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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


and around the world. The headlines:


Belgian prosecutors say the extremists behind the Brussels


bombings had originally planned an attack in France.


Tragedy at a temple in southern India -


after a fire kills 110 people, hundreds more are injured.


Also coming up: A sad homecoming for many Syrians - Atrocities


committed by the so-called Islamic State emerge as civilians


And the Duchess of Cambridge wows the crowds in India


as she and her husband begin a royal tour of the region.


Remarkable couple. Made us feel so comfortable and really humble, very


simple. The group that attacked


Brussels Airport and Metro station last month had reportedly been


planning a new attack on France. Belgian prosecutors say


that Mohamed Abrini, a key suspect in the attack,


admitted that they had changed their plans at the last


minute, because of the speed at which the police


were closing in on them. Our correspondent,


Damian Grammaticas, explained the link between this and the arrest


of another key suspect, Salah Abdeslam was the key suspect


in sort after the Paris attacks. He was arrested here


in Brussels and four days later the Brussels attacks happened,


so it appears, police haven't specified but it appears


when they say this group who attacked Brussels felt that


police were closing in on them and urgently took the decision


to switch their intended target from Paris to Brussels,


that is the most likely reason, it was the arrest of Abdeslam


that made the other members of the cell feel that police


were closing on them and therefore We know that one of the attackers


here, one of the suicide bombers had a laptop that police found


after the attacks and on that he had written a last message saying


he felt police were closing in and he felt in a hurry,


so that would back up Tell us more about Mohamed Abrini


and his suspected links Yes, Mohamed Abrini,


this revelation today has come in the wake of his arrest,


he was detained on Friday, over the weekend police have said


he has admitted to being one of the men who carried out


the airport bombing. Police also know he had been


involved were they have linked him to the Paris attacks


and that is because they have this evidence from CCTV cameras,


security cameras showing Mohamed Abrini helping to deliver


the vehicles to Paris that were used in the Paris attacks and the man


he was delivering those with was Salah Abdeslam,


the prime suspect after Paris so police have linked the two


of them and now also Mohamed Abrini The Belgian Justice Minister


has warned that more What is the mood in


Belgium and France? I think the feeling is that these


developments in the last two or three days have marked something


of a success for the investigators here after weeks of criticism


about their handling of the investigations,


the fact that they appear to have found the man in the hat,


the third airport attacker, and now that they seem to be getting


new information from the people they have in custody,


that seems to indicate the police have made a real stride forward


in their attempts to dismantle the network but the Justice Minister


today said that new cells could pop up at any time and Belgium had


to remain alert. The French Prime Minister responding


to the idea that Paris or France may have been the intended target said


this was more proof that the threat to Europe as a whole and to France


in particular remained high. More than 110 people have now been


confirmed dead after a huge fire It happened in the town


of Paravur in Kerala. It's thought a faulty firework


caused the blaze, after it fell Anger is growing over the display


after it was discovered it had been refused a permit


because of safety fears. Yogita Limaye reports -


just a warning there are flashing Then, a spark ignited


a store of firecrackers. Witnesses say a part


of the temple complex collapsed. It took hours for firemen to battle


the blaze that followed, and pull Thousands had gathered to take part


in the local festival. This man had travelled


from a village He suffered injuries


on his back and leg. TRANSLATION: One firecracker landed


on the place where all the fireworks were stored, and suddenly


there was a globe of fire. A building next to


the temple collapsed. Concrete pieces flew off from it


and hit me on my back. I could not move for half an hour


until I was rescued. But many did not have


a chance to escape. Some bodies were so badly


burned it has not been possible This is where people have been


coming all through the day to find out if their loved ones are in this


hospital or not. This medical facility


is where the injured and the dead from the fire were first rushed


to because it is closest to the temple, and it is perhaps


the worst ever disaster this local India's Prime Minister,


Narendra Modi, flew down to Kerala with a team of specialist


doctors to treat the victims. TRANSLATION: The Indian government


is completely with Kerala and the grieving families


in this time of trouble. The incident is so horrendous,


that it is difficult Local authorities have said


the temple did not have permission The Saudi-led coalition says it


will honour the UN-brokered ceasefire in Yemen due to come


into effect in the next hour. The coalition said it


would respect the ceasefire, but would still reserve the right


to respond to any rebel attack. This will be the fourth ceasefire


since early last year, when the Saudi-led coalition began


air strikes to support More than 6000 people have been


killed and two million displaced The Prime Minister of Ukraine says


he has decided to resign. Arseny Yatseniuk blamed politicians


for failing to bring about He took office soon after the former


president Viktor Yanukovych was The resignation comes after several


high-profile reformers left the government in recent weeks,


claiming it was failing From Kiev, here's


Anistaasiya Gribanova. The resignation has already been


announced a couple of hours ago but actually in order for it to be in


Fort, it needs to be approved and corroborated by Parliament.


