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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Willcox.


The Headlines: Obama's body blow to Britain's Brexit campaign?


Our focus is hidden negotiating with a big block of the European Union to


get it trade deal done and the UK would be in the back of the queue.


The President and the Prime Minister give a combative defence of staying


in the EU and underline the special relationship between


Leaders from more than 170 countries gather in New York


to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change.


One Hollywood star reminds the world of its commitments.


We ask you to protect it, or we and all living things


Also coming up: An autopsy is carried out on Prince,


but it could take weeks before the results are made public.


From Stratford upon Avon to Moscow - from Yorick to Yuri.


We meet an unusually devoted Russian fan of William Shakespeare.


As the debate over Britain's membership of the EU continues


to build, everyone was waiting to hear where President Barack Obama


His response today was explosive, as he urged Britain


in forthright terms to stick with the European Union.


On his final visit to Britain as President,


he and the First Lady, Michelle, had lunch


Before Mr Obama held talks in Downing Street with David


Mr Obama's intervention in the EU referendum debate has brought sharp


Here's our Deputy Political Editor, John Pienaar, whose report contains


When the president comes calling, he starts at the top. Touchdown at


Windsor Castle for a private visit to the Queen. The one place, one


person to whom Barack Obama to fares. He is here not just as a


courtesy on his farewell tour, but to have his say on Britain's place


in the world before her subjects decide. Which head of state will go


in front? The royal welcome was warm enough, warmer than those wanting


out of the EU were about to feel about Barack Obama, especially after


the business end of his visit, the President's next stop. In Downing


Street his welcome lift even warmer, not just because President and Prime


Minister are quite good friends, but because the biggest star in world


politics was here to help David Cameron in the fight of his life,


keeping Britain in the EU and in the process saving the David Cameron


premiership from a messy and unhappy end. Then they were on. President


Obama took his chance and he wasn't holding back. I figured you might


want to hear from the President of the United States what I think the


United States will do. On that matter, for example, I think it is


fair to say that maybe at some point down the line thermite be a UK- US


trade agreement but it is not going to


happen it I have never felt constrained in any way but the fact


that we are in the European Union. Even before the president said a


word you knew that something big was coming. Maybe a game changer. What a


show with is when Barack Obama comes to time. In the net is all about


international diplomacy, high step politics. Here it feels like a cried


at a rock concert. Everyone has come to get a last glimpse of a president


that is more popular than any politician here, even in their


dreams. But can he win minds as well has hearts -- as well as hearts.


Their opponents are upset. Boris Johnson even doubted whether the


president he called part Kenyan had Britain's interests at heart. I


think it is perverse that we are being urged by the United States to


embroil ourselves ever more deeply in the system where our laws, 60% of


them are now emanating from the EU, when the United States would not


dream of subjugating itself in any way to any other international


jurisdiction. Side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder, Barack Obama has done


his part in more. The fright for Britain's future still lies in the


balance and that will decide if what Barack Obama has given him today is


a prized trophy or just a consolation.


World leaders have gathered at the United Nations in New York


to sign the Paris Agreement to slow climate change.


The UN hopes a record turn-out on the first day of signing


will spur nations to ratify the deal, opening the way


for the treaty to come into force much earlier than expected.


Actor Leonardo Dicaprio, who is an active environmental


campaigner and a United Nations ambassador, addressed leaders.


He reminded delegates that they're the "last best hope" for saving


I thank you all for everything you have done to lay the foundation


of a solution to this crisis, but after 21 years of debates


and conferences it is time to declare no more talk,


no more excuses, no more 10-year studies, no more allowing the fossil


fuel companies to manipulate and dictate the science and policies


This is the body that can do what is needed - all


You will either be lauded by future generations or vilified by them.


For more, our environment correspondent Matt McGrath joins


175 have signed it. Does that mean it will come into force much quicker


than fault? There were certain other targets that need to be met, and


the? Indeed. The idea initially was by getting it signed it would come


into force by 2020. That is no longer the case because a clerical


error in the drafting of the agreement in Paris means that


visitors gets ratified 55 countries it will come into force 30 days


later. There is a big rush on as countries realise that it comes into


force and they haven't ratified it they may be left outside the door.


