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This is BBC World News Today with me, Philippa Thomas.


Last man standing - Donald Trump is now the only


Republican candidate after his closest rivals pull out


From a field of 17 down to one, Donald Trump has said


he'll put America first, build a wall on the Mexican border,


and stop Muslim immigration to the United States.


We will make America great again. We will start winning again, you will


be so proud of this country very soon.


Visa-free travel within Europe for Turkish citizens -


Ankhara hails the move as an historic change.


New hope for the Syrian child refugees who've made it


The British Prime Minister says some could be given a home in the UK.


And warnings that a huge wildfire engulfing a town


in Canada may worsen - 80,000 people are fleeing


There is now one man left in the race to represent


the right for this year's US presidential election.


It looks as if Donald Trump will be the first US presidential nominee


in more than 60 years to aim for the White House


without any previous experience of elected office.


In the past few hours, Ohio governor John Kasich has


followed Texas senator Ted Cruz and dropped out of the running


for the Republican nomination after both failed to dent Mr Trump's


lead among voters in a key primary contest.


So Donald Trump becomes the hugely unlikely standard bearer


for a party whose leadership doesn't really want him,


buoyed by voters across America who have warmed to his rallying cry,


When Donald Trump launched his campaign for the presidency


he was written off as a giant ego with a minuscule chance.


The victory in Indiana has delivered the knockout blow making him


the presumptive nominee and he celebrated at Trump Tower,


the New York skyscraper where he sealed so many deals.


Never been through anything like this.


It is a beautiful thing to watch and a beautiful thing to behold.


Usually so boastful and outspoken, the Trump who appeared last night


was more restrained and presidential but his core message stay the same.


We will make America great again, we will start winning again,


you will be so proud of this country very, very soon.


Donald Trump has pulled off one of the most extraordinary results


What was once thought to be politically impossible has


Indiana was do or die for Ted Cruz and the Stop Trump forces,


the last realistic chance to block his path to the nomination,


but the Texan Senator was buried in a landslide.


With a heavy heart, we are suspending our campaign.


And as he made his exit from this most brutal of contests,


an unfortunate collision with his wife.


The winner Donald Trump is an American original,


a New York property tycoon and reality TV star whose success


to the White House has been built on much more


It's his ability to articulate frustration about the economy


His hardline stance on immigration against Mexicans and Muslims.


Donald J Trump is calling for the total and complete


shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.


But in a country where many more women vote than men,


his sexism and misogyny will count against him.


His hostile takeover of the Republican party is now


all but complete but polls suggest he is the most unpopular


presidential candidate in modern times, that there are limits


Let's head now to Washington to talk about a big day in American


politics. What Republican party leaders going to do? I don't know my


input -- my inbox is so this morning of Republicans who are in despair,


people who say they cannot imagine ever voting for Donald Trump, but


the issue is whether he can rally more people to his cause in the


states that matter. If top Republicans in New York and


Washington, DC deserve to vote for Hillary Clinton in those states go


Democrat anyway, so you have to look at states like Wisconsin and


Colorado. Can he broaden his message to reach out to people who may have


felt Alien rated by his rhetoric and brash manner and persuade them to


vote him? That will be the issue in November. It will be fascinating to


see whether he pushes these issues like building the wall across the


Mexican border and seeing no more Muslim immigrants. Those are the


things that catapulted him to celebrity status as a political


candidate and it got him a lot of your time. It won him supporters


among people who feel angry and feel politicians haven't done enough to


protect them from immigrants but now what Donald Trump needs to do is he


needs to win more women and young voters and if at all possible he has


two when more African-American and Hispanic voters. Those voters will


not like this tough message and he knows that and he knows he has to


tone down his rhetoric in order to win. We have reached a stage now


where whatever happens will be politically seismic, Donald Trump


who has never been elected or America's first woman president. It


will be an unbelievably ugly campaign and the is nothing that


Donald Trump wants the at Hillary Clinton. We have already had a taste


of that, he has accused her of aiding and abetting her husband's


philandering, he will bring up Bill Clinton's trade policies, he will


attack after playing the woman's card, all of that we know will


happen but the question is how she responds. Today her campaign are


feeling confident that he is the best candidate they could hope to


run against. It gives them the best opportunity of winning the White


House but this year all the rules have been shredded that nothing is


predictable and you would have to caution the campaign about getting


too cocky too fast because in this particular year, when nothing is


certain, who knows what will happen in November. The presidential


debates could get massive viewing figures this time around. Almost


certainly, look at the figures we got what Donald trump up against


Republican candidates. Just imagine what it will be like up against


Hillary Clinton. As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


close in on their parties' presidential nominations,


we'll keep you up to date on the remaining primaries -


including the big one in California - and you can get the very latest


on our website -at bbc dot where you'll find full analysis


of how Trump's victory in Indiana forced Ted Cruz and John


Kasich out of the race. Also keep across our twitter feeds -


at BBCWorld and at BBCBreaking The first steps have been taken to


grab Turkish citizens of these effete travel inside the Shengen


area. They have recommended the change in return for Turkey taking


back migrants who have tried to get inside the EU by making the


dangerous journey by sea to Greece. The Commission's vice president said


Turkey still has work to do but is on the way


to meeting its requirements. Turkey has made impressive progress.


