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Have the authorities in Nigeria given up, in their hunt


for the school girls, abducted by Boko Haram.


The BBC travels to Chibok - and hears the agony


In China - a gay couple lose their fight to be


recognised as married, in the country's first ever court


A disastrous day for America's biggest coal producer as it


And a robotic submarine searching for signs of Scotland's Loch Ness


monster has found a long-lost model of the mythical creature.


Hello and welcome - I'm Geeta Guru-Murthy.


The authorities in Nigeria promise they are still looking -


The reality though, is that two years after they disappeared,


they are no nearer finding the 200 schoolgirls kidnapped


The global condemnation and star-studded campaign to free


As did a major army offensive against the Islamist group -


The only constant in the story - is the agony endured


She was such a hard-working girl, she loved jokes.


She begged me to buy her a sewing machine.


TRANSLATION: Before going to school she was


These were the last moments I had with her.


I pray that my daughter will come back alive, but


if not, I hope that her soul rests in peace.


The girls were taken from Chibok on the night of 14th of April 2014.


Over the 24 months since they've been abducted, there've been many


claims of the Chibok girls being seen.


Initially villagers living in the Sambisa Forest said they saw


the children being taken into neighbouring Chad and Cameroon.


In May of 2014 though, the governor of Borno state


in Nigeria said he had seen the girls in Nigeria,


About a year on, in April 2015, a woman in the village of Gwoza


in north-eastern Nigeria told the BBC she had seen 50


And minister in and says they still have no idea where the girls are. We


don't, I think we've had lots of information and many leads and


everyone of them is followed through, but of today, sadly, we


don't have good news, which would have been wonderful. We continue


with the strategy we've had since we came in, which is to deploy all of


the collaborations and security that we have the look across the border


within the country. The anniversary coincides


with an event in Washington hosted by the World Bank where global


leaders are pushing for improvements Michelle Obama, the First Lady


of the United States, Why do we still talk


and value girls simply for their bodies instead


of better investment for families


to marry off their teenage daughters And finally, why would


grown men storm a school bus and shoot a 15-year-old


girl in the head just for speaking Why, two years ago,


would terrorists be so threatened by the prospect


of girls going to school that they would break into dormitory in


the middle of the night and kidnap I think we can all agree


that the answers to these questions aren't


just about resources. Because our global failure


to educate adolescent girls isn't just about whether we have


adequate funding or sufficient It's also about whether we truly


believe that girls are worth educating


in the first place. Amit Dar is the Director


of Education at the World Bank, A Chinese court has


ruled against a gay man, In what is reported to be China's


first same-sex marriage case, a 27-year-old has failed


in his attempt to force his local authority to issue


him and his partner, Here's our Beijing


correspondent John Sudworth. Sun Wenlin, an internet company


employee and Hu Mingliang, a security guard, have lost a legal


argument, but they are still Their case has generated widespread


publicity and a few hundred supporters were there to celebrate


the fact that even getting the court to hear the case is a sign that


attitudes in China might be Mr Sun has attempted to argue


there is nothing in Chinese law that specifically prohibits


same-sex couples from marrying. TRANSLATION: Our country has never


had any written legal term that forbids the marriage


between people of the same sex. Nonetheless, the court ruled


in favour of the local Government in the city


of Changsha that had refused to issue


the TRANSLATION: This is not


the beginning and not the end, no right is


achieved overnight. I believe as long as we try together


we will finally realise Relaxing at home before


the case, Mr Sun and Mr Hu had already decided


they would appeal if the ruling TRANSLATION: We don't really need


a marriage to prove our love, but we just want to


be treated equally. They may face a long legal fight,


but in raising the issue and placing it firmly onto the public


agenda, supporters say they are already changing minds


in one important place - Now a look at some of


the day's other news. Spanish police have arrested a man


suspected of supplying arms to Paris gunman Amedy Coulibaly,


who murdered four people at a kosher Antoine Denive, 27, was detained


in a joint Franco-Spanish raid on a house in Malaga,


Madrid authorities say. The Frenchman is suspected


of fleeing France weeks after the 9th of January supermarket


siege. A senior conservative politician


in Germany has called for mosques to use the German language


and said their foreign financing from countries such as Turkey


and Saudi Arabia must end. The general secretary of the CSU -


Christian Socialist Party - said political Islam was undermining


integration and Europe should Two former coalition partners


of Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff say they will vote for her


