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This is BBC world news. As emergency workers continue to clear the


rubble, from the Calcutta flight over disaster, please take action


against the construction company. In new global study reveals how a


dramatic rise in obesity is weighing heavy on public health. The British


man who posed for a selfie with a suspected hijacker answers his


critics, he says he has no regrets. We start with a political scandal


which has engulfed South Africa's president. He has promised to pay


back some of the public money which he spent on a series of building


products at his lavish farm project which he owns. They include AMD


theatre and swimming pool, estimate of two of cost $60 million. Up until


now, President Zuma has refused to pay back any of the cache but after


a fiercely critical ruling from South Africa's top court, President


Zuma has changed his mind. He appeared on national TV and give a


public apology. I respect the judgment and will abide by it. I


have consistently stated that I would pay an amount towards the


upgrades, once this had been determined by the correct authority,


the matter has caused a lot of frustration and confusion. For which


I apologise on my behalf and on behalf of of Government. Our


correspondent has been following the story from Johannesburg for us. The


president addressed the nation live on television in South Africa and


apologised for dragging the matter longer than it should. He also said


he abides by the judgment of the Constitutional Court and said he


respected it, he said he always wanted to pay the money that was


used for refurbishment at a private residence using some $23 million of


taxpayer's money. President Zuma was clear, he said he never knowingly or


deliberately set out to violate the Constitution. So with that, lives to


flight fight -- fight another day. Hopes of finding more survivors of a


collapsed flyover is fading in the Indian city of Calcutta. The police


are opening a case of culpable homicide.


The last of the rubble is being cleared, and no more bodies are


expected to be found now. There are some debris being removed and it is


being ensured that there are no more bodies under the debris. As for the


possibility of life is concerned, that is no more in this area. I am


standing right in the middle of the crossroads where this terrible


tragedy happened. Just look at the scale of the structure that came


crashing down. This is one of the busiest areas in India and it


happened at midday, the busiest time of the day. As more twisted steel


and shatter concrete is loaded onto the trucks, there was growing anger


here in Calcutta. What people want to know is why what should have been


a fairly straightforward construction ended in such a


disaster. It is dangerous, everybody got feared, not everybody is ready


to see the area from nine, the work was going on. We don't know when it


will complete. It has become a huge political issue, not just here but


in India as well. People are asking why a construction company


blacklisted by other Indian states was still in charge. Was the


long-delayed project being rushed under pressure from local


politicians? Did the company cut corners? Meanwhile, what remains of


the overpass reflect the atmosphere of the city itself. Two great arms


twisted and slumped as if the band into grey. -- abandoned into grey.


There are now more adults classified as obese then underway, according to


a new study. It looked at nearly 20 million adults from 1975 to 2014. He


founded the in men has tripled and in men more than doubled and the


problem is only predicted to get worse. Here is our health editor


Hugh Pym. This could be one part of winning the battle of the bulge and


he struggled to control weight and improve health. The writer is a


personal trainer working with those who might fail inhibit it going to a


gym. She had her own weight challenges and knows all about the


obstacles to shedding the pounds. I'm big now, but I was much bigger.


