on. But that is not calming tempers. Patients with the


migrant crisis is wearing thin. Turkey already hosts 2.5 million


refugees, more than any other country. But here they are saying is


not in my backyard and that no preparations have been made for


those who will be sent back here. So where will the migrants be sent? It


was thought a registration centre could be set up in this spot. But no


sign. Once they are back, human rights group are concerned about how


they will be treated. Many Syrians already here work illegally, 500 of


the poorest eking out a living picking fruit. It's a sign of the


crisis Turkey faces even before tens of thousands more are deported from


Europe. There will be thousands sent back with the beautician --


readmission agreement. From the east there will be more people and we


already hosting a huge number of people. It will be difficult for


Turkey to cope with this crisis. On Turkey's long post, boats part


with traces of dreams left behind. Those who depart believe it is a


one-way ticket to safety and a new life. But Europe's doors have


closed. They are heading back to Turkey, even if it not ready.


Five Turkish soldiers and one special forces police officer have


been killed in a bomb attack in the south east of the country,


province has been blamed on Kurdish militants, according


The members of the security forces were carrying out a military


operation when a bomb left by militants from


Kurdistan Workers Party was detonated, it said.


Officials at Brussels Airport say it could take several months before


Zaventem will partially re-open for three flights on Sunday


after a suicide attack forced it shut nearly two weeks ago.


The chief executive of the airport said there would be security


screening for all passengers before they arrive at the check-in.


A restart of the operations, even only partially, as quick as this, is


a sign of hope. It shows our strength will and our strength to


reservists and not to let others down. I want to thank every member


of our airport community and all departments involved who have made


this possible. As of tomorrow, Sunday, Brussels airport should be


partially operational. We should receive the official authorisation


to start today. We have 3% of flights to start tomorrow, by


Brussels airlines. So how much impact will the changes


have on passengers - here's our correspondent


in Brussels, James Reynolds They will not be able to go by bus


or train to the airport. They will have to go by taxi or by car. When


they get there, they will have to go through temporary security


procedures and also greater procedures. We are still trying to


understand when and where they will be checked and what will happen to


their luggage. But clearly the airport feels confident enough to


offer the promises to passengers on those flights that they will be


checked properly and their flights will take off. It is a test day for


Brussels airport and a day that the CEO said is a sign of hope.


Police removed dozens of demonstrators from the main square.


And there was a number of far right demonstrators trying to stage a


demonstration in the Molenbeek district which has a history of


Islamist activity. The police then had a confrontation with locals,


mostly of North African origin, who gathered.


At least thirty people are reported to have been killed in clashes


between troops from Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Caucasus region


Its parliament voted to join Armenia, when the Soviet Union


Both sides blame each other for the outbreak of fighting,


which is said to involve tanks, helicopters and artillery.


Richard Kauzlarich is former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan.


What has caused this latest escalation? Thank you. This is a


surprise to the extent that nobody expected this intense series of


exchanges. The worst that have been taking place since the ceasefire was


imposed in 1994. Tell us why this region is so strategically


important? It is to GDP important because it sits astride


geographically the intersection of both Russian and European interests.


-- it is strategically important. It is important for Europe and the


global economy. But there is a long-standing conflict that had been


frozen since 1994 and it has suddenly taken a turn for the worse.


The tragic loss of several dozen lives puts us now into a situation


where we have to worry about how to bring the two parties to the


negotiating table. Azerbaijan seems to have had this history, as you


describe. You were an ambassador at a crucial time, tell us your


experience? I arrived shortly before the ceasefire was in place and my


wife and I took a trip outside the front lines where we saw the


refugees from the fighting. Azerbaijanis who had lived during


the Soviet period and had an uneasy relationship with the Armenian


neighbours. And when the fighting took place they work pretty... So


after 1994, while there has been a ceasefire, there have been


exchanges, military exchanges between Armenia and Azerbaijan, but


not on the intensity that we have seen in recent days. Thank you very


much for being with us. The Syrian Army says it has


discovered a mass grave with around 40 bodies in the city of Palmyra


according to state run media. The city was recaptured


by government forces last sunday from the so called


Islamic State group. Our Middle East editor Alan Johnston


has more on the grim discoveries that have come to light


since the city was recaptured. Now that the city has been


recaptured, they are getting a much fuller picture of what happened to


the people of Palmyra under IS rule. The Syrian army says this mass grave


contained local militiamen, and offices in the Army. Tragically it


seems that some of their civilian relatives were also in the mass


graves including three children. Some of the victims were shot, some


were beheaded. Sadly, none of this is any kind of surprise. Soon after


IS took over Palmeiro, we heard that they were killing dozens of people.