impeachment on Sunday, over claims she manipulated


government accounts. The Progressive Party,


which quit the coalition on Tuesday, says most of its 47 MPs would vote


for the action. President Rousseff says her


opponents are plotting a "coup". The world's biggest


publicly listed coal firm - the American giant Peabody -


has filed for bankruptcy protection. Analysts say Peabody didn't foresee


the boom in shale gas, and under-estimated public concern


about climate change It's the 50th US coal firm to file


for bankruptcy in Here's our Environment Analyst Roger


Harrabin. The fuel that drove


the Industrial Revolution, brought millions out of poverty,


but it is the dirtiest fossil fuel, and with fears about climate change


and Stocks in coal firms are down nearly


80% in just eight years. Peabody is the grand


old man of American coal, Peabody is the biggest private coal


firm in the world, but it lobbied against climate science and it


didn't foresee the glut in the cleaner fuel, gas, it has dried up


and Peabody began to sink. We have a lot of sympathy


for the 8000 workers potentially made redundant,


but not They are on the wrong


side, officially backing climate denial even


last year and as coal from renewables and gas,


the market has disappeared. Peabody hoped China would provide


new markets, but that As China tackles climate


and air pollution, it is shutting 4300 coal mines and cutting


annual output by 700 million tonnes. Cheap renewables are


also challenging coal - solar power is now cheaper than coal


in sunny countries. And in Europe, one quarter


of nations are banning coal for electricity because of


damage to the climate. The headquarters of the World Coal


Association overlook one of London's most


prestigious streets. They are not ready to


give up the ghost just Coal is playing a big


role in the world's energy mix today, it


is 41% of the word's electricity and


70% of the world's steel and 90% of It is a key ingredients


to the world's energy mix and will be


for the foreseeable future. This was to be the future of coal,


technology to capture carbon emissions and and bury them,


but the UK and US governments pulled The coal industry is not


dead yet, but its dominance of world energy


is on the way out. Security forces in Jordan have shut


the headquarters of the main opposition movement,


the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. Officials from the group


saus that the building, in the capital Amman was sealed


on the city governor's orders and that no reason was given


for the closure. David Schenker is the director


of the Program on Arab Politics He joins us from our


studio in Washington. Thank you for coming in. What is


behind disclosure? Earlier this year the Government declared the Muslim


Brotherhood in illegal in Jordan, saying they were not licensed


properly and had been be hauled into a foreign individual to the supreme


guide optimism about road from Egypt. They closed it and made it


illegal and turned over the group's assets to another Muslim Brotherhood


organisation that is more amenable to the Government. How worried are


governments like those of Jordan now about the Muslim Brotherhood? Of


course, it had had support in the past. The brotherhood does have


support, residual support. There is no doubt about that. The problem for


Jordan is a have about 1.4 million Syrians and close to 50 Jordanians


have died in combat fighting in Syria, they are worried about


radicalisation, so they want to move the mouse and brotherhood -- Muslim


Brotherhood to a more moderate place and did that by creating alternative


organisations at home. This is a problem of encountering a violent


and -- extremism and take it seriously and want to deal a blow to


the brotherhood which was very amendable to Hamas in Palestine for


this. In terms of the threat, of course, some will say the


governments have said this, Saudi accused very much of feeding these


ideologies and now worried about a hydra headed monster they cannot


control. How much of a worry is it for Jordan? Radicalism is a huge


threat, particularly with the war in Syria going into its 50 year and


boring on that, -- country, poor economics in Jordan and some support


for the rebellion against Assad. More than that, this is a country


that is very immoderate and has a moderate mate regime and they view


the brotherhood as not helping the problem here. The real concern is


whether by attacking this organisation and putting all of this


pressure right now that the people that are supporting the brotherhood


will go underground and become more radical, that is the open question.