I went to a variety of classes and couldn't keep up. I injured myself,


I had a poor experience. I felt uncomfortable. My classes ugly for


everyone. The report the dramatic increase in global obesity. In 1975,


3.2% of men Barbies, but 2014 that had more than tripled to 10.8%. 6.4%


of women who were obese in 1975, nearly 15% by 2014. As for the UK,


by 2025, it is to have the highest obesity levels in Europe for women


and highest for Europe in men as well, level with Ireland. Exercise


and personal response ability clearly have an important part to


play in tackling the way issue. There is an increasing focus now on


the role of food and drink companies and whether they should be doing


more with what they offer to help consumers cut the calories. The


Chancellor announced a sugar tax on fizzy drink in the budget and


Government action to curb supermarket price promotions is


expected. Some experts say that manufacturers need to be pushed in


the right direction. It's what I called lazy capitalism. It is the


food industry doing the easiest thing to try and make money. The


industry needs to be made to work harder, we need regulation, policies


and programmes that level the playing field. But some out enjoying


the sunshine today said it was really down to all of us. It is very


difficult, but people have to make a change themselves. You can't always


blame the Government. If you got eating crisps, it is difficult to


get out of the circle. While many are trying to control the way, there


was more heavy -- heavy lifting needed. South Korea has said North


Korea has fired another ballistic coast into the sea, just hours after


US President and China's president were agreeing to cooperate against


any North Korean nuclear threat. At a nuclear security Summit attended


by world leaders in Washington. Earlier we spoke to North Korea's


ambassador to London. It is very serious. It is under nuclear war.


So, you know, as he said, I think the state of war is correct. Any


time the war can break up him of that is why he categorized it as


that. I think actually it is very delicate. But the problem here,


United States is trying to turn the white into black, describing as if


the countermeasures is a provocation, is a threat. We are not


making a provocation or threat, it is not true. We are making a


countermeasure to cope with the dangerous nuclear war by the United


States. The British man who posed for a photo next to a plane hijacker


wearing a suspected suicide belt has been explaining why he did what he


did, then in this was one of the passengers and Egypt air flight that


was hijacked on Wednesday. He has told the BBC he wanted to take a


closer look at the belt to see if it was fake or real. He has no regrets.


So the long reports. This is the image that shot


Ben Innes to fame as the picture he hashtaged best selfie ever went


viral on social media. Ben is on the right,


beside him is Seif al-Din Mustafa, wearing what at the time


was believed to be a suicide belt. Ben dozed off at the beginning


of the flight and didn't believe the colleague he was travelling


with when he woke and was told It hadn't seen any evidence


of it happening. We hadn't been blown up,


we were still going through it, so it was like, until I see


something, you know, that looks like a hijacker,


I am not about to sort of start The majority of those onboard had


been allowed to leave by the time Six others though, were still being


held hostage, prompting criticism Ben says asking for a picture


was his attempt to influence I wanted to interact with this guy,


I wanted him to understand I also wanted to get a closer look


at this bomb, see if I could see, I have no expertise in that field,


but you know, there might have been a tell-tale sign


it was fake or real. I also just thought,


if the worst does come to the worst, I want my family and my friends


to know, you know, I died how I lived, you know, having


as much fun as I can. What would you say to some security


specialists who say this wasn't a sensible thing to do


and you were putting other passengers who were still being held


hostage on that plane at risk? I would say all these


experts and specialists, I would say also to all


the keyboard warriors out there who have an opinion


on the matter, that was the situation I was in,


and those were the actions I took, and you know, I in no


way regret them. I have no blemishes on my conscience


about any of the actions I took that day and, you know, I would do


the same thing, exactly the same After what was a terrifying ordeal,


Ben and everyone else on board the flight emerged safely,


to tell the tale. He says it hasn't changed


his attitude to flying Stay with us here on BBC world news,


still to come... A delivery driver is found guilty of planning a terror


attack against American forces in the UK. The Business Secretary Sajid


Javid has told workers that the threatened Port Talbert steel plant


that the industry is vital to the UK. The plant is owned by the Indian


firm Tata which has announced plans to sell its lossmaking UK operations


with employee nearly 15,000 people. Javed said the Government had been


engaged with Tata Steel for weeks. That suggestion about tariffs


couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is, the UK has been the


leader in the EU in getting tariffs imposed where there is evidence of


dumbing. -- dumping. Clearly, in this industry, the evidence


existence as we been involved in since I have been involved, calling


the first meeting of the EU Council on an emergency basis points ago, we


have seen tariffs imposed them we've seen them impose much more quickly.


