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New York is holding presidential primaries key for both Republican


and Democratic frontrunners after their recent defeats.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need wins to secure their positions


at the front of the pack, and put them on the road


An explosion in Kabul has heralded the start


Nearly 30 people are killed, over 300 are injured.


Also coming up, a replica of a 2,000-year-old Syrian arch


destroyed by the Islamic State group is being put up in


And, 400 years after William Shakespeare's death,


the stage now extends to the digital world,


It's primary day in New York State, where the two frontrunners


in America's presidential race are hoping to get their


In the Republican contest, Donald Trump leads Ted Cruz,


He needs 1,237 delegates to automatically clinch


the nomination, and New York, with 95 delegates at stake, would be


John Kasich is just hanging in third place.


He needs something really special to stay in the race.


For the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton is almost 700


He needs a strong victory in New York, where 291


delegates are at stake, if he is to overtake


More about the numbers in a moment but first,


let's not forget that New York City is Donald Trump's hometown.


Nick Bryant reports on how his politics can be traced


His name is emblazoned all over the city.


This is where he built his corporate brand, but the politics


of Donald Trump can also be traced back to New York and the seismic


events that had such a traumatising effect.


Manhattan Island was not only the site of the destruction


of the Twin Towers in September, 2001, but also the collapse


of Lehman Brothers in September 2008.


All these years on from 9/11 and the financial crash,


-- those two massive convulsions continue to shape the contours


of American politics and Donald Trump has exploited fears


about Islamist terrorism and frustrations about the economy.


Take the ferry to Staten Island where you'll find a blue collar


"Make America great again" is a slogan that sounds


His auto repair business is yet to rebound from the great recession


and, like so many other working Americans, his income


I have a business and you see it every day, people come in,


to repair their cars or whatever they're going to do.


It is always, I just haven't got it right now.


They're just trying to make ends meet and I can understand that.


I think we've got a good guy going there.


Friday prayers in Uptown Manhattan, where worshippers come dressed


No city has a richer tradition of ethnic diversity but the memory


9/11 continues to stir fears of the other,


A recent poll suggested a majority of voters support Donald Trump's


proposed ban on foreign Muslims entering the country and that's made


these Americans feel like outsiders in their homeland.


I think he is trying to do what he wants to do to get votes.


He's trying to pander to his audience.


New York has always stood as a symbol, not just of America's


brash self-confidence, but its optimistic spirit.


Fear and frustration have propelled the presidential ambitions of one


of its most famous sons, but not enough perhaps to take him


Let's cross live to New York and speak to our


A highly populated state with a lot of delegates up for grabs. How


crucial is New York? It is crucial on both sides of the race. The


Democratic and Republican side. I am at a polling station, a synagogue in


midtown Manhattan where Donald Trump himself voted a few hours ago and


now rumours that his wife is going to be voting here in the next few


minutes. We'll bring that to you if it happens. New York is significant


for Donald Trump because if he wins over 50% of the vote across the


state in every district and then he would win all native five of the


delegates up for grabs and bring him closer to the magic figure of 1237,


and make it more likely to avoid the possibility of a contested


convention, the idea he could be up against Ted Cruz and after a first


ballot delegates would be able to cast their vote for whoever they


wanted. For him to win back tonight would be highly significant for the


momentum of his campaign going forward. How much enthusiasm do you


sense for this primary and what have been the biggest issues? There is a


lot of enthusiasm. When I left my home this morning, I walked past the


polling station after I dropped my children off and there were so many


people voting. Walking across Manhattan to this polling station,


there were Bernie Sanders supporters outside one of the Donald Trump


hotels, there is a lot of enthusiasm but the question is whether it will


turn into a big turnout and that is crucial for Bernie Sanders in the


race against Hillary Clinton. He has drawn thousands of people with his


populist anti-Wall Street message but the rules are very strict in New


York in who can vote in a primary, what is called a closed primary, and


you have to be registered to a party by March or you cannot vote. The


question is if Hillary Clinton could win big and get a big proportion of


the 291 delegates then it would allow her to claim she is the


candidate in waiting. And that people could say Bernie Sanders'


