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This is airport BBC World News Today, broadcasting


I'm Alpa Patel - here are the headlines:


Iraqi protestors start to withdraw from the Green Zone in Baghdad.


Police in Turkey raid the home of an Islamic State militant -


after a suicide bombing kills two policemen.


Leicester City draw with Manchester United as they try to win


And Barack Obama plays for laughs at his final White House


IN ENGLISH: Brussels is back in business, welcome to Brussels


airport. Even have beening looking ahead anticipating my departure.


Last week, Prince George showed up to our meeting in his bath robe!


That was a slap in the face! Thousands of Iraqi protesters,


who stormed the Parliament building in Baghdad and then set up camp


outside say they are now withdrawing The activists say they will continue


their campaign against official corruption.


Earlier, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi toured the area.


He told security forces to arrest those suspected of ransacking


the parliament and assaulting MPs on Saturday.


Here's our correspondent in Baghdad, Ahmed Maher.


The protests gave the politicians another chance to vote on the


cabinet reshuffle. Otherwise they threatened to top it will president,


the president of the republic and the speaker of Parliament and they


threatened to stage civil disobedience and strike. So what we


witnessed in Baghdad over the past few days is unprecedented.


Especially the moment when the protesters smashed the blast walls


of Parliament and entered in their thousands into the main hall of the


Parliament. They're fed up as they say with the politician and MPs and


they're not just after change of faces or new ministers. They need to


feel real improvement in their lives at the economic and political level.


They say since 2003 they haven't felt any real change in their lives.


Now it is high time they did this change with their own hands.


Elsewhere in Iraq, 28 people have been killed


after a twin suicide bombing - in the the southern city of Samawa.


35 people were injured after two car bombs.


One blast was at a provincial government building,


A further attempt is under way to rescue the ceasefire in Syria.


The US State Department says the priority is to stop


the bloodshed in the country's largest city, Aleppo.


Russia says talks will now attempt to establish


The comments indicate a shift in Russia's position.


In Kenya, at least 16 people are now known to have died


when a residential building collapsed on Friday during heavy


Efforts to search through the ruins are continuing.


The authorities are not using an excavator,


because they are worried about injuring survivors under the rubble.


Dozens of people are still unaccounted for.


In Turkey, a suicide car bombing there has killed two policemen


in the city of Gaziantep, near the Syrian border.


The attack, thought to have been carried out by a militant


from the so-called Islamic State, is the latest in a series


A Kurdish militant group claimed responsibility for another suicide


The moment a quiet Sunday in the southern Turkish city


of Gaziantep is pierced - an explosion so powerful it breaks


The target - the police headquarters of the city.


It's now believed that the car bomb was the work of a so-called


His family home has been raided and his father detained to carry


Police and civilians are among those injured and the scene


Gaziantep is a large Turkish city on the border with Syria and largely


because of its proximity is known to contain IS cells.


Now this is the latest in a growing frequency of attacks in this NATO


There have been also been suicide attacks in Istanbul


Some of these have been linked to Kurdish militants of the PKK,


some to an offshoot and others to Islamic State.


Turkey is facing several security threats from many angles


as the conflict with the PKK continues in the south-east


and IS attacks become more frequent, anxiety turns into a constant


Let's turn now to football and the remarkable story


of Leicester City, who will have to wait another day


to find out if they are to become Premier League Champions.


They drew with Manchester United to inch closer to the title.


If they do indeed go on to win the League -


it will be their first in their 132 year history.


Could this be the day that their dreams came true?


Leicester City so close to pulling off one of game's


And the players who have taken their side this far looked


relaxed as they arrived knowing that this could be the biggest


It was an anxious start for Leicester City supporters


as Manchester United took an early lead, but then the equaliser.


Jubilation where the fans what had gathered, including this shopping


centre in Bangkok, where the Thai-owned team


is earning more and more fans after this season's success.