The reality is, the UK has been the leader in getting tariffs imposed


where the evidence exists. This is BBC world news today. The latest


headlines. South Africa's president has apologised after a court ruled


he had violated the Constitution by refusing to pay back public money


spent renovating his private country residence. As emergency workers in


India continued to clear rubble from the flyover collapse, police have


detained several construction company officials and opened a case


of culpable homicide. An Islamist extremist has been found guilty of


planning an attack against American forces based in Britain. He was a


delivery driver whose route took them past the Royal Air Force base


and other military bases. Police said he had planned to stage a car


crash and attack a soldier with a knife.


The black flag of so-called Islamic State hanging on the wall


behind him in his bedroom in Luton, this is Junead Khan,


who was planning the first attack on US servicemen in the UK,


and was being helped and advised by an IS recruiter in Syria.


His intended targets, American airbases in East Anglia,


His plan, to slaughter a US airman in an attack similar to the one


His weapon, this knife he was trying to buy,


His intention was to target a US military officer by staging


He was then going to use a knife to attack that


He had also researched quite extensively and got instructions


As Junead Khan made his plans last summer, his friend from Luton,


Abdulaziz, seen here on the left, was killed by the Americans


An IS leader and planner of attacks on the West,


he was in a vehicle destroyed by a drone.


This seems to have increased Junead Khan's determination.


When police arrested him last July, his iPhone contained key evidence


of his planned attack, including an online conversation


with Junaid Hussain, an infamous IS recruiter


Using the encrypted social media app, Surespot,


Junaid Hussain advised Junead Khan...


He then sent him instructions on how to make a bomb.


When Junead Khan announced his intention to target US servicemen


at airbases in Britain, Junaid Hussain, in Syria,


Just over a week later, Junead Khan was arrested,


and six weeks after that, Junaid Hussain was killed


by an American drone strike, their plot abruptly terminated.


Junaid Hussain, who came from Birmingham, had been one


of IS's most prolific propagandists, which is why the Americans


Unlike a single fighter with an AK-47 on the


He had the potential, through his cyber efforts,


to reach across the sea and to motivate, radicalise


and inspire violence in foreign countries around the world.


With two of his IS contacts dead from American drone strikes,


Junead Khan now faces a long prison sentence for his part in plotting


to kill US servicemen based in Britain.


Daniel Sandford, BBC News, at Kingston Crown Court.


Let's get some sport for you now. Here is Lizzie, hi, Lizzie. Thank


you very much. We're starting with cricket. India may not have its team


in the 2020 final, but there will be 20 of eyes glued as England takes on


West Indies for the trophy. Both teams are going for a second title,


but they have a better head-to-head record and they've already beaten


England once in this tournament. This is called kata, where any spare


patch of land as an opportunity for a game of cricket. The huge flood


lights behind me are for Eden Gardens, the venue for the T20


final. We must remember that right now this is a city processing a


tragedy. A sudden collapse of a flyover here and the loss of life


has provoked understandably grief and anger. In these circumstances,


the job of cricket here is often to lift the spirits. Well, India are


not in the final. Last night in Mumbai, they lost to West Indies in


a thrilling semifinal. It meant they chased down a huge score over 190.


So the final will be between England and West Indies. You may remember


right at the start of the tournament, West Indies beat England


in the group stages. I think one thing we've done really well since


that game is we sort of took it on the chin and every game has for the


much been a funnel for us anyway, we played under pressure throughout. We


kept growing as a side and a validly along the way. Guys have been


gaining confidence from personal performances in other people's


performances in the team and we are in a really good place now, leading


up to the final. How are you keeping up-to-date with


that all? I think you're flying during the


match. There were about five or six of us watching it, so we got on the


flight and as we landed we managed to catch the last five or six balls.


Mainly down to the high that package afterwards. It looked like a


fantastic game and we're really looking forward to a similar


atmosphere here as well. England are going to wait for the floodlights to


be turned off before the train air tonight, they are making the most of


their extra day preparation. Mind you, right now they look like a


group of players who know exactly what they're doing.