There is still work to be done as a matter of urgency but if Turkey


sustains the progress made and continues at the same pace, they can


meet the remaining benchmarks. This is why we are now in a position to


put forward a proposal which opens the way for the European Parliament


and member states to decide to lift visa requirements once the


benchmarks have been met. The Turkish Ambassador to the EU


told the BBC he's confident Turkey can meet its remaining obligations


for visa-free travel We have to change some legislation


and implementation and we can ensure we are on the right track. We have


been very closely in touch with the commission and Lee are the final


arbiter. If they see it as a go-ahead that means we have met the


criteria and I am sure we will do so.


Let's get the view from the ground - from the BBC's Selin Girit


in Istanbul, but first our correspondent in Brussels,


It would mean that Turkish citizens would be free to travel to the


countries within the European Union's Schengen area where people


are allowed to cross borders without passports for up to 90 days, whereas


at the moment they are subject to visa restrictions and have two apply


in advance. Those restrictions would be lifted and they would be able to


travel for business or tourism reasons for up to 90 days at a time.


It is the plan but far from certain at the moment. The European


Commission said it is getting qualified approval to it subject to


attack a satisfying the five remaining outstanding conditions.


They are big conditions, relating to changing the law to bring terrorism


legislation into line with European standards and also changes to data


protection and cracking down on corruption. Once those conditions


are met, the European Parliament will vote on it later in June and


ministers from each of the 28 member states of the European Union will


have to vote on it at a summit towards the end of June. This is one


of the three Macha dulls the plan has to overcome but is far from a


done deal. Turkish public opinion has welcomed the recommendations to


lift the visa restrictions but with caution because there are hurdles.


Will the European Parliament be ratifying it considering there are


criticisms coming from MEPs towards the Turkish government on what they


call a crackdown of press freedom and minority rights? The other


question, will the member countries of the EU be ratifying this deal


coming from the European Commission? Also Turkey needs to meet five other


criteria and one of these is the revision of the terror legislation


which may prove difficult to deal with and might actually push for


leaving that criterion aside, so there are several hurdles on the


way. Turkish public opinion is welcoming the recommendations but


will the Visa be lifted? That is still a question mark.


Meanwhile, controversial new plans are being drawn up to reform asylum


policy across the European Union, plans that would land member states


with heavy fines if they refuse to take a share of asylum seekers.


Under these plans, most EU governments refusing to accept


asylum seekers would pay a fine of about to 290 thousand


dollars for every person they refused to take.


The fines would be triggered if Greece and Italy -


the countries on the frontline of the migrant crisis -


are deemed to be struggling to cope with a sudden influx of people.


The UK government - like Ireland and Denmark -


But it too is shifting its ground on the migrant crisis.


Today it's announced that it will take more -


we don't know how many - unaccompanied Syrian refugee


The BBC's Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet has been


spending in a migrant camp in Calais, France, where many boys


both Afghan and Syrian are desperate to make their way to Britain.


Hours after first light on a cold and bleak morning in Cali, boys


struggle back to the shanty town to sleep. It's been another long night


of trying to make it to Britain illegally and feeling. It's another


day in the squalid camp they call the jungle. It's a hard life for


grown-ups fleeing conflict and hardship, imagine what it is like


for children on their own. They are scarred and skewered. But the Afghan


boys at this centre say they won't stop until they reach family and a


new future in Britain. They don't want their faces shown. Last night,


I jumped into a lorry. The driver phoned me asleep. I was taken to a


detention centre. By the time they let me go it was midnight and it


took me four hours to walk back. It was raining and freezing cold, I was


very scared. Did you think it was going to be this hard? I knew the


journey would be hard but I didn't know it would be this hard once we


got to Cali. I didn't know we would have to cross the sea to get to


London. These boys are just some of the growing number of children


travelling on their own across Europe and the risks they face are


growing. Some 10,000 are already said to have gone missing so the big


question is does Britain have moral and legal obligation to take care of


at least some of them, including some of these boys who are just one


hour's journey from London. This shack is home for the 16-year-old


boy who fled Syria on his own six months ago. Today his older


neighbour is making new window to let in some light, a godsend for the


vulnerable body. He is still very young and get scared that night. He


wakes up and cries for his parents. Sometimes he finds rats in his room.


At night when you are in your tent, what do you dream about? I dream of


getting to Britain to be with my family. She is trying to get into


existing EU rules. Only a small number succeed. He is being helped


by a British charity. Will this create an incentive for more


families to send children on these journeys? We see the British


government has a moral and legal obligation to step up and do more


now. I work with children every day who don't only struggle with the


pressure of living alone in a foreign continent but who are at


risk from real dangers with sexual exploitation and human traffickers.


As we are leaving, he gets news. He can go to Britain and apply for


asylum. The question, how many will fall?


US officials say an agreement has been reached with Russia


on extending the Syrian truce to Aleppo.


The announcement came as clashes continued in the city.


