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The headlines: a key suspect in the Paris terror attacks,


and possibly the Brussels bombings too, is arrested.


Within the last hour Belgium prosecutors have confirmed


Mohamed Abrini was among a number of people seized


They're still investigating whether he is the man in the hat


At the moment the investigators are are fine weather Mohamed Abrini


Company identified as the third person present during the attacks in


Brussels Airport as the so-called man in the hat.


The pragmatic Pope - Francis tells the world's billion


Catholics it's time to adapt to the realities


After a week dominated by revelations about tax havens


following leaks from a Panamanian law firm - we speak to one


Belgian prosecutors have just confirmed the key remaining suspects


in November's Paris terror attacks have been arrested. Mohamed Abrini


is one of a number of people who had been seized in a Elgin police


operation today. Investigators are still looking into whether he was


the man in the hat seen in CCTV footage before the blast in Brussels


Airport in March. He is what a spokesperson for the Belgian


prosecutors office had to say. In connection with the investigation of


the terror attacks on March 22 at their Brussels Airport and the


subway station, this morning Mohamed Abrini was arrested in Brussels. The


investigation into the Paris attacks has shown that his car was picked up


in Germany and brought to Belgium on October three 2015 with a rental car


hired by Salah Abdeslam. The investigations have identified him


as the second person present at the time of the --. This second person


was seen in the company of another bomber in the subway. This second


person was filmed at the shopping mall in Brussels buying bags that


were used in the --. -- the attack. Mohamed Abrini was arrested at the


same time as two other versions. Fingerprints and DNA were retrieved


in the safe houses and also in difficult that was used during the


Paris attacks. Some time ago a look warning was issued in connection


with the investigation concerning the attacks in November 2015. He was


seen in the company of Salah Abdeslam on November 11. Moreover,


the investigation into the Paris attacks has shown that Mohamed


Abrini and Salah Abdeslam rented an apartment sometime before the


attacks, where the Swiss side bombers stayed just before the


attacks in Paris. -- suicide bombers. Investigators are now


verifying whether Mohamed Abrini ten the positively identified as the


third person present during the attacks at Brussels National


airport, the so-called man in the hat. The investigation continues, in


the interest of the investigation and no further details can be given.


