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This is BBC World News Today with me Tim Willcox.


Let's take you to Minnesota, where we are expecting the sheriff to talk


about Prince's death. I wish it were under different circumstances. This


is a tragedy for all of us. To you, Prince Rogers Nelson was a


celebrity. To us, he is a community member and a good neighbour. To his


family, he is a loved one. In life, he was a very private person. We


will continue to respect his privacy and dignity and we hope that you


will do as well. We also respect the media's right to information.


They're in mind that the information happened asthmatic the incident


happened about 29 hours ago and continues to be under investigation.


There is information that I will not be able to talk about. I'm going to


give you a statement and a mule sake -- and then we will take some


questions. Yesterday morning we received a call and the Sheriff's


office and the ambulance responded to the call, which is our standard


protocol, it is not unusual to have everybody responds to a medical like


that. They found an unresponsive mail in the elevator. CPR was


initially started but was not successful -- male. He was


pronounced deceased at seven minutes past ten. We identified him as


Prince Rogers Nelson, 57 years old. Staff members from Paisley Park had


been unable to contact Prince yesterday morning and went to check


on him. They found him unresponsive and called 911. Deputies went


through the building to make sure there was nobody else inside.


Because this was an unwitnessed death of a middle-aged adults, the


decision was made to process the scene, which is normal protocol and


no different to what we would normally do. We ended up contacting


the head of the county crime lab to help us with that and there should


be no inference taken from that, it isn't unusual for them to do those


types of calls. We finished with our processing late yesterday afternoon.


We turned Paisley Park back over to Prince's representatives. Because


the investigation is ongoing, I will not be answering questions on


whether there were any items taken during our processing. The midwest


medical examiner's office was contacted and the Carver County


medical Examiner was funded. There were no obvious signs of trauma --


responded. The body was taken for autopsy and that is being done


today. The results from that autopsy may take several weeks, which is not


unusual. Again, this will continue to be an open investigation until


the autopsy results come back. We are ready to take take questions


that you may have. It was said that there were people in the home who


were distraught. Can you tell us more about who was in the home?


