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This is BBC World News Today with me Philippa Thomas.


Turkey's Prime Minister is stepping down.


Ahmet Davutoglu has won two elections -


but fallen foul of the boss - making it clear he's uneasy


about President Erdogan's project to tighten his grip on power.


The inferno in Western Canada spreads even further -


strong winds in Alberta force more communities to evacuate.


I can feel the heat here. This is insane. You can feel the heat.


Also coming up - in an exclusive interview with the BBC,


Brazil's President, Dilma Rousseff, says she'll fight on -


Music in Palmyra - Russian musicians stage a concert


in the ruins of the ancient Syrian city to celebrate its recapture


After being elected with more than 49% of the vote last November,


Ahmet Davutoglu announced at a news conference today he will not seek


the leadership again, although it is not his choice to go.


His resignation follows several public disagreements with Turkey's


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who wants to boost his


Prime Minister Davutoglu has urged his party not to fall apart,


but there's something of a sense of crisis in Turkey,


and of unease among her European neighbours.


The Prime minister, who dared to cross President Erdogan.


Ahmet Davutoglu gave an emotional farewell calling a party congress


TRANSLATION: We thought we would serve you for four


years but, believe me, it is not my choice


That was the only hint of the rift with President Erdogan that pushed


He was uneasy with policies like jailing journalists


and crucially did not back the key President Erdogan project to change


the constitution so as to boost the president's powers.


TRANSLATION: My loyalty to our president will continue


Nobody has or will hear a single word against our


Everybody should know that and I would never let people


A polarised Turkey has reacted, as always, in a divided way.


While a pro-government paper hailed a new era in the AK party a rare


opposition headline talked of a coup by the presidential palace.


I do not know how many crises we have had.


The prime minister was a good man, I loved him and his


This man says our great mentor President Erdogan deemed it suitable


It means he was not happy with the prime minister.


Whatever our great mentor wants, it will happen.


President Erdogan has a big support base but Turkey is in crisis,


renewed conflict with the PKK Kurdish militants, several suicide


bombs and a clamp-down on human rights and free speech.


Some Western leaders find it hard to deal with him and


they will be dismayed at Mr Davutoglu's departure.


So, as the prime minister leaves, a fiercely ambitious


The message to Mr Davutoglu's successor, defy me and you will


And Mark joins me now from the Turkish capital.


What will happen next question mark a party congress on the 22nd of May


in which the party will choose a new leader. Some of the names in the


frame include the current transport minister and the current energy


minister who is President Erdogan's son-in-law. They will be a more


obedient and pliant Prime minister than Ahmet Davutoglu. When Ahmet


Davutoglu was put in place, we thought he would be largely a puppet


but he turned out to be much more outspoken than we expected and the


brake on power and also a man with whom the West rather favoured doing


business with because some find it difficult doing business with


President Erdogan. Thinking about their relationship with Europe, one


tweet from a speed issue diplomat said the credibility of Turkey's EU


rests with the Prime minister if he leaves and all bets are off. Yeah,


the timing of this has been disastrous for Turkey. Yesterday was


the day when the Prime minister and politicians should have been making


political capital from the fact Turkey have scored its biggest


achievements on its part to European Union accession when they


recommended Turkey should get these free travel to the EU Schengen zone.


That is along for aim of Turkey and that was a project spearheaded by


Ahmet Davutoglu who negotiated with the European Union leaders and


offered to re-home the migrants and Turkey would get these free travel


but it was done without the agreement of President Erdogan and


that was one of the examples of how the men fell out. But when we saw


the pictures of him in Brussels being embraced and negotiating you


get a sense this is a man the Europeans liked, he was exchanging


text messages with Angela Merkel regularly. President Obama in the


last two weeks was outspoken about President Erdogan saying he has won


elections but is clamping down on free speech and there are trends in


Turkey that the United States do not approve of. There was a different


relationship. There will be mixed feelings in Western capitals. Worth


underlining President Erdogan does have popular support. He goes and he


is adorned by a fan base on the whole who feel he has a political


voice. The headscarf wearing Turks felt ostracised for decades and he


has expanded the middle-class building schools and hospitals and


roads and that is why he will still be able to rally the faithful even


though opinion is divided and deeply polarised.


Syrian activists say that an airstrike has hit a refugee


camp in northern Syria, killing or wounding many people.


One report says that at least thirty people have died


in the attack on the camp in Idlib province near the Turkish border.


Pictures purportedly of the aftermath of the attack show


at least a dozen tents burnt to the ground.


It's not clear yet who carried out the attack.


But Syrian government airpower has targeted Idlib in recent weeks


to try to weaken the rebel hold on the province.


A state of emergency has been declared in the Canadian


province of Alberta, as a huge wildfire continues


The entire city, that's nearly 90,000 people, has been


evacuated, and now the residents of three nearby towns have also been


The fire, fed by strong winds and hot, dry weather,


has already destroyed thousands of buildings.


