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Hello, I'm Karin Giannone, welcome to BBC World News Today.


The fall out from the Panama Papers continue - now more top politicians


here in the UK go public with their earnings.


After a week of pressure the British Prime Minister


defended his financial affairs in Parliament.


The publication of a prime ministers tax information in this way is


unprecedented but I think it is the right thing to do. Ordinarily people


in the country will not stand by this anymore. They want real


justice. They want the wealthy to pay their share of tax like they pay


when they work hard all the time. of fighting in Yemen,


a ceasefire is in place - Some rare good news


on wild tiger numbers - they are going up for the first time


in modern history. The British Prime Minister has faced


MPs for the first time since the row over his investment in his late


father's offshore fund, details of which emerged in a leak


of documents from Panama. Additional measures to make it


harder to hide the proceeds of corruption offshore, to make sure


that they can no longer get away with it and to investigate wrong


doing. First let me deal with those places that function as tax centres.


They will begin to share information from this September. That had never


happened before I became Prime Minister and said this must happen.


But we need to go further. We have now agreed that today will provide


UK law enforcement and tax agencies with complete access to information


on the beneficial ownership of companies. We have finalised


arrangements of all of them except to, both of which we believe will


follow in the coming months. For the first time UK police and law


enforcement will be able to see who owns and controls every company


incorporated in these territories. Isle of Man, Jersey, the lot.


The Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn has also published


He accused David Cameron of not understanding how angry the public


are about the revelations in the Panama Papers.


The public no longer has trust in him to deal with these matters. Does


he realise why people are so angry? Do members opposite realise? We have


gone through six years of crushing austerity. Families lining up at


food banks to feed their children. Disabled people losing their


benefits. Elderly care reduced. Living standards going down. Much of


this could have been avoided if our country had not been ripped off by


the super rich refusing to pay their taxes. I say this to the Prime


Minister. Ordinarily people in the country simply will not stand for


this anymore. They want real justice. They want the wealthy to


pay their share of tax like BP when they work hard all the time.


Our political correspondent Rob Watson is in Westminster.


A very lively afternoon in parliament but did the opposition


land any heavy blows? I am not sure that the dead. It is


always difficult to deal with these things. The last seven days has been


a battlefield of insinuation and allegations flying this way or the


other. Now the dust is beginning to settle. In a week David Cameron


managed to take a lot of the heat out of it. The opposition Labour


Party will say we got in our pennies worth and that they were able to get


out that line which they like and which has been used by opposition


across the Western world since the 2008 crash, that is there is an


appearance of their being one rule for the rich and one rule for the


rest. We heard David Cameron saying he has


admitted he has handled this badly, you could have done better.


Has done lasting damage? It is extraordinary when one her to make a


statement. A lot of MPs were thinking why did he not make that


one week ago. There is no evidence to suggest he has done anything


wrong. It is all was difficult to answer those questions. In the


short-term it is difficult for David Cameron and the Conservative Party


because it does remind the country that other time in the Government is


trying to reduce spending, a lot of senior ministers and the Government


are wealthy people. David Cameron says he can't make no apology for


that. To his authority? Probably not.


