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Welcome to World News Today on BBC Four and BBC world.


And we will have more on the news that the legendary


Her car is arriving at Westminster Castle. We will bring you more on


that in just a while. Welcome to viewers joining us on The


One Show, we are broadcasting live from Westminster Castle -- Windsor


Castle, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh about to arrive, on this,


the Queen's 90th birthday. CHEERING . Huge cheers, the Prince of Wales,


Duchess of Cornwall, awaiting the arrival of the Queen. And she will


shortly be lacing a beacon to mark this milestone. Nicholas Witchel is


alongside me. The Queen is competing the mayor, the pageant master in


charge of the beacons up and down the country. Sensible headscarf,


sensible headgear, as ever on this blustery evening in Windsor. But we


will in a moment here at the National anthem played by the band


of the Coast Green -- of the Coldstream Guards. The Duke of


Edinburgh frequently says he is one of the most expert openers and


beacon lighters that there are. They are moving into position. And Bruno


Peek, the man who has put together the whole "And, and he was always on


hand for these pyrotechnic displays, whether it be fireworks, flames,


beacons, and that George. -- torch. That I presume they will be playing


the national anthem. The band will be disappointed, getting ready to


play the national anthem. They don't look as if they know quite where to


stand. But we have been fortunate it has been...


BAND PLAYS God Save The Queen.


We expect a short address from the Prince of Wales.


Your Majesty, Mummy... LAUGHTER I find it very hard to believe that


you have reached your 90th year and I suddenly realised the other day


that I've now in use since you were 22 years old. LAUGHTER


But this is, ladies and gentlemen, very special occasion and the beacon


that Her Majesty is about to like Bill also represent, as it lights


other beacons across the nation, the love and affection in which you are


held throughout this country and the Commonwealth. So, ladies and


gentlemen, can we wish Her Majesty the most special and the happiest of


birthdays on this occasion? And long may you reign over us. CHEERING


Now, ladies and gentlemen, can I ask you as well if you could raise three


very special cheers for Her Majesty, on this special occasion and, if


they are loud enough, it might just work to like the other beacons by


spontaneous combustion. So, hip, hip, hip... Hooray!


The Queen, at 90, lighting a series of more than 1000 beacons that will


be lit across the United Kingdom and across the world, the Queen now


Britain's longest serving monarch, so many people out on the streets to


see her today as she celebrated her 90th birthday. We will move on now


to major breaking news, the death of the legendary musician Prince at the


age of 57, his bodily -- his body discovered at his studios in Paisley


Park, Minnesota,. Prince, whose real name is Prince Rogers Nelson, we are


still getting details about the circumstances in which she was


fined, but obviously, I shoot story for the world of music. I am joined


by a reporter from BBC radio one. It has been such as shocked, this news


from the last I read or so. It has. Lots of words can be used to


describe Prince but he deserves the title of icon, a trailblazer,


wonder, oddity to many, the sound of the 1980s, to so many people,


setting the bar of creativity, and amazing live performer and this has


come out of the blue. And much more than a performer, writer,


instrumentalist, with the vision? He did, his first album was released in


1978, but he did not have much success until the album 1999 with


which he struck through then it was Purple Rain in 1984 that cemented


his status. Not just with the audio but the visuals to go with it. And


the whole vision of pop star really came to the surface because of


Purple Rain became a film, and amazing music video, he was an icon


there to be seen and heard. This is a perfect time to show viewers and


let them hear more of Purple Rain. A great song. Let's see if we can dip


into that now. # I never meant to


cause you any sorrow # I never meant


to cause you any pain # I only wanted one time


to see you laughing # I only want to see


you laughing in the purple rain And if people know anything about


Prince, people know Purple Rain, that he had such arranged. Yes, the


list goes on Kiss, Alphabet Street, among others. He sold 23 million


albums with Purple Rain and from that point on, she was a very small


pop star, but his stature in the world of music was just gigantic. --


he was. He famously did 21 nights at the London O2 Arena, sold out, for


half a million people. How many musicians could do that nowadays? A


towering achievement! Is and what was so brilliant about Prince was


they keep -- she kept artistic credibility, he fell out with his


label, streaming services, wanting to stay in control of his prime. We


can talk about the identity of Prince, but now we can join your


correspondent in Los Angeles. Can you tell us what we do know about


what has been discovered and what has happened in Minnesota? Yes,


authorities say they have found, initially saying they have found


someone who was not responsive in his home, who later died in


hospital, later confirmed by the publicist of Prince that it was the


pop star dying at the age of 57, but we do not know precisely concerns


is, there will be an investigation into the cause of his death. We know


he had been unwell, one place you -- one aeroplane he was and had to make


an emergency landing, we believe you are suffering from flu, not in


hospital, released after just a few hours and went home, saw nothing


particularly sinister sounding, we are not aware whether he had any


more serious underlying medical conditions, so there will be an


investigation to find out the precise cause of death. In the


meantime, as you have discussed, people are shocked about what has


happened, as certain are disbelief that in the year we have lost David


Bowie, we have lost Prince, another superstar in terms of pop music and


an individual character, people comparing him with Michael Jackson


or David Bowie, Prince was a man to himself, a great humanist, very


funny, great musician, great guitar player, singer, producer, she had


everything. Peter, you are speaking from the entertainment capital of


the world, and the reactions, simply shot, what an original this man was.


Yes, and some of the well-known figures in Hollywood taken to social


media to express their feelings. I miss my brother, great sense of


humour, said the director Spike Lee. What a sad day said the talk-show


host Ellen Degeneres. Speechless said Samuel L Jackson. Rest in


peace. We will all cry purple tears today, legend, the words of Tito


Jackson, one of the brothers of Michael Jackson. Thank you. Steve,


coming back to you, one writer from Rolling Stones said Prince was sex!


