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This is BBC world News today. Broadcasting in the UK and around


the world. Here are the headlines. President Obama arrives in Germany.


He is trying to protect -- present a trade deal between UK and the


European Union. Each seat Asia beginning to develop, we have got to


make sure that we can compete there. An Austrian far right candidate has


won the first round of the country's presidential election. Africa is


celebrating the life of one of its greatest stars, who collapsed and


died on stage on Sunday. US President Barrack Obama has been


meeting the German Chancellor Among their discussions -


migration, security The President is pushing


for the new free trade He says it will be


boost jobs and growth. But the deal is divisive and has led


to large protests with critics saying it's


untransparent and undemocratic. It is one of the warmest political


relationships in the world. After all, this is likely to be


the American President's last He wants to secure the transatlantic


trade and investment partnership. But the Germans are


putting up a fight. Tens of thousands of people


protested in Hanover yesterday. They fear job losses,


foiling standards, Even Mr Obama admits it


will be hard to seal the As you see, other


markets like China is starting to develop,


and Asia starting to develop, and Africa are growing fast,


we have to make sure there, because at least


in the United States, 95% of the world's markets


are outside of our borders. They discussed Syria,


Ukraine and Libya. Tomorrow, they meet


the French, Italian and British In the German Chancellor's words,


these are turbulent times. TRANSLATION: All of the security


issues on the doorstep of Europe can only be solved with


trans-Atlantic efforts. two leaders have been keen to show


their mutual trust and mutual It is hard to remember the row that


erupted when the Americans had been listening into


Angela Merkel's mobile phone calls. They may have had said that


a significant disagreements, but the truth is that


Obama and Merkel have had to make Today, reflective words


from the American I run my portion of the race,


and I will pass the batter I run my portion of the race,


and I will pass the baton My goal before I leave


is to make sure that when I turn over the keys to my office,


that the desk is clean, and if the world is not completely tidy,


at least it is significantly better This evening, guest of honour


at the world's biggest industrial A glimpse of the technology of


the future, for a president keenly aware of how this country,


this continent, will remember him. Who is Executive Director


of the Campaign Organisation, He spoke to me and explained


why some campaigners We have already had a bit about the


threat to European regulation. These protect workers and the environment.


We are also concerned that it could mean more privatisation of services


in Britain. But is concerned the NHS. The health service in America


looks rather different to that here, and the last thing we want it to our


NHS at threat from big US health corporations. We are also concerned


that TTIP also includes new powers for corporations to sue our


democratically elected government if there are regulation rules that


those companies feel will harm their profits. Elsewhere in the world, we


have seen that tobacco companies start suing the government, and that


cannot be good idea in a democracy. We are going through a fragile


economic recovery, and the payoff is worth it, because jobs and a boost


to the economy is really important at this time. As your correspondent


acts that explain, one is about tariffs, the other is about the


erosion of standards, this opening up of five its services. I don't


think anyone would worry about reducing tariffs on a pair of jeans


coming from the US into Europe. But the European Commission's own


research suggests that up to 1 million jobs could be hit in Europe


by TTIP. You would expect big business to talk up the benefits of


it to the economy in the future, but actually, a lot of economic experts


say that it could be much more mixed than that.


In Austria, the candidate from the far-right Freedom Party has


won the first round of the country's presidential elections.


Norbert Hofer won over 35% of the vote and will now go through


It's been described as a historic defeat for Austria's


two mainstream parties, neither of which made it


A short while ago I spoke to our correspondent Bethany Bell


in Vienna and asked what this result means for Austria.


What we have got so far, many of the votes have been counted, and it


appears that the far right Freedom party candidate, Norbert Hofer, has


won a clear victory in this first round of elections for the post,


rather that a largely ceremonial post, president. There would be a


run-off, in May, and he would face an independent candidate. But this


really is a very big shape up -- shake-up for Austrian politics,


because for the first time since 1945, since the Second World War, we


don't have either someone from the centre-left or centre-right parties


standing for the post of president. These two parties, they have


dominated Austrian politics for decades. This is a real sense that


things are changing here, there is a lot of discontent in voters, it


seems, in terms of the political status quo. They are worried about


immigration and the economy. The message, voters say, is that they


want something different, and they have chosen so far, a candidate from


the far right. Immigration is playing a similar -- significant


role, but the divisive role as well. Very much so. It has been quite


interesting, watching the Austrian government over the last few months.


They have taken a far tougher line in recent months about migration.


