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The headlines: Reports that a key suspect in


the Paris terror attacks - and possibly the Brussels


Mohamed Abrini is thought to be one of a number of people


who've been seized in a Belgian police operation.


The pragmatic Pope - Francis tells the world's billion


Catholics it's time to adapt to the realities


We speak to the Dalai Lamai about the state of the world,


the Tibetan cause and hear his understanding about the Uk's


When Great Britain is facing some economic difficulties,


so then the new friend who has a lot of money...


It's very important. It's understandable.


Can a Hollywood drama featuring drones tracking your every


If you live in Yemen, and if you live in Pakistan,


and if you live in Somalia, then that is the reality.


It hasn't yet happened in Kenya, but who knows?


The key remaining suspect in November's Paris terror attacks,


Belgian media is also suggesting that Abrini is possibly the "man


in the hat" seen on CCTV before the blasts in the Brussels airport


He's one of a number of people who've been seized in a Belgian


In a moment we'll be live for the latest from Brussels


but first this report from Damian Grammaticas.


He's been hunted since last November - Mohamed Abrini.


Belgian police say he is dangerous and believe he was linked


Mohamed Abrini, seen at a service station two days before


The car he was driving, a black Renault Clio,


was one of the vehicles he used to attack Paris.


The man he was with at the time was Salah Abdeslam, another


of the team that planned and carried out the carnage in Paris.


Salah Abdeslam, Europe's most wanted man, was finally detained three


weeks ago in the Molenbeek district of Brussels after also


Today's arrest is thought to have taken place in nearby Anderlecht.


Just yesterday, Belgian investigators released


this new footage of the Brussels airport bombing.


It showed the third attacker, the so-called Man in the Hat,


who left a suitcase bomb and escape from the terminal, then


travelled six miles on foot into Brussels before he vanished.


It's been reported the new footage and the appeal for help to identify


the Man in the Hat lead to new tip-off from the public


which came just before today's new arrests.


Let's go live to Brussels now, to our correspondent Gavin Lee.


Gavin, a big development, F ended this man is also the man in the hat.


Yes, what we have officially from the Belgian prosecutor as there have


been several arrests today in relation to these two attacks at the


airport and the metro station, two weeks ago. In the last hour or so,


state television and French police are quoted as telling news agencies


that this is indeed Mohamed Abrini. What do we know about him? He was


seen as a bit part player in the Paris attacks. He was seen two days


before the attacks. His car was used. He was seen with Salah


Abdeslam am heading for Paris. We were given details about his past


history. He had been to Syria. His brother was a former IS fighter in


Syria. He was wanted by Belgian police as well. He has not been seen


since. He has a connection to this missing man as well, this man still


not yet identified, known simply as the man in the hat. We believe there


is a relevance here to the images released yesterday by the federal


prosecutor of CCTV images which ensure a more complete image of the


man leaving the airport, with passengers trying to escape the


scene. We see him go through the car park and then Watford ten colour


matters for two hours and then we lose all trace of him. Local media


say this is the man connected to Paris and Brussels as well. We are


currently waiting on a press conference and will know the


significance of that very soon. There were a number of arrests. What


more do we know about the other people detained? The only details we


have and this is coming from a French and Belgian media, including


the state television, saying that other notable figures are somebody


from Maelbeek Metro station, is suspected suicide bomber who has not


been seen since. It is thought this is the man who may have bought some


of the bags for the bombers to use. You might be able to see some


footage which has emerged today of one of the raids. We are not sure


who this is but this is amateur footage, close to Molenbeek. This is


an undercover operation, police officers taking their man and


bundling him into the back of a car. As always, thank you very much. Keep


us up-to-date as and when we get more developments. Thank you.


Pope Francis has called for the Catholic Church to recognise


He says bishops and priests should be free to interpret doctrine


in ways that suit their own cultures in their own countries -


particularly in relation to marriage and divorce.


Our religious affairs correspondent Caroline Wyatt reprts from Rome.


The Catholic Church has often closed its doors on those living


Today in Rome, Pope Francis sought to open it a little,


issuing his guidance on how the Vatican should treat


At a press conference here this morning, two of the Pope's leading


cardinals revealed the contents of this keenly awaited document.


It came after much debate and some very public


Within the Pope's document on the family, the biggest change


Pope Francis suggests priests seek solutions that are best suited


He also wants more openness and a greater understanding


of what the Church terms "irregular situations",


But there is no change to the church's doctrine,


nor its views on homosexuality or ban on contraception.


So does this mean that those who are divorced and civilly


remarried will now be welcomed back to take Communion?


Those who want to be included in the life of the church,


the life of faith in the church, they are welcome.


The Pope often said let the doors of the church be


And he says the same to everybody who is in a difficult situation.


This document, over 250 pages long, is one of the most


significant to emerge from the Vatican in many years.


The title, On Love And The Family, is written in the distinctive voice


of Pope Francis and will set the course for the way


the Catholic Church deals with family life for many


We first spoke to this family in 2014.


They had high hopes this Pope would change the church's


My first reaction reading it was that, you know,


it was a little bit frustrating because there isn't a real change.