And making it illegal is one thing, where is its funding, for example,


coming from now? Well, this is another big question, they have


domestic support and charitable organisations, they all property and


the organisation has been in existence for 70 years but by making


it illegal the Government, there had been a success brotherhood


organisation, they have been split between what they called the Hawks


and the doves, the Government allowed the doves to essentially


found a new Rizla brotherhood and transferred all of the assets,


probably tens of millions of dollars to the new Rizla brotherhood


organisation. Is this the only source of radicalisation aspires the


Government see it in Jordan? No, they view the brotherhood as one


component, particularly this strain, the people who are more amenable to


Hamas and the Palestinian issue in Jordan, they view them as part of


radicalisation but the really big problem is the war in Syria and the


people that have gone and joint minister or Isis in Syria and have


returned home, the online radicalisation and the regional


trend toward Sol offers. There is a rather thin line between solitary


and solitary jihadi. That is the main concern rather than the Muslim


Brotherhood. This is part of an overall new counter radicalisation


strategy by the Government of Jordan. Thank you.


As the political fallout from the Panama Papers scandal


continues, the anti-corruption organisation Global Witness has said


today that an area more than three times the size of Greater London


is owned by secret companies in offshore tax havens.


The group claims high-end properties in London are being used


by corrupt politicians, drug smugglers and criminals


All made possible because the offshore companies


are not required to reveal who the owners are.


Our correspondent Richard Galpin has been on a tour of


All aboard for a bus tour like no other in Britain.


It's early morning in central London, and journalists


from around the world are being taken by anti-corruption campaigners


to see a series of multi-million pound properties bought by offshore


We want to shine the light onto the flows from global


kleptocracies, Russia, Nigeria, countries in Asia and Latin


America, the kleptocrats steal from their countries and launder it in


offshore vehicles and bring it here to invest.


Back on the bus, the tour continues through the heart of


With activists giving details of specific properties whose


owners allegedly include Russians close to President Putin


It is claimed some of the purchases used dubious money.


And what is particularly striking is the scale of what is going on.


According to the campaign group Transparency International,


more than 36,000 properties here in London are owned by offshore


companies in places like the British Virgin Islands.


In Westminster the concentration is particularly high,


one in ten of the buildings here belong to those offshore companies.


Of course, many of those London properties will have been bought by


perfectly legitimate offshore companies investing in Britain.


But it is also alleged that London has


become a magnet for those with questionable cash to spend.


One of the reasons people come to London is


that there is an army of estate agents and lawyers and banks and


financial institutions all helping to facilitate this activity.


I think the time has come when we should


consider a sanction and a penalty on all of those advisers


who knowingly during their work are


helping money-laundering here into the UK.


On the bus the activists hope the current focus on offshore


companies will lead to action by the Government


to ensure the names of


the companies' owners are made fully public.


They say that could help prevent billions of


pounds being laundered in this country.


The Bulgarian government has promised to crack down on vigilante


groups who try to detain people they suspect of entering


Online video footage of three suspected Afghan men being roughly


tied up has provoked anger in Bulgaria.


The Bulgarian interior minister has appealed to the public not


The authorities had initially welcomed the creation of civilian


volunteer groups along Bulgaria's border with Turkey.


A paralysed man has regained control of his hand after being fitted


The man's thoughts are interpreted by a computer which sends impulses


Scientists in the United States say the pioneering technology


could eventually help many other patients.


Our medical correspondent Fergus Walsh reports.


Ian Burkhart is playing a guitar video game.


Using the power of thought, is paralysed fingers can


move as a result of, hands from his brain


said into a computer, which


then stimulates his muscles via these sensors on his arm.