Final result 1-all - the draw not enough to clinch


the title, but the manager was pleased with the performance.


First after all we didn't come here to win the title.


We come here to make our performance, because we knew


For Leicester fans, confidence that this is just


delaying the inevitable - that they will be celebrating soon.


Disappointed we didn't win, thought we should have had a penalty,


but at the end of the day we got a point and Tottenham have got


to win their last three now so I think it's game over


If Chelsea win or draw we have won it, so yeah it is exciting.


One point closer to the dream and it could be theirs tomorrow


if second-placed Tottenham fail to beat Chelsea.


Well, the club is owned by a Thai billionare.


Our correspondent, Jonathan Head, joined fans watching


Well, I'm at the headquarters of King Power.


It's not a company many people had heard of before.


It's the duty free monopoly here in Thailand.


They bought Leicester City six years ago, when it was out


of the Premier League, little known in this country,


and suddenly they are on the brink of this extraordinary


At this headquarters, where you will see the tables here,


they have been filled with people - they have all just left now.


They have been brought in by the company, this new


Two or three years ago there was scarcely a Leicester fan


The company's laid on dinner, free beer, this massive screen behind me,


and we have had this nail-biting match today, with people


cheering and shouting, on the edge of their seats


as they watched a match that could have put them to the top


Because it's a draw, although they are still very close,


they, it is very likely they will win but they still have


to wait to see how their nearest rivals Tottenham Hotspur do


in tomorrow's match, so they are not there yet.


There is something of a sense of disbelief here in Thailand,


that a Thai-owned club, that has never won anything before,


really still is on the brink of winning the English Premiership,


a Premiership for which millions of Thais have an enormous passion.


They really are football mad in this country.


May Day commemorations have been taking place across the world,


as a mark of solidarity with workers and labourers.


This is Paris, where clashes broke out between demonstrators and police


The trade unions are protesting against tough new labour


laws due to be debated in parliament on Tuesday.


Police responded with tear gas when some youngsters


began throwing missiles, bringing the march to a standstill.


France has seen two months of unrest over the reforms.


Well this was the scene in Russia, where thousands of people


from labour unions took part in a march on Moscow's Red Square.


The demonstration called for more jobs and better wages


And this is Rome - where the Italian President marked


the day, by laying a wreath in honour of all workers


Last year there was a rise in the number of people killed


At a May Day rally here in London, the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn,


has insisted his party is "united" in opposing anti-Semitism,


following the suspension of his close ally Ken Livingstone


and the MP Naz Shah earlier in the week.


Supporters have rallied to Mr Corbyn's defence


over his handling of the row, with union leader Len McCluskey


saying it had been whipped up by the right of the Labour


Here's our political correspondent Carole Walker.


A barrage of further questions for Jeremy Corbyn.


Criticism of his handling of this row shows no sign of relenting,


despite his pledge to tackle the problem with an inquiry


We stand absolutely against anti-Semitism in any form.


We stand absolutely against racism in any form.


We stand united as a labour movement.


At today's rally, he was surrounded by friends and supporters.


People are choosing to be offended in order to dislodge Jeremy Corbyn.


It seems to me that the right of the Labour Party


I don't think it should affect Jeremy Corbyn.


I don't think it will affect Jeremy Corbyn, and I would be


delighted to say I will be supporting Jeremy Corbyn.


Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he has always opposed racism in all forms


but this row has now led to new questions about his


leadership, just days from elections, which will be seen


which will be seen as a critical test.


Labour's candidate for London mayor, Sadiq Khan, told a Sunday newspaper


And a former Labour minister said the whole crisis


If action had been taken earlier, we could have nipped


this problem in the bud, but it hasn't been gripped.


I hope it is now finally been gripped after the Livingstone fiasco


this week, but it will be judged on what we do.


But the Unite union leader Len McCluskey accused some Labour


MPs of aiding and abetting the Tories and right-wing press


This is nothing more than a cynical attempt to manipulate


anti-Semitism for political aims, because this is all about


constantly challenging Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.


