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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


I'm Alpa Patel - here are the headlines:


A major earthquake in Ecuador has killed more than


In Japan, two powerful earthquakes leave tens of thousands


in temporary shelter and without electricity and water.


A session is under way in Brazil's Congress to decide


whether to approve impeachment proceedings against


President Dilma Rousseff - these are live pictures.


And the story of the farmhouse, the field and the fabulous


At least 235 people are now known to have died after a 7.8-magnitude


earthquake that hit Ecuador on Saturday evening.


The epicentre of the quake was off the northwest


coast of the country, close to the town of Muisne.


It was felt as far away as neighbouring Colombia.


Officials are warning that the number of dead


could increase over the next few hours and days.


Here, trapped amid the rubble, a lone child.


Rescuers fight to free her from the twisted wreckage.


Then, to applause from the waiting crowd, she is out.


But for emergency workers, the job isn't done.


There are others beneath the piles of concrete,


A supermarket in Quito, more than 100 miles from the quake


epicentre, shelves and produce shaking and falling.


Then, the power goes off, shoppers and staff


The worst of the damage was in the north-west


of the country, roads destroyed, buildings in ruins,


rescuers struggling to reach the affected areas.


This woman's whole family is missing.


The third floor collapsed on top of us.


They are all there, my family, my sister, my children.


My God, may the help arrive, may the rescue arrive.


Daylight revealed the true scale of the disaster.


The number of dead and injured continues to rise.


10,000 troops have now been deployed to help in rescue efforts.


Amidst the grief, there is fear too, of after-shocks, from this,


the worst earthquake to hit the country for more than 30 years.


To southern Japan, where tens of thousands of people


have spent a third night in temporary shelters


More than 40 people have died and many more are missing


Rupert Wingfield Hayes reports from the mountain town of Minamiaso.


This was the main road into Minamiaso.


and chunks of the bridge lie smashed at the bottom of the ravine,


The town itself is a scene of devastation.


Almost every house is crumpled and broken.


Up above, there is a constant buzz from the helicopter.


Today, the US Navy joined the search and rescue effort.


Further on, the road is blocked again by another massive landslide.


Several houses have been buried underneath this,


and at least eight people are still missing.


Just back down the road here, we ran into a young man


who was clearly in a very distressed state and didn't want


But he said that his father's house is somewhere underneath all of this.


Many, like this farmer, are still waiting for help.


His cow sheds have completely collapsed, and his cows are trapped.


Using scraps of wood, he is building a pen


The cows haven't been milked for two days,


But the main thing is, I need to get the cows out


Two days is already the limit for them.


There are now dozens of search teams here,


It's hard to see how anyone could survive under all of this.


Rupert Wingfield Hayes, BBC News, Minamiaso, southern Japan.


Let's take a look at some other stories now.


Oil exporting nations have failed to secure an agreement


The aim of the meeting in Qatar was to strike a deal that


would limit output in an effort to raise prices.


But the talks appeared to run into difficulties over


The country is not in favour of a freeze, and refused


A video of a leading Philippines presidential candidate


joking about the rape and murder of an Australian woman


Rodrigo Duterte is seen in footage making light of the assault


by prison inmates in 1989 when he was town mayor.


Critics say this shows him to be "unfit" to be president,


but supporters say the comments were meant as a joke.


At least 7,000 people have taken to the streets of Brussels in what's


been described as a march "against terror and hate".


The event took place almost a month after suicide bomb attacks


at the airport and metro station which killed 32 people.


The victims and their families are leading this peaceful demonstration


and alongside them, the paramedics and the people who fought to try to


Many of the people here, you can see, are carrying


flowers in memory of those who lost their lives.


We are all together here to say no against all kinds of


aggressive words and talks and what happened in Brussels,


what happens everywhere in the world.


So we protest and we march for peace and freedom of speech.


there are more than 50 people who are still in hospital,


And despite the recent arrests, there are still fears


with links to Europe's vast jihadist network still at large.


So this is, the organisers say, a march of defiance,


designed to show unity in a diverse population, and the


solidarity, as many of them are chanting that the city is determined


to show, although it is still reeling from the impact of those


Many people taking part in this demonstration tell us that they


feel as though the attackers hijacked the religion, and that this


that true Islam is a religion of peace.


And here we have a scene of coexistence,


Today has been a celebration of peace and unity, but Belgian


politics is still grappling with the fallout.


Last week, the transport minister resigned over a leaked


document which highlighted security lapses at the airport and raised


questions about whether the authorities could have done more to


A heated session is under way in the lower house


to decide whether to impeach President Dilma Rousseff.


She's accused of manipulating the budget finances to hide


a growing public deficit ahead of her re-election in 2014.


Party leaders are delivering statements ahead of the vote,


which could trigger a formal trial in the upper house, or Senate.


