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This is BBC World News Today with me, Phlippa Thomas.


Our top story: Ruling on the human rights of a mass murderer.


A Norwegian court decides that the authorities have violated


the rights of Anders Behring Breivik - guilty of killing 77 people


Shares slump after the carmaker admits deliberately falsifying


The US president meets the King of Saudi Arabia, who's been angered


by Mr Obama's key foreign policy of renewing relations with Iran.


And Queen Elizabeth turns 90 on Thursday.


We look back at her long life and how Britain plans to celebrate.


A court in Norway has upheld a claim of inhuman treatment brought


by the mass murderer Anders Breivik, who killed 77 seven people in a gun


He'd claimed that his being held in solitary confinement


since then was a violation of the European Convention on Human


The court acknowledged his rights had been compromised but it


rejected his other claim that his right to a private


As he arrived in the prison gym, Anders Breivik, 37, gave his Nazi


salute. His case is that his treatment was inhuman and degrading.


He said he had been deprived of sleep, kept alone in his cell for 23


hours a day and been strip-searched in front of female staff. He had


been mobbed in the Norwegian media proclaims that the court copy and


microwave meals were worse than the waterboarding. He is serving a


sentence for murdering 69 people taking part in a Labour Party youth


camp in Oslo in July 20 11. He systematically hunted down and shot


his victims before surrounding the arm to police. Many escaped by


fleeing into the cold waters. Earlier, eight people had died when


Breivik parked van containing a bomb next to a government building in the


capital. It was the deadliest attack on Norway since the end of World War


II. The judges ruled that while the strict controls of his


communications were justified, his prison regime deviated so markedly


from that and forced upon any other prisoner that it breached his human


rights. State lawyers said they may appeal. I know that the court


disagrees with us on some of the things. That is what the court


system is for. We believe that there are no basis for the corrections.


After the ruling, one survivor of the massacre tweeted that the


judgment showed Norway had a working court system that respected human


rights even under extreme conditions.


Another scandal has hit the car industry.


This time it's the Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi,


which has admitted falsifying test data to show better fuel consumption


for more than 500,000 vehicles in Japan, some produced for Nissan.


At a press conference in Tokyo, company bosses bowed in apology,


admitting employees had intentionally faked tyre pressure


figures to give better mileage rates.


This is the way Japanese car bosses apologise for lying to customers.


Mitsubishi has become the second car-maker to admit fiddling a test,


this time to get more miles per gallon from some of its models.


He says the wrongdoing was intentional and that it's clear


the falsification was done to make the milage look better but why,


he says, they would resort to fraud to do this is still unclear.


It's a stark contrast to the way these family friendly city cars


Mitsubishi wasn't caught by the authorities but by a partner


company, Nissan, who sold the same car with a different badge.


Well, it all comes down to tyre pressures.


Your tyres are critical to how your car performs on the road


so they don't just affect how quickly you can stop.


They can affect how much pollution comes out of the exhaust pipe


and they can change your miles per gallon.


It looks like Mitsubishi altered the inflation on the tyres to cheat


that miles per gallon test. Lab test results have long been


controversial, even when car-makers played by the rules.


Experts say they rarely match the results you get


That's how much lower miles per gallon will be an average


across all the models we have tested when driving in the real world.


But on the other hand, some actually almost meet them.


There's a big difference between different manufacturers


and that's caused partly by the degree to which they take


advantage of these things you can do around tyre pressures.


It may not be on the same scale but months after the car industry


was rocked by the VW scandal, it's dealing with another


We have had assurances from all our members


which represents all the car companies that operate


in the UK that no illegal activity has taken place.


And those same assurances have been given to the government as well.


They might have to stop the adverts for now.


Mitsubishi says it's double-checking but so far,


this only affects cars sold in Japan.


Tomm Kristiansen is a reporter at NRK in Norway.