Ian was paralysed below the elbow in a


diving accident six years ago, but is slowly relearning to use his


Now it's just something that's so fluid, kind of like it was


before I had my injury where I just think about what I want to do and


The key to this technology is a tiny computer chip


which surgeons implanted on the area of the brain motor cortex which


When he thinks about moving his fingers and hand,


those messages can't travel down his injured


spinal-cord, so instead they bypass the injury.


The computer interprets the signals and then send


impulses to the sensors on his wrist.


Ian's movements are still slow and deliberate, but his


He can demonstrate practical tasks, like swiping a bank card.


Engineers hope he will eventually be able to


The biggest dream would be to get full function in my


You know, because that allows you to be a lot


more independent and not have to rely on people for simple


day-to-day tasks that you take for granted.


Several more patients are lined up to receive the device in Ohio.


This really provides hope, we believe,


for many patients in future, as this technology


involves and matures, to help people who have disabilities


from spinal-cord injury or traumatic brain injury or stroke, to allow


them to be more functional and more independent.


This technology is developing fast. Four years ago are paralysed woman


control a robotic arm using her thoughts. A different approach is


spinal repair, this paralysed patient in Poland had a cell


transplant and can now ride a bike. This latest research in the journal,


nature, is restricted to the laboratory but the Demon Hohaia what


the technology will eventually be wireless and allow patients greater


independence. The Duke and Duchess


of Cambridge are on safari in India, as their tour


of South Asia continues. The royal couple are visiting


Kaziranga National Park, They're hoping to draw attention


to the plight of endangered animals, including the park's population


of rare one-horned rhinos. Our royal correspondent


Nicholas Witchell sent On safari in Kaziranga National Park


with the Cambridges - Has something been spotted


lurking in the bushes? But no, on the road


just ahead, the Indian one-horned rhinoceros -


just one of the wild creatures


in these parts. In fact, there are lots


of rhinoceroses here, some 2,000 of them,


as well as Bengal tigers, Not for nothing is this


a World Heritage Site. But animals like that


attract the unwelcome William and Catherine met some


of the park rangers, who try to keep Do you patrol in pairs or just


one of you at a time? The park authorities believe


they have the upper hand, despite the fact that the horn


of the Indian rhino is marketed - bogusly, of course -


as being more potent than that It's a continuing struggle


to protect the park's wildlife. After a quick change out


of their safari gear, William and Catherine


went to a local village. There were welcoming garlands


and a quick lesson in weaving. At a centre for wildlife


conservation they were shown baby Animals, some of which,


have been orphaned by poachers. Touching images, which will be


on many front pages, but there is a serious point


to all of this - to highlight the damage being done by poaching


to creatures like these. Up to now, William's


anti-poaching charity has been He now knows the scale


of the problem here in India. Nicholas Witchell, BBC News,


Kaziranga National Park. Nessie has finally been found


in the mysteriously dark waters of Loch Ness -


but all is not what it seems. A robotic submarine searching


the lake for signs of the mythical beast has found a long-lost model


of the monster, originally built It sank to the bottom of the loch


on its first outing, Our Scotland Correspondent Kevin


Keane reports. No, it is not a creature


from the deep, it is the device A million pounds worth


of scanning technology mapping On the boat, a real time view


of what it is capturing - Not the flesh and blood version,


unfortunately, but a 30-foot long One story is that the film director


Billy Wilder asked that the humps be removed and the story goes,


that they were associated And well, the inevitable


happened and down she went. Her understudy continued with


the filming in this Sherlock Holmes And Nessie is big business here -


worth an estimated ?60 million I love the idea, it is a very


mysterious place and I am At first it sounded a bit ridiculous


about a monster, but now, like, all the sightings


and all the photographs, I think So no sign of Nessie herself on this


occasion, but this is I think that little boy is


absolutely right. Let me know what you think. I'm on Twitter. We have


the weather coming up. For now, goodbye.


We will see some big changes in the weather can the weekend, it will be


chilly for everyone. Ahead of that have a battle continuing between


warm are coming up from the south and cold are coming down from the


north. That is generating weather fronts


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