Let's just listen in on what's being said:


TRANSLATION:... An impeachment process in which there would be a


report without the backing. This report doesn't reflect what we want


to do with the president of the Republic. This is a report which has


been approved with some issues, but it doesn't have commitment to


democracy. It is a report the zillion people need to be aware that


it is a report that the Brazilian people need to be aware that it does


not have the correct backing to make the country face a crisis. I want is


aid to the Brazilian people -- I want to say that this is the


fragility of the politicians. We are trying to charge President Dilma


Rousseff and trying to judge a political issue. We will return to


that story in a moment. Actor and director George Clooney


has admitted that the amount of money he's raised


for Hillary Clinton's There were protests on Friday


outside a Clinton fundraiser, hosted by Mr Clooney and his wife Amal,


with a price tag of more Speaking to the NBC programme "Meet


the Press", George Clooney said that Mrs Clinton's rival


for the Democratic nomination - Bernie Sanders - was right


to criticise the big-ticket event: Do you look at yourself and think


that is an obscene amount of money? Yes, it is an obscene


amount of money. We had some protesters last night


when we pulled up in San Francisco, They are absolutely right,


it is an obscene amount of money. When they talk about it,


the Sanders campaign, it is ridiculous


that we should have this kind of money in politics.


I agree completely. I think the Clinton


campaign has not been The overwhelming amount


of money that we are raising, and it is a lot,


but the overwhelming amount of money we are raising is not


going to Hillary to run for president, it is


going to the down ticket. It is going to the congressmen


and senators to try And the reason that is important


to me is because, I am a Democrat, so if you are a Republican,


you will disagree, but we need to take the Senate back


because we need to confirm Because that vote in


the Supreme Court can overturn Citizens United and get this


obscene, ridiculous amount of money out so that I never have


to do a fundraiser again. Let me take you back to the


Brazilian parliament, where an important vote will be taking place


in the next few hours on whether to impeach the President Dilma


Rousseff. Let's listen in to that. TRANSLATION: And if we have to


perform democratic acts, we have to call new elections and allow the


people on the streets to vote, to be able to choose the candidate to hold


office, and not this absurdity of these proceedings. I say that not


because I am against the vice president. I respect him and I


respect all my colleagues. But this is not a legitimate process. This


report is fragile. These charges are fragile to remove the president from


office. Let me bring in our correspondent, Daniel Gallas, who is


following events in Sao Paulo. Quite strong words being heard in the


Brazilian parliament. Any idea when we might have a result? The result


will probably come out later tonight, maybe in the early hours of


Monday in London. Each of the 513 MPs will be called out by name and


they will have a certain amount of time to give their votes, so this is


likely to drag on for some time. We lost at the voting in a few hours.


There have been huge protests on the streets and huge division in the


country over this? Yes, the country has been divided for the whole of


last year and maybe before that. President Dilma Rousseff only won


the 2014 election by a tiny margin. Now we are seeing that these


divisions are coming up again. The divisions are constantly changing,


because the mood in the country is changing. News is emerging of


corruption scandals and problems in the government, so people change


their opinion quite fast. Today, we will see what the MPs really think


about Dilma Rousseff and whether she is guilty of the things she is


accused of. Any idea on whether the president will survive this vote?


She does, that does not mean the crisis is over because she will


still have lost a lot of support from many in Congress. She only


needs 171 congressmen to support her to stay in government. But that is


not enough to rule Brazil. On the other hand, if she loses and


eventually someone else comes in, that person would not have enough


votes either, because no coalition has been formed. So the political


crisis is not likely to go away after the impeachment is over, or


the impeachment process, whether she wins or not. Thank you very much.


There is plenty more coverage of the debate in the Brazilian Congress on


our website, including a live page with the latest developments both in


the chamber and out on the streets among rival protesters. Or you can


download the BBC News at ten. -- the BBC News app.


Stay with us on BBC News, still to come: How silence speaks


silence speaks volumes - we take a trip round a new museum


dedicated to the life and work of film star Charlie Chaplin.


An inbound flight to London's Heathrow Airport with 132


passengers on board is believed to have been hit by a drone this


afternoon, according to the Metropolitan Police.


A pilot reported to police that his British Airways flight had


Our correspondent Simon Jones gave more details of the incident.


This was a British Airways plane, an Airbus A320.


As well as the passengers on board, there were five crew members


and at around 12:50pm, as the flight was coming


into Heathrow Terminal 5, the pilot reported that the front


of the plane had been hit by what he thought was a drone.


They managed to land successfully, the flight was coming


in from Geneva and once it was on the ground


it was examined by engineers and they cleared it to continue


flying later in the day, but the police have


British Airways tell us that the safety of passengers


is their number one priority and they will cooperate fully


No arrests have been made at this stage.


The latest headlines: A major earthquake in Ecuador is now known


Nearly a quarter of a million people have been told to leave their homes


in southern Japan due to worries about further earthquakes.


One of the largest Roman villas ever discovered has been


unearthed by chance - by the owner of a farmhouse


Archaeologists say the villa is extraordinarily


well-preserved and the find is unparalleled in recent years.


