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There's been a breakthrough for the Belgian authorities


Prosecutors say Mohamed Abrini, a suspect in the Paris attacks,


has admitted to being the so called man in the hat.


Here he is - seen with two suicide bombers at Brussels airport shortly


before the suicide attack which killed 15 people.


He has been charged with terror offences with three others.


The arrests come after the Belgian authorities asked the public


Well, following the development is our correspondent


They have released a very short statement this evening here in


Brussels. They say that after being confronted with the results of the


different expert examinations, Mohamed Abrini convexity is presence


at the crime scene, they mean the airport, and he said he had thrown


away his jacket in a garbage bin and sold his hat afterwards. That was


the white jacket in the black hat he had used to hide his identity to


conceal who he was on that airport security footage. That is all we


know that he is what he said but this is a significant breakthrough.


For two weeks, police have been trying to identify that figure, that


third person seen with the two suicide bombers on the luggage


trolley that third person was pushing another suitcase bomb but


didn't explode and that third person had run away from the scene. This is


the one attacker from both the Paris and Brussels attacks who we know


were central to the involvement of it who they have attacked -- hatched


-- court after those attacks. The second most wanted man in Europe to


be found hiding under the noses of the authorities in Brussels. Yes, he


was arrested yesterday here in Brussels, on Friday afternoon, on a


street in the Anderlecht area. He had been here, it seems, since the


Paris attacks. Police had identified him not block after the attacks and


identified then that he played a role in the Paris attacks. He was a


facilitator, prosecutors believe. He delivered a car to Paris that was


used by the attackers. He helped, they said, to rent a flat that was


used to prepare for the Paris attacks. Ever since then, they have


put out his name and picture and had been looking for him and hadn't been


able to find him until yesterday and it seems all along he was here in


Brussels. Let's take a look at


some other stories now. The medical charity


Medicines Sans Frontieres says the world's largest cholera


vaccination campaign has started in Zambia,


following an outbreak in February. The aim is to vaccinate nearly


600,000 people against the disease which is caused by contaminated


food or water. There's been fierce fighting


in the southern Philippines between government troops


and Abu Sayaf militants. Officials have acknowledged that 22


soldiers were injured during the day-long clashes


on Basilan Island. But anonymous military sources said


18 troops had been killed. Riot police in France have used


teargas to disperse demonstrators who were trying to reach the centre


of the western city of Rennes. The authorities said


police acted after youths The protest was one of hundreds


taking place across the country over The Austrian government says it


plans to seize the house North Korea says it has successfully


tested an engine designed for an intercontinental ballistic


missile. In response, the United States urged


Pyongyang to refrain from actions that could destabilise


the tense political situation. With more here's our


correspondent Steve Evans. Translation... She has been busy


this year. North Korean TV announcements have come relentlessly


about nuclear advances. On January the six, the country tested and


include advice. One month later, it launched a satellite which the US


said was really a test for nuclear attacks. In March, Kim Jong-un


showed 40 claimed was a miniaturised nuclear warhead, like enough for a


missile. And today, he claims they have developed a new engine to power


a missile as far as the United States. In South Korea, this former


head of the intelligence operation against the North reckons Kim


Jong-un is lashing out. There is almost universal disapproval of what


he has been doing. This is a particularly tense time because US


and South Korean troops are exercising together in South Korea.


These exercises always generate tension. Yong Yang says they are


practice for an invasion. The United States and South Korea say they are


a necessary defence against a power aiming to be a nuclear power. North


Korea retaliates with bloodcurdling threats. It has broadcast


assimilation of Washington in flames. It can't make this is


reality yet. But it is striving hard to achieve the necessary technology.


With me is Paul French, who is the author of


the book North Korea - State of Paranoia.


Thank you for being with us. How much quality can we give these


claims by North Korea? We can't verify them but we do know that


North Korea, like any state wanted to become a nuclear power, has a


check list. You have to be able to make a bomb that is small enough to


put on a rocket and you need a rocket engine to fight it. They are


now claiming they have those three things. But we should remember that


all of this can often be bluster, we can't verify any of it, we don't


know they have done any of those things. That said, they are


determined to develop these weapons and they are unpredictable enough to


use them, right? Well, I think we should look at it from the point of


view as well of what is going on within North Korea. This may is the


first Congress of the workers party and it is the first one since the


early 1980s, since before Kim Jong-un was born. The disease coming


out party, his cementing of control after taking over after the death of


his father and this is his trophy project. Does this show him to be a


weak leader, given the state of the political and economic situation in


North Korea and the fact that it is not proven that they have these


weapons? Well, there is always a problem in North Korea that even if


he has got a weapon that he can deliver, he still isn't able to feed


his people keep the lights on, there are power cuts regularly, food aid


is down, the are biting about whatever the rhetoric that comes


from Pyongyang. He has a lot of domestic problems that he needs to


shore up and that has to be done as well as, of course, keeping up its


rhetoric against the rest of the world.


The most senior cleric in the Church of England has revealed the identity


of his biologicial father, after a DNA test.


Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, says he has now


confirmed that his father was a senior British diplomat.


Justin Welby is currently in Zambia, meeting local


a revelation that came, he said, as a complete surprise.


The resemblance between the Archbishop and Sir Anthony


He had hoped to dispel rumours they were related.


Sir Anthony was Winston Churchill's last private secretary,


the Archbishop's mother also worked for Churchill and it seems


the pair went to bed together immediately before her marriage.


Shortly before Easter, the Archbishop agreed to a DNA test


Swabs from inside his cheek were compared with hairs found on a


brush that once belonged to Sir Anthony Montague Browne.


The result - near certainty that Sir Anthony was


Justin Welby's mother married Gavin Welby in 1955 and her


The Archbishop's childhood was, he said, messy.


The man he thought was his father died in 1977.


In a statement today, he


said too many families suffered similar problems.


Friends believe the revelation won't change him.


I think it will make a difference to lots of other people


who have discovered that their biological parents


thought they were rather later in life, they will identify with the


Archbishop and his story and he will with them so I think it will


increase even more his pastoral sensitivity.


The Archbishop's mother, now Lady Jane Williams, said today:


Admitting to a relationship with Sir Anthony, she added:


The Archbishop says he is proud of his mother,


and became a pillar of the community.


As for himself, he says he found in God the father he lacked


Several thousand people in the Polish capital Warsaw have


protested against a proposal to completely ban


The protests were organised by a group opposing a recent call


by some Catholic bishops for an unconditional


Adam Easton has the latest from Warsaw.


People are protesting here against a proposal to have a complete and on


abortion. Poland already has one of the strip is abortion laws in the


EU. It is only a rout in cases of rape or incest, when the help --


health of the mother is endangered when the foetus has medical


problems. Women who have abortions or doctors who perform them could


face up to five years in prison. Parliament in the past has rejected


similar initiatives but pro-life groups are more optimistic because


the governing Justice party strongly supports Roman Catholic values.


People here say that women should have a choice. Some are holding coat


hangers as a symbol of illegal backstreet abortions which they say


stricter law only encourage. The Austrian government says it


plans to seize the house where Adolf Hitler was born to stop


it being a focal point Officials say the decision was taken


after several years of discussion about how


to prevent neo-Nazi interest. The government has not yet


said what it intends Stay with us on BBC World News,


still to come: How sections of a floating bridge dating


from the Second World War has been The latest headlines: Belgian


prosecutors have charged four men with terror offences following last


month's Brussels attacks, including Mohamed Abrini he -- has confirmed


he was the man in the hat. The United States has urged


North Korea not to further increase political tension


following its nuclear test. Jordan Speith is three shots clear


and five under overall. Michael Roy is two over, so one under overall.


-- Michael Roy. Rule the World has ruled


at Aintree this afternoon, the 33 to one shot ridden by 19 year


old David Mullins has Joint favourite The Last Samuri


was second. It was a three horse race


going into the final furlong. 8-1 shot The Last Samuri had lead


much of the closing stages but it was the Irish trained


Rule The World that came home first. There were 16 finishers


from the field of 39 Understandably, winning jockey


David Mullins described the race as "the best ride I've


ever got off a horse". I couldn't give you a word, I


couldn't give you a sentence and I probably won't be able to until next


year when it does think in but it is magical to have family around on a


special day like this, it means a lot. You were just 19, your first


National, could you possibly believe what has happened? No, this time


last year I hadn't a winner over fences so to come here and even get


a ride, I thought I was doing well, but to winds it, it is amazing.


Aston Villa are all but relegated after losing 2-1


Norwich - who are in 17th place - lost 1-0 to Crystal Palace


which prevented Villa from going down.


Jordan Ayew scored a late consolation goal for the home side


after Steve Cook and Josh King had put Bournemouth


Villa now need to win all their remaining games and hugely


improve their goal difference to have any chance of surviving.


I was happy in terms of the energy that the players gave us and the


desire to do what we asked them. We have conceded boorish goals for us.


But we have to remain positive and professional and we've got another


six games. It can't be easy playing in that atmosphere sometimes? I am


sure it is not but they have only been two or three victories here all


season, I certainly won't be criticising the spectators in any


shape, way or form. They turned out again today. I find that remarkable,


this is nothing to do with the support.


Arsenal's hopes of winning the Premier League now look


all but over, they were held to a 3-3 draw by West Ham.


The Hammers were 2-0 down before a hat-trick from Andy Carroll.


Laurent Koscielny got Arsenal's equaliser.


Arsene Wenger's side are now 10 points off the top of the table


It was a crazy one. I think we dominated completely in the first


half. We would 2-0 up and really, we only to look at ourselves on that.