People outside the UK might be wondering how has this become such a


big story when David Cameron has not actually been accused of beating any


rules, breaking any laws. The media will need to look at itself and who


fear it has been in its coverage. The other reason writers such a hot


issue is that in Britain we are quite funny about money and wealth


and that kind of thing. I have spent a lot of my life in the United


States where people have a more robust attitude towards people who


are wealthy. In Britain there is a certain amount of resentment about


tax and about the rich. All of that was fuelling it. All of it at a time


of hostility. Why did a fireworks display go


ahead, at a Hindu temple in Kerala, And what is being done to help


the hundreds of families affected? All questions the authorities


hope will be answered, by the criminal investigation


and now the judicial inquiry, A parent who has lost her child


and children who have lost their 14-year-old Krishna and her brother


were at the fireworks display along with their mother


and father on Saturday night. Their parents had set up a temporary


tea The children escaped


but the parents succumbed to Behind their home they


were cremated on Sunday. TRANSLATION: My daughter


and son-in-law were just trying to make some extra money


for their children when all this We don't have the means


to support the Traces of the disaster still visible


on the ground where it This is the concrete structure


where the fireworks were stored While there was a big blaze


it's also pieces of this concrete that flew far and wide


which caused many of the deaths and In one corner of the ground


there are still a few stacks Local authorities have said


there was no permission to Hence a firework display of this


magnitude is dangerous. Police are now questioning


the management of this temple to find out


how that happened. A truce in Yemen is largely intact


despite reports of ongoing A UN-brokered cessation


of hostilities began It follows more than a year


of fighting between forces loyal to the Government,


who are backed by a Saudi-led Coalition, and Houthi rebels


who're supported by Iran. Our correspondent


Richard Galpin reports. Could this latest ceasefire in Yemen


finally bring peace to the country after more than 18


months of conflict? Here in the southern city of Aden


the mood is not particularly This man, a local journalist,


believes the truce is a positive move but is convinced


that the Shi'ite Houthi rebels The fighting which continued right


up to the start of the ceasefire on Sunday night has not


stopped completely. Both the forces of the exiled


government and the Houthi rebels have accused each other


of violations in at least three Speaking last month, the Houthi


leader said he was in favour TRANSLATION: We said at the very


beginning the war cannot If there are solutions,


it must be from dialogue, Already one of the


Middle East's poorest countries, the civil war has killed


thousands of people and forced more Much of the destruction is the


result of a year-long campaign of air strikes by a Saudi led coalition


in support of the exiled Yemeni The threat of famine now hangs over


half of the country and the United Nations


is calling on the two warring sides to respect


the ceasefire so that peace


talks, due to start next Now a look at some of


the day's other news. An indigenous community in Canada


has declared a state of emergency after 11 people tried to kill


themselves in a single day. The chief of the Cree community says


they have been overwhelmed Thousands of German steelworkers


have staged demonstrations across the country to demand action


to prevent China from dumping cheap The workers fear for their future


because they say that European firms cannot compete with a flood


of subsidised steel from China. China has unveiled an ambitious plan


to become a world football A Government report sets out


a detailed programme for the next three decades, beginning with a big


push to get 50 million children Mind boggling - that's


what the English golfer Danny Willett has called


his victory at the US Masters in Augusta -


one of the sport's most prestigious He is the first British player


to win since Sir Nick Faldo 20 years ago and the first


European player to win He made the win after world number


one Jordan Speith took seven Willett, who also became a father


for the first time just days before the tournament,


said it had been a fantastic But it wasn't just him


who made the headlines. His brother Pete drew in a lot


of attention on Twitter for his running commentary


during the last few hours - and here are some of the ones we can


show you. This is what he had to say about how


the night unfolded for him From seven o'clock onwards


we were having a quiet drink looking forward to Danny hopefully finishing


top Then on the 12th when


Jordan Spieth did what he Me and my wife, we got


a drink, an extra drink. Willett's win isn't the first


unexpected victory to take In football, Leicester


City looks set to win This time last year the Foxes


were fighting relegation from England's top flight but now


they are seven points ahead of their closest


rival Tottenham. The horse Rule the World won


at the Grand National race. The nine-year old horse


had never previously won a steeplechase,


while his 19-year-old jockey had not The win's being described


as a fairytale. Meanwhile the West Indies cricket


teams won both in the men's and women's at the ICC's World


Twenty20. but especially the women who beat


Australia in the final. It was the first time


the West Indies women's team had won the tournament,


with the Australians And what does it mean


for the bookies? To find out I'm joined by Joe Crilly


of the booking agent William Hill. On something like the Augusta


Masters happens? Yesterday after the first nine of the final round Danny


Willett was still 20-1 to win. He was 66 at the start. A result like


that is a good thing for us. Jordan Spieth was massively on song. If it


is good for outsiders, we see all these surprise wins, generally for


bookmakers that is good news? It is because more people will back the


favourites. We have placed them up because we think they are likely to


win an event. There is an exception to this and I am fascinated because


Leicester City being top of the Premier League is actually a bit


concerning for you. There is a contingent of people who bet on


their beloved football team regardless of the odds. That is


right. At the start of the season? 5000-1.


People placed tiny bit. The small spec was just 5p. The biggest was


?20. If you take into account somebody like Chelsea or Manchester


City you tend to see people putting down thousands and thousands of


pounds at the start of the season because they think they are going to


win. But because these people are backing their team at the start of


the season we do not think they are grams oing to win it we keep the


price at the same we keep the price at the same then we started to get


out over ?2 million which would be we could be paying out over ?2


million which would be the worst result in football markets. This is


worrying and football markets. This is worrying are people manage to


put. By huge them are people manage to put their bet on when it was


5000-1. That is right. When you take into account the price the pay-out


from those 25 bets alone will total more than ?360,000. Aside from that


as it always the bookmaker that wins in the end? Do you ever see anything


that deviates from that well worn phrase? Favourites tend to win


roundabout a quarter of the time. Horse racing, huge sport betting


turnover, quarter of the time, 25%, the favourites will win. We are


hoping that we see more of the non-favourites, second favourites,


third favourites, outsiders winning. It is rare that you get a 100-1


winner. You tend to see horses in the middle of the field to provide


the best results because people see the big prices and they say they


will have a pound on that. They say the favourites and they lump onto


the favourites. It is usually a horse that starts off at 33-1. The


start of the date was 50-1. It is great with the bookmakers. We were


looking at British earlier. We saw Jeremy Corbyn. You had some thing to


say about him and Donald Trump and watches with the odds there.


Politics is starting to become a little bit more unpredictable.


