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This is BBC World News Today with me, Kasia Madera.


A powerful earthquake has struck near the Japanese city of Kumamoto,


just over 24 hours after a tremor in the same area


The quake - with a magnitude of 7.1 -


happened in the early hours of the morning.


Several aftershocks have been reported.


Five people from Birmingham are being questioned,


as officials describe the arrests as "significant".


She's accused of ignoring security lapses,


long before two suicide bombers hit Brussels airport -


but SHE blames the media for her departure.


Definitely not every day after the manufacturer


warns some products contain so much sugar and salt -


you should only have them once a week.


Those men are about to disburse. Engaged now.


Helen Mirren calls on actresses to go for more male roles,


as she plays a tough soldier in her new film Eye In The Sky.


For the second time in 24 hours, a powerful earthquake


The quake - with a magnitude of 7.1 -


happened in the early hours of the morning.


Both quakes have hit near Kumamoto, on the island of Kyushu.


Pictures from Japan's NHK television showed buildings shaking


There are reports of people being trapped


Nine people are known to have died and more than 1,000 injured


from the first tremor on Thursday night.


Officials are warning that the death toll may rise


Rupert Wingfield Hayes is our correspondent in Tokyo.


Another earthquake. Once again during the night, in the same area.


Absolutely devastating. Absolutely terrifying for the people of that


region. What we have seen on television is very large knobs of


people, thousands of people in public spaces, wrapped in blankets,


basically scared from this double shock that they have had. There was


a very big shake last night and now we have had another big shake


tonight. The intensity of the shaking, although the magnitude of


the quaking was bigger than last night's, the intensity was slightly


less. It looks like there has been damaged. We have heard reports of


people calling on mobiles from inside buildings, saying they are


trapped. There are a number of rescues going on at the moment.


There were rest is going on from the initial quake as well. It is


difficult to determine from the pictures we are seeing as to whether


a lot of the pictures we are seeing are fresh damage or whether the


damage from last night's earthquake. It is a confusing picture at the


moment. This second quake appears to have affected the wider area, deeper


into the countryside, into the mountains. That is where some of the


fresh damage has been done. It looks like, initially, we have sketchy


information, but it looks like there may be some freshly collapsed


buildings from this second earthquake. When we spoke after the


first quake, you said you felt it in Tokyo. Did you feel this second one?


No, I didn't. That is not to say that it wasn't felt here, I just did


not feel it. The initial quake and an earthquake were both held in


Tokyo. That was some intense shaking. This one was slightly less


so, but still of the destructive magnitude. As always, thank you very


much. We will continue to monitor events there.


Brian Baptie is a seismologist who joins me on the line from Edinburgh.


Thank you for your time. We heard our correspondent in Tokyo saying


that this was a stronger magnitude quake, this second quake. Yes, that


is right. It was around 30 times larger in terms of the energy


released, and that meant many more people were exposed to the strong


shaking, maybe over 500,000 people were exposed to strong shaking,


increasing the chance of casualties. We also had tsunami warnings which


have now been lifted. As I understand it am the early warning


centre does not expect a destructive tsunami. That would be unlikely for


this type of earthquake anyway, given that it happened onshore, and


the type of fault that cause the earthquake is unlikely to reduce a


tsunami. This region is used to earthquakes. How prepared is it?


Japan is generally very well prepared for earthquakes, so most


structures in the region are resistant to earthquake shaking.