Parliament can vote for it the following Tuesday and then Ukraine


might next week receive a new government. And what has been the


fallout of this? What has been the reaction to this resignation of?


Truth be told, it's an resignation. Everybody was anticipating it any


time soon, what happened today, but there has been audible calls for him


to resign in the recent couple of months. His political party,


People's front, and he himself has seen a severe reduction in people's


trust, so their work calls for his resignation and he says in stepping


down he is doing what people expect him to do.


In other news, a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 has


hit south-west Asia, shaking buildings in Pakistan,


The US Geological Survey said the epicentre of the quake


was near a remote mountain region along the Afghan-Pakistan border.


Police in Macedonia have used tear gas and stun grenades at migrants


who tried to scale a fence at the border with Greece.


The medical charity MSF says 300 migrants were hurt


More than 11,000 people have been stranded at a makeshift refugee


camp on the Greek side of the border since Balkan states closed off


the migrant route to northern Europe.


Peruvians have begun voting in elections to choose a new president.


The candidate leading opinion polls is the daughter of Alberto Fujimori,


the former president who is serving a prison term for human rights


abuses. The US Secretary of State John Kerry


has become the most senior US official to visit the Japanese city


of Hiroshima since it was destroyed Mr Kerry visited a shrine


on Itsukushima island as a two-day summit of G7 foreign


ministers got under way. Britain's Duke and Duchess


of Cambridge have spent the day in Mumbai, at the start


of a week-long tour They paid their respects


to the victims of the city's 2008 terrorist attacks, visited a slum,


and attended a Bollywood gala. Nicholas Witchell's report contains


some flashing images. The best way to experience


India's rich variety Within hours of arriving in Mumbai,


William and Catherine were visiting one of the city's slum areas known


as the water tank. They squeezed through narrow


alleyways and peered In a public recreation area


in the centre of the city, they joined activities with street


children who are being helped There was a run in the park


for Kate, taken in her stride, quite literally, despite the high


heeled wedge shoes. And then in this cricket-mad


country, a game. The bowler incidentally was cricket


ace Sachin Tendulkar, belted for what might have been six


had it not fallen into eager hands. To the rather obvious


delight of William. A positive one, according


to Mr Tendulkar. What a fantastic experience


it was to meet the Duke And, you know, really


humble, very, very simple. They took an open top bus


through the city to the hotel where they are staying,


the Taj Mahal Palace. It was at this hotel in November


2008 that Al-Qaeda linked extremists At this hotel, and other attacks


elsewhere in Mumbai, William and Catherine met


some of the hotel staff who tried to protect guests


when the attack happened. They laid a wreath in memory


of the dead and in tribute This evening, a glittering


gala dinner organised by the British High Commission


for Bollywood stars Guests of honour, William and


Catherine. The soft power of royalty,


pursuing British interests in India. A country which was once part


of Britain's empire is now a considerable and growing economic


power in its own right, and all of this is part


of Britain's effort to court it. In a speech, William is expected


to pay tribute to modern-day India, a nation which the couple's


officials say will play a major Royalty meeting Bollywood royalty


there. Life on the front line in Nagorno


Karabakh. We hear from a soldier caught up


in renewed fighting. This funeral became a demonstration


of black power. Today is about the promise of a bright future, a day


when we hope a line can be drawn under the bloody past.


I think Picasso's works were beautiful, they were intelligent and


it is a sad loss to everybody who loves art.


This is BBC World News Today. The latest headlines...


Belgian prosecutors say the extremists behind the Brussels


bombings had originally planned an attack in France.


Did death toll from the explosion and fire at a Hindu Temple in India


has now reached 110. And let's get more now on that


terrible fire in southern India. I spoke a little earlier to a doctor


who has spent much of the day This situation is in our hospital,


many of them or in eight terrible state, and it affects of the


patient's ear. You spoke about some patients having severe urns. Do you


have the expertise to treat these patients? Yes, we have enough


expertise here. There are other hospitals with trauma areas. But


those who have severe burns, more than 50%, do you expect them to


survive? Are trying to care for all of them, they are under ventilation.


