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As the German Chancellor meets Syrian refugees in Turkey,


the EU says the deal to stem the flow of migrants


Today Tuckey is the best example for the whole world how we should treat


refugees. Protests in Germany ahead


of President Obama's visit on Sunday On his last day on London,


he called on young people I am here to ask you to reject the


notion that we are directed by forces we cannot control and I want


you to take a longer and more optimistic view of history. Age


cannot weather heaven, celebrations for Shakespeare on the 400th


anniversary of his death. Around the World


on a wing and some sunshine. The historic voyage of a solar


powered plane is about to complete Syrians living in a camp


on the Turkish border had some high The Turkish prime minister,


the German chancellor, and the president of


the European Council have been to see for themselves


the conditions there, as the final details of a deal


for Turkey to take back migrants The UN Refugee Agency has raised


concerns over the deal and human rights groups say the country is not


a safe place to return people. Today Tuckey is the best example


for the whole world how No-one has the right to lecture


Turkey as to what to do. I am really proud


and we will succeed. Let's cross to join other


correspondence. Lots of smiles and handshakes and the message of


solidarity on all sides? That was the message. The German Chancellor


under European rain leaders were trying to promote that today. Were


trying to promote the controversial European rain - Tuckey migrants


deal, but the atmosphere today was very amicable. There were such


comments from Tusk that we listen to, applause from the audience.


These are pleasing comments coming from the European Union for Turkish


people because Turkey already feels it has done a lot to help Syrian


refugees. The Turkish government says they have spent over $10


billion to accommodate these people. Turkey has been helping with health


services, trying to help with education services for the Syrian


children living in Turkey, but that is not enough, Turkey says. The


government is expecting more help from the European Union and this is


why the Scots are being held. Today, Angola Merkel suggested a safe zone


to be established within Syria which was something the Turkish government


had been pushing for for some time now. And the last couple of months,


when Aleppo was about to fall, Turkey had been trying to do this in


a de facto way, providing services that help the people, the people


fleeing the fighting in Aleppo, but not allowing them into Turkey.


Previously Turkey had an open doors policy and no Angela Merkel strongly


supports Turkey's plans and wishes when implementing and establishing a


safe zone within Syria. Another important thing is the Prime


Minister once more underlined that it is very vital for Turkey but its


demand for the lifting of the Visa restrictions for Turkish citizens


who want to travel to Schengen countries was lifted by June. He


said this is a promise that is already given to Turkish people and


the Turkish government is determined to keep that promise and is


pressuring the European Union leaders apparently to take the


necessary steps to make this happen. By the end of July, they have


already said that by the end of July there will be projects that will


cost over 1 billion euros to help raise the living standards of the


Syrian migrants already living in Turkey, so the European Union-


Turkey deal, they feel has started to work and shown its impact. The


number of people trying to cross to Greece from Turkey has decreased by


80% and no more projects are coming in and both the Turkish government


and European Union leaders want to show that this is a deal that can


actually work and work very well to help the Syrian migrants and stem


the flow of the migrants to Europe. Thank you.


Meanwhile in Syria, government warplanes have struck rebel-held


areas of the northern city of Aleppo for the second day in a row.


These pictures purportedly show the aftermath of the attack.


Twelve people were reportedly killed, including children.


On the other hand, the government said six died in rebel attacks


on neighbourhoods that it controls in Aleppo.


There were also reports that at least 13 people


were killed in a bombardment of the opposition-held town


Both the US and the UN have expressed alarm at the escalation


A secular university professor has been hacked to death in Bangladesh,


in an attack which police say is similar to the recent killings


Rezaul Karim Siddique was a professor of English


at Raj-shahi University in the west of the country.


He was attacked by men with machetes while on his way


Earlier this month a Bangladeshi law student, who had expressed


secular views online, was killed in the capital, Dhaka.


Well, I've been speaking to Imran Sarker, a well-known


He says this case in particular is extremely alarming.


It looks like there are similarities with blogger killings


and with the way he had been killed, but he was not that


vocal against extremism and radical Islam.


He was a music lover and


So what do you think the motive was, because he wasn't politically


outspoken or necessarily even an atheist, so what was the motive?


We were very concerned about this thing.


