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A powerful earthquake has struck in Japan 24 hours after an earthquake


in the same area. The quake struck in the early hours


of the morning, there are reports Rescue workers are searching


for trapped survivors . British police are questioning


five terror suspects, She's accused of ignoring security


lapses long before two suicide bombers hit Brussels airport -


but she blames the media Definitely not every day


after the manufacturer warns some products contain so much sugar


and salt - you should only For the second time in 24 hours,


a powerful earthquake has The quake - with


a magnitude of 7.1 - -- 7.3 happened in the early


hours of the morning. Both quakes have hit near Kumamoto,


on the island of Kyushu. Pictures from Japan's NHK television


showed buildings shaking There are reports of people


being trapped in their homes Nine people are known to have died


and more than a thousand injured from the first tremor


on Thursday night. Officials are warning that the death


toll may rise as collapsed Our correspondent, Rupert Wingfield


Hayes is in Tokyo. Terrifying for the people of the


region. We are seeing on television thousands and thousands of people in


the streets, filling public parks and spaces, wrapped in blankets,


basically very scared from this double shock they have had. There


was a big shake last night and now we have had a big shake tonight. The


intensity of shaking, even though the magnitude was bigger than last


night's earthquake, the shaking was slightly less. But we hear reports


of people calling from inside buildings saying they are trapped


and there are a number of rescue is going on. These are rescue is taking


place following the first initial earthquake. It is difficult to


determine from the live pictures we are seeing as to whether the


pictures are fresh damage, whether it is damage from last night. A


confusing picture at the moment. The second earthquake appears to have


affected a wider area, deeper into the countryside and into the


mountains, which is where perhaps some of the fresh damage has been


done. It looks additionally like there may be some collapsed


buildings from the second quake. When we spoke after the first, you


said you felt it in Tokyo. Did you feel the second in Tokyo? No, which


does not mean it was not felt here. Last night, the initial quake and


after-shock were felt in Tokyo. It was intense shaking, even though it


was a smaller magnitude. This one is slightly less, but still of a


destructive magnitude. Our correspondent,


Rupert Wingfield Hayes in Tokyo. The second earthquake taking place,


a stronger earthquake this time around and we will monitor that and


come back to it later in the programme to get reaction from the


beach. Stay with us than that. Five people in the UK


are being questioned on suspicion of terrorism,


as part of an investigation linked to the attacks


in Paris and Brussels. Three men and a woman


were detained in Birmingham. Another man was arrested at Gatwick


Airport. Government officials say


the arrests are 'significant'. The operation began late last night


when West Midlands counterterrorism detectives arrested four people


in Birmingham - three men aged 26, A fewer hours later at Gatwick


Airport, a fifth the rest of the 26-year-old man as he stepped off a


flight from North Africa. Police say the arrests,


described by security sources as significant,


follow a joint investigation with French and Belgian


security services after It's three and a half weeks


since the bombs in Brussels at the airport and on the Metro,


in which 32 people died, and five months since the attacks


in Paris which killed 130. Both attacks have been


linked to a Belgian man called Mohamed Abrini,


who was known to have Mohamed Abrini is thought


to be the man in the hat, seen here at Brussels Airport just


before the attack. He was arrested after


four weeks on the run. He is also thought to have been


caught by a CCTV camera at a French petrol station with the leader


of the Paris attacks just two days before they were carried out,


potentially connecting him The BBC has been told that Abrini


visited Birmingham last summer, Pictures of a football stadium


were later found on his phone. All five people arrested last night


are still being questioned They are being held on suspicion


of terrorism, but nobody The Belgian Transport Minister has


resigned after accusations that she received details


of security lapses at Belgian airports long before the bombings


in Brussels last month. Jacqueline Galant's


resignation was accepted From Brussels our


correspondent Anna Holligan. What happened here put airport


security under intense scrutiny. 32 people were killed


in the attacks. The emergence of this


document has raised The critical report showed lapses


in security were identified by EU inspectors in


March last year, 12 The Transport Minister,


Jacqueline Galant, But that was not enough to end


speculation that she had seen a TRANSLATION: The orchestrated


chaos prevents me from The investigations continue


into whether she received the information and whether


the right action was taken. The two suicide bombers blew


themselves up in the departures area,


and would not normally Here in Brussels, or at any


other European airport. The Belgian government is struggling


to defend There is a wider enquiry


into whether any judicial, security or police measures


could have prevented the attacks. The Prime Minister is insisting


that Despite making some progress


in the investigations, the presence of this report


is keeping pressure on the There are warnings that a huge surge


in the number of migrants arriving The International Organisation


for Migration warns that nearly 6000 have arrived


since Tuesday alone. It says that in the week to April


the 13th arrivals in the country were 173 per cent


higher than the previous week. Whilst in Greece arrivals


were 76 per cent lower. Officials in Libya say they fear


the closure of the migrant route through Greece


