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Pope Francis visits migrants centres on the Greek island of Lesbos.


He brings back 12 Syrian refugees to Italy, saying it's


a humanitarian act - not a political one.


Lively scenes in the Brazilian parliament over whether to impeach


the country's President - she says the campaign


It's a race against time to find survivors in Japan after a second


earthquake kills more than 30 people.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the Taj Mahal,


retracing the steps of William's mother.


That's what the Pope declared as he visited a migrant centre


Lesbos is where most of migrants first


Despite the island's proximity to Turkey,


many migrants drown trying to make the perilous journey.


He came to what's been called the front line


to meet the people who risked their lives to get here,


to plead for a more humane international response to them.


The Pope is used to provoking emotions.


They're usually drawn from religious fervour, not desperation.


All the migrants in this camp are now effectively detained, awaiting


A deal between the EU and Turkey to try to stem the flow of migrants


has provoked questions about its morality and legality.


The Pope's now added his weight to a growing chorus of concern.


TRANSLATION: We hope that the world will heed these scenes of tragic


And respond in a way worthy of our common humanity.


Outside another camp, Syrians gathered for a glimpse


of the Pope, hoping, somehow, he'd be their saviour.


This man, a Kurd, said he'd rather die here than be returned to Turkey.


All the migrants we've met here have huge hopes and expectations


of the outcome of the Pope's short visit.


He'll hope, at least, to have managed to stir


But what difference will the Pope's visit actually make?


We want them to rethink the EU- Turkey deal, and how


At the moment it's being rushed through and people aren't having


a chance to have their claims for asylum fairly heard.


The Pope flew back to Rome, taking with him three Syrian


families whose homes have been destroyed.


while thousands of others have been left in limbo here.


Meanwhile, Pope Francis addressed questions on board his plane


about why he met Bernie Sanders at the Vatican on Friday.


He denied the meeting with the Democratic presidential


TRANSLATION: I saw him in the foyer of the hotel as I was leaving for


Greece, greeting someone who the day before was at the Vatican, attending


a conference, doesn't mean to back his political rule. It is only


education. If someone thinks the contrary, he needs to go to a


psychiatrist. Thousands of protestors,


for and against the impeachment of Brazilian President,


Dilma Rousseff, are gathering On Sunday Congress will vote


on the issue with a two thirds majority vote required to trigger


a formal impeachment trial Rallying the troops. Lula Da Silva,


Dilma Rousseff's predecessor as president, her most important


supporter as she faces a crucial impeachment vote in Congress,


portraying this as a class war, a fright for the survival of Brazil's


democracy, activists denounced those in favour of impeachment as


criminals and traitors. TRANSLATION: The country is not as divided as the


media or politicians make out. I am certain that democracy will triumph


in the end and people will see what is at stake and


three days of partisan debate, officially over charges that


President Rousseff illegally manipulated government accounts to


conceal a deficit. But it is more than ironic that many of those


sitting in judgment on those Rousseff have been accused of much


more serious crimes, including corruption and money-laundering. By


Sunday night, these 513 congressmen, and they are overwhelmingly men,


will have decided the fate of Brazil's first female president. It


is a process that she insists is illegal, a constitutional coup to


get rid of red dramatically -- democratically elected doesn't. But


a majority of the zillions to support calls for the President's


impeachment. These protesters arriving in the capital ahead of the


votes a economic recession and damaging corruption scandals have


eroded the Marussia's legitimacy and her authority. I don't believe it


will make a big difference, but it is the first step. So we have to do


that, because we have to start sometime and this the moment.


Brasilia is preparing for a showdown. There has been significant


economic and social progress under the workers party government, but


there are those who argue that Brazil is still dangerously divided


along ideological lines. There are two sins you cannot commit in


relation to the Brazilian elite. They will not accept a government


that fights for more equality, as they know Brazil is a very unequal


country, and they will not accept a country that wants to have a more


autonomous position in the world. Describing the proceedings as the


biggest fraud in the history of the country, Dilma Rousseff is fighting


for her political life. An unpopular leader, desperately looking for


enough votes to avoid the humiliation of impeachment.


