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This is BBC World News with me, Alpa Patel.


Today: Our top story - South Africa's president addresses


the nation over the latest controversy to embroil him.


Jacob Zuma ignores calls for his resignation following a court ruling


I never knowingly or deliberately set out to violate the constitution.


A new global study reveals how a dramatic rise in obesity


you is weighing heavy on public health.


Also coming up: A jury gives its verdict over alleged plans


for a terror attack against American forces based in the UK.


Planned before his death - the tribute concert David Bowie


Stars celebrate his life, and love, of New York.


South African President Jacob Zuma says he'll abide by the ruling


of the country's highest court that he should pay back some


of the public money spent on his private home.


24 hours ago the highest court in the country ruled he'd failed


to uphold the constitution by ignoring the findings


by an official anti-corruption watchdog.


In the last hour, President Zuma apologised to the nation


I respect the judgment and will abide by it.


I have consistently stated that I would pay


an amount towards the security upgrades, once this has been


really are expecting to speak to our correspondent in the next few


moments. We hope will happen at Stoney shortly.


There are now more adults in the world classified as obese


than underweight, according to a major new study.


The research looked at almost 20 million adults from 1975 to 2014.


It found obesity in men has tripled to nearly 11% overall -


and more than doubled in women to nearly 15%.


And as our Health Editor Hugh Pym reports, the problem is predicted


This could be one part of winning the battle of the bulge and the


struggle to control weight and improve health. Loretta is a


personal trainer working with those who might feel inhibited going to a


gym. She had run away its challenges and knows about the obstacles in the


way. I am back now but I was much bigger and went to a of classes and


just couldn't keep up, I injured myself, I had a bad experience and


was singled out and felt uncomfortable. My classes are


hopefully for everyone. The report illustrates the increasing global


obesity. In 1970 75p .2% of men were obese. 6.4% of women were obese in


1975 and nearly 15% by 2014. As for the UK, by 2025 it is predicted to


have the highest obesity levels what women in Europe.


Exercise and personal responsibility clearly have an important part to


play in tackling the weight issue. There is an increasing focus on the


role of food and drink companies and if they should be doing more to help


consumers cut the calories. The Chancellor announced a sugar tax


and fizzy drinks in the budget and Government action to curb


supermarket price promotions is expected. Some experts say


manufacturers should be pushed in the right direction. It's what I got


lazy capitalism. The food industry is doing the easiest thing to try


and make money. Industry must be made to work harder. We need


policies and programmes to level the playing field. Some said it was down


to all of us. It is that the cup but people must make a change


themselves. It can always be the Government. If you grew up eating


crisps and all the rest of it it will be difficult to get out of that


circle. While many are working to control


their weight there is a lot more heavy lifting needed to avoid the


protected obesity epidemic. Mexico is one country struggling


with this obesity epidemic, with more than half the residents


in it's capital city Arantxa Colchero is a health


economist at Mexico's National She recently published a study


looking at how a tax She joins me from the


city of Cuernavaca. Why ever such high rates of obesity


and diabetes in Mexico? -- why are they? In Mexico the prevalence of


obesity is 70%. And 30% among children. The prevalence of diabetes


is 14% and the problem is only 70% are diagnosed. Obesity is increasing


in the world. The problem is very high in Mexico and for several


reasons. One of them is the world health organisation recommends added


sugars should not be more than 10% of total energy intake. In Mexico on


average 12.5% of added sugars are in the total energy intake. Consumption


of sugar sweetened beverages is very high. That represents a lock, 70% of


these added sugars. Is it just that problem or is it


also unhealthy food and a lack of exercise? Yes, I think obesity has


many factors. There is a lot of causes around obesity, but we have


identified that consumption of sugar sugar sweetened beverages is very


high. Mexico was the highest consumer in world's but now it is


chilly. Mexico is now second. 12% of total energy intake on average among


Mexicans is from added sugars. From that, 70% is sugar sweetened


beverages. It's not the only cause but it has contributed. They you


know how much this is costing Mexico's economy? -- do you know?


Obesity in general, has a very high costs and that is a huge problem


because people are not aware of the consequences of eating or drinking


unhealthy food. Because they are not aware they do it and that causes a


lot of problems, one of them is very high direct cost related to health


expenditure. Thank you very much for joining us.


An Islamist extremist has been found guilty of planning an attack


against American forces based in Britain.