In the end, though, this popular Pope has shown himself


There is no radical reform here, as some had hoped, more a gentle


signal that all families, however fractured,


are welcome in his church and the doors are now open.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


An American who was being held in Syria has been released


by President Bashar al-Assad's Government.


A US citizen had been released, according to the US


State Department, but no further details were given.


The Washington Post newspaper identifies the man


as Kevin Patrick Dawes, a freelance photographer


who travelled to Syria from Turkey in September 2012.


Chinese police have arrested a man in connection with a video that


appears to show a woman being assaulted in a Beijing hotel.


It's had more than two billion views online.


Police say they caught the 24-year-old in Henan province.


The hotel's parent company has apologised for the incident.


A former Scotland Yard police officer has been arrested in Lebanon


on suspicion of attempting to seize two children at the centre


Adam Whittington tried to take the children who were living


with their father in Beirut to bring them back to their mother,


It was all filmed by an Australian documentary film crew -


all involved have been arrested by Lebanese police.


Our Middle East correspondent Quentin Somerville reports.


Two children, just five and three years old,


on their way to school when they're grabbed by strangers


Their 70-year-old grandmother is knocked to the ground.


Today, Noah and his sister are back home, and they are safe.


Their Australian mum and Lebanese- American dad have been fighting


Wednesday's abduction was part of a plan by their mother Sally


to get them back to Australia. She is now in a Lebanese jail.


Their father says the children are traumatised.


Their first thing is why are Mummy's friends so mean to Grandma?


That's the first thing they asked me.


I'm just hoping it all pans out smooth and easy for Sal.


I can't say so much about all the other people involved in this,


And the rest of them, it's like, why are you poking


I mean, the law could have sorted this out.


Who are you guys? Are you guys law enforcers?


I need you to do something to help bring my babies home.


They are very loved and they are very missed.


This was their mother last year, asking the Australian Government


When that went unheard, she hired a self-styled child


Getting the children out of Lebanon without the father's permission


wouldn't have been easy, so the next part of the plan


appeared to be to bring them here, to this Beirut marina,


where a yacht was waiting to take them out of Lebanese jurisdiction


Eventually, the children would be taken back to Australia.


The yacht has been seized by the authorities and two British


men are being held by police, accused of being


An Australian news crew led by veteran journalist Tara Brown


They are also being detained and are this evening spending


The children have been pulled from parent to parent


Their mother and father's marriage has unravelled, which would have


been hard enough, but this personal disaster has now taken


Quentin Somerville, BBC News, Beirut.


In Myanmar, the new Government says that plans to release all political


prisoners are to be delayed until after the end


of the Burmese New Year holiday in ten days' time.


On Friday, 69 student activists had charges against them dropped


and almost all of them were set free.


Many of them had been in prison since March last year when protests


against education reform ended in violent clashes.


Yeah, this is the first real success story, if you like,


They've been in office just over a week.


Yesterday, we heard from them that they are going to


prioritise the releasing of political prisoners.


Today, they have managed to get the most high-profile group


of political prisoners in this country, these student activists


Some pretty extraordinary scenes they are today.


People singing and dancing in the courthouse itself.


Many of them have been imprisoned for a year,


with legal proceedings really taking a very long time to take place.


Miss Suu Kyi will be pleased herself that she is starting to see


some reward, some result from her new position


Laura Haigh is Amnesty International's Myanmar researcher.


We heard there that Ms Su Chi will be pleased. You please? Of course we


are. We are really welcoming of this release. The students have been in


detention for over a year. The fact they have been released today, one


week into a new Government, says a lot about their commitment to ending


the cycle of political arrest and imprisonment. Unfortunately, some


people are still behind buyers and it is time to turn our attention to


them. Of course, but the relief for those students was overwhelming.


Let's just have a look at that moment. So this is them listening to


the judge, and it's obvious that after a year in detention, as you


were saying, the relief is palpable, as we will see in a second. Yes, you


touched upon this. You hoped to see more. That's right. In the last


hour, we have heard that some of those who were not released today


have actually been released, which is wonderful news. What we need to


see now is those who have already been convicted to be released. There


are many dozens behind buyers still and this is where our focus must be.


We must really dismantle this repressive legal framework that has


allowed these individuals to be arrested and a detained behind


buyers for so long. You have got this repressive legal framework, how


do you dismantle something so historic? We have an excellent


opportunity. In terms of being actually able to reform laws, we can


see progress because of the Government majority. They have laws


which restrict free speech and which would prevent people from peacefully


protest in. It will take time, but we have seen positive moves already


that they want to prioritise this issue and we will see that a legal


reform process initiated in the coming weeks. What about the


military role? I think we have to be realistic. The military still plays


a very powerful role in the country, in addition to their role in


Parliament, the actually have oversight of some of the key


ministries. Particularly the Ministry of home affairs, which


oversees the police. There is going to have to be some kind of


relationship uttering the Government and the military. I hope there are


no spoilers here, it is early days. The new State Councillor's


relationship with the military, how crucial is that? Absolutely crucial.


