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I'm Karin Giannone, this is BBC World News.


Still searching for survivors in Ecuador.


As the number of dead rises significantly after the country's


worst earthquake for decades, painful questions from those whose


A bus explodes in Jerusalem injuring 21 people - two seriously -


Israeli police say a bomb at the back of the bus


Brazil's president suffers defeat in the lower house.


Also coming up: It's revealed that Vladimir Putin's spokesman banked


But Dmitry Peskov says it's all down to a family inheritance.


It was an earthquake of terrifying intensity -


and the affects have stretched right across large sections of Ecuador.


It lasted about 40 seconds at a magnitude of 7.8.


350 have died so far, but that toll could rise.


It's damaged buildings and levelled infrastructure


that was hundreds of kilometres away from the epicentre -


which was near the towns of Pedernales and Muisne.


And here's one of those towns right near the epicentre - Pedernales.


It's one of the most affected towns, and you can see in these drone


The mayor says the entire town had been flattened.


Part of the challenge for authorities is reaching some


The BBC has spoken to Ecuador's Ambassador to the UK -


Carlos Abad Ortiz - who explained the difficulties


We have only one airport in the region which is working,


even though we have some problems in communication of that airport,


because the problem is that all the roads that go to the region -


around eight different roads - are damaged completely.


This is the problem that we cannot go in the region by car.


So we are trying to do everything by air from this airport.


So we think that perhaps in the next 24 or 48 hours we will be able


to at least put in good condition two roads, but this


Let's get more on the situation with this report from Paul Adams.


In Pedernales on Ecuador's battered coast, the search for survivors went


Much of this town of 50,000 people has been reduced to rubble.


The death toll is rising, and there are still long


Rescue workers call out in the darkness,


demanding absolute silence, listening for the faintest


In Portoviejo, further south, survivors slept out in the open.


With so many homes damaged and scores of after-shocks already


recorded, people are simply too afraid to go indoors.


Among the dead, Claire Theresa Crockett, a nun from


Northern Ireland, killed with five others when a stairwell collapsed


in the school where she was teaching.


This was the moment, late on Saturday, that


A supermarket in the capital Quito, 100 miles from the epicentre,


shaking before being plunged into darkness.


In the worst-affected areas, whole streets have collapsed.


TRANSLATION: Actually, it's been horrible, horrible.


The only thing I can say is that we are alive.


We are asking passers-by to give us water, so at least we can survive.


This was Ecuador's worst earthquake in decades.


Enrique Garcia is the Regional Humanitarian coordinator


for Oxfam and he joins me now from the captial Quito.


Thank you for talking to us. What reports are you getting from the


worst affected areas? We are receiving many information from the


field, so the main information is, according to the Red Cross and


humanitarian sector, the needs of water, the need of food to


distribute to the population living in shelters in bad conditions, and


many things. The most important thing is good coordination between


the government and local and international people, we need to


support people. According to Ali many damages, especially in the


provinces in the north-west, they need collaboration to ensure support


for the people in need. Do we have a complete picture of the damage? Or


all the areas that are affected able to be accessed, or why their still


places where rescue teams are not able to get to? No, not now. The


government is trying to clean the roads in order to coordinate,


especially in the small communities, far away from the big cities. The


main helpers are going to the cities, but we need to be careful of


the communities living outside the main cities. How well equipped is


Ecuador itself to deal with this? Is Ecuador going to need assistance


from other countries? Yes, they are receiving many assistance from


Venezuela, Spain, many countries are coming at the weekend. We had to


collaborate with each other and to cooperate, because we need to be


careful in order to avoid duplication of effort. You felt this


earthquake in Quito, which is a long way from the epicentre. No, I came


in yesterday night, coming from Central America in order to support


the communities. What's time frame, realistically, is there to get help


to people? How urgent is it? Very urgent right now, because we are


receiving information from big cities such as Portoviejo, that they


need water, to secure water, so we need it as soon as possible. We are


flying in tonight or tomorrow because of the needs. We are willing


to do that, but we have to do coordinate with the governments,


with the provinces, the Red Cross and others. Regional humanitarian


coordinator for Oxfam, thank you very much. Thank you.