Our correspondent James Cook is at a cordon just


We are not allowed into Fort McMurray because the fire is still


burning and it is burning along this road, perhaps two or three miles


along the road we are told it is ablaze on both sides of the road,


there has been activity in the last couple of hours as firefighters and


other services continue to tackle this blaze which has caused such


hardship for the people here. It has spread further out of 40 McMurray, a


city in a terrible state and it is clear now this crisis is far from


over. Oh, my God! In the car, a mother, father and child are fleeing


for their lives. The people of Fort McMurray had minutes to abandon


their homes and run. This is insane! You can feel the heat. This is


crazy. Foremost, this was the only road out. A highway hell. Oh, my


God. This is why. A huge wildfire which was swept into the city by a


sudden change in the wind. I looked up and it is raining ash and your


eyes are burning. It is time to pack up and leave. If the wind changes,


there will be more devastation in Fort McMurray. As the city


smoulders, the full extent of the damage is not yet known. Fort


McMurray is sealed off and police say half of it lies in ruins. In


this darkest of hours, the community is pulling together. Canada is a


country where we look out for our neighbours and we are therefore each


other in difficult times and certainly in Fort McMurray the


difficult times they are going through right now is something we


will unite around across the country. The fire started in a


forest outside the city, how is not clear. It is still burning as


spreading south forcing the evacuation of three more towns. It


is stressful, you do not know what is burned and not. Or when you can


go back and you are sitting here and/or UC is red flames. It is


pretty scary. From space, the damage can be clearly seen. The blaze has


scarred the landscape. For those fighting, there is some hope today


it is cooler and the wind has dropped. Too late for Fort McMurray,


a city of ashes. It's been nearly a week since a six


storey apartment block collapsed in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi


but miracle stories of survival Today four people were pulled


from the rubble alive but up The BBC's Anne Soy


filed this report. It has been drizzling


here at the scene of the collapsed building but that has not dampened


the spirits and the hopes of the rescuers who have


been working here. They have pulled several people out


of the debris alive - six days after that


building collapsed. That has renewed their hopes


of finding more survivors. Up to now, we are told up to 70


people have been reported missing and until they comb the entire


scene, they will not stop. They are working around the clock


to make sure they find everyone and we were here when we saw three


people pulled out of the rubble and they were moved right


in front of us. I saw one man who looked emaciated


but he was awake and he had been talking to the rescuers


and there were two women who were moved from the scene


on stretchers so incredible Earlier in the day,


the rescuers heard faint voices, a faint voice calling for their help


and they dug through the debris The paramedics moved in to put


a drip on this woman who was trapped and after a painstaking process


that took three hours, They say they did not see any


visible signs of injury, only that this woman was afraid,


understandable because she has been under that rubble for six days


without water or food so very There were two children who weere


pulled out of the debris, one of them was an infant,


still wrapped in its blanket without any injuries


and that is what has really given hope to the rescuers and they say


they will continue until they are sure that every person


who is still alive has been removed from the scene and several people


are moving from nearby buildings, they have big red signs on them


meaning they have been marked for demolition just


like the building back collapsed The government had marked it


for demolition because they say it was not fit for occupation


but there were people living there so this is a wake-up call


to the Kenyan society and there are discussions


going on about what went wrong Now a look at some of


the days other news. A British registered car -


driven by suspected people smugglers - has crashed on a motorway


in northern France whilst Shots were fired and four people


in the car were seriously injured. The accident happened


after the vehicle fled a car park over the border in Belgium,


that's known to be used More than thirty passengers and crew


on an Etihad Airways flight have been injured by severe unexpected


turbulence flying into Indonesia. The Indonesian authorities said nine


people had been taken to hospital, The plane landed safely at Jakarta


airport about 45 minutes after the incident on Wednesday,


and is now being inspected. In the latest news


coming from Brazil - the country's top court has


suspended the powerful He's facing several


corruption investigations What's interesting is that Cunha has


been leading the impeachment drive against the Brazilian President -


Dilma Rousseff. Ms Rousseff has been defiantly


fighting the attempts to unseat her. She's accused of illegally


trying to conceal the size But unusually - in a country mired


in political corruption - she is not accused of doing anything


to benefit herself financially. Well, the BBC's Wyre Davis has been


speaking to Dilma Rousseff - Yes, a real nest of Vipers in


Brazil. The Brazilian equivalent of the British American TV series house


of cards with lots of political intrigue and lots and lots of


corrupt politicians. The woman paying the highest price is doable


Rusev, she could be walking down the steps behind me having been forced


to step aside as the Brazilian president while she faces an


impeachment trial. -- President Rousseff. I asked her what she would


do if the Senate votes in favour of a full impeachment trial.


TRANSLATION: We will keep fighting to come back


into government, if the impeachment request is accepted.


We will fight to make sure that we will come out victorious.


We in the government believe, and what my supporters believe,


is that the ongoing impeachment process is illegitimate and illegal.


Because it is ultimately based on a lie.


If we have learned anything in the last six months,


it is the rampant corruption in the political system


in the governing party and other parties.


A lot of people agree with your defence that


you did not personally benefit from any corruptions.


But you were chairman of the board at Petra Bass.


Did you not know what was going on in this corruption scandal?