They retain power over these key ministries. They have a veto over


constitutional changes and have a significant bloc in parliament as


well. We have seen the military react very strongly to any criticism


of the military institution by peaceful activists, and that is not


something... It is something we have to keep our eyes on. But for the


time being, those students finally going home. Thank you very much for


joining us. The Tibetan spiritual leader


the Dalai Lama has said the only way for the world to confront terror


attacks is through greater contact He was speaking to the BBC


in the wake of the Brussels attack. He also spoke about the challenges


faced by the Tibetan movement especially


with increasing Chinese pressure. The Dalai Lama was talking


to the BBC's Sanjoy Majumder. I think the violence in any


religion, we should make more closer contact with people


with different faiths. One of my commitments is to


try to promote genuine harmony. For that, genuine harmony


is the basis of mutual respect. The Chinese government has put a lot


of pressure on governments around the world to go slow


on the Tibetan issue. Do you think Britain is now


placing its business interests ahead of what you believe should


be its moral obligation? Great Britain is facing some


economy difficulties. New friends who have a lot


of money very important, Sometimes our world,


political power, including military power and economy power,


sometimes seem more That is the reality. In recent


months and years, you have spoken a lot about reincarnation. A lot of


people have reacted. Have you changed your views on reincarnation?


The whole system... That's gone. Democracy is the system. I myself am


fully committed to democracy. Therefore, this certain sort of


system, including religious institution, feudal system, is a


long time past. We must act according to the new reality.


Know some breaking news and some information on the leaked Panama


documents. Panama's presidents have agreed to stage a meeting in the


next few days with Finance ministers in Paris over these leaks. That is


one line coming from the Panama Government. And also, Panama is


saying it will take necessary steps to guarantee effective protection of


tax information between countries. That is all coming from the Panama


Government. Movement there to work out following that huge leakage of a


huge amount of documents from a company that was helping clients


with tax evasion. So we will keep you updated as and when we get some


more from that. Saudi Arabia's king has announced


that a bridge linking his country to Egypt will be built over


the Red Sea, connecting The King made the announcement


during his current visit to Cairo. He said the bridge would boost


commerce between the two allies. TRANSLATION: I have agreed


with the President of Egypt to build a bridge that connects


the two countries. This historic move,


which links the two African and Asian continents,


is considered to be a quantum leap which will increase trade


movement between them A new Hollywood movie,


Eye In The Sky, tells the dramatic story of intelligence officers


considering whether to target a village to prevent


a possible terrorist attack. It's filmed in South Africa,


but set in the Nairobi suburb of Eastleigh, which is nicknamed


"Little Mogadishu". And it seems not everyone


there is happy at the international attention, as Ferdinand


Omondi reports. Imagine going about your daily


business with an eye in the sky These people don't have to imagine


it, because Hollywood has made a film about drones hovering


over their neighbourhood. This mall in Nairobi's Eastleigh


is home to Eastleigh Wood, a production house making


films for a Somali audience. These Somali film-makers


are watching a preview of Eye In The Sky, a


Hollywood movie set in Eastleigh. In the film, American drone pilots


plan a strike on terrorists plotting a suicide attack


in the neighbourhood. Some of the film makers


wish the movie was made here in Eastleigh,


rather than South Africa. If we want to tell a story


about Somalis or Eastleigh, In terms of equality,


there are many are interested This is the Eye In The Sky view


of the real Eastleigh here in Kenya. It has a reputation of having very


enterprising people. It also has a reputation


of harbouring terrorists - something these residents


would like to change. Eastleigh Wood is trying


to tell Somali stories This is a trailer of


their latest release, Mistaken, We tell our stories because people


tell the negative side. In this film, we try


to tell the positive side. But Eastleigh's reputation


is not entirely false. Over the past few years there have


been several grenade attacks in the neighbourhood and police


worry about local links Security experts say Eye In The Sky


reflects a dangerous reality. It may look fantastical


or something far-fetched, I think if you live in Yemen,


if you live in Pakistan and if you live in Somalia,


that is a reality. It hasn't yet happened


in Kenya, but who knows? For now, though,


Eye In The Sky is fiction, and the people here hope


it remains that way. It was meant to be a romantic


marriage proposal, but in turned It all happened when a young


man in California, seen dangling from the end of this


rope, climbed onto a rocky ledge 27 metres from the ground


in order to pop the question Unfortunately, the man became


stranded and had to be Well, the girlfriend did apparently


say "yes" to the proposal, He was detained on suspicion


of being under the influence Local police said it


was a serious matter. Firefighters in Florida have rescued


a bear cub from a forest fire. The firefighters decided


to call the little bear Smokey Junior, after an iconic


American wildfire prevention icon. They say his paws were burned


and the hair on his head singed. They were fighting a 300 acre


brushfire in Lake County when they found the cub


and pulled him to safety. The rest of the fire was contained,


luckily. There is more as always on our website, where you can get in


touch with me and the team. For now, as always, thank you very much for


watching World News Today. Bye-bye. Good evening. The weekend's weather


brings us a Mitch of sunshine and scattered showers. Turning quite


windy on Sunday as well. Fairly cool in the breeze full stop some


sunshine on offer. Right now, this front is crossing west to east


across the country. Rain for many areas


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