-- Palmyra. We heard that five men when -- made to kneel on a stage in


the Roman amphitheatre and then executed. Given that that sort of


thing was going on, it was entirely possible that more mass graves are


to be found. It has been almost a week since the


city was recaptured. Journalists are saying the city is deserted, where


are they? It is possible that there were very few civilians left as the


battle for the city raged. But we are hearing that a number of


civilians left with the IS fighters as they retreated, as they


retreated, we don't know if any of them went willingly but it has to be


a real possibility that they were forced to go. That they are virtual


captives now, a possibility that they are in real danger. But


meanwhile, the city itself has been basically completely destroyed. The


fighting may have stopped, but it is obviously going to be a long long


time before anything like normal life returns to Palmyra. This is a


major clue for the Syrian army. Momentum on President Assad's side.


Where does the fight go from here? Losing this city was a hammer blow


to I S. This was a city with a cultural heritage, the world was


interested in Palmyra, and at the same time, it is a city in the


centre of an oil producing area so IS will revenue. It also means,


strategically, that the Syrian government can think about


exercising more control. It is a jumping off point for the Syrian


government to launch other attacks on IS. It IS has to be worried that


this combination of forces, the Syrian army and the Russian air


force, might eventually focus on the IS strong gold and judging by what


happened in Palmyra, it might be hard for IS to hold one eventually.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come:


The threat of nuclear terrorism remains and is evolving. That is the


word from leaders on the last day of the nuclear Security summit in


Washington. The UK steel industry is appealing


for the government to step in after China imposed


new import tariffs on steel It comes as thousands


of steelworkers at the Tata plant in Port Talbot face redundancy


after a decision by its Indian owners to sell their loss-making


British factories. We are talking about a sector that


is a foundation, that feeds into a number of key supply chains.


Aerospace, defence, construction. We also need to remember that we are


talking about thousands and thousands of jobs. 15,000 people


work for Tata Steel. Are we prepared to sacrifice all of those jobs so we


don't upset the Chinese? I don't think so. I think we have a strong


relationship with China but they also need to point out that this is


unfair trading. It is dumping steel and the global market in an unfair


way, below the cost of production. There have been processed in Turkey


as the country and sets it is ready to accept migrants from Europe.


it may take at least three months for all flights to resume


following last month's suicide attacks.


Well, staying on the subject of the so called Islamic State -


President Obama has warned that the possibility of the group


obtaining a nuclear weapon is "one of the greatest threats


Speaking at the end of a Nuclear Security Summit


in Washington, he insisted that concrete steps must be taken


This was President Obama's last big push for global nuclear security.


But the threat of nuclear terrorism loomed


The Brussels attacks focused the minds


of the more than 50 world leaders here, with growing concerns


It is claimed the group has already used


chemical weapons in Syria and in Iraq.


There is no doubt that if these madmen ever got their hands


on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material,


they most certainly would use it to kill as many innocent


That's why our work here remains so critical.


The single most effective defence against


nuclear terrorism is fully securing this material so it doesn't fall


into the wrong hands in the first place.


More conventional threats were also on the agenda,


especially North Korea's continued testing of


It defiantly fired a missile during the Washington


summit but blamed the United States for the tensions on the


United States is trying to turn white into black,


describing as if the countermeasures taken by the government of Korea


They said that it is a threat and a provocation.


Much will depend on the attitude of China's president,


Xi Jinping, North Korea's closest ally.


He was urged by Barack Obama to increase the pressure on Pyongyang.


The meetings wound up with announcements of new steps


to secure or reduce nuclear stockpiles but


a key player, Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, was missing


from the family photo because of current political


tensions, a stark reminder of the summit's limits.


President Obama began these high-level meetings six


years ago to tackle the threat of nuclear material that could be


Much has been accomplished but not enough and with


the rise of groups like Islamic State, the fear of nuclear


We start with the return of the Premier League


Tottenham have closed the gap on Leicester.


The game between Liverpool and Tottenham has finished


Liverpool took the lead shortly after half time


Harry Kane cemented his pedigree with 26 league goals this season.


That is something no other Spurs player has managed


It is difficult for the teams to get points.


It is important today we show that we are ambitious


In a difficult stadium at Anfield against


Liverpool, we showed that we deserve to be in the place that we are.