Shinzo Abe, has warned that rescue workers are in a "race against time"


to help the victims of two earthquakes which struck the south


From the island of Kyushu, Robin Brant reports.


We have been here for a couple of hours and this place is deserted.


It is quite eerie tonight, and this is why.


This was the result of that big tremor on Friday.


The buildings here, and there are lots of them,


This one has partially fallen away and crushed this camper van.


There are cracks in the road as well.


Six people died in this town when that first tremor came.


They have had two now in 36 hours, and it is not safe to stay.


that they have been shaken on their foundations.


And some of them have fallen away at the front.


It is like something out of a Charlie Chaplin movie, almost.


And what you are left with inside is, exposed,


the belongings of the people who used to live here.


Furniture, clocks, tables, they have simply grabbed a bag and gone.


The reason it is not safe to stay - well, just look above you.


is so vulnerable to any further tremors that may come,


and that is what people here fear most.


What will come next, and will it be stronger?


US officials have announced that the Pentagon has sent nine


Yemeni men to Saudi Arabia from the military prison


They include Tariq ba Odah, who had been


The transfer marked one of the largest group of prisoners


moved out of the US naval base in Cuba since


to shut the controversial detention centre there before he leaves


Well, we can go live to Washington - where we can join our correspondent


What do we know about these nine Yemeni men who have been sent back


to Saudi Arabia? Well, they can't be sent back to their home country


because the situation there is too unstable. So they have been sent


back to Saudi Arabia, where they all have families. This is the result of


long discussions between Washington and Riyadh to try to come to some


diplomatic effort to rehouse these prisoners. It comes a week before


President Obama is due to visit Saudi Arabia as part of the meeting


and summit of Gulf states. And it is part of the President's push to try


to close this facility, an election pledge. He is of course coming up


against some opposition from the Republican-controlled Congress. This


will leave 80 prisoners back in Guantanamo Bay, 26 of whom have


already been cleared for release. They are expected to be released by


the end of the summer. As you say, this is a small number of VAT still


left at the prison. Is he going to manage to achieve his pledge of


closing the tension centre? It might be quite difficult. These prisoners


are obviously from the other states, so there may be the dramatic efforts


to return them there. There are US citizens in Guantanamo and there are


moves to try to bring them back to the United States. But that would


require the repeal of a law which says it cannot happen. Currently,


Congress says that that is not going to happen. But the ayes have it, the


ayes have it has not ruled out using his executive power to try to


overrule Congress on this matter. Certainly, Guantanamo remains a


controversial facility and the release of at least one of these


prisoners shows why. He has been held since 2007. He has been on


hunger strike on and off since then. He lost half his body weight there.


There have been huge efforts by his lawyers to release him on


humanitarian grounds, and now he is free. Other prisoners say they


should also be free, as they have not yet been charged with anything.