The United States and China, the United States in particular wants to


get it ratified by the because he wanted as a legacy of his presidency


and he doesn't want the potential Republican successor on picking his


work. The belief is that if they could get all the countries to


ratify rapidly could come a into force next year. More likely, 18


months to two years. There is a drive from the record number of


countries to get it happening. There is momentum now. Are we any clearer


about the sanctions that will be imposed on countries if they don't


meet these agreements? Yes, the sanctions can be summed up pretty


quickly. There aren't any. The Paris agreement is a compromise between a


top-down goal, but every country has to put forward its own plan on how


to get there. The only stick that the United Nations has his public


shaming. They will review over the next five years what countries have


done. I think there would be a public list published of what


countries have said and what they have done. It is that sense that no


country wants to be left behind when it comes to not living up to their


promises, they believe that will work. So far it does seem to be


working. They got 195 to sign in Paris, a to come here and put ink on


paper today. At the moment, the idea of public shaming seems to be


working on getting countries to live up to doing what they say they are


going to do. Thank you. Officials in the American state


of Ohio say several people have been found dead at a home in Piketon,


south of Columbus. The Ohio Attorney General's Office


could not provide the number of dead or how they were killed,


but a spokesperson for the office said they were not aware of any


arrests or an "active A warehouse storing hazardous


chemicals and fuel has caught fire Flames rose 20 to 30 meters


into the sky and local media say more than 90 fire engines and more


than 500 firefighters The authorities there say the fire


is "under control" Electoral authorities


in the Philippines insist next month's elections will not be


compromised by an unprecedented leak of personal data


from 55 million registered voters. Officials say the automated vote


will be conducted using a separate computer server from the one


that was hacked. A hacking group is thought to have


been responsible for posting Let's go back to our top story,


David Cameron and Barack Obama, and the comments made by President Obama


about the EU referendum in June. Vicki Young is in


Westminster for us. Where people taken aback by just how


explosive the comments from the president where? I think the nature


and the strength of what he said, first of all in an article in one of


the newspapers here, making it very clear where he stood in all of this,


and defending his right to make the intervention at all, saying what


happens to Britain on what happens in the European Union has


repercussions for Americans, especially when it comes to


prosperity. It is interesting that he has focus of much on the economic


argument, that is the argument being pushed I Downing Street and all of


those campaigning to stay in. All those documents stating how much a


British family would be better off by staying in the European Union. He


has taken one of the very strong arguments coming from the other


side, the people who want to leave, saying you are talking Britain down.


Of course Britain can stand on its own two feet, if we left the single


market and the European Union we can do deals, bilateral deals with other


countries. The American President has come out today and said, no, get


to the back of the queue. That is a significant moment. There is a


response from that. We have been hearing from Nigel Farage, the


leader of Ukip, and from Conservative government ministers on


the opposite side of the art market -- argument to David Cameron. They


have been rude about Barack Obama, calling him a lame duck president


and he is on the way out anyway. Thank you.


A post mortem to establish why the pop superstar


His sudden death at the age of 57 has shocked the world of music.


He was found at his estate in Minneapolis, where hundreds


of people have gathered to pay their respects.


In Minneapolis, where a star was born and where he died,


they partied all night - remembering a local hero


Across the United States and beyond, one colour said it all.


Famous landmarks glowing in tribute and everywhere singing and dancing


in memory of an artist who redefined music.


On Broadway, Jennifer Hudson lead the cast of The Colour Purple


For his friends, Prince's sudden, still unexplained


I think that he was far more daring and as much as people


about his personal life", it is not important.


You don't need to know everything about people, but most of all


you need to know what he wants to do and what he is doing


That is the most important thing, that he wore his sincerity


At Prince's Paisley Park home and studio, an investigation


It appears that the artist was already dead when he was found


Exactly how Prince died here is still unclear


and the County Coroner's Office has warned that it could be several


weeks before the results of toxicology tests are known.


There are questions, too, about Prince's legacy.


His output was prodigious, but there are also


There is a song called Moonbeam Levels.


I am so happy that this beautiful song is going on this record!"


The man himself called it simply "inspirational".


Diane Warren is a songwriter and joins us now from Los Angeles.