attacks on her are damaging her hopes. There was an unfortunate


gaffe by Donald Trump on social media, so will that dent the day for


him? At a rally in Buffalo he talked about 7-11 when he meant the date of


9/11, the terrorist attacks here in New York City but remember that gas


is it is not dented his popularity. His supporters are very loyal and if


attacked the rally around him. It will be fascinating for Donald


Trump. He is leading in double digits to swamp Ted Cruz, who marked


New York values, which Donald Trump has made hay with. And how will John


Kasich du? Will he do well in the boroughs north of New York City for


people who feel Ted Cruz is too conservative and they are worried by


what Donald Trump represents? Could John Kasich do well? All things to


watch for. And we've got plenty more on both


parties' tense race for Just go to BBC.com/US2016,


where you'll find interviews with New Yorkers about why they're


backing their chosen candidates, and a video explaining just why


the state is so important To Afghanistan now,


where the Taliban have killed almost 30 people and injured at least 300


in an attack right in the heart The insurgents struck at the height


of the rush hour, targeting offices Let's show you more closely


where this attack took place. It happened near the Defence


Ministry and the Presidential It's the most deadly single attack


in the Afghan capital since 2011. A fierce firefight in the centre


of Kabul at the height The attack began with a suicide car


bombing at the entrance to the headquarters


of a Special Forces unit that TRANSLATION: While I was inside my


office, a very big It hit the walls, glass


and windows of our building. As you can see, there is some


suicide attackers in the area. That first attack was quickly


followed by another, as more fighters and


suicide bombers stormed The car bomb went off close


to houses and Government buildings. More than 300 are said


to have been injured. The smoke was seen rising


close to the US embassy, which did sound the alarms,


they there were not under attack. TRANSLATION: The windows


and glass fell on people. Several were wounded in the market


where I was. TRANSLATION: We received 19 wounded,


some in serious condition. Our services are ready


to treat their injuries. The Taliban has claimed


responsibility, just a week after announcing the beginning


of its spring offensive. The insurgency has been gaining


strength since NATO troops withdrew. Even as the Government


in Kabul tries to bring them Some say the group is stronger today


than since it was driven Record rainfall has hit Houston


in the United States, resulting in flash flooding


and rivers bursting their banks. Five people have been killed


and more than 1,000 rescued The Texas governor has declared


a state of emergency and thousands have been left


without power as well. Wading through waters


in the north of the city, families used what they could find


to bring people to safety. Some had to be more


inventive than others. Nearly 70 horses got caught up


in the rising waters. Rescuers pulling them to dry land


one by one. This rainfall is being described


by some meteorologists as historic. Caught on live television,


this reporter pulls a man What were you thinking in the moment


that water started going up? How can I get out of here,


can I open the door? I opened the door and you were kind


enough to tell me to swim and that's Following the heavy rainfall,


five people have died, around 1,000 homes flooded,


and nearly 70,000 people There have been some areas


that received at much as 10 inches of rainfall,


some 12 and many in the northern end As roads became rivers


it was a race to rescue some. Others had to make their


own way to dry land. We are still recovering


from last year. Despite the city being prone


the heavy rain, this People are being evacuated and


advised not to travel in the city. Please remember the easy phrase,


turn around, don't drown. But as more rain is expected,


communities are stepping in to help, no matter how


unusual the help may be. In Ecuador, at least 413 people


are known to have died and more than two thousand have been injured


in the earthquake that struck The 7.8 magnitude quake hit


on the Pacific coast - Pedernales was one of the towns very


close to the epicentre - The government is now continuing


to search for survivors and says the cost of rebuilding could run


into the billions of dollars. Let's have a listen


to one of the survivors - and a Red Cross worker


about their experience TRANSLATION: We have no house,


that's why we are here since Saturday night. We came here because


people were running this way. TRANSLATION: We are coming and going


with patients. The problem will come later after a week or eight days. We


hope people don't forget about them because all the authorities are


working hard. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. Aid supplies airlifted by American


military planes are beginning to arrive in areas hit


by earthquakes in Japan last week. 100,000 people have


been left homeless. Many are sleeping at evacuation


centres and in cars. More bodies buried under mudslides


have been recovered, meaning the official death toll


of 44 will rise further. Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm


Turnbull has confirmed a general Angry protesters took to the streets


of Cairo after police shot dead a protest after what witnesses say was


over the price of a cup of tea. A senior police officer confirmed the


argument was over how much of a cup of tea cost.


Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed a general


election will be held on the 2nd of July.


It comes after Parliament rejected legislation aimed at changing labour


laws for unions in the construction industry, the second time


Chinese state television says a computer specialist has received


the death sentence after being found guilty of espionage.


Local TV said Huang Yu worked at a research agency in southern


China's Sichuan province, specialising in government


It said he sold secret documents to unnamed foreign


In the German city of Dresden, a court case opened today


against the founder and leader of Germany's anti-Islam


of inciting racial hatred after he referred to asylum


seekers on Facebook in 2014 as "scumbags" and "vermin".


Mr Bachmann says someone else wrote those derogatory comments.


But at the same time in a statement to the court, he said freedom


of speech should allow such opinions to be expressed.


Our correspondent Damien McGuinness has more from Berlin.


Lutz Bachmann turned up to court this morning with his eyes covered,


a mocking symbol of how he believes he is censored by German media.


"We are the people," supporters chant.


A phrase used by the protest movement against Communism


in eastern Germany during the 1980s, but which has now been taken up


by Mr Bachmann's anti-Islam Pegida movement.


These people accuse the German establishment of suppressing free


speech, but Germany's authorities say Mr Bachmann's comments have


whipped up anti-foreign hatred and xenophobic sentiments.


TRANSLATION: Dresden state prosecutors have


We accuse the defendant of insulting asylum seekers and refugees


in a publicly accessible Facebook comment.