He was such a live performer, he really came to the forefront doing


live shows. I have spoken to some people in Radio 1, and they have


said that seeing Prince was the best gig they have seen. Often, I


remember him from small shows, small locations in London, two big arenas,


he could do it all. But I love this identity thing. Going back to the


early 1990s, he fell out with his wreck of the, who said he was


trademarking his name. She was born with the new Prince, so he changed


his name to Symbol, and the one could say that. Through his career,


he kept such a tight lid on who he was. She said you cannot win me, I


am not a corporate figment, was one of the first to stand up and say


that. To stand up and say he would not be told what to do and even in


recent years, suing some fans at one gig because clubs were uploaded to


YouTube. -- because some clips. He felt that was compromising his


musical integrity. And it amounted to privacy of sorts. Very few


artists would do that. Thank you very much. We can bring more


reaction coming through to the death of Prince. As you can imagine, these


pouring in. We can take you I think back to Los


Angeles, to Peter, we are waiting for official statements, this


emerged from a celebrity website, didn't it? Yes, it came originally


from the celebrity website TMZ, which first reported the death of


Michael Jackson. It was a little while after they first broke the


story that we were able to confirm it, but then, it went viral around


the world and a lot of people, wherever they are in the world,


learning this from the Internet, from social media, fans talking


about it and disbelief is the word of the hour, people cannot


comprehend that we have lost someone of the stature of Prince. The


American recording Academy, the organisation which puts on the


Grammy Awards, Prince a major figure at the Grammys in recent years, have


released a statement, which has said they have lost an innovator,


condolences to his friends and family who have been impacted by his


incredible work. Peter, thank you. Talking about musical history,


Steve, coming back to you, what did he draw upon? He was very original,


but who were his icons? If you look at James Brown, very active on


stage. That sexual energy. And taking on from someone like Jimi


Hendrix. Prince was an incredible guitarist. Imagine taking those two


influences, the guitar playing and live singing together, and creating


this sexual chemistry. And you look at what he has left for other


people. You mentioned the tribute from Justin Timberlake, you can see


the influence of Prince in the way he sings and dances on stage. It


encapsulates the crowd, making them feel like you are the only person


watching that singer but performing to tens of thousands in the arena.


We can show you a little note from the song When Doves Cry.


The sweat of your body covers me


# Dream if you can a courtyard An ocean of violets in bloom


# Animals strike curious poses They feel the heat


# The heat between me and you We can show you a little note


When Doves Cry by Prince. And we can show you some images from TMZ, the


website which brought that news that Prince had died in Paisley Park,


Minnesota, and Steve, not just talking about the songs from Prince


for his own performance, this goes all the way to soundtracks and


movies. Yes, he did the Batman soundtrack in 1989. He famously did


the song for Sinead O'Connor released in the early 90s, giant of


a song. He did Manic Monday, 30 studio albums, four in the last 18


months. He does not do as many of the older songs, they head that made


him, a lot of new material. Bucketloads! And just do -- and just


a few days ago, he was performing? Yes, there were rumours he had the


flu and needed hospital treatment and his play needed to make an


emergency landing but from what people at the gigs were saying they


could not see anything visibly that he was ill, he pirated on Phil --


through, true icon. The amount of exercise, the fitness he would have


had to keep up for performing as Prince must have been incredible!


Not many pop stars nowadays could do that, not only the length of time on


stage she was famous for, the number of gigs they did in a year, that


He could so have sat on his laurels. He didn't need the money but he


wanted to keep going and keep innovating. It is very hard to get


an Prince song onto an advert or a soundtrack. He has very strong


control of where his songs are used. Would he have seen that as selling


out? Absolutely. He famously took his and Taia back catalogue of


spotted by because I don't know if he felt he was getting a bad deal


out of it, you are 1 of the most famous artists in the world, you


want people to hear your music, but you are is aimed them, I went out to


have my stuff. Just for those who are joining us, this news is sinking


in, can you sum up what he meant as an artist, a musician? I would say


in the 1980s, there were 3 artists which cut the mould. Michael


Jackson, Prince and Madonna in terms of visionaries. These are the people


who embraced the MTV era of music videos, realising that it is not


just about the voice, it is about the image, the way you look, the


visuals that go with the song you are producing. So, he was very


careful about what busy waltz, what images went with his songs,


protecting his intellectual property. Exactly and he would


disagree with someone who is that visionary -- who would disagree? It


took him about for our bums to really achieve the success that he


then got with 1999 in 1982, not to be confusing, and in the 80s is


where his music and he was meant it. He was the first in-depth tea of the


rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame because of his innovation. There is a famous


great that he rewrote the book because of the vision he had at the


time. Let's go back to Peter in L A. This has been sinking in. We haven't


heard anything official, but presumably it is all over the wires?


People are talking about what it you Mac meant to them and what his music


has meant. Yes, it is all over the Internet,


social media, people reflecting on what Prince meant to them. And he


has a great legacy, he let to -- led to stardom in the 1970s, dominated


the 1980s and 1990s and as we have here performing until recently.


People unaware there were any major health problems and for that reason


people are terribly shocked and a certain amount of disbelief that


this has happened. I have more from this statement from the American


music Academy, the organisation that puts on the Grammys, today we


remember and celebrate him as one of the most uniquely gifted artist of


all time, never one to conform, he redefined and forever changed our


musical landscape, Prince was -- Prince influenced everyone. Wheater


in Los Angeles, thank you. And Steve from Radio 1. We will give you the


opportunity to watch some more of that iconic it Purple Rain.


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