There were some staff members who were there, who had gone to check on


him and that's all I can respond to. INAUDIBLE


Are not responding to any kind of questions about what may have been


taken -- I am not responding. We have no reason to believe that this


was a suicide. But this is early on in the investigation and we are


continuing to investigate. Any indication of how long he had been


in the elevator? We haven't received that information from the medical


examiner's office. It hadn't been in there for the couple of minutes


before the first responders arrived. You said he is a very private


person. INAUDIBLE I am not the person to answer that,


we will let the medical examiner talk about that. Were any medical


calls made to that address? I have checked calls to service for that


address in the log, and his name directly and there were no calls


involving Prince in the last year. Paisley Park, Prince does some


concern as there sometimes and some get-togethers, so it isn't unusual


for us to receive calls from Paisley Park itself. There was nothing that


I'm aware of that involved Prince directly at Paisley Park. Are you


unable to confirm whether Prince was taking any medication? I'm not able


to confirm that at this time at all. Can you give us an idea about the


investigation? INAUDIBLE We'll be talking to people who are


close to him, gathering some medical records and taking a look at those


and the medical examiner's office and working from there. Worthy staff


members there before he collapsed -- worth were the. They were trying to


reach him yesterday morning and they were not able to reach in, so they


responded to Paisley Park to look for him and found him unresponsive


in the elevator. INAUDIBLE We cleared and you went through the


residence at the time and we did not find anybody else there. Are you


cooperating with any other jurisdictions? We will be looking at


all of that. Can you tell me what you have done so far? This is 29


hours old, detectives are currently working on the case. There are


things they are working on. INAUDIBLE


Yes, of course, we always cooperate federally. You said there were no


calls involving Prince, are you aware of any hospital visits? There


are no calls involving the Sheriff's office that I'm aware of. Was there


medication and the home? I'm not going to get specific on what was


and wasn't taken -- at the home. Some reports that he may have been


on medication such as Percocet. This is under investigation and I cannot


comment on that at this time. INAUDIBLE


Between us and the medical examiner's office we will be looking


at that, absolutely. Reports that he frequented a local Walgreens, is


there any surveillance? That would be our normal protocol, to pull any


kind of video? That would be the normal protocol. This case is 29


hours old and it continues evolving. Can you talk to us about processing


the scene, how they are working? The head of the county crime lab is


helping us from the processing standpoint and they are meticulous,


that is what they do. They are very meticulous. Photos and so on. Any


indications of how long he had been in the elevator? We are going to


wait for the medical examiner's office to give that information. I


cut off somebody here? She is the public information officer, she is


not the medical examiner. Any sign of a drug overdose? There is no


information at this time with regard to attack you what they are talking


about, it is part of the investigation. Let me give you some


background, we are working as part of the investigative team with the


Sheriff's office, so many of the answers I can give you today will


include the word pending. We received a call at 12 minutes past


ten to come and assist the Carver County Sheriff 's office in the best


gauge and and the investigator arrived at 11:30am yesterday


morning, local time and was on the scene for several hours. The autopsy


this moulding begun at 9am -- this morning. It concluded at 1pm. Just


shortly I received word that his body left the midwest medical


examiner 's office and was released to the family. It was a very


meticulous exam, it was a complete exam. Several of the pieces of


information that are gathered in that process will be sent to


laboratories for further testing. So that answer is pending, and it will


take days and weeks to complete those investigations. Is it possible


to say when he died? I know when the time of death was pronounced, but


had he been dead overnight? Do you know when he stopped breathing? That


information is pending. Do you know when he was removed? 1539. Was there


any extra people brought in colour because this was Prince, or any


extra deputies? There were a number of people that started gathering


across the street, very early, as well as the media, so yes, we


certainly brought in other people to help from a crowd control standpoint


and to assist us with that. From the scene processing standpoint, it is a


very large area, Paisley Park, so we had to bring in a couple of extra


people and that is part of the reason for having assistance with


them. INAUDIBLE The building is pretty big.


INAUDIBLE That will be part of the


investigation, I don't want to comment. Did he use the elevator


because he felt he was about to pass out? Did he have access to the


stairway? He certainly has access to stairways. Paisley Park is a big


place. I don't think it would be unusual for him to use the elevator.


The staircases are pretty long, so that wouldn't be unusual, that's why


he took the elevator. He collapsed inside the elevator? He was


collapsed in the elevator. Do you know when he was last seen alive?


Had he retired for the night? The information we have is that he was


last seen at about 8pm on Wednesday night. At Paisley Park. Have you met


Prince before, and what was the interaction like? I did meet him but


it wasn't in my capacity as the mayor. When I was in business I had


the pleasure of riding in an aeroplane with him. The aeroplane


was riding for -- waiting for departure and there were some empty


seats in front of me and very soon after that, the stewardess escorted


Prince and a member of his entourage. That was the only time I


had an encounter. I did greet him, but as the mayor, I've never had any


reason to meet him. We would see Prince from a law Forsman standpoint


occasionally, he would have concerts at Paisley Park and we would help


with traffic systems. He lived there for a long time and had two


different residences, in County and Paisley Park. He had been a


long-time member of the community and had been a good member of the


community. You said no reason to believe it was a suicide. INAUDIBLE


We have no reason to believe it is a suicide, the rest of it is under


investigation. Can questions about medication be cleared up by talking


to his doctor? It will be part of the investigation and we will have


contact with the medical information, personnel he has had


contact with -- with the medical personnel. Have you had any contact?


This investigation is 29 years old, I don't know specifically who they


have talked to. INAUDIBLE I don't have that information. He


was on the first floor. Any rumours that you would like to dispel at


this time about his death or any part of the investigation? There


have been so many rumours, I don't know if I can dispel all of them.


This is under investigation. Was a search warrant issued? We did a


search warrant, yes, and that would be normal protocol. Paisley Park is


very large, it is hard to say who could have given us permission to


process the scene, so we thought it would be safer and better for us to


get a search warrant on the front end to do that. The search warrant


hasn't been filed as of yet and it will be filed probably over the next


week and a half. INAUDIBLE To process the scene at Paisley


Park. I don't have a copy of the search warrant. Different offices do


different things sometimes -- sometimes preliminary results are


released. Are you going to have a preliminary report on any Pelo


information? The short answer is no. The explanation is that we are here


in the capacity of serving the Carver County Sheriff 's office as


part of their team -- LE per limb and information. We will get our


results and we will not any -- release any admission until the


results are complete -- preliminary investigation. It is up to the


Sheriff, what information he releases, whether it is preliminary


or when it is complete. INAUDIBLE His body was Willie is to his


family. -- was released to his family. Results are pending. What do


you expect the timeline to be? It may be days, depending on the type


of tests, but more likely weeks before we have the complete results


and then the medical Examiner's office will release it. How many


investigators do you have working on the case? We have got three, four


agencies working on this and they have a number of detectives working


on it. This is a very large... Let me rephrase it, this is a high


profile case for us. The county continues, life in the county goes


on and there are other cases that we have that we are currently working


on. I'm not sure how many detectives I have working specifically on this


case. The plane landed in Illinois. Was there anything unusual about


where he landed that you can talk about? I know as much about that


currently as you do from reading the paper. Let me address that. Speaking


on behalf of the Chief medical Examiner, when we say we are going


to be doing a complete exam, that not only includes the present state


of the body that is brought to us, but also the medical history of the


individual, the family medical history, so those things will be


encompassed in the medical Examiner's report that will be


delivered to the Sheriff. INAUDIBLE It will include his medical history,


his social history and his family's medical history as well. INAUDIBLE


I assumed they would request them as part of the investigation.