TRANSLATION: I do not agree that Brazil is in a different position


to other countries with regard to corruption.


It is inherent in corruption processes to conceal themselves


under similarly corrupt structures and practices.


These practices have to of course be looked into and investigated.


There are people in Brazil now, a minority of people,


talking in favour of a return to a military


Is it time for you to perhaps remind them and tell them why in your view


TRANSLATION: I was personally imprisoned.


I was incarcerated for three years myself.


Then there was a kind of ritual where you would first be arrested


and then, in detention, you would be kept out of touch


And for as long as they thought they still needed you for information,


You do not have to go through all of the horror we went


through, all the tragedy we experienced, to learn that


democracy is the right side of history.


You can see clearly from the interview that she feels very deeply


that this is fundamentally unjust but how many of the Brazilian people


feel that with her, how much backing does she have? It is a good point


because while she is convinced in the political environment she is on


the side of right and the charges against her are minor and illegal,


in the wider public many Brazilians want her to go, not because she has


done anything illegal or benefited from corruption but because the


country is in such a mess. The economy is in recession, inflation


at 10% and unemployment going up. There is a huge corruption scandal


which has happened underneath her government and the previous workers


party government so many Brazilians agree with the impeachment process


and want a change of government but she does not quite get that, she


says she was elected by 53 million people add whatever trough Brazil


goes through, she should have the right to remain in power until the


next elections. Thank you. And for our international viewers,


you can see Wyre Davies' full exclusive interview


with the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, on BBC


World News this weekend, on Friday at 1930, Saturday at 0730


and 1630 and Sunday at 0430 - For more on this developing story -


go to our website or if you're on the move download


our smart-phone app. We've set out who could


potentially replace Dilma Rousseff should


the impeachment go ahead, Dilma Rousseff should


the impeachment go ahead. We just want to bring you this


update on a story we did earlier in the week -


on the Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright who told


the BBC he was the inventor There's been lots of discussion


about his revelation since then. He had also promised


to present new 'proof' Well, Mr Wright now says


he won't be able to do that. He says that he 'believed


he could put years of anonymity and hiding' behind him but that


'as the events of the week unfolded'...and he 'prepared


to publish the proof of access to the earliest keys' he says


he 'broke' and says The self-styled Islamic State group


is continuing to lose territory in Syria and Iraq,


but according to the US Defence Secretary Ash Carter


the fight is "far from over". The US military has recently been


stepping up its attacks against I.S. targets, and increasingly it's


electronic and cyber weapons, It's a hi-tech war being fought


from aircraft carriers like the USS Harry S.


Truman in the Arabian Gulf, and our But Drew and Chris are different -


fighting an unconventional war, The fighters drop the bombs,


they make the explosions. We do the stuff in the background


that most people don't talk about. This is where they're flying from,


the USS Harry S Truman. And this is what is


happening around the clock. looking for targets


over Iraq and Syria. In less than five months,


the jets on the carrier have set a record, dropping more than 1,200


bombs on Islamic State targets. But these bombs are not the only


weapon they're using. Drew, the pilot, and Chris


an electronic warfare officer, fly a jet, but it's loaded


with jammers that can block anything Our cameras followed them


at the start of a mission. Much of what they do


is still classified but this is how it works: Before


and after an attack like this, or what they say was an IS


headquarters in Mosul, they are able to jam


all enemy communications. Think of it this way,


you are sitting in your house and all of a sudden bombs start


going off all around you. You are scared, you're frantic,


it is chaotic, now all of a sudden you lose your ability to communicate


and things start happening in the electronic spectrum


you don't fully understand. It adds a whole other aspect


of fear, it degrades their ability to talk about what is going on,


and to co-ordinate Hopefully by instilling that


fear, that confusion, It's all part of a new emphasis


on electronic warfare. As well as from the air,


US cyber teams on the ground are disrupting IS's ability


to communicate by computer, We do get the feedback


from the folks we are supporting. They say, "Hey, you know,


we knew you were there, there, because we stopped


getting shot at." or, "We weren't attacked",


or things like that so it's tough to measure


but it is absolutely essential. And the proof that this fight is far


from over is the tempo Even with all this technology


and military might, two years on, Jonathan Beale, BBC News,


on board the USS Harry S Truman. Syrian activists say an hour strike


has hit a refugee camp in northern Syria killing or wounding many. We


have pictures just in. You can see a lot of destruction, one reporter


tells us at least 30 people have died in the attack on a camp in


Idlib province on the Turkish border. They are trying to pull


people and get the fire is doused. These pictures are showing at least


a dozen tents or more have been burned to the ground. We are showing


you pictures that have just reached us, it is not clear who carried out


the attack but we will keep you up to date. Russian musicians have


staged a musical concert. A Russian orchestra has


performed a concert there, broadcast live on Russian


television, a matter of weeks after Russian troops helped


to liberate the region. We leave you with these pictures and


the concert was shown live on Russian television. It is meant to


mark the recapture of a highly significant city in Syria. Thank you


for being with us. Today was the warmest day


of the year so far but temperatures


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