We tried to understand the government that


The killers just said actually, tried justifying their


Those are very influential in society and


What is your reaction to the government


Do you think there is a culture of impunity in Bangladesh?


Government action is not enough, and it is very flexible to them.


Government inaction and the justification


them to be more fearless and ferocious.


They will not take responsibility and a statement from


a Prime Minister regarding ongoing killing of bloggers, publishers and


That is giving more spaces for killers.


Given the brutality of


this recent attack and others that have taken place before, do you feel


Yes, I am frightened but not for my security,


I am very frightened for


the security of my state and national security.


Where politicians failed to act properly,


The American President Barack Obama has urged young people to reject


pessimism and not to pull back from the rest of the world.


He was speaking on the last day of his final visit


Our North America Editor Jon Sopel reports.


All the world is a stage, and this particular player is nine months


Today, Barack Obama visited the Globe Theatre on


the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death.


Then it was on to meet future great writers and


leaders, a town hall meeting of 500 people and a sprinkling of stardust


You all know why I came this week, it is no secret.


Nothing was going to stop me from wishing happy birthday to Her


But then he wanted a conversation with this young crowd,


drawn from colleges across the UK, to motivate, to encourage, to make


When I speak to young people, I implore them and I implore you to


I'm here to ask you to reject the notion


that we are gripped by forces that we can't control and I want


you to take a longer and more optimistic


view of history and the part that you can play in it.


He lauded the EU for the role it had played in


maintaining peace in Europe, though that


was as close as he got to the


Then, a stream of questions, which the president, with


jacket off and sleeves rolled up, spent a good chunk of time


If your successor comes to you and she says, so...


This has been an extraordinary event, for over an hour that


President has taken random questions from


young people in London and his


message is upbeat, saying there has never been a better time to be alive


and there are no problems that cannot be solved without commitment


Seven years in, he still believes in yes, we can.


Then he went with David Cameron to play a game


that is so often "no, I can't," the infuriated


After yesterday, it might be gracious for Mr Cameron to let


Well, President Obama is likely to face a less unanimous welcome


when he visits the German city of Hannover tomorrow.


Tens of thousands of people there have been protesting


against one of the his landmark policies --


a proposed transatlantic trade deal, known as TTIP.


The protestors say the deal would water down European


standards on environmental protection and privacy.


But business leaders and many politicians say it


would increase trade, save jobs and promote growth.


President Obama is due to visit Hanover on Sunday to open a huge


trade fair and hold security talks with European leaders.


Some say if the deal isn't signed this year under his presidency -


Let's take a look at the visit in more detail.


If TTIP comes, standards will definitely drop to a lower level


than they are now. Health care and even privacy because lower standards


means it is easier to sell stuff. Other trading areas and regions will


have the law in partnerships, that means we can remain with what we


have, well fed and the level of living in the workplace will be very


helpful to negotiate with the other biggest trading partners all over


the world, and that is the US. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come. An electrifying race


through the streets of Paris - they're fast, quiet and battery


powered. I never thought they would actually


go through with it. Some places have already had nearly


as much rain as they would normally expect an entire year. For millions


of Americans the death of Nixon has meant conflicting emotions. A


national day of mourning in next week sitting uneasily with the


abiding memories of the shame of Watergate. And left off for the


space shuttle discovery, our on the universe.


As the German Chancellor meets Syrian refugees in Turkey,


the EU says the deal to stem the flow of migrants


deal ahead of a visit by President Obama.


It's an historic voyage the world has been watching -


a solar-powered airplane on an around-the-world trip


is currently over the Pacific and headed for San Francisco.


The plane started its journey in Abu Dhabi in March last year.


It's made stops in Oman, Myanmar, China and Japan.


Most recently it was stuck in Hawaii.


At the controls is pilot Bertrand Piccard.


Yesterday he had an in flight conversation with UN


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who had just presided over


the signing of the new international climate agreement.