Jeremy Corbyn doom and after Ed Miliband step down. He was 150-1 at


the start of the process. Donald Trump was 200-1 at the start of the


Republican nominations. Do people bet on politics? Are you still


seeing a healthy flow of money? Yes, politics is getting more popular.


More people have access to the politics on the TV. TV shows become


global, people around the world and in the UK as well can watch American


politics. They can watch Russian politics. They can watch politics


from around the world. There is a real niche of punters that get


involved in political betting. What are the odds on Donald Trump


becoming Republican nomination. 1-2. The assault on. 6-1 to become


President. Macedonian police have


come under criticism by both the Greek officials


and the United Nation's Refugee Agency - the UNHCR -


after they fired tear gas at migrant protesters on the border


with Greece yesterday. In a tweet, the agency said,


we are very worried about use of tear gas against #refugees


on Greece's northern border. Yesterday's unrest reportedly began


after a group of migrants approached the fence to ask Macedonian border


guards to open it and let them pass. Greece condemned the act -


Medical charity Medicins San Frotiers said its staff had


suffered from teargas when canisters were fired directly


into the camp housing thousands. Conor Kenny, a doctor


working with MSF says among The most serious concerns have been


fractures and plastic bullet wounds We have had three children


under the age of ten who have had a plastic


bullet to the head. Other concerns are due


to what has happened


following a stampede. Many people have had chest injuries


or crush injuries as a result of stampede either


to or from the border. number of pregnant women who have


come in who need assessment and up to 200 people who have been


affected by teargas. In Malaysia, a giant reticulated


python, thought to be the longest every caught,


has died after laying eggs. The snake, which weighs


almost 160 kilograms, It was found several days ago


on the island of Penang. The snake was found under a fallen


tree on a building site. Conservationists say


the number of tigers living in the wild has increased,


after decades of decline. A new estimate suggests there's been


a rise of 700 compared with the last set of figures,


six years ago. Our Science Editor David Shukman has


been looking at the reasons why there's been this surprise


turnaround in the tiger's fortunes. Tigers are among the most


spectacular creatures in the natural For all their power and the fear


they inspire, they are very Some years ago I joined a patrol


in Thailand and tried to I felt like part of


a military operations. The threat is from well-armed


poachers and guards In the markets of Asia,


tiger parts fetch high Demand for the animals


is relentless. Tigers have been in


trouble for decades. The red areas on this map


show where they were Now the smaller orange areas


are all they have got. There were about 100,000


tigers 100 years ago. That collapsed down


to Now there are welcomed signs


of a slight increase, It has been the result of many


decades of hard work. By governments, a lot


of partners on the ground, the local communities


coming together. The future of tigers


still hangs by a thread. Every day the patrols need


to keep watch. When guards do well,


the numbers of tigers starts rising. Automatic cameras planted


in the forest filmed these scenes of the


animals passing by. It takes high technology


and a large budget to keep


the tigers alive. But without this effort,


their only sanctuary Even through a thick pane


of glass it is quite something to get this


close to a tiger. The truth is there are many more


of these magnificent animals in For those in the wild


it is a constant Only in 13 countries


do tigers roam free. In many of the rest,


extinction remains Prince William has paid


tribute to the Queen describing her as remarkably


energetic and a wonderful He was speaking in India,


at a party to celebrate the Queen's From there, our royal correspondent


Nicholas Witchell reports. It was a grandson's


personal tribute. At a reception at the British High


Commissioner's residence in Delhi, William spoke of the monarch,


his grandmother, who on Thursday of next week will


celebrate her 90th birthday. I'm incredibly lucky


to have my grandmother in my life. As she turns 90, she is an energetic


and dedicated guiding force George and Charlotte too


will discover how lucky they are to have such


a wonderful great grandmother. A role model for the


rest of their lives. And as a role model for her family,


the Queen has set The quality most people


would associate with the Queen And that has become a slightly


sensitive issue for William recently, because there have been


questions about his commitment So this visit is a chance


to dispel those doubts. There's certainly been


no lack of enthusiasm. This was William trying a racing car


simulator in Mumbai. And in the serious moments,


at the home of Mahatma Gandhi, and laying a wreath to India's war


dead, William looks what he is - a future king shaping his own


personality to the role from which he knows


he cannot escape. Reaching your 100th birthday


is a always quite an achievement. 100 years old but Verdun Hayes


is not one for sitting still. For his birthday


he wanted to skydive. Doing one thing and the other


which other people do not Born during the First World War


and named after the Battle of Verdun, he fought


the Nazis but that was on the ground, and not


in the Now a centenarian, he is at 10,000


feet and ready to go. I said to them I want to be


first out. It is thought he is


the UK's oldest ever skydiver and in doing it he has


raised money for a local hospice. By then he will be


the oldest skydiver in Do get in touch via


Twitter - I'm @KarinBBC. And there's a transition and where


you can see huge contrast from day-to-day and from place to place.


Weather fronts stranded across the heart of the


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