The reaction in Norway, what is it? The reaction comes down to who you


are asking but the survivors who were part of this massacre four


years ago are shocked and find it unbelievable that a court can say


that his prison conditions are inhuman and degrading and against


human rights compare to what happened on the island four years


ago. The prosecutors say they will appeal to the next High Court


because they are very surprised that he has won over the government. If


the government doesn't win on appeal, does that mean his condition


will have to be changed? They will not be changed at the moment but


they might be changed later. The situation is that he is isolated 23


hours a day. He is out on fresh air for one hour and he has seen no one


else other than his ward. He never sees on the other prisoners, he


doesn't see any family, nothing more than a professional visitor, and he


needs staff at the prison, that's all. He has three rooms when you can


exercise, where he has his desk, where he can cook food. These


things... In court, they say that his privacy is limited and it will


remain like that but the use of strip searching, waking him up


during the night, security measures, he must be behind bars or handcuffs


when he meets other people, all these things are against human


rights and is degrading his life in prison. What do you think this human


rights ruling says about Norway's justice system? Commentators have


said that this is a victory for the Norwegian law system, because this


is a surprise to everybody, that even a person like Breivik can get


his rights in court, but is it fair or not? Many people think you should


suffer in jail but the Norwegian law system says you are not in jail to


be punished by physical things or other things. It's the isolation


that is the punishment, not having a bad time in getting depressed. Thank


you so much. President Obama has had a tricky


diplomatic day on his fourth Saudi Arabia has always been


America's most important Arab ally but relations have never


been so strained. There were smiles and pleasantries


from President Obama and King Salman but away from the cameras,


the Saudis have made it clear they're deeply sceptical


of Washington's nuclear deal with their regional rival Iran


and of Mr Obama's approach Throw into the mix Yemen,


oil and human rights and you can see why most analysts are focusing


on the difficulties facing this The US Defence Secretary,


Ashton Carter, has been in the region for a few days


preparing for the presidential trip. He had this to say about one


of the issues at the forefront of today's discussions


with the Saudi King. The United States shares


with our GCC partners the view that even as the nuclear accord


verifiably prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,


there are many more issues to be concerned with regarding Iran's


behaviour in the region. That's one reason why I emphasised


that the nuclear accord imposes no limits on the United States and that


what we are doing in the Department In our posture, our preparedness,


our planning and our partnership, the US military remains committed


and capable of responding to Iranian BBC Arabic's Hanan Razek


is travelling with the It's been a difficult day. What


readout are you getting about how has gone? As you mentioned, away


from the cameras and smiles, there are more contentious issues to be


tackled in this visit that comes a few months before Obama leaves the


White House. Obama met today with the Saudi king and as we understood


from the privately held conversation, they talked about


countering terrorism in the region and specifically about defeating the


so-called Islamic State which seems to be on the top of the genders in


this visit. However, the keyword as many observers say in this visit, is


I Rann. Ashton Carter met with his gal Kyle departs today and they


talked about what the Gulf leaders here called Iranians intervention in


the region. There seems to be a feel of an American attempt to reassure


its allies in the Gulf. Do you think the Saudis are also looking beyond


President Obama? He has only a matter months left in office.


Absolutely. This is why some analysts say this actually might set


the tone for the next President and this is why the Gulf leaders are


keen on this visit because it seems that many of them think that Obama


is pivoting towards Asia and that the American focus is shifting from


the Middle East and they want to make sure that the Middle East will


be present and key for the coming President and this makes... They are


very keen on this visit now. There is a lot of security around you, we


can tell. Are the frontrunners in race


for the White House - Donald Trump for the Republicans


and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats -


unstoppable after big wins For the Republicans,


Donald Trump now has the backing of 845 delegates -


remember the magic number for his party is 1237 -


with his nearest rival, For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton's


win in New York broke a string of gains by Bernie Sanders -


the magic number here is 2383 - putting her on 1930 delegates


compared with his 1189. She says victory for the Democratic


nomination is now in sight. # New York, New York...


# Donald Trump entered his victory


rally with Big Apple swagger. Frank Sinatra's great anthem echoing


around the atrium at the skyscraper I can think of nowhere that


I would rather have this victory. He won over 60% of the vote and that


gives him a big delegate call that moves him closer to the Republican


presidential nomination. We don't have much of a race any


more, based on what I'm Senator Cruz is just


about mathematically eliminated. But for all his boasts,


the race isn't over yet. He still can be stopped


if his opponents get enough delegates in upcoming


contests to deprive him For Hillary Clinton,


it's becoming far more clear-cut, and for New York's former Senator,


this was the happiest Today, you proved once again


there's no place like home. It's become almost


impossible for her arrival, The race for the Democratic


nomination is in the home stretch Many Democrats still refuse


to embrace her but with the Republican Party in a state


of civil war, are we looking This really was the night


of the frontrunners. Donald Trump winning


in the state of his birth, Hillary Clinton claiming victory


in her adopted political home. It really was a case


of New York, New York! Nick Bryant, BBC News,


Times Square. We can go to the studios of Politico


in Washington DC and talk to senior Donald Trump is arguing he has


brought a lot of voters to engage with the political process. Will


that mean he will be rewarded with the nomination? It looks like that


more and more now after the win in New York. Donald Trump has been


working the referees, pressuring them, making his case over the last


couple of weeks. He has suffered a couple of losses, lost delicates


where Ted Cruz has been able to narrow the gap. Donald Trump has


been saying, I am ahead, I should be the nominee. The threshold of 1237


delicates he needs to hit but increasingly as he racks up this


huge win in New York, he is going on to five under states in the


north-eastern part of the country where he is leading unlikely to beat


Ted Cruz again next Tuesday, it's going to be very hard for people to


deny Donald Trump nomination once he gets to Cleveland because he will


close out the electoral calendar with a string of wins it looks like.


