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The IMF warns that the world is increasingly exposed


The Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, accuses her


Vice President of being one of the leaders of a plot


Reaching for the stars - why Stephen Hawking is backing


a journey to another solar system - 25 TRILLION miles away.


If we are to survive as a species, we must ultimately spread to the


stars. Too slow for too long -


that's the International Monetary Fund's assessment of the global


economy for 2016. For the second time this year it has


downgraded its forecast for growth, raising fears of another


global recession. This time, the IMF has


forecast growth of 3.2% - Crashing oil prices have


badly affected Nigeria, The IMF says the economies of Brazil


and Russia will shrink this year. Elsewhere, China's growth


figures have actually been revised up slightly -


to 6.5 per cent - but there is still long-term concern about


whether its economy can diversify. Maurice Obstfeld, the IMF's chief


economist, told the BBC how different the picture looks


around the world. It's an incredibly diverse picture


if you look at it. Some are doing really well, India is growing over


7% and benefiting from these low commodity prices that are precisely


the cause of the very slow growth, if not crises, in other economies.


Survey we see a lot of diversity. The headwinds in the commodity


exporters are severe, longer term they have to find new growth models


with Maud diverse export bases and that won't happen overnight.


Financial markets of course react to that. So hopefully be is the report?


Over the last couple of years there has been a gradual change in the


town from the IMF, increasing concern that the recovery after the


financial crisis, which was back in 2008, it is never really got a head


of steam going. Increasingly they are concerned that there is this


vulnerability to shocks, that an economy that is growing strongly


might be able to take it in its stride but there is a real concern


that unexpected or even expected adverse effects, if we look at the


geopolitical issues around the world, could lead to the world


economy stalling and going into what they call a period of protracted


stagnation. Eurozone first of all, what in particular didn't have to


say about Greece? On Greece, it does expect the economy to contract a


can, it's one of the small number of countries which is actually looking


at contraction this year. Having said that, Greece in particular


wasn't quite as bad as when the IMF last forecast, and I have heard


people suggest that what the IMF are trying to do with Greece is painted


downbeat picture to encourage the likes of Germany to cooperate more.


Within the Eurozone still, what does it have to say about the issue of


the British exit with a referendum on the possible British exit? The


IMF does have a concern that it could lead to what is called severe


regional and global economic damage, disrupting established patterns of


trade, worries it might affect confidence and investment in


Britain, and trading with the UK. It has to be said this is very much a


judgment of the IMF's on economists, one of the campaign groups seeking


to persuade the British to leave the EU has said the IMF has talked down


the British economy before and has been proved wrong. And some for up


and coming stars, particularly Brazil and Russia, singled out?


Puzzle is looking at the contraction this year of frequent 8%, same as


last day, that is a dismal picture? Brazil is looking. There is also


commodity prices, result is a big exporter of Soria beans, that has


been a factor, as has been the slowdown in China, which is a big


trading partner for Brazil. As for Russia, it is also to do with the


international sanctions that have been put in place as a result of the


crisis in Ukraine. Russia is probably also going to contract this


year but not as sharply as Brazil. Any good news in this report? I


suppose that there is still growth, just not as we would like to see it.


Brazil's president Dilma Rouseff, who is facing impeachment,


has accused her second in command of conspiring to overthrow her.


Brazil's Vice President, Michel Temer, accidentally released


an audio message of himself rehearsing a speech in which he


speaks as if the impeachment has already happened.


TRANSLATION: As below house of Congress decides with the


significant number of votes to open impeachment proceedings, many people


sought me out so I would give at least some preliminary remarks to


the Brazilian nation, which I'm doing with modesty, caution and


moderation but also as a vice president, and natural substitute of


the president. Let's go over to our correspondent in Rio where a hugely


angry Dilma Rousseff was. It's not the first time she has alleged what


is happening against her is a coup against a democratically elected


government, but as the week progresses, as that big boat before


the full house of Congress at the end of the week comes close, the


division lines are becoming clearer between was going to support Dilma


Rousseff and who is against her. Michel Temer still is vice president


in our government but his party has withdrawn from government, so from


being a close ally of the president, she has now accused him of being one


of the main plotters, of being part of this can attempt against the


government. -- coup attempt. For her, proof of the pudding was


yesterday in which this audio tape was released, in which Michel Temer


appears presidential himself, reluctantly taking on the Brazilian


presidency as Dilma Rousseff is temporarily suspended. That


impeachment vote hasn't actually happened yet so this was either a


silly mistake by Michel Temer or as Dilma Rousseff would see it, part of


a plot to weaken her position, as we await this crucial vote. Where are


we with this proceeding against Dilma Rousseff and how likely is it


thought that she will face impeachment proceedings? Momentum


certainly against the president. A congressional committee yesterday


voted by a simple majority to advance the impeachment proceedings


further. That goes to the full house of Congress at the weekend. The


problem for the opposition is they need a two thirds majority to force


this removal of Dilma Rousseff from office for the impeachment trial


takes place. Getting that majority won't be easy. It will have to be


very close. That is what the release of this tape by Michel Temer, the


position of the medium-sized and small parties in Congress, will be


crucial. One thing that Dilma Rousseff says is that many of those


who are against her are accused of far more serious crimes that she is.