So there are certainly efforts both from President Obama and elsewhere


to try to close this facility. Whether he will be able to do this


by January, he has less than a year before the end of his presidency, we


will have to wait and see. Here in the UK, the Mayor of London,


Boris Johnson has delivered a blunt message to President Obama,


saying he should not back the campaign for Britain to remain


in the European Union. The President will visit


the UK next week. With more - here's our


Political Correspondent - Up and down the country,


it's Boris Johnson who is Good morning, everybody,


thank you very much... At referendum rallies,


like here in Newcastle today, he's urging voters to back


the Leave campaign. But on a visit to the UK next week,


the US President is expected to say Britain


should remain in the EU, a likely intervention


that Mr Johnson condemned in an interview


with the BBC. I just find it absolutely bizarre


that we're being lectured by the Americans about giving up our


sovereignty, giving up control. They wouldn't dream


of sharing sovereignty. Is he in danger of making America


look like a hypocrite? Not in danger of it,


I'm afraid he is... Coming just a few days before


President Obama arrives on another state visit to Britain,


Boris Johnson's plain speaking It's not the usual red carpet


rhetoric rolled out especially from someone who aspires


to live here one day. But Boris Johnson likes


to grab the spotlight, and knows his comments


will get people's attention. Senior Conservatives from the Remain


campaign are not impressed. I don't think he's


thought this one through very hard, it's a pretty unwise


and naive comment to make. The United States has


pledged to come to the defence of Europe


if we're ever attacked, to expose their own


country to defend us. The idea that the President


of the United States can't express concern at the wider


implications for the West as a whole, I don't think


that's credible. Any intervention has


to be carefully managed. President Obama won't want


to be seen to be telling British voters what to do, but Mr


Cameron will hope this special relationship will give his campaign


the boost it needs. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come: No complaints from the neighbours


about this extension - the astronauts above the International


Space Station are getting some extra room.


They're about as far away from digital downloads and streaming


But it seems that traditional vinyl records are making a come-back.


Sales are up more than 60% this year.


And here in Britain, 500 limited edition vinyl


records are on sale, as part of a campaign to make people


building for some time. We have had a Jese of consecutive growth since


Record Store Day was introduced in 2008. It was helped by rock and


indie bands being popular after 2000, so that created an impetus. In


the same way that the final went into decline and entered a circle,


once it got popular again, a virtuous cycle was created and more


people want to buy into it. It is not just the baby boomers, but a


younger generation who are responding as well.


The latest headlines: Pope Francis says bringing back 12 Syrian


refugees to Italy from the Greek islands of Lesbos is a humanitarian


parliament over whether to impeach the country's President -


she says the campaign against her is a coup.


Cuban President Raul Castro has rejected


privatisation and vowed that


neoliberal values will never be applied to Cuban socialism.


He was speaking as more than a thousand delegates


and invited guests gathered in Havana for a party congress.


The gathering - which takes place every five years -


follows the recent visit of President Obama and moves


What does this tell us about Roald Castro and his relationship with the


US? It was interesting that at the start of his speech, he underlined


the point you made that neoliberal and suppose would not be applied in


Cuba's socialist model, but he did go on to make reference to China and


Vietnam's economy, and there was an implication about how much of the


economic reforms agreed five years ago, the last time there was a


communist party Congress in Cuba, still need to be done. So he was


berating the delegates for not having done more. What was most


interesting was the moment when he passed the baton onto the next


generation. There was a about how there could be a plan to make sure


the top age to join the Cuban Communist Party would be 74 top


leaders, as well as a call for women leaders to get more involved. -- the


top age would be 74 top leaders. That shows the new direction he


would like the party to take over the next ten years. Given what he


has said about the US, does this make for an uneasy future


relationship? Well, it comes quick on the heels of that historic visit


by President Obama. And of course, they had to make reference to that


and things that have been achieved. I think there is still a closeness


at the moment that a lot of ordinary Cubans are enjoying. The page


appears to have been turned on that hostile relationship, and if the


parties to reflect the interests of the people, it will want to make


sure it keeps that there. But at the same time, as one of the historic


leaders of the revolution, Raul Castro wants to make sure people


don't think it is all rosy between Washington and Havana. There are


still aware that these two countries have very different views of how to


do politics and how to run an economy.


Aston Villa have been relegated from the top flight


They were one of just seven teams to have played in every season


since the Premier League was formed in 1992 but after a 1-0 defeat


to Manchester United today, Villa will play their football


18 year old Marcus Rashord scored the goal that sent Villa


to their first relegation since 1987.