That can mitigate the number of casualties. Although there are


structures like heavy wall constructions, those can be


vulnerable to earthquakes. Otherwise, Japan is very prepared


for earthquakes. We are being told that this most recent quake was at a


depth of around ten kilometres. What does that mean for the people on the


ground? Obviously, the shallower the earthquake, the stronger the shaking


at the epicentre because the earthquake is closer to the surface,


whether people. In this part of Japan, shallow earthquakes are


relatively unusual. Usually they are much greater depths, tens or


hundreds of calamitous. The shaking is often less. Because of the


shallow depth, the quakes can be more destructive. We remembered the


tragic incidents of 2011, which was a tsunami. How do these two


earthquakes compare with those in 2011? In terms of the site of the


earthquake, these are much smaller. They are about 1000 times smaller in


terms of the energy released. That earthquake occurred relatively far


offshore, a couple of hundred kilometres. The ball not merely at


the centre. In this case, there were cities close to the epicentre, so


the shaking being experienced with the very strong indeed. I would


expect people to have experienced very severe shaking. A terrifying


experience for those involved. Thank you very much for talking us through


that. We will continue to monitor events from Japan as we get news of


that second earthquake. Five people in the UK


are being questioned on suspicion of terrorism,


as part of an investigation linked to the attacks


in Paris and Brussels. Three men and a woman


were detained in Birmingham. Another man was arrested


at Gatwick airport. Government officials say


the arrests are "significant". The operation began late last night


when West Midlands counterterrorism detectives arrested four people


in Birmingham - three men aged 26, Then, a few hours later,


in the early hours of this morning at Gatwick Airport, a fifth arrest,


of another 26-year-old man as he stepped off a flight


from North Africa. Police say the arrests,


described by security sources as significant,


follow a joint investigation with French and Belgian


security services after It's three and a half weeks


since the bombs in Brussels - at the airport and on the Metro -


in which 32 people died, and five months since the attacks


in Paris which killed 130. Both attacks have been


linked to a Belgian man called Mohamed Abrini,


who was known to have Mohamed Abrini is thought


to be the man in the hat, seen here at Brussels airport just


before the attack. He was arrested after


four weeks on the run. He is also thought to have been


caught by a CCTV camera at a French petrol station with the leader


of the Paris attacks just two days before they were carried out,


potentially connecting him The BBC has been told that Abrini


visited Birmingham last summer, Pictures of a football stadium


were later found on his phone. All five people arrested last night


are still being questioned They are being held on suspicion


of terrorism, The Belgian Transport Minister


has resigned after accusations that she received details of


security lapses at Belgian airports long before the bombings


in Brussels last month. Jacqueline Galant's


resignation was accepted From Brussels our


correspondent Anna Holligan. What happened here put airport


security under intense scrutiny. 32 people were killed in the attacks.


The emergence of this document has raised the question, but more have


been done to prevent their deaths? The critical report showed lapses in


security were identified by the US inspectors in March last year, 12


months before the bombings. The Transport Minister, Jacqueline


Galant, surgery was not aware of the report. That was not enough to end


speculation that she had seen a summarised version.


TRANSLATION: The orchestrated chaos permits before doing my job


peacefully. The investigations continue into whether she received


the information and whether the right action was taken. The two


suicide bombers blew themselves up in the departures area, and would


not normally have faced any checks. Here in Brussels or at any other


European airport. The Belgian government is struggling to defend


its reputation. There is a wide enquiry into whether any judicial,


security or police measures could have prevented the attacks. The


Prime Minister is insisting that Belgium is not a failed state.


Despite making some progress in the investigations, the presence of this


report is keeping pressure on the Belgian government.


There are warnings that a huge surge in the number


of migrants arriving in Italy by sea is set to continue.


The International Organisation for Migration warns


that nearly 6,000 have arrived since Tuesday alone.


It says that in the week to April the 13th arrivals


in the country were 173% higher than the previous week.


Whilst in Greece arrivals were 76% lower.


Officials in Libya say they fear the closure of the migrant route


through Greece is leading to the surge.


the European Union's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini,


acknowledged that migrant routes could be shifting


back towards the central Mediterranean again.


It is true, though, that the corridor,


It has shifted significantly, also probably thanks


to the operation we have here, to the east of the Mediterranean.


We can cross to Geneva and speak to Joel Millman


from the International Organisation for Migration.


He joins us live. Is this surge of arrivals in Italy down to the


arguable success of that deal that Turkey had with EU you, to deter


people from crossing between Turkey and Greece? No, there is no link


between the two. We know that the numbers are down to radically


increase. We also know the nationalities of the ethnic group


who use that route from Turkey into Greece, over 1 million people in the


last 15 months, and those ethnic groups and nationalities are not


showing up in the numbers that are crossing from Libya. They are the


same Horn of Africa and West African people that we have seen for the


last year. We know that they know the route. There is not a direct


correlation in one getting busier and one getting slower. The two


distinct trends and we're them closely. Why do we see such a huge


fries, 6000 people since Tuesday? That was for the whole of the


Mediterranean, and some of that is coming through Greece. We have been


clarifying that today. Many have been rescued since Tuesday. Probably


many more today. This is not an extraordinary number for that route.


We saw this last year, April was very busy, with lots of deaths on


that route. Close to 1000 people were killed just in the month of


April last year. We know that this is a time when a lot of pent-up


demand gets released into the sea. That accounts for the large lover of


deaths we have been seeing in the last few days. It is still very


alarming. It is not a lot compared to a year ago. I know you will


continue to monitor all of that. Thank you. Apologies for the sound


quality. One of Britain's biggest food


manufacturers has told shoppers that some of their products have


so much sugar and salt in them, they shouldn't be eaten


more than once a week. Mars, which makes Dolmio sauces


and Uncle Ben's rice, to distinguish between what it calls


everyday foods and occasional ones. Here's our health correspondent,


Dominic Hughes. For busy mum of two


Sussana Maldryk, time is precious. When it comes to getting the kids'


