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This is BBC World News Today with me Karin Giannone.


Our top story: US presidential hopeful Donald Trump says


... CORRECTION: let us listen into the vigil in Liverpool. You make me


proud to be from this fair city. Thank you. Justice for the 96.


Next, please welcome to the stage, Danny Gordon.


In September 2012, my sister stood on this platform and stated that her


son, Kevin, was killed accidentally. He was unlawfully killed. Now, at


last, the truth is out. Truth. Such a small word with so much meaning,


especially to the families, survivors, supporters from this


great city. Emotions are confused at this time. Relieved to be as


inquests are finally finished but sad it does not bring back our loved


ones. It has been 27 years since that terrible day. We must not


forget, in that time, many other family members who have passed away,


not able to be seen -- to be here to see the results of their fight for


justice. John Glover, Terry Birkin...


Maureen Church... APPLAUSE


George Wright... And, of course, my sister, Anne Williams. LOUD APPLAUSE


she fought so hard with courage and tenacity. We strongly believe that


without those survivors and supporters organising themselves and


helping the injured on that day, many more could have been taken from


us. Quite rightly, the Home Secretary recognised their efforts


in the House of Commons today. We owe a big thank you to those


survivors and supporters, especially those witnesses who had the courage


to give evidence in court on our behalf. They relived that terrible


day. I would like to also thank our legal


team who have supported my sister for many years and dealt with us


with such care, compassion, professionalism and above and beyond


the requirements of a legal team. APPLAUSE


We hope by the findings of these inquests that lessons have been


learned by all the authorities involved in the disaster. Many clubs


and authorities have made safety and health and welfare improvements


since 1989, we would like to remind them that without the fans' support,


football clubs would not survive. As a result of these inquests, the


reputation of the police and some public authorities has been damaged,


especially when in 2012, after the report, the South Yorks police and


the Ambulance Service locally publicly apologised and accepted


full responsibility for the deaths of the 96. But when it came to 2014


and in front of a jury, they fought tooth and nail to blame the fans


again. That further prolonged the agonies of the families and


survivors. The police and these authorities need to seriously


consider how they are going to repair their reputations to gain


public confidence and trust and realise how important that is.


Without that trust and cooperation they will not be able to function.


We would also like -- we would also hope that because of these inquests,


the welfare of not only football fashion -- fans but fans who gather


in large numbers for any event will be taken very seriously to prevent a


disaster like this ever happening again. If lives are saved by the


lessons learned from these inquests we could take small comfort in


knowing that our loved ones were not taken in vain.


APPLAUSE God bless them. May they all rest in


peace now. They will never walk alone.


Some closing remarks from the Mayor of Liverpool.


Apologies for their helicopter flying above. That was journalists


from the Sun newspaper and that's the closest we will let them to our


city. It will probably take two or three hours for me to go through


well be thank yous. I want to thank our city team and staff at the


council who have helped organise today and events over the last few




Many community groups have helped the campaign and the families over


the 27 years. It probably would take me two hours


to thank them. But you know who you are. Equally, there are a lot of


people who were against this city and the families. We know who you


are. 27 years ago, this city was flooded in tears. Tears of grief.


Today, our city is flooded with a different type of tears. Tears of


relief. Tears of relief that 96 innocent people can now rest in


peace and tears for 96 families who can now be at peace.




The 96 and their families will never, ever be forgotten in this


city. The eternal flame will always burn bright in our hearts and in


dark city's memories. I want to thank you all personally for being


here tonight and showing the two -- true city of the great city of


Liverpool. I would also ask you to bear with me


because the next part will be difficult. It is difficult for me as


I ask you to join in a song with words I am not too familiar with.


But I am sure you will help me along. So, please, read, blues, our


city... Let us join together with a magnificent sense of sound and sing


city... Let us join together with a together, You'll Never Walk Alone.


Truth and justice. # walk on through the wind # walk on


through the rain # though your dreams be


# With hope in your heart # And you'll never walk alone


# Walk on, walk on # With hope in your heart


# And you'll never walk alone # You'll never walk alone


The crowd at joining in there with the anthem of Liverpool football


club as thousands join the build -- vigil for those who died in 1989.