They have tightened up their borders in response to their fears that the


far right would gain votes, as it has today. We also saw


demonstrations at the Brenner pass, which is between Austria and Italy,


demonstrators there protesting against the tighter border controls.


They say that that is not correct, that migrants should be allowed free


passage, and Europe should not tighten up its board is -- borders.


In other news: Early results in Serbia's parliamentary election


suggest the centre-right Progressive Party has taken more


It's a major victory for prime minster Aleksandar Vucic,


who has promoted Serbia's membership of the European Union.


The ultra-nationalist leader Vojislav Seselj


will return to parliament - but his Radical Party claimed less


There's been a shootout and fire at motel in Topeka in the US


Four federal officers were wounded when they tried to arrest a suspect


wanted for a string of armed robberies.


After the shootout a fire broke out at the motel completely


Turkish police have released a Dutch journalist who had been detained


for writing tweets deemed critical of the Turkish President.


Last week, Ms Umar published an article criticising Turkish


consulate officials for asking all Turks in the Netherlands country


to report insults against President Erdogan.


One of the biggest stars of African music, Papa Wemba,


has died after collapsing on stage in Ivory Coast.


The Congolese singer was 66 years old.


His pioneering blend of African, Cuban and Western influences became


one of Africa's most popular music styles.


He had also toured around the world, and recorded with British


This is how some people in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Here is the man himself - performing on stage...


Well I've been speaking to the BBC's DJ EDU, about the man,


A legend and a fashionista. He was known for his dress skills. He was


known when he --... He does a rumba music which is the


heartbeat of Congolese music. He has been one of the people who has


managed to push the boundaries for Congolese music around the world.


The first music I remember listening to as a child, I was from Kenya. The


first music I heard was from Congo. Papa Wemba was definitely one of the


records I remember hearing. He told stories about what was going on in


his life. We would listen to songs about prison. It is stuff that you


would never hear about. Just how about he dressed, Congolese men


dressed like that! He made headlines on and off stage. To be artistic and


progressive and to be the kind of person he was, you would have to


make heads turn. It came through in his music, and the way he did his


things on a day-to-day basis. Egypt's


President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his Interior Minister


have warned that security forces would deal firmly with protesters,


a day before planned anti-government demonstrations.In a televised


speech, Mr Sisi urged people to defend Egypt from what he called


the "forces of evil". Earlier this month, thousands


marched against Sisi's policies Solar Impulse has completed a flight


over the Pacific Ocean, It landed in California shortly


before midnight local time, This latest leg of its


35,000-kilometre round-the-world trip, saw it travel


4,000 kilometres. The end of a 62-hour journey across


the Pacific Ocean. Solar Impulse completed


the last leg of this part of its journey in style,


flying over the Golden Gate Bridge. I would have stayed with pleasure,


for several more days. Because you know,


it's absolutely magic. Magical to fly a solar powered


aeroplane with no fuel, I could continue, I could continue


now for several days. It's been a long journey


for the solar powered plane, It took off from Hawaii on Thursday,


where, for the past eight months, it had been undergoing repairs


after its batteries were damaged As the name suggests,


it gets all its energy from the sun through the 17,000 cells that cover


the top surface of the craft. These power propellers


during the day, but also charge batteries that the vehicle's motors


can then call on during the night. The pilots will breathe a sigh


of relief they've made it to North America,


but it's not over yet. The pilot and his co-pilot will


carry on across the United States, aiming to reach the finish line


in Abu Dhabi in the second Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come: Three years on from the Bangladesh


disaster, how many have been bullied out of compensation.


The stars and stripes at half mast. I never thought that they would go


through with it. For millions of Americans, the death


of Richard Nixon has meant conflicting emotions. It


sits uneasily with the shame of Watergate.


And liftoff of the space shuttle discovery.


Here are the headlines. President Obama arrives in Germany, hoping to


boost a controversial deal between the US and European Union.


candidate Norbert Hofer - of the Freedom Party -


has won the first round of the country's presidential election.


Some of victims of one of the world's biggest industrial


disasters say their compensation money is being stolen


Three years after the Rana Plaza disaster, in which over a thousand


people died in Bangladesh, some survivors say husbands


and family members are beating them for their cash.


Our reporter Shahnaz Parveen has this report from Dhaka.


A family recovering from tragedy. Years after the disaster, and it is


still painful to remember. TRANSLATION: when the building


dropped, we all started running. People were panicking everywhere.


Then the roof fell in, and others stuck under some sewing machines for


nine hours. I thought I was buried and a grave and would never get out.