dinner on the table, and that is where a cooking


sauce comes into its own. They are ideal, nowadays everybody


has got pasta in the cupboards. It is easy - heat it up,


pour it over, you've got a meal When you have got babies crying,


you need to have something quick But there has been growing concern


around the amount of salt, sugar and fat hidden in prepared sauces,


and the impact they are having Of course, it is not just the Mars


group that produces these products, most of the major food manufacturers


have come up with similar products. The problem for consumers, shoppers,


is trying to calculate how much salt, fat or sugar


these sauces contain. So concentrating just on sugar


content, in this jar of tomato sauce, there are the equivalent


of four teaspoons of sugar. has the equivalent of seven


teaspoons of sugar. Now the food giant Mars has decided


to publicly warned its customers that some of its products have


so much fat, sugar and salt they should only be consumed


once a week. The ingredients of other products


will be changed in the coming years We really hope that


others will follow us. We've taken the most exacting


standards, the WHO guidelines. We believe that will set us up very


well when it comes to not just and we would be delighted if other


industry members joined us too. Food retailers say it is


an interesting proposal but for it to be effective it should apply


across the industry, and in the wake of the sugar


tax on fizzy drinks, some experts believe


Mars is being clever, making sure it is well positioned


ahead of any possible They are definitely leading the way,


but it is not enough to tackle the obesity crisis,


so it is not taking responsibility for the unhealthy


ingredients in their food. They are still relying on consumers


to make those choices, when there is not a great healthy


food supply for them to do so. Concerns about our diet


and a growing problem with obesity, especially among children,


has ramped up the pressure They want to show they're responding


and can regulate themselves, so where Mars is leading,


others are likely to follow. Germany says it will allow


the prosecution of a comedian who mocked the Turkish president -


under an obscure law that forbids Mr Boehmermann had recited


a satirical poem on German television which made sexual


references to the Turkish president. Damien McGuinness in Berlin


and Mark in Istanbul. Jan Bohmermann


is Germany's most innovative No holds barred,


and everyone is fair game. He's also very popular


here in Germany, which means that


if he were to be charged, there would no doubt


be widespread outrage. You make fun of us Germans


liking David Hasselhoff, We mainly like two things,


war and David Hasselhoff. For Recep Tayyip Erdogan,


satire is no laughing matter. Since he became president in 2014,


almost 2,000 cases have opened Jan Bohmermann, this German


satirist, is just the latest target. They have included


beauty queens, artists, who has been sued for insulting


the president in newspaper columns that he insists are quite simply


the critical of the Government line. He has very strong


autocratic tendencies, He wants to monopolise the power


in his hands and, for that, he does not want any sort


of tarnished image. he needs not


to be criticised at all. The President's supporters say


criticism and insult are different and that,


under the Turkish constitution, insulting the head of state


is a crime. That was rarely invoked


by Mr Erdogan's predecessors. it is a sign that freedom


of expression has been muzzled. Many opposition newspapers


have been taken over. There has even been the case


recently of a husband who reported his wife


for insulting the president, a climate produced here


in which dissent is not tolerated. In today's Turkey,


Mr Erdogan has the last laugh. Dame Helen Mirren has


called for actresses to go She has been talking about gender


boundaries because she is playing an army colonel in her new film


Eye In The Sky, Film producers adapted the part


specifically so that Mirren The role sees her remotely


commanding a top secret drone operation from London and attempting


to capture a group of terrorists from their safe-house


in Nairobi, Kenya. We have intelligence of a meeting


with key members of al-Shabab. We believe that they are


connected to the recent We have been tracking


them for six years. We have information they will


be in Nairobi today. This is an operation


to capture. With me is Karen Krizanovich, who


is an expert in the film industry. Do you find it frustrating that Dame


Helen Mirren has to make these kind of calls for women to take on more


male dominated roles? There has always been a fight, getting any


role is difficult for a woman. There has been a fight to get women


treated as a real person rather than stereotypes. I think it is


important. We have to consider the idea of, she is just playing a man


in a dress. This statement is really important, to make people aware of


the lack of reality that is a reflected in a lot of films was the


izzard not patronising question what if she is a good actress, she should


get the role regardless of the gender of the character? There are


personality clashes, and what is important, and Sandra Bullock did


the same thing, this should be written as a man, it was rewritten


for her. A good roll doesn't necessarily mean it is a male role.


There are good roles for both genders. Sandra Bullock looks out


for fascinating roles, and regardless of the gender, she chases


them. How realistic is that for most female actors? It probably isn't


realistic. She has a lot of clout, she has produced things. To make


people aware of this, to make people aware that roles are more flexible


than we might think, granted, theatre started this first. We have


a lot of female hamlets. This kind of change is interesting. If you


think about Olivia Colman in The Night Manager that was a male role.


They wanted her specifically, and she was pregnant, and it was


something completely different. It is believable and powerful. The


thinkers Dame Judi Dench as M, she is the first female performer in


that role. It is believable because we are letting women be powerful.


Just like in real life, they are. You do a lot within the film


industry. Do you have to write in a different way for women question out


there is an old adage, how do I write a good roll for women? You


just write a good roll and change the name to a woman. Thank you.


A lot more the website. We have breaking news of the powerful


earthquake in Japan which has hit near the Japanese city of Kumamoto.


It is a date after the quake in the same area killed at least nine


people. We are hearing reports of several after-shocks, and officials


had issued a tsunami warning, with waves of up to one metre possible.


However, that warning has now been lifted. Japan is regulated by


earthquakes but stringent building codes mean they've rarely cause


significant damage. It is devastating for that same area. We


will monitor that for you. From me and the team, thanks for watching.


Good evening. There have been -- there has been rain across England


and Wales, further north at been


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