It was an open game, a little bit wild.


brilliant attitude and both trying to win.


Now, after five minutes, talking, it seems a deserved draw.


Rafael Benitez says his Newcastle side still have a chance. Despite a


last-minute defeat to Norwich. Alex Neil's side took a huge three


points with Martin Olsson scoring a 93rd-minute winner to send


the Carrow Road fans crazy. Norwich led twice but Newcastle


striker Alexandr Mitrovic equalised on two occasions before


Olsson's late winner. Today was a pity. We conceded after


the last minute in the first half -- second half. We had control of the


game and then I'm disappointed because I felt the team was working


hard and not enough to win the game. I told them that we have seven games


to play and we have to keep working hard and pushing.


Also today there were comfortable 4-0 wins for Arsenal,


Swansea came from two down to draw at Stoke.


It was goalless between Sunderland and West Brom.


Ten-man West Ham came from a goal down twice to draw 2-2


Is the biggest game in Spain, the biggest in the world. Al Classico


between Real Madrid and Barcelona, is drawing to a close. With


thousands of fans in the stadium before kick-off, there was a tribute


to yell Crawford died last week. Barcelona went in front ten minutes


into the second half. Then Karen Benzema fired in eight minutes


later. Cristiano Ronaldo gave his team a 2-1 lead.


Formula One's new qualifying format still hasn't managed to shake up


the established order after Lewis Hamilton claimed pole


The world champion broke the lap record


at the Bahrain circuit to beat his Mercedes team mate


Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel was third to produce a repeat of the top three


qualifying result from the first round of the season.


Throughout qualifying, you do a lap and it


So to actually pull it all together is actually


And it actually even more of a pressured lap.


I had to improve even more than I did the lap


England's Catton says that England have to embrace the atmosphere.


We are realistic, it will not be a normal game. Even in the semifinals


there was a lot of hype around the expectation about playing in the


final. I want all our players to embrace it. Tomorrow, everything


will feel rushed to start with. It is important that we are in a good


frame of mind to slow things down when needed and execute our skills.


Even before we played West Indies in the group stages, I was firm in


saying that Chris Gayle was not just the West Indies team. It is


important that when you are playing against good size, you don't focus


on one or two players, it is everybody, everybody can hurt you.


India game, everybody witnessed that. Play with them over the years,


I have understood them, what makes them tick. How to relate to them in


different situations. This comes with experience. So if you could


see, this tournament I have not really done anything apart from


leading them out there on the field. They are so experienced, I'm letting


them go out and express themselves because T20 is about expressing


yourself. And to confirm, Barcelona defeated


by Real Madrid in Spain. That's all the sport for now.


Like many aspects of life in Pakistan, tea houses


But a group of women in Karachi has decided to challenge the tradition -


simply by visiting the cafes to socialise.


Their actions are starting to inspire other women to follow


suit - as Shaimaa Khalil found out when she joined them...


A typical Karachi afternoon in a traditional teahouse, or dhaba.


This is one of the most popular hangouts in Pakistan.


And while there isn't a "men only" sign here,


it is socially understood that these teahouses are run


A group of women have now started a movement to change that.


Deep down, I think, why can't I negotiate my way in public in


Karachi? It should be okayed to do so. I feel like the more I venture


out and I am not afraid, then other people -- other women will want to


do so. You can see why this


is not a normal thing, and is not a traditional thing,


because all around us is the men who hang


out in these places. You know, being bussed from one


private space to another to another, kind


of got sick of that. And then you see the shared


camaraderie of men at the dhabas, I mean, I think it is important,


because, you know, like, it is this idea that


as we step out in the world, as women, we have to become


smaller, and kind of reduce in size So to sit and be, like, OK,


I am very comfortable in my skin, I am OK with people staring,


that is completely taking ownership of your city, your body,


how you negotiate with that. This is something that really took


off when you started posting We received a lot of photos that


spoke for themselves, from other countries,


from India, from Nepal. We have been overwhelmed in some


ways. It shows that it does


resonate with people. The best part is that


a lot of girls were like, oh, my God, you made us think


so differently about our place in the world, that


we feel empowered. Shaimaa Khalil there,


talking to two female members of one Now feathers have been flying


across the world today...That's That's


because it's International Battles taking place in more


than 100 cities, including Taipei, It's one way to release a bit


of stress, but it looks exhausting. The events is into its seventh


year and was inspired by the Urban Playground movement


which aims to get people interacting


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