The jury determined that they were unlawfully killed.


The Republican frontrunner in the race for the White House,


Donald Trump, has set out his foreign policy priorities


a day after sweeping to victory in five US primaries.


In a major speech in Washington, he called the foreign policy


of President Obama's administration "a complete and total disaster".


He vowed to seek better relations with Russia and China.


He promised to make US allies bear more of the financial burden


for their defence and pursue an "America First approach":.


My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people


and American security above all else. It has to be first. Asked to


be. That will be the foundation of every single decision that I will


make. He now describes -- describes


himself as the Republican nominee. We are not bound to be adversarial,


Russia and China. We should seek common ground. Russia has also seen


the horror of Islamic terrorism. I believe an easing of tensions and


improved relations with Russia from a position of strength only is


possible. Absolutely possible. A strong and smart America is an


America that will find a better friend in China. Better than we have


right now. Look at what they are doing in the South China Sea. They


are not supposed to be doing it. No respect for this country or


president. We can both benefit all we can both go our separate ways.


Let us cross to Washington now. Eric, welcome. First of all, I'll be


definitely looking at the Republican candidate or is the game over? It


looks that way. Donald Trump had an amazing night last night and he did


even better than I think his campaign thought he would. This


certainly puts him on track to be the actual nominee. But one thing


stands in his way and that is Indiana next week. Ted Cruz needs to


have a big nightmare if you want is to stop Donald Trump.


The idea of a contested convention coming down the line, when does that


go away? It will go away if and when Donald


Trump can secure victory next week in Indiana. If you can win Indiana


next week I think he will only need maybe 24 or 30% of the delegates and


the rest of the remaining states in order to declare victory. It will be


a comment -- incumbent on Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump. We saw a


recently formed alliance between him and the other Republican nominee but


it hasn't been enough because combined, they are too weak to have


been a factor in stopping Donald Trump. But Indiana is a state that


is tailor-made to Ted Cruz and his evangelical supporters so he can


muster a fight there. It all remains to be seen if he can actually win


because, whilst there is very little polling data, what we do have shows


that Donald Trump is winning as of now. Keep in mind that voters have


already started voting in Indiana. Right now, it looks like 66,000


votes have been cast in early voting so that could be the difference in


this outcome next Tuesday. Turning to what we heard of his


vision of America's foreign policy. He says we will finally have a toner


in foreign policy based on America's interests and the interests of the


allies but he will put America first. What did you think of that?


It is a lot of what he has already been saying. He is trying to exude


strength through foreign policy and I think some of what we see from him


in terms of closing borders actually remains and we saw some of that in


the speech. This was a speech to try to assuage the fears of some of the


foreign policy allies but I am not sure he did that. However, I think


there was a lot of red meat for his base and that is something he


probably needs and something that will go a long way with the GOP and


trying to unify the party. I must ask about what is going on inside


the Republican party right now. If it is going to be inevitable, what


state is it in and what do those who have opposed all along do now? Right


now, Donald Trump has a long way to go in terms of unifying the party


and trying to win the national presidency. Donald Trump doesn't


have a national infrastructure. He has a very anaemic fundraising base


so he is a hind Hillary Clinton in terms of being able to put together


a multifaceted campaign and that will take a lot of effort and work.


It remains to be seen if the GOP establishment will work with him to


do that so he has a lot of ground to cover in our little time. Thank you


very much. For full coverage of the speech,


don't forget our BBC website with the latest primary results and


comprehensive analysis. And you can download the BBC news app.


Greece has handed over the Olympic flame to


There are 100 days to go until Brazil welcomes more than 200


countries to the first Olympics to be staged in South America.


The torch will arrive in the Brazilian capital Brasilia


next week, for the start of a 95-day, 20,000-kilometre


The relay will take in 300 cities, and every state in Brazil before


arriving at the home of the games Rio on August 4th.


Live in Rio now, and the BBC's Julia Carneiro.


Julia, four years ago in the UK, I can remember when the torch toured


the country. Huge excitement here. What is it like there?