That was the Delta and federal roster tutor speaking in the last


half-hour. Let's cross now to an area of Brussels, and elect, which


is near Mullen back, where the arrests took place. The prosecutor


confirmed four men have been arrested in that area in connection


with those terrorist attacks and one of them has been named as Mohamed


Abrini but still the prosecutor unable to confirm whether Mohamed


Abrini is also the man in the hat, the CCTV image which we saw so


prominently after the attack on the Brussels Airport, so this is the


area in Brussels, it is near the area which was the scene of so much


activity earlier, where those terror arrests were made. The Ela Jones


federal prosecutor in the last half hour gave us a press conference,


confirming four men have been arrested in connection with the


terror attacks at Brussels Airport and on the Metro system two weeks


ago. Two of the men have been named as Mohamed Abrini and also as a


Samak K. Both were already wanted in connection with the terror attacks


in Paris in November. Belgian authorities say they are now


investigating if Mohamed Abrini is the missing suspect in the attack at


Brussels Airport who has been identified as the man with the hat,


but we did not have that confirmed during that press conference, at


which Gavin Lee was listening in. He joins us live from Brussels. We


still have that question are both that I did the tape of the man in


the hat. -- about that identity. The difficulty is that the prosecutors


believe it is credible this could be the man. They are going through


images comparing Mohamed Abrini, this 31-year-old who was already


wanted in connection with the Paris attacks, he was seen two days


beforehand with Salah Abdeslam, who was arrested three weeks ago and is


awaiting extradition from French police, they were on the way to


Paris to gather. He was on Europe all's top 50 most wanted men in


Europe and potentially the most wanted man if he is connected with


the man missing yesterday. This footage was emerging of the fact


this missing man walked from the airport or ran for a short while


past other passengers as they fled the scene, walk through the airport


hotel into the air -- the car park, and books ten kilometres. This


second person, four people arrested today, two other men who have not


been named work arrested alongside Mohamed Abrini, this other man named


only as Samak K. He was connected with the Brussels attacks and Paris


he also was connected to Salah Abdeslam. He was picked up in the


police check up the Belgian city of bomb, two months before the Paris


attacks, he is believed to have travelled among refugees into


Europe. They are investigating whether this was the man picked up


at the tube station near for I am talking to you now, he was seen


talking to a suspected suicide bomber. Investigators are also


checking if the same image of a man two days before buying the sports


bags apparently used to hide the ball in the airport and at the tube


station, the same man in both images. They are looking at whether


this man was Osama K, from this CDs the Aviva did. -- the CCTV. In terms


of four men having been arrested, we have details about two of the men,


Mohamed Abrini and Osama K, what about the two other men? No details


about these two men. Looking at details from the prosecutor now, we


know separately to the investigation and what has come out from Belgian


media on Osama K, he has been named locally as a man who was said to be


of Swedish nationality who fought in Syria, one of the first fighters


from Sweden who fought for Islamic State. He was a top in a random


police check and was seen to be associated with Salah Abdeslam. His


fingerprints were seen at the property used by the three suspected


suicide bombers at the airport when the taxi driver who put them up from


this pretty near the hot said they were, so he seemed to be linked not


just to Brussels and Paris, and to give you a sense of what the police


authorities are hoping, it closes the circle in terms of the people we


have seen on CCTV, visual people connected with these attacks. If


they are confirmed, those have all been rounded up. In terms of the


network, French and Belgian prosecutors said it is larger than


they thought, something like 62 separate terror cells that are being


monitored in Belgium and in France over 100 since the start of the


year, so that gives a scale of the operation that both countries'


security services have to look at. Gavin, thank you for bringing us up


to date, that press conference taking place in the last half an


hour. Now let's bring up to date some other news.


Pope Francis has called for the Catholic Church to recognise


He says bishops and priests should be free to interpret doctrine


in ways that suit their own cultures in their own countries,


particularly in relation to marriage and divorce.


Our religious affairs correspondent Caroline Wyatt reports from Rome.


Father Rocco D'Ambrosio is a Professor at the Gregorian


University in the Vatican, which is the Jesuit college that


trains priests and a high percentage of all Catholic bishops globally.


He joins us live via Skype from his home in Southern Italy.


Thank you for joining us. What do you make of these new guidelines?


One of the most important things in the document is to put on one side


love and tenderness, the Pope says, and on the other side the defence of


a dry and lifeless doctrine, and this is quite interesting. The


airport of that hope is to invite the church to discover the love and


rediscover the love and tenderness of people, of a family, of a couple,


so first of all it is a document welcoming people, not condemning


people but welcoming, and doing with them aid dialogue. The most quoted


word in the document is discernment. It is interesting, discernment is


quoted more than the word divorce and discernment is to be with


people, especially with eight couple in difficulties, and to distinguish


elements in their lives and to help them to grow in the light of a


faith, the Christian faith from and even in human growth. That is a lot


of scope for interpretation, isn't there, because you'd talk about the


love the Pope is requesting and yet different countries and cultures are


allowed to interpret this in their own ways. Not everyone will get the


same kind of love, perhaps. You were right, but we must be honest, this


problem has been the problem of all the history of the church, all the


centuries long, so when we say discernment, that Pope says that


local communities, the local priests and bishops, must study this


evaluations, must interpret the problems of the couple and their


families. If I could enter chat, I apologise, but you say countries


like Poland, where you have people leaving churches while they discuss


abortion laws and tightening them. It is very up to the priests


themselves to interpret, so there will be a lot of discrepancies


across cultures. It depends on the skills of the priests and it depends


on the mentality of the priests and bishops. If the mentality is to


preach something, without lessening, the problems of people, it is quite


impossible, but if the approach is first of all to listen, to


understand the problems, and two together to find a way to be


faithful to the gospel I am not saying it is easy, it is quite


difficult, but otherwise the Pope is completely right, if we don't do


this work of discernment, Ardboe in of marriage becomes dry and lifeless


bashing our doctrine -- our doctrine of marriage becomes dry and lifeless


with no meaning for common people. We have to leave it there but we


thank you for your time. Stay with us here on BBC News. We will look


ahead to this weekend's heavyweight title fight. Can Anthony Josh will


become world champion? Five years of hatred and rage as


they jump up on the statue. This became a demonstration of black


power, the power to influence. Today is about the promise of a bright


future, a day when we hope a line can be drawn under the bloody past.


I think that Picasso's works were beautiful, they work intelligent and


it is a sad loss to everybody who loves art.


You are watching BBC world use today. The headlines... A key


suspect in the Paris terror attacks and possibly the Brussels bombings


is arrested. Prosecutors have confirmed that Mohamed Abrini was


among a number of people seized. And Pope Francis tells the world's


billion Catholics it is time to adapt to the realities of the modern


family. I stand, the UK and Argentina may


not have much in common but all three countries have shared the


Spotlight after the release of the Panama Papers. Iceland's Prime


Minister was the first casualty, resigning as he had not declared his


offshore dealings, while David Cameron admitted he sold shares in


an offshore fund before he came to office. The firm mentioned in the


papers was set up why his late father, who passed on the shares in


his will. Mr Cameron says he paid all due taxes on the holding. In


Argentina a federal prosecutor has opened an investigation into the


financial affairs of the president, who denies accusations he failed to


properly declared at director shot in an offshore company. These are


just a few games caught up in the leak of documents. From politics to


sport and business to Fulham, the names kept coming.