Chelsea's Diego Costa will be serving an extra one match than


following his behaviour last month. He clashed with another player and


motion to bite her, although the effort in midfielder said no contact


was made. Costa was originally given aid to match ban, but now will miss


three games. And time for a Formula 1 update. For Sunday par rain's


grump rate, the results are not exactly a surprise. Nico Rosberg and


Lewis Hamilton by far the fastest. The German, Rosberg, who won last


week's opening race just edged the world champion of both sessions.


There was a surprise in third place, best of the rest was Jenson Button.


McLaren were played last season with problems because of the Honda


engines but the Briton was closest to the Mercedes today, although he


was still more than one second adrift. That is all the sport.


Thank you very much. Autism affects around 1% of us around the world,


but although many people have heard of the condition, it appears that


few of us really understand it. Here in the UK, a new film is being made


that hopes to do something about that. Our disability news


correspondent has been to meet its young stars.


I'm not naughty. I'm autistic. This ten-year-old is in the


voiceover drips adding the finishing touches to a film he stars in.


Ready! The last shot is the one of you having a meltdown.


It is all about understanding autism and who best to play the part? For


him, the experience in this film are very real. One of the main things is


able just brushing past year. I know that seems very silly and I know


that seems, busy crowd, busy things, people rushed past you, but that is


hard. It's hard to cope with. It's something tiny like that will affect


my day for a very long time. Take my hand. During the film, there's one


character that walks and gives a specific look, a mixture of contempt


and discussed and it is devastating when you get it. It upsets us quite


a lot, really. It is shocking that 15% of autistic people and family


say they are sometimes are often unable to leave the house not


because of a lack of support that because the wake the public respond


to them when they are out. We want people to take time, make space and


just imagine what it's like to feel overloaded and what you would need


in that situation. One city with ambitions to make life


easier for people like Alex and his family is Liverpool. Here, I


would've its largest museums, changes have been made to improve


the experiences of people with autism.


If you'd like to give him a little stroke.


Alex are learning all about starfish in this nice quiet space and that's


what's different. Normally this area would be chaotic, but it's not. That


suits many people with autism. Amazing. It's not crowded, it was


extraordinary. It's taken away the bad things and left the good things.


Hopefully that elaborated it for you. You have elaborated that


perfectly, a lot better than most people! Good. The film will be shown


in cinemas across the UK and the message is simple. The smallest of


changes for someone like Alex and his family will make a world of


difference. When people watch the film, I really hope that it will


make people aware and make autism have a lot of respect and that's


very important, as much as anything. Nicky Fox, BBC news.


Some very good advice. A sick turtle who can't dive is undergoing


pioneering treatment in Virginia. Normally used on humid divers


suffering from decompression sickness, the aim is to allow Tucker


the turtle to return to the wild. Simon Jones has the story.


An unusual arrival. Tucker was found washed up on the beach Thomas he was


rescued by an aquarium, but they found he's got buoyancy issues.


Bubbles in his body are preventing him from diving, which he needs to


do to find food and avoid predators. So they called in the experts at the


Virginia medical centre, once more used to dealing with humans. It's


new and exciting. We are so appreciative that they are allowing


us to do this and we hope that it helps Tucker. We don't know for sure


that it well, but we are giving it our best chance.


So Tucker is taken to the hyperbaric chamber, normally reserved for it


divers suffering from decompression sickness, where he can breathe pure


oxygen. We do treat divers, about 40 divers


a year, with gas bubble disease, which is some variance of what he


has, they go into the chamber to compress the bubbles in their


bloodstream or other places. This is not unheard of, it has been reported


in Turtles something very similar to this, so we are using the protocols


that we would use for divers. He will be closely monitored in the


days to come to see if the treatment is working, but it is hoped that


Tucker will eventually be able to take the disease again. Simon Jones,


BBC News. Tucker the turtle ending our


programme. That's it from me and the team. Think you very much for being


with us.


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