In Japan, nearly a quarter of a million people are being told


to leave their homes because of fears


Two have already struck since Thursday.


At least 42 people have been killed and many more are still missing.


Hundreds of thousands of families remain


without running water, and many are also


An Indian court has issued an arrest warrant, for liquor


tycoon Vijay Mallya, who's believed to be in Britain.


Once known as the King of Good Times, Mallya is the man


behind Kingfisher beer - and the failed Kingfisher Airlines.


He has been accused of fleeing the country


China is investigating reports that hundreds of children have become ill


after their new school opened next to a former industrial site.


China's national broadcaster reported that nearly five out of six


pupils who underwent medical checks had health problems.


Conditions ranged from coughs and headaches to cancers such


Police in Jerusalem have confirmed that an explosion on a bus


More than 20 people were injured in the explosion,


What more do we know? Right now, the recovery vehicle behind me is just


about to move away the charred remains of this bus. We understand


there was an explosive device planted at the back. It was


detonated and perhaps it had nails and nuts contained in it. Hospital


officials say that some of the people who have been injured have


injuries from such things. There was also another bus that was here that


caught on fire with this blast, and a car, they have now been removed.


This comes after Israel not seeing a bus attack for some years. That is


correct. There has been a recent upsurge in violence with


Palestinians attacking Israelis. There has been a series of


stabbings, shootings and car running is over the past six months. But at


this moment, the Israeli police are being very careful. They are not


saying clearly that this is a terrorist attack, they are saying it


could possibly be a criminal attack. But for many people here, this will


bring back worrying memories of those times just over a decade ago


when Palestinian militants would carry out attacks on buses in


Jerusalem. We have heard cautious tones from the authority since this


news came out. Since October, we have had this wave of violence, but


authorities have also been saying in the last few weeks, things have been


relatively quiet. In the past few weeks, we have had fewer attacks and


then just over one week ago, the Israeli Prime Minister came out


saying that this was due to the aggressive and systematic policy of


his government. But even in the past few days, there have been some small


instance, mainly in the occupied West Bank, but this is going to


worry people that there could be a new departure. What has Security


been like in Jerusalem? What does it feel like? One thing that has been


very visible is a lot more people going around with guns, and


increases in the security service on the streets. New security procedures


are in place. As soon as this happens, entering into my work


building, I was given extra security checks as I came in. Most places yet


seem to have extra security precautions. One thing that is


really remarkable is how quickly this scene has been cleared. You can


see now, traffic is moving through. When I spoke to one security


official in a different location a few weeks ago, he said there have


been so many attacks that is an expertise in clearing the scene as


scene as quickly as possible and is trying to make it less alarming for


people. Thank you. Brazil's political crisis has


deepened, after members of the country's lower house


of parliament voted to impeach the government's accounts to hide


a growing budget deficit. She has denied the allegations and


described the move as a "coup". A final decision to put her on trial


will now have to made by the parliament's upper house next


month, and reports suggest most senators will vote


against the President. President Rousseff's


supporters claim the process is threatening democracy


in Latin America's biggest country. When Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer


designed this futuristic capital, they deliberately set out


and separated the three pillars of power - the Supreme Court,


the two Houses of Congress, It might feel right now that


Congress has the upper hand, having voted in favour


of an impeachment process against President Dilma Rousseff,


but she remains in the Presidential Palace pending a full impeachment


trial in the country's Senate, There's an economic recession,


inflation rates of 10%, and, of course, the country faces


a huge corruption scandal. Indeed, many of those congressmen


sitting in judgment on the President are accused themselves of far


more serious crimes. Brazil feels like a country


in hiatus - all the while, the work A week after Russia's President


Putin declared his assets and income to the public,


his spokesman Dmitry Peskov has He explained that the reason


HE earned four times more than his boss last year was due


to a large inheritance he received Let's have a look at the figures


that were released today. Mr Peskov says he earned


$544,000 in 2015 - part of this being his salary


as well as a family inheritance. This is over four times more than


Russian president Vladimir Putin - his salary was declared last


week as being $126,000. Meanwhile Mr Peskov's wife,


former Olympic figure skating champion Tatyana Navka,


earned over $1.3 million. It is not the first time Mr Peskov's


finances spending has At his high-profile wedding last


August, he was photographed wearing a watch worth over $620,000 -


more than his annual salary. With me is Olga Ivshina


from the BBC's Russian service. We have seen lots of controversy


here in the UK when figures are revealed about a top politicians'


earnings. Does it make waves in Russia? No, I want say that. It is


not the first time Peskov was accused of having high incomes. Each


time, he finds his way out. He said his wife actually made him a wedding


present, even though it is still an enormous sum of money, and he has


been photographed wearing a watch. Two weeks before the wedding


happened, that was. Why did they take this step of releasing the


present's earnings and then Peskov? According to Russian law, they have


a certain period of time when they can reveal their incomes and I think


it is just Russian law of hierarchy, which is why they first revealed


Vladimir Putin's salary and then Mr Peskov's. In motion media, this


story isn't digitally widespread. If you talk about Russian state medium,


no, they haven't reported much. Even though this explanation about him


inheriting this money came in Russian state media during a


broadcast, and each time they mention such things, they always


give Russian officials a chance to show how generous they are, or how


law-abiding they are. This was just another chance for them to show that


everyone is following law procedure and everyone is honest and open.


What we know also is how rich Tatyana Navka is, Mr Peskov's wife,


a figure skating champion. How did she get that money? It is an


interesting question, and I cannot give you a straight answer. She has


been involved in various shows, ice-skating shows, which were very


popular, and now, according to her official website, she organises


various holidays, celebrations, events. Can you earn that much money


just organising events in Russia? I don't know. There are people in


Russia you probably want to celebrate their things with such a


scale. $1.3 million last year, just to recap. What sort of figure is


Dmitry Peskov in Russia? He appears to be a man of unwavering loyalty,


you took the blame for his boss making a public error on that phone


in. Is very loyal to the president. He always helps Mr Putin to get out,


in case he makes any mistakes. He just provides the explanations to


some strange moves. Also, he is very famous for his moustache and his


fake Twitter account. It is tremendously popular, it has


thousands and thousands of followers. Thank you very much.


Dozens of people who were rescued as they tried to cross


the Mediterranean say that at least 500 others died when a boat they


The migrants, from various East African countries, say they set


They are now being held by the Greek authorities in Kalamata


The Greek police are holding the 41 survivors in this


We haven't been allowed to interview them on camera,


but we have managed to speak to them, and they have


told us what is a pretty extraordinary story.


They say that last week they set off from the port of Tobruk in Libya


and they set off - 240 of them in one boat -


But they say, in the middle of the Mediterranean,


the traffickers transferred them from one boat to another much larger


one, another wooden boats, but that was already full of more


than 300 people that were trying to make it to Europe.


They say, in the middle of the night, that boat


capsized and just these 41 managed to survive.


They believe that 500 other people drowned.


What happened to these 41 people, who include Ethiopians, Sudanese,


Somalis and Egyptians, they say that a Filipino cargo ship


rescued them and then brought them here to Greece, where, apparently,


they initially were very, very reluctant to get on land.


They didn't want to be handed over to the Greek authorities


because they were so determined to get to Italy.


Now, I ought to add that no officials have managed give any


details about this disaster, which, if true, will


to have happened since this entire migrant crisis began.


Signs of Iran coming back in from the cold -


it's held its highest level talks with Europe for more than a decade.


The EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini spent Saturday


in the Iranian capital Tehran with seven other top officials.


This comes after Iran met its obligations under last


year's historic nuclear deal, paving the way for the lifting


Our Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet


Europe's top diplomat sweeps into Iran's Foreign Ministry, backed


There's a warm welcome from Iran's foreign minister Zarif.


At the press conference, Miss Mogherini hails a new start.


And we want, as Europeans, Iranian people to have and to see


the benefits of this agreement turning into changes


Europe's commissioners are here to talk about everything


from banking and business to science and student exchanges.


All possible because financial sanctions were lifted


But on the streets of Tehran today, people still don't see much change.


Major European banks and businesses are still wary of dealing with Iran.


A shopkeeper says, we thought business would be booming


We hoped prices would come down, but they haven't, she complains.


We hope to God change will come soon.


Iran's Foreign Minister tells me, Iranians will only wait so long.


I believe Iran is very hopeful about the future.


Iranians see the benefits of engagement and they have shown


If they do not see change, they will change their mind.


But the nuclear deal didn't solve everything.


Sanctions linked to human rights and terrorism are still in place.


Most Iranians wanted the nuclear deal to achieve a greater engagement


with the outside world, and most of all the West.


Europe's visit is a strong symbol of that, but both sides still wanted


to see far greater changes if this new relationship is to have any


The Hollywood couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have appeared


in court in Queensland, Australia, to answer charges


concerning their pet dogs being smuggled into the country last year.


The couple have also appeared in a video made public


by Australia's Department of Agriculture -


A little bit of Hollywood in Queensland, Australia.


Amber Heard back down under to defend herself in a case


It dates back to May last year, when the couple were staying


at this Gold Coast Villa on a break from filming.


With them, their two pet Yorkshire terriers,


The dogs had first been spotted at this local grooming salon.


It wasn't long before Amber Heard was charged with illegally


A crime with a maximum penalty of ten years in prison.


And in court today, the couple submitted this somewhat


Australia is a wonderful island, with a treasure trove of unique


Australia is free of many pests and diseases that are


That is why Australia has to have such strong bio-security laws.


And Australians are just as unique, both warm and direct.


When you disrespect Australian law, they will tell you firmly.


I am truly sorry that Pistol and Boo were not declared.


Declare everything when you enter Australia.


In the end, the Hollywood couple left court with Amber Heard having


been sentenced to just a month's probation.


The more serious charges were dropped, after Miss Heard


agreed to plead guilty to filling in her customs document wrongly.


For Amber Heard, no conviction and no fine, and some people will be


wondering whether this case was worth all the fuss and, indeed,


When does standing still help you move faster?


It may sound counterintuitive, but an experiment by the transport


authorities here in London has found congestion is eased when commuters


stand on - rather than walk up - escalators.


And today the theory was put into practice.


It's a rule that's been drilled into travellers and commuters


on transport networks across the country for


When on an escalator, you stand on the right


Apart from, that is, if you're on this escalator at


Ladies and gentlemen, if you can stand on both sides


of this escalator... Here, last November,


for one hour a day, commuters were part


of an experiment that seemed to go against all traveller logic.


Standing on both sides of the escalator to speed


up the flow of people through the station.


The escalators at Holborn are around 24 metres long.


That is the equivalent of climbing a six-storey building


if you choose to walk, and most people don't want to.


So they queue to stand on the right, creating a bottleneck


But if you have standing on both sides, that bottleneck is reduced


and the escalator can carry 50% more commuters at peak times.


However, despite the success of this initial study,


From today, and for the next six months, a new Transport for London


trial will turn one escalator over to full-time stadnding use,


but it may take considerably longer to change a century


Trying to tell London commuters what to do is not unenviable task.


The number of people confirmed dead after Saturday's devastating


earthquake in Ecuador has risen to 350.


Rescue teams have been flying in from abroad to help


But for now from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


After the cold snap over the weekend, it looks like spring will


make a


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