Today technology can achieve impossible things like flying day


and night without fuel on a solo aeroplane. That is wonderful, thank


you for joining us. You look like an astronaut on the moon! You look


great! Happy scenes. Let's go live to the pilot currently flowing,


there will be a slight delay while we communicate with them, we are


speaking via satellite. You have had a few stumbling blocks, in Hawaii,


can you tell us why? Nice to talk to you. On the flight to Hawaii, my


flight started three days ago, we had to replace the batteries that


had overheated. It was an operational mistake on our site but


the plane is perfectly fit to continue and I have just now, when I


spoke to you, the first version of the coast of California, so it is a


magical moment. We are looking at a map of your exact position where you


are, can you tell us what you can see? Now I am above the Pacific


ocean in front of the West Coast of America. The law me are some


low-level clouds and the sky above is completely clear, and I have the


coast in view, the American coast. I should say it is fantastic and I


have succeeded in completing the Pacific crossing and on the other


side, I would have stayed with pleasure for several more days on


board because it is absolutely magical to fly a solar powered


aeroplane with no fuel, I could continue now for several days, so I


will land because I will take over the flight to Phoenix and on the way


to New York, and one thing interesting, between the clouds is


an oil tanker from the old world we are oil is still needed, and I am in


the future with the solar powered aeroplane with no fuel. It sounds


like such a fascinating journey that you


stretches of water and lots of risk involved, have been frightened. We


are very well prepared, to jump on the parachute if needed, but the


plane is flying well. It is not so for each flying a solar aeroplane


that is dangerous but what is dangerous is to lead any world that


is changing the climate and destroying the environment and


natural resources. This is really dangerous and we have to do


something for it. And so many people have found to demonstrate the


solution, solutions that people can use, but to have solo aeroplane is


not immediately but we can have a plane for 50 passengers immediately


and we can use electrical insulation on the ground or houses, this is


what we need and this is what I want for the future. What do your loved


oness say about your journey? When I wrote to my three daughters to tell


them I would take off tomorrow and the weather is good, they said to go


for it, we are all behind you. I said I hope that you learn from me


that this is something useful for your life and they said pioneering


spirit for life, this is what we have now, and I was really touched.


I think I transmitted something important and my wife has been


working with me since the beginning of the project, helping me to


communicate about technology so it is also a family endeavour. And what


has been the favourite part of your journey so far? Can you repeat your


question? What has been the highlight of the trip so far? The


highlight was yesterday when I could speak to the United Nations, to the


heads of state signing the climate agreement, talk to them with


satellite communication from solar impulse, because this was the


highlight and it is really what I want to use it for. It is not just


an adventure because I love to fly. It is a message because I want to


show what we can do today, and protection of the environment today


can be profitable. And at the same time fight climate change. This is


what the heads of state have to understand because they have to go


quickly now. Thank you for being with us and good luck on the rest of


your journey. Events are taking place today


to mark the 400th anniversary The man widely considered


the world's greatest playwright is believed to have died


on this date - his 52nd The commemorations centre


on Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire where


he was born and was buried. Our Arts Correspondent,


Lizo Mzimba, reports. Three cheers for


William Shakespeare! Stratford-upon-Avon remembering


its most famous son. Thousands watched as a special


anniversary parade made People of all ages commemorating,


celebrating the playwright and his Of course, it is not


just the public. Many of the theatre's best-known


figures are also taking We love an anniversary,


a reason to look back and commemorate and Shakespeare,


even if you are unaware of Shakespeare's works,


what he did to our language, and our culture and landscape,


will have influenced you, even if you are not aware of it,


so it is right and proper that we should take a moment


to celebrate that. Stratford-upon-Avon is well used


to bringing Shakespeare to life Throughout the day,


there have been events all Ask for me tomorrow and you shall


find me a grave man! Visitors finding that,


for today at least, there is no need to buy theatre


tickets to see their favourite plays And while it can be a battle getting


some young people to appreciate Shakespeare,


it is a different story when there is


the chance of getting involved


in a Shakespearean style fight. All ahead of the arrival


here of Prince After visiting locations including


the Church which houses Shakespeare's grave,


the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall


will be guests of honour at the Royal


share a theatre for a performance that will see the likes


of Dame Judi Dench, Benedict Cumberbatch


and many other famous names performing


dramatic scenes from Shakespeare's The first motor race to be held


on the streets of Paris in 65 years has taken place -


the difference being this time, It's part of the second season


of a championship Our Paris correspondent


Hugh Schofield reports. The two kilometre circuit was around


the historic church and museum complex where the traditional


cobbles were temporarily calm act over for a smoother ride. That's it


from me, thank you. It is called out there and some of


us will wake up to frost but for others showers around. A


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