It was a big boost for West Ham, mentally, and a big blow for us. We


asked 3-2 down at least, we have shown resilience and come back to


3-3. In the day's other games,


Manchester City came from behind to beat West Brom 2-1


and consolidate their Newcastle United edged ever closer


to relegation as they were beaten Gus Hiddink suffered his first


defeat in the Premier League since taking interim charge


at Chelsea, losing 1-0 Watford ended a four-match losing


run, coming from behind to draw 1-1 Police in El Salvador have conducted


a raid on the local offices of the law firm Mossack Fonseca,


which has been at the centre of a series of revelations about its


wealthy clients' tax affairs. Documents and equipment were seized


in the latest response to a massive data leak which has caused


shockwaves around the world. More than half of the offshore


companies set up by Mossack Fonseca are registered in the


British Virgin Islands. The BBC's Michelle Fleury has


travelled there to investigate. The British Virgin Islands, whether


union Jack still flies and symbols of the Queen are everywhere. This


tropical paradise is an unlikely engine room of global finance. There


are around 500,000 active offshore companies in a territory whose


population is just 20 8000. With so many other firms mentioned in the


Panama papers, registered here, the British Virgin Islands reputation


has been called into question. At the heart of it, one law firm,


Mossack Fonseca. Hello. I've just rank above the of the reddish virgin


Island office of most that Fonseca. The moment the people saw our


camera, they disappeared through a door. We're still waiting to find


out if anyone will speak to us. The doors opened to so many remained


closed to us. The company denies any wrongdoing. In his first interview


since the leak, the British Virgin Islands Premier told me an


investigation had been launched. Had we know Mossack Fonseca is one lone


bad Apple and that there aren't many more out there? In any kind of


business, there will be a few bad apples, people who would want to use


it. This is why there are laws and regulations which allow them to be


investigated and action to be taken. And then this. Their premier


seemingly implied those who leaked the data were at full. The


information leaked what breached. Information which to a large extent


hadn't shown any long -- wrongdoing. The British Virgin Islands has made


a fortune of setting up these companies whether the identity of


the owners is not own. -- known. These mailboxes may look anonymous


but in some cases, they are their headquarters for businesses that


have been registered here. There will always be liars and cheats


unforced as in the world. This man is a fraud investigator. He says


that while the culture is changing, some prefer secrecy. In the 1980s,


no one knew nothing about offshore companies. But since then, Bagan has


been made. Here is your to form companies, you get to have this


license on a condition that you know who your customers are and if they


are dodgy, you dump them and report suspicious activity to the police.


That is the bargain and it seems that we have been let down in part


by some of their activities. The leak is keeping pressure to perform.


Here on these pristine islands, I haven for more than just tourists.


The Egyptian authorities say they have rejected an Italian


request for thousands of phone records to help Rome


investigate the murder of an Italian student in Cairo.


The body of the student, Giulio Regeni, who was investigating


unions and activism in Egypt, was found severely


Egypt's assistant state prosecutor said the request, put


during a meeting in Rome, was unconstitutional.


On Friday, Italy recalled its ambassador from Cairo in protest


Now, the D-Day landings were one of the biggest turning points of World


War II as Allied troops launched a major offensive against the Germans


from the beaches of Normandy. To ensure the major was a success, the


British Army installed an artificial harbour with huge floating road


bridges to off-load cargo and soldiers. 70 years on, one section


of the so-called whale Bridge has been salvaged from France, restored


and brought back to Britain. Mark Cartwright has a story.


Its sections of steel, bolts, plates, metal parts,


The whale bridge, in World War II, crucial to the liberation of Europe.


In June 1944 in the days after D-Day sections were towed


A floating roadway, a harbour constructed.


For the Allies it provided a foothold into France,


allowing troops and machinery to break out from


More than 70 years later, fully restored, this, the only


I had to go and touch it because to think that this object


was there, at that moment in history, something that we talk


about in this museum a lot, a very key moment in British history


and international history, so to have this object is something


In pieces, rusting in France, it had been used as a road bridge


Almost scrapped, these engineers rebuilt it, saved it.


While it laid there it had brambles and it was very, very


rusty and looking sorry for itself, to be honest.


I suspect it wouldn't have laid there much longer before somebody


had chopped it up and it would have been going through a smelting plant


and coming out as something else, so it was important to get it back.


So to rescue it like you've done, how do you feel?


I feel proud of myself and proud of the guys.


It is 80 feet long 24 metres, but in all ten miles of these


sections were manufactured, two floating harbours.


Mulberry A destroyed by a storm before it


could be used but this one, Mulberry B, over five months more


than two million men crossed this bridge and more 500,000 machines.


You are able to make a direct connection through this,


what effectively is a massive 80 foot piece of metal,


but you can directly connect with the soldiers


who were there in those days in June 1944 who were using this at a very


It helps bring to an end the dark days of Nazi occupation.


An extraordinary feat in engineering,


Mark Cartwright, BBC News, Duxford.


Belgium's federal prosecutor says Mohamed Abrini -


a key suspect in the Paris attacks - has admitted being the so-called


"man in the hat" seen with two suicide bombers at Brussels


He's said to have told prosecutors he threw his own bomb away before


Abrini is one of four people charged by Belgian police today over


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