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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Willcox.


In an age in learning our language face benefit cuts. -- N-Gage.


Germany's message to migrants which Angela Merkel says will make


it easier for asylum seekers to enter the workplace.


Two powerful earthquakes have struck southern Japan,


causing buildings to collapse, sparking fires


Marching so the world doesn't forget their daughters.


The campaign for the release of Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped


exactly two years ago by Boko Haram militants.


And can teenagers keep off their phones long enough


One of America's largest cinema chains decides to let


people use their mobiles to text during films.


Learn our language or risk losing your benefits.


Those are the conditions soon to be imposed on migrants wanting


The country has been struggling to find ways of handling


the one million migrants who arrived last year.


The flow of asylum seekers into Europe isn't letting up.


As countries in the east of the continent tighten


their border controls, many migrants are once again turning


to the dangerous route across the Mediterranean.


The weather is improving and already there has been a marked increase


in people making the risky sea crossing in recent weeks.


Dangerous crossing to Europe is an option.


Despite the efforts of European Navies to contain the


central Mediterranean route, the smuggling


There is no end of desperate people prepared to make this journey -


and no shortage of unsuitable boats ready to carry them.


Last year, 87% of 900,000 migrants reaching Europe came through Greece.


Following a new deal with Turkey nd the tighter restrictions in the


Balkans, this central route across the Mediterranean from Libya is back


The crossings to Italy in March were three times the figure


The UN's refugee agency said 100,000 more


migrants are already packed into towns and cities in Libya


The National Crime Agency already has a presence in


Sicily, they would like to be in Libya but the Government there want


So, it's likely that, as the summer progresses, the pressure


will mount - not only on the Italian coast but on the northern French


Last summer, the Eurotunnel was closed on several


Calais and Dover have spent millions tightening security.


Now, the NCA sees evidence that criminal


gangs will look into alternative routes, through smaller British


ports, like Hull, Tilbury and New Haven.


Some migrants, he said, have paid up to ?12,000 for a


crossing from Dunkirk - in rigid, inflatable boats.


Europe is planning to send naval ships closer to the


Libyan coast line to intercept migrants in-shore.


It's a plan backed by the British Prime Minister.


He knows that, two months from the


referendum on Britain but my future in Europe,


On his side, Brussels must demonstrate it has the answers.


As we mentioned, Germany has proposed new legislation which it


says will better integrate migrants into the country.


The new measures include making the new arrivals attend language


courses and job training, they could also be told


Let's listen to what the vice Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel,


TRANSLATION: Introducing the integration law is one of the most


For the first time ever, any history of the Federal


republic, Germany get its own integration law.


Those who wish to belong here will now have


opportunities to make their own contribution to society.


This law signals performance is worthwhile.


Those who participate win recognition, prosperity and


freedom - and hopefully also rights and duties


as a citizen after a certain time.


Our correspondent Damien McGuinness joins me now from Berlin.


What happens to those who don't take part in these programmes? Welcomer


at the big controversial aspect of this new law, Kim. What will happen


theoretically is that benefits and support could be part. Whether that


will really happen is another question because you can obviously


leave people with the destitute. What you have, really, it's an


interesting compromise between the centre left and centre right


Government in Germany. They are saying, on the one hand, integration


has to come from society but also from the asylum seekers themselves.


This is all about, as Angela Merkel would say, write in support for


asylum seekers but also obligations and UG. As you quite rightly said,


that is about giving and guaranteeing a language classes and


courses in Jenin culture and job opportunities. On the other, it also


means possibly saying to asylum seekers that, if they don't take up


these offers, then support could be topped. How that would actually


happen still remains vague because what, in this law, they say is the


theory, they don't say how it would actually be an planning to do


though. It seems like a principle rather than a pragmatic approach.


What about numbers? This could apply to maybe 100,000 people. You have 1


million people who have, over the last 12 months to Germany. Yes, that


is right. 1.1 million is an estimate. It is an enormous amount


of people. The reason why this integration was seen as so important


year is because it's really, I'm the one hand, the aim being to integrate


new arrivals into the country but the other aim is clearly true ballet


fears are among a large -- allay fears among a large group of people.


Because of those years, we have seen a rise in anti-populist parties


across Germany. On the one hand, it is to support refugees but it is


also really need to stave off that rising support for the anti-migrant


parties which the covenant is getting increasingly afraid of.


Thank you very much indeed. -- the Government is getting afraid of.


The southern Japanese island of Kyushu has been hit by a strong


earthquake that has caused several houses to collapse, trapping


The quake had a magnitude of 6.5 but Japan's seismology office


recorded the shaking at some places to be as intense as the huge


earthquake that hit the country in 2011.


From Tokyo Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports.


Japanese television reports have shown CCTV pictures of the extremely


intense shaking that took place in the city Kumamoto


The quake struck there at around 9:30pm this evening


On Japan's own scale of earthquake intensity,


That is the highest level and as high as the devastating quake


that hit northern Japan back in 2011.