Absolutely, we have access to them. INAUDIBLE


At this moment we have not reached out to the BCA for assistance. The


family cooperating the investigation? I spoke to the family


and they are trying to keep many things quiet. I've had contact with


Prince's family and representatives and they have been very cooperative,


we haven't had any problems. You said there are no obvious signs of


trauma. That is where we will leave this press conference that is being


handled by Jim Balsillie and they represented from the medical


Examiner's office -- Jim Olsen. 29 hours after the death, the autopsy


is being carried out. The facts of the case are that the last time


Prince was seen alive was at 8am in the morning. He was found collapsed


in an elevator, CPR was attempted but there was no response. The


investigation continues and there are no obvious signs of trauma on


his body and no indication that this was a suicide attempt either.


As the debate over Britain's membership of the European Union


intensifies, everyone was waiting to hear how emphatic


President Barack Obama would be on the issue.


His response today was explosive as he urged Britain


in forthright terms to stick with the EU.


with David Cameron, Mr Obama warned that Britain would be "at the back


of the queue" for a bilateral trade deal with the US,


as President began with lunch with the Queen at Windsor Castle,


with the First Lady Michelle and the Duke of Edinburgh.


to Number Ten for a one-to-one with the British Prime Minister.


Mr Obama's intervention in the EU referendum debate has


brought sharp criticism from Leave campaigners.


Editor, John Pienaar, whose report contains some


When the president comes calling, he starts at the top.


Touch down at Windsor Castle for a private visit with the Queen.


Well, as private as these visits get.


The one place and person to whom Barack Obama defers.


Protocol rules, even for the president.


He is here not just as a courtesy on his farewell tour,


but to have his say on Britain's place in the world before


Now, which head of state is supposed to go in front?


Warmer than those wanting out of the EU were about to feel


about Barack Obama, especially after the business end


And in Downing Street, his welcome looked even warmer.


Not just because President and Prime Minister are quite good


friends, you could see that, but because the biggest star


in world politics was here to help David Cameron


in the fight of his life, keeping Britain in the EU


and in the process saving the Cameron premiership


President Obama took his chance and was not holding back.


I figured you might want to hear from the President


of the United States, what I think the


On that matter, for example, I think it is fair to say that maybe


at some point down the line there might be a UK-US trade


agreement, but not any time soon, because our focus is in negotiating


with a big bloc, the European Union, to get a trade agreement done.


And the UK is going to be in the back of the queue.


Toughest warning yet by far, and he was not sorry for saying it.


Ultimately, this is something the British voters have


But, as part of our special relationship, part of being friends


is to be honest, and to let you know what I think.


And speaking honestly, the outcome of that decision


is a matter of deep interest to the United States, because it


David Cameron could not have asked for more.


The out camp are convinced that he did.


Our collective power and reach is amplified by Britain's membership


When it comes to the special relationship between our countries,


there is no greater enthusiast than me.


I am very proud to have had the opportunity to be Prime Minister


and stand outside the White House listening to this man,


my friend Barack, say that the special relationship


between our countries has never been stronger.


But I've never felt constrained in any way in strengthening this


relationship by the fact that we are in the European Union.


Even before the president said a word, you somehow knew


something big was coming, bigger than Prince, the Beatles,


And what a show it is when Barack Obama comes to town.


In there, it is about international diplomacy, high-stakes politics.


Out here, forget the rain, it feels like a crowd at a rock


concert, people have come to get a glance at a president more popular


than any politician here even in their dreams.


But can Barack Obama win minds as well as hearts?


If you did not know these two were close, you know now.


One of them, Boris Johnson, even doubted whether the president


he called "part-Kenyan" had British interests at heart.


I think it is perverse that we are being urged


by the United States to embroil ourselves ever more deeply


in a system where our laws, 60% of them now emanate from the EU,


when the United States would not dream of subjugating itself in any


way to any other international jurisdiction.


Side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder, Barack Obama has


The fight for Britain's future still lies in the balance and that


will decide whether the dramatic support David Cameron's closest


friend and ally has given today is remembered as a prize trophy


It is that time of the day to look at what weather stories


It is that time of the day to look at what weather stories have been


dominating the headlines around the world and unfortunately we've seen


quite a significant landslide in north-east


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