Building projects don't always go to plan,


but they rarely result in a discovery like this.


An untouched mosaic, a find that led to further


excavations to reveal what could be one of


Roman villas in Britain, only found because the owner


of the farmhouse was carrying out some work so that his children


could play table tennis in an old barn.


While the builders were there, I said, "Would you put


So they dig a trench and they're going across and suddenly


there is a cry, "Oh, my God! We've found something."


What has been revealed is this mosaic floor,


which they call a guilloche, like a basket weave.


This is what the villa might have looked like.


It would have been occupied by a wealthy family


The find is being described as unparalleled in recent years.


The villa has not been touched since its collapse 1400 years ago.


The villa has not been touched since its collapse 1,400 years ago.


Absolute million to one chance of just finding


Just to have a member of the public come and say, "I have found this


mosaic" and for it to be such a high-quality, wonderful,


top-notch, fourth century piece of workmanship is really rare.


Also discovered, a whole range of artefacts including coins,


oyster shells and a child's coffin, which had been used


Experts say this site has incredible potential to shed light on how


Another twist in the English Premier League.


The English Premier League leaders Leicester City somehow managed


to rescue a point in a thrilling 2-2 draw with West Ham.


Needing three more league wins to seal an historic top flight


title, Leicester had gone 1-0 up before West Ham took


Incredibly, Leicester scored an injury time equaliser


They're eight points clear of Tottenham, who play on Monday.


It was our performance which was fantastic.


I am happy when there is a performance


Fourth place Arsenal drew 1-1 at home to Crystal Palace.


The Gunners took the lead at the end of the first half


through Alexis Sanchez before Yannick Bollasie scored Palace's


equaliser with their first shot on target in the game.


The La Liga title race is on the verge of being thrown wide


open, with reigning champions Barcelona trailing


Valencia 2-1 at home, for what would be their third


Barca were knocked out of the Champions League on Wednesday


by Atletico Madrid, whose 3-0 win over Granada saw them go level


Lionel Messi scored the consolation, his 500th career goal.


Lewis Hamilton came from last place to claim seventh


but it wasn't enough to close the gap on Nico Rosberg,


who won his third race of the season with ease and his sixth in a row


Our Formula 1 reporter Tom Clarkson was watching.


It was a thrilling Chinese Grand Prix here at the Shanghai


International circuit. It was the predicted result in the end, with


Nico Rosberg taking his third straight victory of the season. But


behind him, all hell broke loose, Lewis Hamilton coming from the back


of the grid, only made as far as seventh because for the second


consecutive race, a had his car damaged at first corner and had to


make four pit stops on his way to finishing seventh. Ahead of him,


Sebastian Vettel also made contact with his team-mate, Kimi Raikkonen.


He had to battle through the field to make it to second place. It was


the Red Bulls of Daniel Ricciardo who made the. So unexciting Grand


Prix. After all the questions in Formula 1 of recent weeks, what we


learned today in Shanghai is that there is nothing wrong with the on


track action. Rafael Nadal has won a record ninth


Monte Carlo Masters title, after beating Gael Monfils


in three sets. The 7-5, 5-7, 6-0 win marked


the first Masters title in nearly two years for the Spaniard and it


came in his 100th career ATP final. The slapstick silent films


of Charlie Chaplin have delighted Now a new museum dedicated


to his life and work is opening in his former


home in Switzerland. Our correspondent,


Imogen Foulkes, reports. No one is likely to forget


Charlie Chaplin, the man But just in case memories do need


jogging, there is a new museum For Chaplin family members,


it's the perfect tribute they loved and to the home


where they spent It was really a beautiful,


privileged childhood. Such a big estate, with a beautiful


park and forest you could get lost in.


For a child, that was extraordinary. The museum is designed


to immerse visitors They can walk down his


childhood street in London, and even participate in key


moments from his films. The exhibits include


Chaplin's own detailed notes But his films were about much more


than slapstick humour. His subjects - poverty, hunger


or oppression - Take, for example,


the speech at the end The misery that is now


upon us is but the The bitterness of men who fear the


way of human progress. Everything that is said


in there applies very much to In this world, where you see


people who are being displaced and, you know,


fleeing war, nothing has changed Charlie Chaplin once said a day


without laughter is a day wasted. But his real genius, the reason


he is still loved today, is because he reminds us of our


humanity as well as making us laugh. Let me take you back to the


Brazilian parliament before we go, where a session is under way to


decide whether to approve impeachment proceedings against


President Dilma Rousseff. Politicians have already clashed in


the chamber over Ms Rousseff's supporters. They were shouting at


each other slogans and accusing the opposition of mounting a coup. It


has also provoked protests across the country. The president has been


accused of tampering with the government's accounts for political


gain. Millions watching these proceedings across the country. If


you want to get in touch with me, you can.


From me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


After a wintry start of the week and for most of us, things improved with


some spring sunshine around today. Although there was dampness across


the west of Scotland, that was courtesy of a weather front which


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