is leading to the surge. Speaking to the BBC


the European Union's foreign policy chief,


Federica Mogherini, acknowledged that migrant routes could be


shifting back towards the central But speaking to the BBC she also


insisted that European naval operations in the central


Mediterranean are hitting people The actions we are taking against


the smugglers are painful to them. We could do much more if and when we


move to the next phase of the operation and as we build on what we


have achieved in six months, and we always say Europe is slow and in


this case we have been very fast. The action is effective on the


smugglers. They are paying a price, economic price, and life is becoming


more difficult for their business. We can return to the top story, the


second earthquake in Japan in the same area we have the first


earthquake on Thursday when nine people are known to have died. We


can speak to a research geophysicist with the US geographical survey. He


joins us from Colorado. This second magnitude, slightly stronger in


strength when it comes to a comparison with the first, but a


less intense in the shaking experience by people on the ground,


is that right? I would have expected the shaking to be equivalent or


larger than the first earthquake. This earthquake is almost 30 times


bigger than yesterday's event, so the shaking should be of comparable


magnitude. The tsunami warning was lifted because they did not expect a


tsunami, given it was unsure. Exactly. The size and location of


the earthquake indicated a tsunami is unlikely unless the event


triggered an underwater landslide which is much less likely. When it


comes to having a second earthquake in the same area, how devastating is


that. Extremely devastating. They are trying to deal with the rescue


from the first earthquake yesterday. And a larger event strikes during


that rescue operation and so it can impact and compounding on the


shaking from the first earthquake from yesterday. This was relatively


shallow, ten kilometres in depth, explain the significance of that. It


means that because the earthquake is so much closer to the ground


surface, the shaking is felt more intensely and the larger size of the


earthquake and length of the fault, 30, 40 kilometres long, and the


ground surface would have moved in the region of four, five metres and


so you are talking intense shaking over a large area and that is why we


should seek a significant impact from this event. It would be


considered a shallow depth? Extremely shallow. In this area,


that is unusual? Relatively unusual. It is not uncommon in Japan because


of the boundary region where the upper crust is riddled with faults


that can have this type of earthquake over longer occurrence


intervals than we expect them from the plate boundary offshore and that


plate boundary generates most of the earthquakes in this region. Thanks


for putting that into context. We will be getting reaction on social


media as to what has happened also. One of Britain's biggest food


manufacturers has told shoppers that some of their products have so much


sugar and salt in them that they shouldn't be eaten


more than once a week. Mars, which makes Dolmio sauces


and Uncle Ben's rice, is introducing new labelling,


to distinguish between what it calls Here's our health correspondent


Dominic Hughes. For busy mum of two


Suzanna, time is precious. When it comes to getting dinner


on the table, there's no messing about, and that is where a cooking


sauce comes into its own. They are ideal - nowadays everybody


has got pasta in the cupboards, it is easy - heat it up,


pour it over, a meal When you have got babies crying,


you need to have something quick But there has been growing concern


around the amount of salt, sugar and fat hidden in prepared sauces,


and the impact they are having Of course, it is not just


the Mars group that produces these stir-in sauces,


most of the major food manufacturers The problem for consumers, for


shoppers, is trying to calculate how much salt, fat or sugar


these sauces contain. So concentrating just


on sugar content, in this jar of Loyd Grossman tomato sauce,


there are the equivalent This Napolina sauce jar


contains five teaspoons. But this Dolmio sauce


in a slightly larger jar, has the equivalent of seven


teaspoons of sugar. Now the food giant Mars has decided


to publicly warn its customers that some of its products have so much


fat, sugar and salt they should only The ingredients of other products


will be changed in the coming years We really hope that others


will follow us, we have taken the most exacting standards,


and we believe it will set up very well when it comes to not just


the UK but around the world, and we would be delighted if other


industry members joined us too. Food retailers say it is


an interesting proposal but for it to be effective it should apply


across the industry, and in the wake of the sugar


tax on fizzy drinks, some experts believe


Mars is being clever, making sure it is well positioned


ahead of any possible They are definitely leading the way,


but it is not enough to tackle the obesity crisis,


so it is not really taking responsibility for the unhealthy


ingredients in their food. They are still relying on consumers


to make those choices, when there is not a great healthy


food supply for them to do so. Concerns about our diet


and a growing problem with obesity, especially among children,


has ramped up the pressure They want to show they are


responding and can regulate themselves,


so where Mars is leading, Stay with this with more to come.


Those men are about to disperse. Helen Mirren calls on actresses to


go for more male roles as she plays a tough soldier in her new film Eye


In The Sky. There have been violent protests in


Indonesia where Playboy has gone on sale for the first time. Muslim


leaders have expressed disgust. It was clear Paula's only contest was


with the clock. Paula Radcliffe's competitors will chase her new world


best time for years to come. Quicker and quicker. She seemed to


slide away under the surface and disappear.