This woman survived the tragedy, but her family life did not. The issue


of compensation for her injuries ended up tearing them apart. She


left her husband after he demanded cash. I was pregnant at that time. I


would do what ever I wanted with the money, you just listen. He used to


kick me, punch me, slap me, he said that either gets more money, then he


started beating me again for that money. I left after divorcing him.


With no money and no income, she has been forced to live with her


parents. Her father says that she is no longer at the daughter that she


called -- they all knew. Everything -- ever since she was rescued from


the disaster, she has had problems with her memory. Just seconds after


saying something, she would forget what she is saying. At night, she


has terrible nightmares. Three years ago, the factory collapse because of


faulty building construction. It is one of the worst tragedies that


Bangladesh has ever seen. And the grief has had a lasting effect on


the nation. This is where it all happened. A nine story building


turned to rubble in the matter of a few seconds, with 3000 workers still


trapped inside. The rubble has been cleared and all that is left is a


small member Oriel to the hundreds of victims that lost their lives.


This woman, like so many who were affected by the disaster, Kent


struggled to make ends meet. -- can struggle to make the ends meet.


That's all stands between Leicester City and the Premier League title.


The team that started the season as rank outsiders picked up another


Another big step on the way to lifting the trophy.


Two goals from Leonardo Ulloa, in for the suspended Jamie Vardy,


plus goals from Riyad Mahrez and substitute Marc Albrighton


sealed a comfortable win for Claudio Ranieri's side.


Leicester could clinch the title with victory


at Manchester United next weekend, if Spurs slip up


at home to West Bromwich Albion tomorrow night.


Another little step. We know that the battle is really hard. We need


five points more, and now we need to be focused on the next match. It was


very important to score an early goal, and I saw my players beat so


concentrated, so hungry. Good shape, everybody was doing the right


movement, and it was good. Sunderland are out of the relegation


zone after a goalless They move ahead of Norwich


on goal difference. It's a result that leaves Arsenal


far from certain of Champions League Crystal Palace will play


Manchester United in next month's FA Palace beat Watford 2-1 in this


afternoon's semi-final at Wembley. Yannick Bolasie gave them the lead


after just six minutes. Damien Delaney flicked


the ball on for him. into the game with a corner


routine of their own. Troy Deeney with the equaliser ten


minutes after half-time. But six minutes later,


there was a third headed goal of the game, Connor


Wickham this time. It won't be like that against


Manchester United. We would need different game plan. It will be a


little bit lengths -- less adventurous than we were today. They


are the biggest club in the world. We are going to meet them here, and


we deserve to be here, as they do. While football fans in Leicester


were celebrating today supporters of the city's rugby team had to cope


with disappointment. Leicester Tigers' bid to make it


an all-English Champions Cup final came up short as they were


beaten by Racing 92. will now face Saracens in next


month's final after a 19 points Neither of the finalists has


won the trophy before. Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge missed out


on a new world record by just a few seconds in today's


London Marathon. the moment when he realised


the record had slipped through his fingers as he ran down


the Mall to the finish line. It's the second year


in a row Kipchoge has won. The women's race was


also won by a Kenyan - Jemima Sumgong somehow recovering


from a heavy fall near She recovered to finish ahead


of last year's winner, Sumgong clocked an unofficial time


of two hours 22 minutes, 58 seconds. The race was started earlier


by astronaut Tim Peake. He was also running,


strapped to a treadmill Major Peake was able to see


the roads pass under his feet Prince's publicist says


the music superstar's remains have been cremated -


and a small group of family, friends and musicians


have celebrated his life Gifts were handed out


by his relatives to some of the well-wishers


who are continuing to gather outside his Paisley Park


home in Minneapolis. Our North America correspondent


James Cook reports... At Prince's Paisley Park estate,


public grieving over the loss of an intensely


private star continues. Inside the complex where he died


alone, a small group of friends and family gathered for a memorial


service behind the gates. As a musician he pushed


us and made us better, In a gesture typical


of the artist, fans were handed A musical celebration of his life


is planned in contrast to the small memorial service which was described


as a private, beautiful ceremony The 57-year-old's remains had been


cremated said his publicist, and their final storage


would not be revealed. As fans wonder about a secret vault


of songs he reportedly left behind, the investigation


into his death continues. But a spokeswoman says that it


could be months before President Obama arrives


in Germany, hoping to bright boost a controversial deal


between the US and European Union. candidate Norbert Hofer -


of the Freedom Party - has won the first round of


the country's presidential election. that is all from me and the team.


Thanks for being with us. It is going to feel like the middle


of January this week! I know! The winds are coming down from the


Arctic. It


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