In Syria, civilians have begun returning to towns captured


from so-called Islamic State by Russian-backed Syrian


As they do so, reports are emerging of atrocities


The jihadists have suffered a series of setbacks


in Syria in recent weeks, losing the ancient city of Palmyra


and the IS bastion of Al-Qaryatain, both in


Speaking to the BBC after visiting Al-Qaryatain, the head


of the Syrian Orthodox Church said a number of Christians had


This is the scene waiting for the returning residents


of Al-Qaryatain, captured by so-called Islamic states last


Street after street and building after building in ruins.


The mixed city had a large Christian population, many of whom fled


Islamic State but almost 300 couldn't get out fast enough.


It is their fate that Syrian Christian leaders learned


about as they were taken around the city and its destroyed churches,


including a 1500-year-old Catholic monastery.


The head of the Syrian Orthodox Church told the BBC that 21


Christians were executed for failing to subject


Five more are missing but the patriarch said


It is very possible, we lived this situation


for centuries, we learnt how to respect each other,


We can live together again if we are left alone by others.


Families of the surviving Christians paid the so-called Islamic State


When they were finally reunited earlier this year, the patriarch was


Coaches laid on by the Syrian government are bringing


thousands back to Al-Qaryatain and the nearby city of Palmyra,


Many are discovering there is nothing left


The challenge now is to restore harmony across the faiths.


Let's get all your sports for you now. Here's Sarah Walton.


American Jordan Speith has started the defence of his Green Jacket


Now when he teed off for the final round earlier he had


But here's how the leaderboard looks.


Jordan Spieth pulling away, four under par overall, a two shot lead


from England's Annie Willet. Lee Westwood is now level par come while


world number one Jason Day, down in sixth place, after a terrible round


yesterday Rory McIlroy now don't intent, to over overall. -- don't


intent. Leicester are a step closer


to an historic Premier League title after beating Sunderland 2-0


at the Stadium of Light. The result gave Claudio Ranieri's


side a fifth straight victory and fifth consecutive clean sheet


while ensuring Sunderland remain The difference between the sides


was Jamie Vardy, the England international put the visitors


ahead in the 66th minute, adding his second -


and 21st of the season - It means that with five games left,


Leicester are just three wins away from being


crowned English champions. It was a difficult match but I'm


very happy, with three points, for our performance, it was very strong.


Of course they had the chance to draw the match but also we had three


or four chances to finish the match early, and the response was good.


Just one ball over the top and the Centre half is for the goalkeeper


not coping with that was the reason we lost today. Not much else for the


teams and at the other end when Jack Rodwell gets the chance to adjust


back in the game, he misses, they score, they stayed top of the


league, we stay in the bottom three. The margins were that small today.


Second-placed Tottenham are keeping the pressure up


They won 3-0 against Manchester United, after the visitors saw


the game delayed by half an hour because they were stuck in London


Goals from Delle Alli, Toby Alderweireld and Erik Lamela


means Spurs stay seven points behind Leicester in second.


We think we deserved the result in the end, a good team like Manchester


United. I'm happy. We are still fighting for the title, seven


points. Over at Anfield, two goals


from Divock Origi helped Liverpool to a 4-1 win over Stoke,


which saw the reds move Alberto Moreno put the home side


ahead with his first goal of the season and Daniel Sturridge


restored their lead after a Stoke equaliser, before Origi's two


in the second half helped cement what was only a fourth home win


of the season for Jurgen Klopp. Honda rider Marc Marquez


won his fourth straight Texas MotoGP on Sunday, ahead of the reigning


World Champion Jorge Lorenzo. Marquez had started on pole


and coasted through the race to secure his second win


of the season and extend Andrea Iannone came


in third on the Ducati. Yamaha's Valentino Rossi started


third but crashed out Onto European rugby, and they will


have a new champion this season, and it could be Leicester, after


three-time winners Toulon were beaten by racing Metro. It will mean


Leicester will have a semifinal after crushing start Francais today.


And that is all the sport for now. The unresolved conflict between


Azerbaijan and its breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh has left dozens


of soldiers dead in the last weeks. The unresolved conflict dates back


to the early 1990s when ethnic Armenians living there sought


cessation from Azerbaijan. One 18-year-old ethnic-Armenian


soldier told the BBC Is it a bird, is it a plane,


or is it base jumper Zhang Shupeng The Chinese daredevil jumped 2000


metres from a helicopter seconds in an attempt to zigzag


the Yunduan Bridge in the stunning mountains of Chongching


in southwest China. Thousands of people


gathered to watch the stunt, in the air, Zhang swooped down


to the bridge before pulling the cord on his parachute


and landing on a floating platform Good luck to him. That's it from me


and the team. Thanks for being with us.


Although there was some warm sunshine for most of us today we


have seen the weather takes a turn for the worse in the South West.


Earlier it was give


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