He was only five foot two, but the giant in terms of music. Did he just


have everything, when you thought about his talent? E plates are any


instruments and everything else. He had everything. It started with


great songs. The songs were spectacular. They were fresh,


inventive, invented lyrically, musically. What a huge loss for our


industry, and an industry that we can't afford to lose our great


artists. Echoes of Jimi Hendrix, James Brown as well. Where do you


see the various trends that he picked up on and then experimented


with? Prince could do anything. He could write nothing compares to you,


then kiss. He was brilliant in all genres of music. That is so rare.


Not only could he do funk and played guitar on a level, or close to the


level of Jimi Hendrix, but right so many... He wrote manic Monday for


the bangles, vented kiss. It is remarkable how many genres he could


not only working but on a genius level. Did you know him very well?


And met a couple of times. I didn't know him at all. I wrote a song last


year and they heard that it was one of his favourite songs. He did a


cover of it and nobody could find it and now somebody has just find it


and they heard of the first time yesterday. He made it his own. It is


of amazing. It is nothing like the song I wrote, but it is such an


honour to hear that. But I never met him. I met him, but I didn't know


him. Stevie wonder talked about his sincerity and that was what came


through as an artist. Do you go along with that? I love that. He was


a real artist. He cared about his art, his creativity, his work. That


is all that mattered to him. As an observer, that is what you could


tell, that is what shines through. Thank you very much for joining us


Thank you very much for joining us on the programme.


We have lots more reaction to Prince's death online.


Just go to BBC bbc.com/news or download the BBC News App.


There we take a look at his life in pictures,


you can see some of the many tributes from his fans and we talk


to the BBC's obituaries expert who tells us that, yes,


the number of celebrity deaths this year so far really


It's exactly one month since 32 people were killed


Others are still being treated in hospital for serious injuries.


The city's economy has also been hit hard, with many tourists


Brussels Airport is only open for a limited number of flights,


and much of the transport network remains closed.


Our Europe reporter Gavin Lee has been looking at how the Belgian


capital has been affected by what happened on 22nd March.


This square is probably the most beautiful square in the world.


On a Brussels to, keep it calm and carrying on in the city a month on


from the attacks. carrying on in the city a month on


from the With noticeably fewer people that you were usual


attractions all quiet, many businesses are feeling the effects.


We are working as hard as ever. We're here twice a day, every day,


even if there are no people around. We tried to show that we're ready to


go back to normal. Officials here that -- say that Brussels is as safe


as any other European capital and you should not be afraid to come


here and the site of soldiers on the streets should be reassuring, but it


also feeds into the fear that terrorism, the fear of it, has not


diminished since the attacks on the go. Just out from central muscles is


the night notorious district of Molenbeek, where many of the


attackers had connections. For weeks on it is the centre of attention for


the Brussels police. I see much more police officers walking around on


foot. It is not that aggressive any more. It is much more talking to the


people. Even two minutes ago there were two officers just walking


around in the market without the big guns. That is what we need. 32


people were killed in the bustle attacks, more than 50 are still


being treated in hospital. Sebastien was photographed after the blast at


Brussels airport, a photo that has become one of the iconic images. I


got my boarding pass. As I turned the corner to go towards the gate, I


heard of those -- heard the first explosion by me. A few seconds later


that is when the explosion went off. That is the one that got me. It has


been for weeks. How worried you recovering? Good. I have had four


surgeries so far and every of them has been successful and one of them


leads to the next step. But the final out, is that I get to keep


both my legs, I get to walk again, I am alive. Much better off than I


William Shakespeare died 400 years ago this Saturday,


but his works endure and have been translated into many


Our Moscow correspondent has met a very special Shakespeare fan and,


as Steve Rosenberg reports, "All the World's a Stage" -


"O serpent heart hid with a flowering face!


Did ever dragon keep so fair a cave?"


Yuri lives around a two-hour drive north-east of Moscow and he has


built himself this underground home where he lives with all his books -


as you can see, he has a whole library stacked up


One of Yuri's favourite writers is William Shakespeare.


You have registered all of these books in a big global


And you send them around the world to other people to read.


I think Shakespeare maybe would have created a play about this!


"Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn,


Fillet of a fenny snake, In the cauldron boil


and bake; Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool


Macbeth, Act IV, Scene I... sort of.


So, Yuri, why are you cutting these things down?


This is a stage for Hamlet, for Shakespeare, for the world.


Somebody play, somebody look on this play.


Your own private Shakespeare Theatre.


On every page of Shakespeare I see the stamp of culture.


Next the weather, but, for now from me and the rest


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