In addition, he is said to have denied them


The reason why this is such a serious charge is that


Mr Bachmann's critics say his comments have


helped spark violent attacks on asylum seekers.


Last year, there were almost 1,000 offences committed


against migrants and refugees, including 76 cases of arson


At its high point, Pegida's weekly anti-Islam marches in Dresden


attracted 25,000 participants last year, but the movement appears to be


losing steam, with only a couple of thousand now


But Mr Bachmann enjoys the role of martyr and, if he is convicted,


that could well give a boost to his supporters by


playing into their claims that they are being victimised


A replica of a 2,000-year-old arch destroyed by so-called Islamic State


in Palmyra has been unveiled in central London.


Last month, forces loyal to President Assad recaptured


During the ten months it was under IS control,


many buildings were destroyed, and artefacts stolen to be sold


But now the Syrian government is back in charge, the work


of restoration has begun, as Naomi Grimley reports.


Liberated from a brutal occupation, but still hauntingly beautiful,


this aerial footage shows the ruins of Palmyra, a desert oasis,


which has stood for hundreds of years on the ancient Silk Road


Last year, so-called Islamic State took control of the city


and threatened to destroy all the irreplaceable monuments


which make this a World Heritage site.


But in the last few weeks, Syrian government forces,


backed by the Russians, have regained the city.


Senior archaeologists have been quick to return to assess


I found Palmyra was in a good situation in general.


It gives us hope to restore some buildings destroyed


IS have often filmed themselves smashing up


antiquities in Iraq and Syria, so many feared Palmyra would be


That's why a group of archaeologists have been experimenting with this,


a computer-controlled drill, to produce a replica of an arch


The project's leader says it is incredibly precise.


It got to the point where we were trying to decide


whether to include cobwebs, bird nests, moss that


was on the structure, in the reproduction


We use 3D renderings of these images derived from thousands of 2D and 3D


images to produce the most accurate possible rendition of


The replica arch has now been put up in Trafalgar Square for all to see


It has to be said not everyone is a huge fan of this project.


Some classical scholars believe it's inauthentic,


But, if nothing else, the supporters say, it is an act


of defiance against those who are trying to destroy Syria's history.


Palmyra's experts hope they won't need to rebuild


arches from scratch, but some of the new technology


could still be invaluable as they piece together the rubble.


Shakespeare has been adapted to pretty much every media over


the last four centuries - books, film, radio -


there's even a board game, not to mention endless


Now he's entered the realm of virtual reality,


with an immersive video game developed by the University


Jane O'Brien went to the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts,


near Sacramento, to see it in action.


Who knew Shakespeare could be so much fun?


They are not watching the performers, they are


looking at the screen, because Play The Knave is a new type


of theatre in which the players control avatars through motion


capture cameras to create an animated film, a sort


But don't be fooled by the technology.


The exaggerated gestures are very Shakespearean.


This, in fact, is an old style of acting, a declamatory style


of acting that was used during Shakespeare's time and came


from older oratorical methods of delivering speeches.


So I think it's really interesting that the technology is bringing back


Wave your arms gently while walking towards the camera.


The concept is irresistible, even for somebody like me who - gasp


You choose your costume, your stage and,


This is the bit where Lady Macbeth realises everything has gone


horribly wrong and starts to have a nervous breakdown.


Colin is the doctor who will be charting my mental disintegration.


What need we fear when none can call our power to account?


Yea, who would have thought the old man to have had


There is a serious side to this, sort of.


Play The Knave was devised as a teaching tool to make


Shakespeare more accessible in a digital age.


When you are looking at the screen then you're not thinking


about your classmates, you're not thinking about the teacher,


you are thinking about, "I am Falstaff."


Maybe they don't really understand the language yet but they want


You get a better feeling for what's going on as you are performing it


because you have to think about the body language.


So here we are in the first Elizabethan theatre


Game players may soon be able to use the Folger Theatre in Washington,


Pretty much every media form since the printed book has


experimented with Shakespeare, whether that's radio,


Now we've got virtual reality and it's not surprising that one


of the first places we go to see what this technology


Purists may still prefer the real thing but this game


raises the question - what is the real thing?


As Shakespeare himself said, "All the world's a stage,"


and that today must surely include virtual worlds.


I think she found her true calling there.


This year's winners of the Pulitzer Prizes,


the most respected awards in US journalism, have been announced.


Photographers from the New York Times and from news agency Reuters


shared the Breaking News Photography prize for their work documenting


Let's take a look at some of the winning images.


Some of the winning Pulitzer prize images from this year. Let's go back


to our main news, voters from New York State are taking part in


primaries which are key to both Democratic and Republican


frontrunners. Bernie Sanders needs a strong victory in a New York state.


291 delegates are up for grabs. Hillary Clinton is almost 700


delegates ahead of them. It could be critical for both candidates and


crucial to the way this race will go. Stay with us on BBC world News.


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