Reports say dozens of people have been killed on both sides in fresh


battles which began on Tuesday in the western area of the city.


Meanwhile A United Nations aid official has accused the Syrian


government of denying relief staff access to Aleppo.


Huge wildfires have forced a mass evacuation from a city in Canada.


The entire population - some 80,000 people -


has been ordered to leave Fort McMurray in Alberta.


Firefighters say 80% of properties have been destroyed


in one neighbourhood, and serious damage has been caused


Our correspondent Richard Galpin reports.


Hot ash flying around the cars and smoke briefly


With strong winds fanning the flames in and around the city,


all 80,000 people living here have been ordered to leave


We had basically two minutes to get home, grab stuff


It is not fair, they didn't even let us take our things


And getting out of the city has not been easy.


With so many people taking to the roads and the fires at one


stage blocking a major highway to the south.


Our focus is completely and entirely right now on ensuring


Of getting them out of the city and ensuring that they


The blaze, first spotted on Sunday, has spread rapidly to the city


and now covers an area of more than 6000 acres.


It has already engulfed several areas of the city destroying one


residential neighbourhood and a mobile home park.


With even stronger winds and high temperatures expected today,


the emergency services have been doing whatever they can


But so far, that has not amounted to much and the authorities are now


appealing to the military to help them battle this huge blaze.


It's been the worst day of my career.


The people are devastated, everyone is devastated,


This will go on and take us a while to come back from.


There have been fires in this area in the past but not on this scale


and never before has an entire city had to be evacuated.


The brutal gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in Indonesia


has sparked an intense debate about sexual violence


The Minister for the protection of children Yohana Yembise,


says she now wants to bring in the death penalty for rapists.


Under current laws the maximum penalty for rape and murder


Rebecca Henschke reports from protests that are taking


place in the capital, Jakarta.


She was gang raped and murdered on her way home from school. Villagers


found her body three days later but the news did not reach Jakarta until


weeks later than these activists have staged this demonstration to


make sure the case gets the national attention they say it deserves. We


want to say to the government we are watching them. We want to watch them


in dealing with cases of sexual violence against women because for


so long we see them not being serious about it and we want to the


clear that we are in a sexual violence crisis in Indonesia and it


needs to be serious. Police have arrested 12 of a suspected 14


rapists in this case. A lot of the activists say that many women do not


report their cases to the police because they say there is a lot of


stigma and blame the victim. If a woman is raped, people ask, how long


was her dress? Was she wearing a hijab? That mindset has to change,


the idea that women have to be covered.


Pakistan is a country plagued by militant and sectarian violence,


with many extremists groups fighting to establish strict Islamic Sharia


As the government struggles to rule effectively,


and the army wages war against the militants,


We've been to meet one Pakistani businessman trying to challenge


extremist beliefs with a comic book series -


Team Muhafiz is a comic book series of a bunch of teenagers from Karachi


and they are coming together from different faith communities of


Pakistan, fighting social evil and standing up for good.


It becomes very dark. It is not dark but real. We want to make sure we


show the real villains that are more evil than the villains in comics.


I get frustrated and upset with what is happening but many people are


trying to change minds, not just me. A lot of people are doing great


work. We're interested to keep putting out our ideas narratives.


From communism to couture: the French fashion house, Chanel,


It's the first event of its kind since the communist 1959 revolution.


Chanel products aren't sold in Cuba, but things are certainly changing,


as our correspondent Will Grant reports from Havana.


Chanel comes to Cuba. Just a handful of years ago, the idea that one of


the world's leading fashion houses would hold its first Latin American


show any communist country might have seemed absurd, but Cuba is


changing fast, and Chanel's top designer chose it as the setting to


unveil his latest range. He said the collection was inspired by Cuban


culture and throughout the show they were hints of Cuban identity and


iconography. VIPs from around the world have descended on Cuba which


comes at a heady time for the island. It is perhaps at more than


any time since the revolution the place to be and to be seen. It is a


once-in-a-lifetime invitation to come to Cuba, which is a place that


I have been wanting to come to three years and never expected to come


here were Chanel! They brought me here and I am grateful. Ahead of the


event, security turned -- security had been predictably tight. While


high profile events like the Chanel show an exciting for Cuba it causes


a lot of disruption and perhaps more importantly, fuelling a growing


sense of them and us. For many residents, having a high-end fashion


show on their doorstep has not been a welcome distraction. This family


live in a decrepit home sheared with several other families. There is no


such thing as her banner's charming DK, just poverty. Chanel clothes are


not even available to buy on Cuba, not that they would spend money on


them even if the wearer. The average wage is only around $25 a month. If


I had $200 I would buy clothes for my children and would not spend that


money on trousers and shoes. Back at the show, the collection was


received with great enthusiasm from audience and critics. Fashion


watchers worldwide have Cuba in the sites as Chanel brought another


touch of glamour to Havana, but while many Cubans welcome the


extraordinary changes, they just hope they will not be left excluded.


Donald Trump is set to represent the Republicans in November's


presidential election. Hillary Clinton has just said she doesn't


think the country could take a risk on a loose cannon like Donald Trump.


Thank you, goodbye.


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