Fortunately, this time, there


has been no tsunami and damage appears to be limited.


TRANSLATION: We are currently doing all we can to


We have had reports of homes that have


However, we have not had any reports of any irregularities in


At least ten houses are reported to have


collapsed and a number of people are trapped.


Some are reported to be talking to rescue crews but at least one


After two years of nothing, finally, something -


perhaps a glimmer of hope for the families of the missing


abducted by Islamist extremists two years ago, today.


The Nigerian government has seen a video which appears to prove that


The two-year anniversary of the girls' abduction has been


marked by vigils and protests over the government's


Our correspondent in Abuja - Martin Patience - joined relatives


They've come out on behalf of the girls that could not


and are marching of towards the presidential palace.


There's some family members in this crowd


and they want answers from the government.


In almost two-years, two years now, not a single one of


the girls has been rescued and there's defiance and anger.


They want the government to dedicate more


We had news of a video that emerged, the first time that the girls had


There is a renewed sense of hope that some


of the girls maybe one day will be brought back alive.


The UN Special Envoy for Global Education -


the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown - told me


that the international community needs to do more


I think the first thing is, we have to feel sympathy for the parents


this morning that they don't know whether their children


They may have seen them in some of these videos but they're


They're not sure whether they been molested, violated, raped, or


married off - or are slaves and are working for the Boko Haram.


First of all, we tried with the different


governments doing air surveillance to try and locate the girls.


There was some success but, in the end,


these girls are dispersed across Nigeria and perhaps outside Nigeria.


If one group was rescued, another group would be


There are sensitivities about how you go about this.


Secondly, what we had to do was, make sure that the


other girls in Nigeria and the surrounding counties were safe.


So, we have the safe schools initiative


to make sure the schools that are vulnerable to attack are


safe for the girls who are still trying to go to school and, in some


I think, after two years, the United Nations Security Council should


I think they should look at whether China, France,


Britain and America could come together to do a further


surveillance admission and then leaving, the military on the ground


You defended Goodluck Jonathan at the time.


You visited him shortly after these girls went missing and it


even admit that they had been abducted.


How remiss was he in following this up?


I also talked to the new president, President Bukhari, and I


spoke to new ministers of the Nigerian government regularly about


There is a real problem that I mentioned that, even if you could


spot and locate some of the girls, the minute


you moved in, you'd put the


That has been a real worry for presidents, both of


them, and also the Nigerian military forces.


That doesn't escape the fact that we could have a more concerted


After all, by satellite photography, you can


almost pinpoint every tree in Africa.


You ought to be able, not only to locate


something about the fear that you have about by rescuing one


You also criticised the global media response as being rather slow,


If something like this happened in the west, it


would be followed relentlessly forever.


the fact that these are African children, do you think?


the problems I face in the job I'm doing.


Children's rights are being violated every day.


In Nepal, we had an earthquake and children have


been trafficked out of Nepal into India.


In Syria, we have got incidents of rape, child labour,


of girls that have gone missing and the trafficking from Syria into


I think we don't take children's rights seriously enough


and I think we have come to accept, almost, that these events will


happen and we brush them aside, perhaps,


after a moment's anger and


a moment's identification with the parents.


We have got to be more aware that children are at risk in


all parts of the world and that our systems


for protecting children's rights are indeed very poor.


Let's catch up with some of the day's other stories.


Colombia's health ministry confirmed two cases of Zika related


These are the first cases in the country since


US health officials said on Wednesday that infection


with the Zika virus during pregnancy causes severe birth defects,


Ukraine has a new Prime Minister: Volodymyr Groysman is from the same


political party as President Petro Poroshenko.


His approval ends weeks of infighting


A number of people remain unaccounted for after the collapse


of an apartment block on the Spanish island of Tenerife.


According to local media, three people were injured -


one seriously - when the four-storey building on the south


Residents living near the building said they heard a large


If you want something done, call the President.


It's an annual event - and this time lasted precisely three


Russian president Vladimir Putin's televised call-in show.


It's where Russian citizens get the chance to ask


more than two million questions were sent in for Mr Putin's Q


marathon - including a few about the Panama papers.


Who does these provocations? We know they are from American institutions.


It is an immediate company owned by Goldman Sachs. We should not expect


them to show any kind of remorse. They will keep on doing it and there


will be more of this stuff closer to the parliamentary elections.


Olga Ivshina from the BBC's Russian Service in Moscow


Western conspiracies are his favourite topic. We try to check


fact that he has mentioned and we did not find any proof that they are


owned by Goldman Sachs. We tried but did not succeed. It might be that


she has been misinformed by his secretary. On the other side,


Vladimir Putin did confirm that most of the things measured in the Panama


papers were true but he did point out that his friend actually spent


most of the money just buying precious musical instruments and


helping young talented Russians become better musicians. He always


find their way out. These were cellos but they must be pretty


remarkable cellos for that amount of money. That aside. We were told that


some people had been taken to a Moscow resort to Ascot their


questions and rehearse them. Was this stage? -- was this stage?