You don't need any more pictures of me.


Ken Livingstone has refused to back down from his claim


that Hitler supported Zionism before the Holocaust,


despite being suspended from his party.


Israel's new ambassador said some within the Labour Party


it's about demonising the Jewish state.


The comments we've heard over the last two or three weeks


that were made public, it's got nothing to do


with criticising this or that particular Israeli policy.


The pressure on Jeremy Corbyn is far from over, with Labour braced


for significant losses at this week's elections.


Are you going to go to Israel, Mr Corbyn?


Stay with us on BBC News - still to come.


Junhui bids to become the first Asian snooker player to win the


world title. Nothing was too big to withstand the


tornado. There have been protests. Sweden said it received no warning


of the accident and the Russians at first denied anything had gone


wrong. Only when radioactivity levels began to increase outside


Russia were they forced to admit the accident. . This is the end of a 12


year war for the rebels. It was 7 o'clock on the day that power began


to pass from the minority to the majority and Africa reclaimed its


last white colony. This is BBC World News Today.


The latest headlines: Anti-corruption demonstrators


in Iraq have pulled back from the parliament in Baghdad, but


say they will resume protests later. Police in Turkey have raided


the home of an Islamic State militant suspected of carrying


out a suicide bombing The Venezuelan President,


Nicolas Maduro, has ordered a thirty per cent increase


in the minimum wage. It comes as the economy struggles


with soaring inflation. Well from Sunday people will also


see the clocks move forward by half an hour, it's


all in the name of saving power. It's a country that's


at a stand-still. Crippled by an energy


and economic crisis. Now, more measures have been


introduced by Venezualan Government TRANSLATION: I will decree today


an increase in the minimum wage, pensions, public service


and military salaries of 30% The clocks have also been moved


forward by half an hour in a bid to help deal


with a shortage in electricity. TRANSLATION: We are not people


who are used to saving energy, we are not Columbia or Peru,


where there is not a lot of energy It is difficult here and I don't


think this is going to work. The government blames


a severe drought generated by the El Nino weather phenomenon


which is affecting The water levels at this dam


which serves two thirds of Venuzuela's national power


needs are extremely low. But critics claim it is just another


excuse from a government which has already ordered rolling blackouts


and reduced the working week for public sector


workers to two days. The country is living


through its worst economic crisis in history -


fuelled by a drop in global oil prices, a source


of income it is dependent on. Shortages of basic goods have


affected the day-to-day life of Venezualans and unrest has spread


throughout the country. The opposition has sworn to drive


Mr Maduro from office and has begun gathering the signatures need


to remove him from the presidency. More uncertainty in


a country already dealing The departure hall at Brussels


airport has re-opened, six weeks after suicide bombings


there killed 16 people. Passengers for selected flights


will be using the repaired facility, and there will be more than 100


check-in desks working. The Belgian Prime Minister,


Charles Michel, declared the airport TRANSLATION: For the rest of us this


is and will remain an measurable But in the face of this atrocity,


this barbarism, our population chose as one from the first minute to make


an immense movement of come passion generosity, solidarity


and action, choosing Today, the airport of our


capital is relaunched. IN ENGLISH: Brussels is back


in business, welcome Louis Van Gaal's Manchester United


postponed the Leicester City title party, holding the leaders to a 1-1


draw at Old Trafford. The result means Claudio Ranieri's


men could be named Premier League Champions if Spurs


fail to beat Chelsea Captain Wes Morgan equalised


for 10-man City, who had Danny Drinkwater sent off


in the second-half. French forward Anthony Martial had


given United the lead in the eighth minute with his ninth goal


of the season. I'm very satisfied, but look I'm


always satisfied when I see my players play as well today. After


the result is a consequence. I want they... Show that their character,


their heart, their soul and after you can accept the result.