She is being impeached over a relatively minor fiscal


misdemeanour, yet many of the people in Congress who are sitting in


judgment on her are accused of much more serious crimes. We just heard


from the IMF, Brazil in particular mentioned with a rather negative


outlook, particularly in light of the political instability we are


seeing. That is a huge problem, the country is in recession, we have 10%


inflation here, all of this after a decade of Stella economic growth.


The big problem right now is while everybody's attention is focused on


the corruption crisis and political crisis, nobody is focusing on the


economy. One of those problems you pointed out, are still there. -- all


of those problems. This impeachment process could last until the end of


the year. So the economic crisis isn't going to get better any time


soon, all of those issues like commodity prices, the falling price


of oil, are real factors here but nobody is talking about that right


now. Prince Harry and the David Cameron


have joined the families of British victims of last year's terror


attacks in Tunisia for a memorial service


at Westminster Abbey. Candles, representing the life


of each of those killed in the attacks on a tourist beach


in Sousse and a museum in Tunis, A Lebanese court has charged


an Australian mother and four Australian television journalists


with abducting the woman's two The incident was caught


on these CCTV pictures. The team was following the story


of the woman, Sally Faulkner, who was trying to get back her


children from her ex-husband, Belgian authorities have charged


a further two men with terrorist offences, over last month's


attacks on Brussels airport The men - identified only


as "Smail F" and "Ibrahim F" - are suspected of helping to rent


an apartment, that served as a safe 32 people were killed


in the attacks. David Gest, the American music


producer, who became a reality television star in Britain, has been


found dead in a London hotel. Gest was briefly married


to the actress and singer A childhood friend of


Michael Jackson, in 2001 Gest produced a highly successful show


featuring the star. Imagine a journey far


beyond our solar system. Scientists have already sent


satellites billions of miles into deep space, but now there's


a new project that could see spacecraft the size of a thumbnail


travelling to another star The interstellar mission


has the backing of Professor Stephen Hawking,


as our science correspondent For thousands of years,


people have dreamt of one day The world's most famous scientist,


Stephen Hawking, thinks that that Astronomers believe there


is a reasonable chance of an earth-like planet orbiting one


of the stars in the Alpha Centauri system, but we'll know more


in the next two decades Technological developments


in the last two decades and in the future make it,


in principle, possible Already a probe has been


sent to Pluto. That is seven-and-a-half


billion miles away. And Voyager I has reached the edge


of our solar system. The plan is to send a spacecraft


to a star in another solar system. That's a staggering 25


trillion miles away. Using current technology,


it would take a spacecraft 30,000 years to get to to our closest star,


but by making them smaller, Over the years, the size of


spacecraft have shrunk dramatically. In the 1980s this microsatellite


was used for earth observation. In the 1990s, this nano-satellite


was launched for communications. The ultimate aim of the new research


programme is to make them even smaller, to cram all the cameras


and instruments you have in these The idea is to launch


these mini-spacecraft A giant laser on earth would give


each one a powerful push, sending it on its way, reaching


a speed of 100 miles per second. Life on earth faces dangers


from astronomical events likes astroids and supernovas,


another danger from ourselves. If we are to survive


as a species, we must ultimately Here in Surrey where they pioneered


the development of minisatellites 30 years ago, scientists believe it


will be possible. What we did back in the 1980s


was considered very wacky, and now small satellites


are all the fashion. This is currently a wacky-sounding


idea, but technologies have moved There is still a lot of work needed


to develop the technology, but scientists believe that


although it will be difficult, What was once a distant dream


could very soon become reality. Dr Matteo Ceriotti is a Lecturer


in space systems engineering I suppose the question many will be


wondering about is, is it really possible? What do you say? Well,


it's very, very ambitious, definitely, but this doesn't mean we


shouldn't sit a timeline and set up a framework to work towards, to


achieve this goal within the next hundred years. 100 years, you think


is the realistic timescale? Yes, this is what they are proposing, and


the budget is estimated in about $100 million, it's quite a big


budget, white bread, in the relatively near future. Just talk us


through what we saw in the report about the technology you would use


to get something to travel in say, 30 years, rather than 30,000 years


that it would take at present. It would need a radically different


propulsion system. At the moment spacecraft travelling using rockets,


we need to propulsion mass, we could reach relatively low speeds, so 17


kilometres per second, we need a disruptive technology and this is


what they are suggesting, using laser pumped solar seeds, miniature


right spacecraft that deploy a reflective surface, which would be


fired upon from a massive later on earth and by reflecting the laser


would receive a force that would eventually boost the spacecraft to


speeds that have never been reached before by anything built by human


beings. We are talking about something really tiny, possibly as


small as a thumbnail, but what can that do when it eventually arrives


at its destination? Definitely miniaturisation of electronics is


one of the challenges but this is what is needed, we need the


spacecraft mass extra low if we wanted to accelerate to such speeds,


so electronics and the need as well as the engineering of lightweight


materials. And what is behind this project, is it to find


extraterrestrials are? That is definitely one of the aims, another


one is to look outside of the solar system, we have never done that, we


want to see the solar system from the outside. So you think this is