Welcome. The main story. There has been another powerful earthquake in


Japan, in this city that was hit by a deadly tremor on Thursday.


We will stay with that story and get more reaction from social media. The


BBC has been monitoring it. I expect a lot of people discussing this.


What are you hearing? Indeed, in fact quite a few people have been


asking for help on Twitter. Also, the latest information from local


media has been updated. I just saw the latest, on NHK, but there seems


to have been one person confirmed to have died from fire. This was the


second tremor. The media saying the authorities seem to think this was


the main one and the one just over 24 hours ago, that was the earlier


warning. It seems like there are quite a lot of after-shocks. Quite a


large one, as well, and a lot of people, especially those who are


anti-nuclear power plant, they ask if the power plant is OK. One of the


few operating in Japan. The authorities say there does not seem


to be any damage but many say it would be too late if there was an


issue. Also one dam seems to have collapsed in a village. There could


be flooding happening in a small village, as well. Given the second


earthquake is around 30 time largest in terms of energy released. We have


heard our reporter saying that people are staying out on the


streets. I saw the footage of people outside a hospital. When a big


earthquake hits, you should probably stay outdoors instead of inside


because a lot of buildings, even though they are built to whether


these big earthquakes, obviously this one was a huge one, and it is


safer to be outside and so a lot of people outdoors. There is a volcanic


mountain in the area. There are concerns about that. Tensions are


quite high. I have been on Twitter asking if there was anyone in the


area eager to talk to us. I have been told off, saying that, stay


away, the phone line should be kept for contacting family members, if a


line is available. Also water and gas have been shut down, although


the electricity seems to have come back. Thanks very much for


monitoring social media reaction. The Manchester City manager says


there will be no extra personal motivation when his side talk on --


take on former club Real Madrid. They play them in the semifinals.


Pep Guardiola could face his new club in Milan in the final.


Will we get a repeat of the 20 14th final when we had a Madrid derby?


Will Guardiola meet Pellegrini? Will we have a new winner? We will


definitely get one if Manchester City meet Atletico Madrid. What


about the semifinals? Real Madrid are in good form with one defeat in


nine and Cristiano Ronaldo is the Champions League's top scorer with


16. They are unbeaten in their last games against English clubs. They


will start as favourites but they showed vulnerability against


Wolfsburg. Manchester City will be confident after the win against PSG.


It does not matter which of the three teams we have to play they are


difficult. The option is to continue with the same team and I expect them


to do a good game against the big team. TRANSLATION: It is a semifinal


and it will be a difficult match. The only positive thing, if anything


is positive, we play the second leg at home, which I suppose is a good


thing. It is a difficult match and it will be a real fight. The second


semifinal brings two managers who had regular midfield battles in


playing days. Diego Simeone and Pep Guardiola. The only time Atletico


Madrid have met by new is when the German side won 4-0 in a replay. It


will bring together one of the best defences and one of the best attacks


with Atletico Madrid conceding 16 La Liga goals. Bayern Munich under


their head coach Pep Guardiola have Robert Lewandowski who has got 42


goals this season. We cannot ignore the Europa League. The kings of the


competition are Saville who have won it the last two season. And after


the wonderful comeback by Liverpool, Liverpool take on Villareal. They


are flying high in fourth place in La Liga.


Fernando Alonso is cleared to race in the Chinese Grand Prix following


last months crash. He had to sit out the Bahrain race. He was given the


go-ahead this weekend after coming through first practice. Kimi


Raikkonen Ferrari was quickest in the second practice session. That is


all the sport. Dame Helen Mirren has


called for actresses to go She plays an army colonel


in her new film Eye in the Sky, Film producers adapted the part


specifically so that The role sees her commanding a drone


operation from London and attempting to capture a group of terrorists


from their safe-house We have intelligence of a meeting


with key members of al-Shabab. We believe that they are


connected to the recent We have been speaking


to Karen Krizanovich, she says there has always been


a fight for women to break There has been a fight


to get women treated as a real person rather


than She is trying to open up the idea


women are people and not gender stereotypes.


We have to consider the idea of, she is just playing a man


This statement is really important, to make people aware of


the lack of reality that is a reflected


If a woman is a good actress, she should get the role regardless of


gender? There are personality


clashes, and what is important, and Sandra Bullock did


the same thing, for a part that was written as a man, it


was rewritten for her. A good role doesn't necessarily


mean it is a male role. There are good roles


for both genders. Sandra Bullock looks out


for fascinating roles, and regardless of the gender,


she chases them. How realistic is that


for most female actors? She has a lot of clout,


she has produced things. To make people aware of this,


to make people aware that roles are more flexible


than we might think, granted, And you can get in touch with me


and most of the team on Twitter - Once again we will look at the UK


whether seed and European weather seemed at first I want to take you


across the world to bring you up to date with the Indian heatwave.


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