He will either hit 1237 get very close to it. We will go to


Cleveland. If he's not at that number after the 7th of June, there


are 200 also delegates heading into Cleveland, if Trump is 30 or 40 or


even 100 shy of that number, there is a growing consensus he will win


over enough for them to a still win this nomination on the first ballot


in Cleveland at the convention because a lot of established


Republicans, even some who do not like Donald Trump, people who do not


believe he can beat Hillary Clinton in November, they have come to


understand that the will of the voters has to be carried out and the


voters are speaking loudly. If Donald Trump does get the


nomination, normally you have this process where you energise in the


primaries and then think over winning moderates and independent


voters, can you see him wanting to tip towards the middle ground? We


can already see it. Someone as bombastic and unusual as him, some


people say there is no way he can be that malleable pivot that hard to do


this shape shifting were suddenly here is acceptable to all these


voters who say he is unacceptable. However, we are starting to see him


try. His speech last night, for all the glamour, Trump was toned down.


He referred to Ted Cruz as Senator Cruz. He was focused more on his


message about creating jobs, doing better trade deals. You can see the


imprint of the new strategist he brought in to take over his campaign


and get him the rest of the way. You can see his imprint on the sort of


toned down Trump. We have seen less of him in the news. They are


starting to understand that they have to demonstrate a little more


than ability to move to the centre. They are starting to do that now.


Thank you for your time. The US twenty-dollar bill


is to get a new face. Harriet Tubman, the former slave


who helped ferry others into freedom, will


replace Andrew Jackson. The announcement followed


months of campaigning to keep Alexander Hamilton,


the founding father of America's banking system, on the ten-dollar


bill and replace Jackson instead. Tubman is the first woman and first


African American to be Now a look at some of


the day's other news: The US Justice Department has become


the latest government to open a criminal investigation involving


the leaked Panama Papers. The documents have revealed


the existence of offshore companies set up by a number of rich


and powerful people, including several international


leaders, raising suspicions The French government says it


will extend a state of emergency until the end of July to cover


the Tour de France and Euro 2016 It was imposed after the Paris


attacks in November and gives the authorities extra powers


to control crowds and It had been due to expire next


month. The European Union has charged


Google with anti-competitive practices in a dispute over how


the company markets its The European Commission says Google


is abusing that dominance by pre-installing its own apps


and services as defaults. This Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II


will celebrate her 90th birthday. It's an event that will be marked


across the United Kingdom. This report from our royal


correspondent, Peter Hunt. Birthday celebrations over two days


outside Windsor Castle, home The latest occupant is preparing


to pass yet another significant Still 89, just, the Queen


was treated to a far from everyday experience,


and Elvis inspired choir outside The representative of an ancient


institution visiting one with a 500-year-old


history, the Royal Mail. Royals have been appearing on stamps


since the time of Queen Victoria. The photo captures a hereditary


monarchy with, as things stand, a secure future, three


Kings in waiting. George had to stand on blocks next


to the woman he calls Gamgam. Insight the post office,


not to post a letter I have it on good authority


that the postmen will be busy Tomorrow, a BBC documentary


featuring some of her own home William and Harry are shown


watching their father They probably chased


each other out of that In the early days,


when Gamgam was around. The programme also recalls


when blank shots were fired at the 1981 Trooping the Colour


ceremony at the Queen She is a marvellous writer,


made of stronger stuff. Support for the Queen is widespread


in Windsor and elsewhere, A long life doesn't give somebody


a right to a long range of such views were not in evidence


in the House of Commons today. She has served our nation with such


dignity for 64 years on the throne. I think it is what we will have


the opportunity in the house tomorrow to pay tribute


to what she has done, and I know that the whole country


and the whole House will want to join me in saying long


may she reign over us. I am also looking forward


to wishing her a happy Back in Windsor, a Queen at work,


almost 90, the longest reigning monarch in British history has been


head of state for 64 years. When famous figures die, they're


often described as much loved. In the case of the British comedian


and actress Victoria Wood, it's a perfect description -


both for this talented writer and for the characters


she created, which also made Victoria Wood died today at the age


of 62 so we're finishing the programme with one


of her signature songs - full of social insight and in this


case quite a helping of old-fashioned British


sexual innuendo. # She licked her lips,


she felt sublime # She switched off


Gardener's Question Time # Barry cringed in fear and dread


As Freda grabbed his tie and said # Let's do it,


let's do it, # I'm feeling appealing,


I've really got an appetite # I could handle half the tenors


in a male voice choir # But he said, I can't


do it, I can't do it # This fashion for passion turns


it into nervous wrecks # I'd rather watch


the Spinners on the television # I can't do it,


I can't do it tonight # So she said, let's


do it, let's do it # Go native, creative,


living in the living room # Bend me over backwards


on me hostess trolley # Let's do it, let's


do it tonight...


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