going to happen? This is definitely something we are going to see from


the realms of space fiction to reality? I definitely hope it's good


to happen and we should definitely pursue the project, yes. Thank you


very much. German prosecutors say an unnamed


rail dispatcher was using his mobile phone to play games,


shortly before two trains 11 people were killed


in the crash in February. Prosecutors say the dispatcher has


been arrested on suspicion In a statement, prosecutors said


the man was likely to have been distracted from his work,


leading him to give He then made a mistake sending


an emergency message, which The statement said that the man


admitted playing games on his phone, Art experts in front say they


believe a painting found in an attic two years ago is an authentic


Caravaggio. It could be worth over $130 million. The canvas is thought


to have been lying in the property in Toulouse for 150 years before its


discovery. The art specialist to retrieve the painting says it bears


all the hallmarks of the Italian Renaissance master. The owners of


this painting not know of the existence of the picture, they did


not know that they had this picture, because they found it in part of an


attic which they had never been. There was a leak in the roof so the


reach the roof, they had to go through the attic and to break the


door they had never opened at the end of the attic. Behind the door


was the picture. The England cricketer James Taylor


has been forced to retire due The 26-year-old has been


diagnosed with ARVC - which means one side of his heart


fails to pump blood around He posted this picture


from his hospital bed -he's due to have a heart


operation within days. He went on to say the diagnosis had


turned his world upside down. The former premier league


player Fabrice Muamba has His heart stopped beating


for 78 minutes during a match four years ago -


he came close to death but later Thank you for coming in. A very sad


thing for the career of one sport person but perhaps having this


diagnosed has averted a worse tragedy? It is a real shame for the


cricketer, but the positive is that a condition has been identified. We


know this particular condition is genetic with a propensity to be


inherited. Today is characterised by fibrous and fatty replacement of the


heart muscle which renders it more susceptible -- ARVC. That is


worsened by factors such as exercise,... So it could strike at


any time, if there was a factor like exertion? In particular it is during


exercise or often just after exercise, the heart becomes more


susceptible to surges, during exercise, the heart has the cope


with increased demand, stretching of the heart muscle and that can render


it more susceptible to potentially fatal arrhythmias. Lots of people


will be wondering if this could be latent in any of them, that this


could appear out of the blue? Could there have been any symptoms


previously in somebody's life? The thing to stress is that exercise has


a multitude of benefits and that should be pushed home. However in a


small proportion. Our experience shows that we find these conditions


in about one of 300 individuals, rendering them susceptible to a


potentially life-threatening arrhythmia. So in those cases yes,


there is a need to be cautious. So it is asymptomatic, their symptoms


in the past majority of cases. We are told exercise is good for our


heart but they say it is rare, they will always be the worry of people


exercising and this could potentially happen? The point is not


to scaremonger, exercise is very good, multifaceted benefits, but we


need to be looking actively for these conditions when appropriate in


a certain proportion of cases, especially athletes who are pushing


themselves beyond their own metabolic capabilities. Told me


about the screening being done and how it has improved and what it


enables you to do for a person when it has picked up? There are a


variety of sporting organisations that mandate that their athletes do


undergo screening, and an ECG, and electrical tracing of the heart,


that would detect cases of three macro in a 80% of cases, and


hypertrophic, in those cases, the ECG is sensitive in up to 95% of


cases. -- detect cases of ARVC. In some cases they would... But through


history of examination and an ECG, we would detect the majority of


cases which would potentially lead to a potentially fatal arrhythmia.


What might be the options for the wider population? There are a


variety of treatments available, if one is diagnosed, including


lifestyle modification, perhaps reducing the amount of exercise you


do, but if one wants to be screened, there is the Test cap M Heart


screening,. Thank you very much. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


have visited a charity working with street children in India


on the third day of They saw how the Salaam Baalak Trust


provides support for This report from our


Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell contains


some flash photography. In Delhi alone, there are thousands


of street children, at risk of abuse and exploitation. Could


you ask... Doctors and psychiatrists who treat the children, mental


health among children is an issue couple are keen to highlight, so


from William, the question. What can we do to help? Spread the word about


street children, they have a right to being in a safe space. The couple


joined the children in a hostel run by a charity. Kate sat on the ground


and did some sketching. The thing many of the children through was her


house, the thing none of them has. That is what Kate Crew, too, rather


English Home Counties sort of house. With you are a duchess or a street


kid, it seems the instinct is much the same. It was time to go. William


and Catherine had an appointment to see India's Prime Minister, from the


powerless to be powerful, their journey through India's extremes


continues. This week is an intense emotion in the many sides of India.


Tonight they are in the east, in Assam, the journey to see nature


conservation tomorrow. We are also on Facebook and on the


BBC News act. That is it from us. Next, the weather. From me and the


rest of the team, goodbye. We continue to see huge contrasts


from day-to-day and placed the place. Low pressure is in control of


our weather, that means the air is unstable, volatile, allowing areas


of rain to develop and we have certainly


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