SPEAKER: the players are obviously devastated. It has been coming and


we know that, but the realisation is difficult. I think they are very


disappointed today in terms of what they put into the game. It has been


difficult for everybody at the club, but I thought today, they took a


step forward and a step back towards the supporters, who were outstanding


today. But we have to get on with it. We have to ensure that this


fantastic football club goes back to where it should be and that this


never happens again. There were some other significant


results in the relegation scrap. Norwich lost to Sunderland -


they're now just a point apart It was a first win at Newcastle


for Rafa Benitez - In this evening's game,


Manchester City beat Chelsea 3-0. he thinks the biggest problem facing


football is match fixing. Last year, more than 50 people


were arrested as part of investigations into match-fixing


in Italy's third and fourth tier, while a former Premier League


striker was jailed for his part in a conspiracy to bribe


lower-league players in England. It's a problem that Javier Tebas


says the sport's governing bodies TRANSLATION: We are working in La


Liga and the professional leagues, but I think the Spanish football


Federation has to still work harder in the lower categories and control


the situation more, which they are failing to do. The same goes for


other leagues. They are keeping a superficial approach to such a big


problem. Uefa says they are working on it, but they should put more


pressure on organisations involved with match fixing. And Fifa should


put more pressure on the federations to push them to work harder to


eradicate match fixing. They should threaten them with being expelled


from competitions if they fail to do so, and not many are doing it.


Lewis Hamilton will have to produce one of the best drives of his career


if he's to win tomorrow's Chinese Grand Prix.


The world champion failed to set a time


in qualifying after suffering engine problems.


That, along with a five place penalty for changing the gear box


on his Mercedes, means he'll start from last place.


His team mate and championship leader Nico Rosberg


will start from pole, with Red Bull's Daniel


Rafa Nadal is through to his 100th career final after beating


Andy Murray at the Monte Carlo Masters.


Murray was dominant in the first set, but fell away as the Spaniard


reached his 10th final in the principality,


Frenchman Gael Monfils is into his first.


The 13th seed enjoyed a surprisingly


straightforward game against compatriot


Astronauts on board the International Space Station


It's an experimental inflatable module, which has been attached


remotely to the ISS by a NASA ground control team.


The module arrived at the space station almost a week ago,


The new inflatable module is gradually unpacked by robotic arm


around 400 kilometres above Earth. And above the Nasa staff manoeuvring


the arm at the Johnson space centre. The habitat, made of lightweight and


super strong material, is the brainchild of Bigelow Aerospace,


based in Nevada, whose website shows an animation of the operation to


install the Bigelow expandable activity module, and its eventual


inflation, due to take place in late May. News of the extension was


tweeted by one of the astronauts observing the operation through the


IFS windows. Beam again enters from the aft port of the tranquillity


module, where it will be attached for the next two years. During that


time, crew members will enter Beam periodically to take measurements


and monitor the performance of the module. The aim is to see how the


module copes with the temperature swings and high radiation


environment of space and possible impacts from space debris. The


extension is little bigger than a phone booth, at Bigelow is working


on a much larger module which could revolutionise space habitats and


save millions in launch costs. The operation completed, astronaut Tim


had more immediate thoughts on his mind.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have


visited the Taj Mahal - the final engagement of their tour


They sat briefly on the bench where Diana, Princess


of Wales was famously photographed on her own,


in the year she separated from Prince Charles.


Officials have said the couple wanted to create new memories.


Here's our Royal Correspondent, Nicholas Witchell.


It was one of those moments which mattered much more to picture


desks and photographers than it did to the principals.


William was only nine when his mother visited


His officials say that visit 24 years ago has no


But the images of his late mother sitting alone


at this monument to love, Prince Charles having decided


not to accompany her, was one of the clearest signs


at the time that their marriage was in serious trouble.


Hardly the happiest of associations for William, then.


But at the end of their first visit to India, it was an opportunity


for him and Catherine to create memories of their own,


albeit under the intense scrutiny of photographers.


They were waiting for just one thing,


images of Diana's elder son and his wife posing together


at the place where Diana had been left so tellingly alone.


It was a moment not as significant to William as the watching world may


try to make it, yet a fitting place to end the couple's visit to India.


What has the visit here meant to you?


Yet William understands the resonance today's


24 years ago, the images from this place were rather forlorn ones.


Those images have now been supplanted, at least in part,


And on that note, this royal visit to India and Bhutan concluded.


According to officials, the couple achieved what they wanted


Nicholas Witchell, BBC News, at the Taj Mahal.


From me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


I hope you manage to enjoy some sunshine today. But despite that, it


has been cold. We had a plunge of Arctic air coming down across the


country today. For some of us, it was quite a


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