In Sunday's other matches, Senagal forward Sadio Mane scored


a hat trick, as Southampton beat Manchester City 4-2.


City could have moved up to third with a win,


but their boss, Manuel Pellegrini, also chose to rest several


first team players ahead of their Champions League


semifinal second leg with Real Madrid this week.


The move may backfire, with City's hopes of qualifying


for the Champions League via the Premier League,


Liverpool were comfortably beaten by Swansea, as the Reds made several


changes ahead of their Europa League semifinal second leg on Thursday.


Winning the competition serves as their only chance of qualifying


The win means Swansea are now safe from relegation -


their Ghanaian forward Andre Ayew was the star man,


Germany's Nico Rosberg led the Russian Grand Prix from start


to finish to become just the fourth man to win seven straight


His fourth victory of this season, means he extends his


Championship lead over Lewis Hamilton to 43 points.


It has been an awesome weekend. The car's been fantastic in qualifying


and race today, it felt very special out there. So very happy, thanks to


everybody. China's Ding Junhui is fighting back


in the final of the World Snooker He was 6-0 down to world number one


Mark Selby at one stage in the earlier session -


Selby looking in great form But Ding's had by far the better


of it since they resumed two hours ago, and got a century


of his own to make it 7-4. Then this stunning long red set him


up for a fifth frame of the match - he trails by just two now,


in this first to 18 contest. Frenchman Thomas Voeckler take this


year's Tour De Yorkshire title. The Direct Energie rider won


today's final stage - the 198-kilometre ride


from Middlesbrough to Scarborough. He beat Ireland's Nicolas Roach


in a sprint finish to take Britain's Adam Yates


was fourth overall for Orica. Last year I was really surprised by


how popular I was in Yorkshire. And I realised that people over there


like offensive rider. Today, I managed to give a little pleasure to


the crowd and I'm very happy also for this. That is all the sport for


now. Back to you. Thank you very much.


The White House Correspondents' dinner is an annual star-studded


President Obama used the occasion - his last before vacating


the Oval Office - to poke fun at himself,


his Republican opponents and his critics.


He even cracked a joke about Prince George as our


Washington Correspondent Laura Bicker reports.


This is when Hollywood and political players get to rub


The entertainer in chief, Barack Obama, has left a legacy of


laughs, but this is the last of his presidency.


He couldn't help but reflect on who will replace him,


hinting it might be Hillary Clinton...


Next year this time someone else will be standing


here in this very spot, and it is anyone's guess


As for the Republican frontrunner,


Donald Trump wasn't there, but he wasn't off the hook.


You see, Donald lacks the foreign policy experience


to be president, but in fairness he has spent years meeting


with leaders from around the world, Miss Sweden,


But his material wasn't all focused on others.


He noted that the presidency has taken its toll.


The only way you can date her in photos


Here we are a few years later, and this one's from two weeks ago...


And his visit to the UK also got a mention.


Last week, Prince George showed up to our meeting in his bathrobe.


As his time in office wains, Mr Obama told the


audience he dreams of being a couch commander.


Whatever he does and whatever their differences, the


President's comedy will be missed by many in the White House press corps.


And with that I just have two more words to say, Obama out.


A freight train has derailed in Washington DC spilling hazardous


Officials say that as many as ten wagons


came off the tracks, near the Rhode Island


An eyewitness described hearing a noise like a heavy goods truck,


Emergency crews are trying to contain a leak of


sodium hydroxide, a chemical used to make products including


There have been no reports of injuries.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released


new photographs of their daughter for a special celebration.


Princess Charlotte will be turning one on Monday.


The pictures were snapped by her mother at


The princess's privacy has been carefully guarded


She's only been seen in public on one other occasion -


From me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


It was a roller costar ride the final week of April. We had


everything bar the kitchen sink thrown at us. It was cold, there was


snow, hail, thunder and widespread frosts. Gardeners were not


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