TRANSLATION: We have better relations. Probably better than we


used to have. I know that everything is in order. She's quite happy with


her life. Also quite happy with my life. People who are elected to be


members of the Parliament of the President so that they work but the


issues of personal life, they are of course of interest to people. I have


to understand that. Still, they are not the first priority. Maybe one


day, I will be able to satisfy your curiosity. What is the feeling? Is


this a genuinely live phone in or was he expecting a question like


this? Overcoming gas. Questions like this are asked every year and this


is no different. -- oh, yes. They are middle-aged women so they were


about the president has not been married for such a long time of the


we reserved on this. He never reveals much on this. There is


nothing confirmed about his daughters, his wife's destiny or


some independent investigations but we can only speculate.


After a review last year, one London surgeon has found a new way to


teach. Looking through virtual reality. You are watching a world


first. The first surgery to be filmed in 360 degrees virtual


reality and streamed live online for anyone to watch anywhere in the


world. As these medical students turn their heads, they can see


everything happening in the operating theatre from the


perspective of a 360 camera directly above the patient.


This is operating theatre one of the Royal London Hospital. The surgeon


is currently removing a tumour from the patient. She is passionate about


using this kind of technology to train new surgeons. A lot of people


in the world do not have access to safe and affordable surgery. We have


to train people any much more efficient manner. People around


to train people any much more world using low-cost technology


through a headset, this can be shown around the world and we can train a


lot of people at one time. He explained his actions do the


camera and, hence, to the audience. How


camera and, hence, to the audience. watching? It was an is amazing. This


is something we would normally not be able to see and it


is something we would normally not from it. To be in the surgery is


great but you're not actually touching the patient. You are


looking over his shoulder but, from this angle, you can see absolutely


everything. We have nothing in your way as you're directly on top of the


patient. The great thing about this is coming you can get to see places


that you would not normally see but it is not as real as actually being


here. Whether you would want to be is a completely different matter.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived in the Himalayan nation


of Bhutan where they've been welcomed by another


young royal couple - Bhutan's King and Queen.


They'll need to acclimatise today because tomorrow the Duke


and Duchess will be hiking to a Buddhist monastery perched


From Bhutan, here's our Royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell.


This is a country that proudly proclaims to be very different. A


small nation strongly influenced by its Buddhist faith by the big thing


is happiness. They even have a national happiness index here. A


place with a difference for William and Catherine to visit but a


destination that is hardly a priority -- Katherine. You might as


why, other than to enjoy some happiness and contentment, why have


them come to this small country in the Himalayas? Here is the official


line. Jan has a new king. -- Bhutan. The new king is of a similar age to


William and Katherine. He is constitutional rather than absolute


monarch. He presides over a generation which


monarch. He presides over a India. The king and queen has got


their guests to a Buddhist temple where they lit candles. And here is


another part of the experience, archery. Which is Cage discovered,


is not as easy as it looks. -- as Kate discovered. Bhutan has some of


the best archers in the world. It is their national sport. Not a lot of


people know that, but then again, not a a lot of people know Bhutan.


Are you ever in the cinema and itching to send a text?


Well, one of the largest cinema chains in the US is considering


letting customers use their mobile phones during films.


In a magazine interview, the chief executive of AMC,


Adam Aron, explained he was looking at ways to encourage more younger


He said, "You can't tell a 22-year-old to turn


"That's not how they live their life."


With me is a lifestyle vlogger and youtuber whose typically


Including right now when we are trying to what the Jungle cat


MacBook. -- Jungle Book. I am actually completely against it. It


is very difficulties they are away from your phone...


Sorry. I am completely against it. Where is it acceptable? Would


you...? Would you...? Typical. Would you be on your phone


if you're at a dinner? It depends. If you are out with friends, it is


OK. If you're out with family, it is a bit awkward. Is a generational?


Yes, definitely. If someone was on the phone at the cinema, would you


say I were just be I would just be put off going to the cinema


altogether. A a lot of people are not going anywhere because there are


so many other things to do. Usually quiet carriages on trains now where


people have to ask to use their phones. That might happen with


cinemas. Yes. We then look into copyright law, where do you draw the


line? Exactly. I can understand that a lot of young people want to be on


their phones only time. It can be tricky when you get to things like


twilight of the hunger games, where the younger generation have made


these films very successful. And heating. Exactly. The old I am


completely against it. Yes. I'm going to end the programme so we


can take all these urgent phone calls and text messages.


But for now from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


That is quite nice actually. Yes, it is.


Hello again. Then the one Saturday, we have had some were sundry


downpours. This time, across East Anglia. We


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