Junead Khan was a delivery driver whose route took him past RAF


Police said he'd planned to stage a car crash and to attack


The black flag of so-called Islamic state hanging behind him in his


bedroom. This is Junead Khan who was planning the first attack on US


servicemen in the UK and was helped and advised by a IS recruiter in


Syria. His targets were American airbases in East Anglia including


RAF Lakenheath. His plan was to slaughter a US airman and an attack


similar to the one on Route Lee Rigby. His weapon was that life he


tried to buy what you get a home-made bomb. His intention was to


target a US military officer by staging a car crash. He was then


going to use a knife to attack that officer, he also researched


extensively and got instructions on how to make a bomb. As Junead Khan


makers plans last summer his friend the time, seen here on the left, was


killed by the Americans in Syria. IS leader and plan of attack on the


west he was in a vehicle destroyed by a drone. This seems to have


increased Junead Khan's determination. When he was arrested


last July his iPhone contained the key evidence including an online


conversation what I can promise IS recruiter. Using encrypted social


media at, he advised Junead Khan, it is best to have at least pipe bombs


pressure to drop bombs in case something happens so you can do,


suicide bomb. When Junead Khan announced his


intention to target US servicemen and airbases in Britain, his conduct


in Syria offered to help. Just over one week later Junead Khan was


arrested in six weeks after that, his contact in Syria was killed by


an American drone strike, the plot abruptly terminated. He had been one


of IS most prolific propagandists which is why the Americans regarded


him as so dangerous. Unlike a single fighter with an AK-47 on the ground,


he had the potential through his all my efforts to reach across the ocean


and to motivate radicalise and inspire violence in foreign


countries around the world. With two of his IS contact dead from drone


strikes, Junead Khan now faces a long prison sentence for his part in


plotting to kill US servicemen based in Britain.


Now a look at some of the days other news:


say a woman has died of ebola, months after the epidemic


The 30-year-old died in hospital in the capital Monrovia.


Liberia was declared free of ebola in January, but there have been


several small flare-ups in the region.


Donald Trump is held talks with Republican party leaders are


damaging row over his loyalty. His meeting at the Republican National


committee lasted for 30 minutes but few details were revealed. Earlier


this week he accused the committee of treating him unfairly. After


today he tweeted the meeting was a very nice.


The Indonesian government has threatened to blacklist


Leonardo DiCaprio after the Oscar-winning actor made


critical statements about the country's palm oil


industry during a visit.On social media, the American actor posted


about the threat to the Le-ooser national park in Aceh.


A top official said if the comments are judged as "incitement",


Let's return to our main story and said that's president has been


addressing the nation over the controversy of his home. We can join


our correspondent from Johannesburg. The president has apologised, but he


says he will repay some of the money but we don't know how much? Indeed,


President Jacob Zuma came out tonight and addressed the nation


live on television, a rare event. He said he apologises for the issue


that has dragged on longer than it should have. He also said he'd never


knowingly or deliberately tried to subvert the constitution. With that,


that was President Zuma clinging to power for a few more years. The


African National Congress, his party, is now holding a briefing and


they say they welcome the President's explanation. He said he


also welcomes the judgment of the Constitutional Court which was


issued yesterday which was pretty damning against him. It is


interesting, because it is the highest court that found he had


broken the Constitution. How is he going to rule with any authority


now? Here is a situation. The electoral system is proportional


representation. People vote for the party to come into power, they don't


vote for the individual. Jacob Zuma is set to Parliament by the African


National Congress, which he is the president of, and then they elect


him to beat the president of the company. If they do not recall


President Zuma from his position that he stays exactly where he is.


Tonight it is clear the African National Congress stands by him, but


make no mistake, they are usually divided. There are those who want


President Zuma to resign immediately and some of them are speaking


publicly, and many others who want him to continue, who think this is


just a political ploy to remove him from power. For now, thank you very


much. Hopes of finding more survivors and


collapsed flyover in Kolkata are fading. Police have opened


proceedings against the company in charge of construction.


The last of the rubble is being cleared, no more bodies


There is some debris being removed and it has been insured there is no


As for the possibility of survivors, that is no more in this area.


I'm standing right in the middle of the crossroads where this


Look at the scale of the structure that came crashing down.


Remember, this is one of the busiest areas of one of the busiest cities


in India and it happened at midday, one of the busiest times of day.


As more twisted steel and shattered concrete is loaded onto trucks


What people want to know is why what should have been a fairly


straightforward construction project ended in such terrible disaster.


Everyone is not ready to see the area.


From 2009 the work has been going on.


Now we don't know when it will be complete.


With state elections just days away it has become a huge political


issue, not just here in Bengal, but across India.


People are asking why a construction company that had been blacklisted


by other Indian states were still in charge.


Was the long delayed project being rushed under pressure


Meanwhile, what remains of the overpass reflects


Two great arms of steel twisted and slumped, as if


South Korea says North Korea has fired another ballistic missile


off its east coast into the sea, just hours after U.S.


President Obama and China's President Xi Jinping were agreeing


to cooperate against any North Korean nuclear threat,


at a nuclear security summit attended by world leaders


The BBC's defence and diplomatic correspondent, Jonathan Marcus,


In nuclear security talks going on, Korea showing it really is not happy


about these talks and it will continue to do what it needs to do


in order to defend itself? That is the message coming from all the


North Korean diplomats. Yesterday the Americans were meeting with


senior South Korean and Japanese leaders, also the Chinese president


expressed concerns about North Korea and its nuclear programme, and we


had a rare opportunity in London to hear from the knock against


themselves, the ambassador to London. He came in and I was


speaking to him. I put it to him many of his colleagues are talking


about there being a situation of semi-war on the Korean peninsula and


he wasn't backing away from that Andy at all. The situation in the


Korean peninsular is a very serious, it is on the brink of nuclear war.


As you said, I think it is at a state of semi-war, that is correct.


Any time a walk and break


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