It hasn't really started yet. Maybe with the torch coming to reopen and


travelling across the country, at least organisers hope it will get


people more involved and involving other parts of the country in the


games and the build-up and building up the excitement. For now, people


have their attention diverted to other problems Brazil faces. It is


really a build-up of problems. We have the political crisis and


impeachment being faced by the Prime Minister so we don't know who the


president will be in August when the Olympics are happening. The economic


crisis is impacting the games and the virus outbreak as well. There


are mounting factors. Hopefully, the torch coming to reopen get people


more in the mood. And what about the preparations for the games? We hear


being diverted with the political chaos and the virus. What is it like


as far as infrastructure is concerned?


Yes, there are mixed feelings about that as well. Today there was a


press conference in Rio with the mayor giving lots of reassurances


that the Olympic Park where most of the venues are, online -- 98 sent


ready. With the sports venues, things are going well. Some glitches


here and there and some venues are facing delays, but there are


specific cases. There are lots of significant delays when it comes to


infrastructure in the city. Transport infrastructure and when it


comes to the metro line that is considered crucial to connect the


city to the neighbourhood where most of the competitions will happen,


there is a threat the line won't be ready. The mayor has assured people


it will. People want to believe things will turn out well and,


apparently, things will, but we don't know how good the legacy will


be. Thanks very much. The chief suspect in November's


terrorist attacks in Paris, Salah Abdeslam, has been put under


formal investigation He's appeared in court in the French


capital amid tight security Salah Abdeslam was arrested


in Brussels in March, He faces charges in France


of belonging to a terrorist organisation, murder, kidnapping


and using weapons and explosives. 130 people died


in the Paris attacks. Salah Abdeslam has spent most


of the day in court. By the time he left,


he had been placed under formal investigation facing more


than half a dozen charges. Association with terrorists


and conspiracy to commit attacks, murder and attempted murder


and owning weapons and explosives Salah Abdeslam said very


little during his hearing despite the fact his lawyer


said his client was very eager to explain himself


to French investigators. He was flown from Belgium this


morning under heavy armed guard and that was the reason he said


he didn't want to speak today. He was still suffering


the effects of the transition. Nevertheless, tonight, with him


in custody under heavy security, we are told that solitary


confinement is a key, Officials in Turkey say a female


suicide bomber has injured 13 people in the north-western city


of Bursa, in the latest terrorist Turkish media have identified


the bomber as a 25-year-old woman. The device detonated near Bursa's


14th century Grand Mosque. It's the fifth suicide bombing


in a Turkish city this year. The Austrian parliament has approved


controversial new measures designed to control the number of migrants


entering the country. The bill allows the government


to declare a "state of emergency" in the event of a sudden influx


and gives it the power to reject The proposal has raised tension


between demonstrators and police at the Brenner Pass,


a key international road Researchers in China say there's


been a dramatic rise in obesity among children living


in rural areas. The study was carried


out over three decades, and experts say it's the worst


childhood and adolescent dietary It was like something


from an Enid Blyton story A group of quick-thinking


English children who helped a police helicopter capture


two suspected burglars. They formed a human arrow pointing


in the direction of the suspects. The children, who are from Surrey,


south of London, have now been thanked by the police,


as Duncan Kennedy reports. We have two persons


hiding beneath a tree. It began with police hunting two


suspected burglars near Redhill. The two men split up,


so who to follow? A group of children on an Easter egg


hunt pointing the way A chopper follows


their directions... They then lead officers


on the ground to the first suspect. Today, all the children


involved recreated their Whose idea was it to


become a human arrow? I said, let's get in a human arrow


is so they can see us. CBZ, let's light on the floor. It


was everyone, wasn't it? The police say they've never seen anything like


it. Some liken it to an Enid Blyton story and I couldn't agree more. It


was very clever and it served a purpose. It made a difference? It


certainly did. Tonight, they all received a special


award from the police. Two men arrested on suspicion of burglary


have since been released on bail. For the children, they are just


happy their arrows was of assistance.


The main use: the frontrunner in the Republican nomination has launched a


scathing attack on President Obama's foreign policy. He's has made a


major speech on foreign affairs. Thank you for watching today.


Hello. Things are set to get worse before they get better. All because


of this area of low


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