We're joined from Washington by Gerard Ryle, director


of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.


What more can we expect? I think did journalists have to continue to look


at documents and bring out the revelations as they find them. It is


important people do not lose sight of the fact we have to do a lot of


work behind-the-scenes to make sure what we are publishing is correct,


and they need to be more patient, but I think the revelations will


continue. In terms of the workload, the amount of documents is


staggering, this is far bigger than WikiLeaks, for example. Yes it is,


but we also have more journalists looking at it than previous


investigations. We are working with 370 reporters from more than 70


countries to you are seeing a range of things coming out. Are you


surprised at how wide scale this is? Not really, we have been living with


it for 12 months so we knew the potential for this story, but what


you saw 12 months ago and the excitement when you first look at it


we are now seeing in the rest of the world, so the work we have been


doing, we are all familiar with the documents so it is no real surprise.


We have had all the revelations I described at the big winning, what


is still to come? How much more do you expect we will hear? I think you


will find out there are more revelations from different kinds of


countries and you will also have the situation you had in Britain, where


politicians will be confronted by revelations and will react, and


those reactions sometimes become the story rather than the original


revelation. In terms of the law firm behind all this, this is just one


firm, could there be others? We know from working in this area for a


while that this is one in 100 firms that do this type of work, so we are


looking at a small fraction of this world, but the bigger implication


here is that we do not know who else will lead more information about


other companies, so this could be the beginning of a torrent. The


documents show that Hong Kong is by far the busiest office of the


company. Why is that? I think it is the ease of setting up companies.


You also see a lot of companies in places like New Zealand and a lot of


it is the fact it is easier for people who want secrecy to work


through certain jurisdictions, so those jurisdictions show up in these


documents. They say they were the victim of a hack. What do you make


of that? We do not know the source of this material. It is clear they


did not want it to come out so it was not the firm giving us the myth


you real, and it is no surprise for them to say this now. Fascinating to


speak to you, thank you very much. Now let's get all the sports news


for us. Let's start at the Masters,


where Jordan Spieth continues his After a flawless opening round 66,


Spieth started his second round in similar fashion,


moving on to 8-under par earlier Hot on his heels Rory McIlroy,


who's just two shots behind. McIlroy has had a mixed


second day, that included a double bogey on the 4th,


but he's gathered some ground, The Masters is the one major


McIlroy hasn't won. There's a group of players


on 2-under par - that include New Zealand's Danny Lee


and England's Paul Casey. The IBF heavyweight title


is on the line in London on Saturday with American belt holder


Charles Martin facing who is the current


Olympic champion. with the challenger,


seen on the right here having knocked out each


of his 15 opponents so far. And how does he feel


about a potential unification fight with Tyson Fury if he wins a 16th


professional contest? I've been training, I've had 12


weeks so if I am not ready, I have no one to blame but myself. We heard


the news today that Tyson Fury has that rematch, does that make you


excited about potential reunification? Not really, I am


excited about a bit heavyweight fight in the UK, I am excited about


his opportunity. Now for there to be a hero,


there often has to be a villain. And the man who was hit for four


consecutive sixes off the last over in the World T20 final has faced


the cameras for the first time. England's Ben Stokes has had less


than a week to come to terms with being the man on the receiving


end of Carlos Brathwaite as West Indies clinched victory


in one of the most dramatic finishes At that time all the emotions and


everything like that were just devastation.


A few days after it I have opened my eyes to the fact that


I represented England in the World Cup final.


Obviously it still hurts not getting over


the line and it still hurts being the guy who bowled the last


There are nine qualifiers ahead of the women's european


Scotland have a 3-1 lead over Belarus in their group 1 match,


thanks to two goals from Jane Ross and a Kim Little penalty.


Kick-off for Northern Ireland's match against the Czech Republic


was delayed due to traffic problems around the ground.


Northern Ireland are saying it's now been postponed to be


Meanwhile England are playing Belgium.


Mark Sampson's side have won their opening two games,


but Belgium are the current group leaders, and they


As always, thank you very much. Lots more on our website but that's bring


you up to date with events in Brussels. The investigation into the


Elton attacks and the Paris attacks is ongoing, within the last hour


Belgian prosecutors have confirmed a key suspect in the Paris terror


attacks, Mohamed Abrini, was among a number of people seized in a police


operation. They are still investigating whether he is the man


in the hat in the CCTV footage which we have been showing from Brussels


Airport, seen here with two other bombers. Let's take you straight to


the area of Brussels. These are live pictures of that operation that


still seems to be ongoing. Earlier today for people were arrested, to


have been named, one as Mohamed Abrini, the other as Osama K, and we


now know there is a link between Brussels and that Paris attacks.


Lots more on our website. From me and the team, thank you for


watching. Time to look at some of the bigger weather stories around


the limit, first India, where it is early to be talking about heat rays


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