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This is BBC World News Today with me Tim Willcox.


The Headlines: Could Donald Trump seal deal for the Republican


presidential nomination within the next few hours?


Voting is underway in Indiana where his two remaining Republican


rivals have staked everything on a Stop Trump alliance,


but his momentum is looking increasingly unstoppable.


What do you say is to stop Trump forces? Get over it. We need help.


What we are doing now is not working.


An all day all night party for Leicester City Fans,


as they celebrate their team's 5,000/1 victory in the


We were here to 1am, partying all night. Unbelievable! We are back


again today. Also coming up: The Olympic


flame arrives in Brazil but will Dilma Rousseff still be


standing on the Presidential podium And we're on board the first


American cruise ship Donald Trump smells victory,


with many now thinking he's just hours away from delivering


a knockout blow to his rivals to clinch the Republican party's


nomination for President. Will Indiana be Ted Cruz's last


stand against the Trump juggernaut, and the end of the run


for Bernie Sanders Polls are due to close


in a few hours. From Indiana, Nick Bryant


sent this report. Trump, yeah, how


you guys doing today? Lovely smile ladies,


it is good to see smiles. This is a State where Donald Trump


could effectively seal the deal and queues outside this rally


in Indianapolis suggest What do you say to the Stop Trump


forces? He is going to make


America great again. What we are doing


now is not working. The yearning for something


different, the rejection of politics as usual, has propelled


the billionaire's He is closing in on the


presidential nomination. His hostile takeover


of the Republican Party is close We are way over and way ahead


of projection and we will do it on the the first ballot,


but if we win Indiana it's over. If Donald Trump wins Indiana,


he becomes virtually unstoppable. This is the do or die moment


for the Stop Trump forces. This was a rally for his main rival,


Ted Cruz, just down the road and look at the space


she has to play in. But his supporters, many of them


evangelical Christians, Do you think he can


stop Donald Trump? But Cruz isn't just relying


on divine intervention. He has cut a deal with the other


Republican left in the race, John Kasich, in a bid to unite


the anti-Trump vote in Indiana. Do we get behind a campaign that is


based on yelling and screaming Or do we continue to unify behind


a positive, optimistic, forward-looking, conservative


campaign? The problem for the Texan Senator is


a lot of people just don't like him. A senior Republican described him


as "Lucifer in the flesh". Senator Cruz, do you really think


you can stop Donald Trump? So are we looking at


Cruz's last hurrah? Let's go live now to Laura Trevelyan


in Indianapolis, Indiana. If he gets this, is he unstoppable?


He would be. Indiana is called the Crossroad State of America will stop


there are 57 delegates up for grabs tonight. If he were to win the


majority he would then be only within a couple of 100 delegates of


the magic figure. He could clinch the nomination and stop all this


talk about contention in Cleveland. California votes on June seven, that


is the most delegate rich state left to vote and Trump is ahead there. If


he wins big as he would say tonight he is well on the way. It would mean


Ted Cruz can't get enough to win the nomination. If he can't win tonight


in what is a socially and Episcopal stable state, if he can't win here


then he can't plausibly claim anymore to be able to stop Trump


because Trump will have the maps and the momentum.


Do you get a sense that Donald Trump is healing the wounds within the


Republican party? Is he finally being seen as somebody who could


unite? Well, before this morning I would


have said yes, but what has happened today in this Indiana primary has


been a bit of an all time low in what has already been mud wrestling


primary. Donald Trump was on national television and he talked


about the allegation that Ted Cruz's father was photographed at the


assassination of John F. Kennedy. Ted Cruz responded to this


allegation saying it was nuts and caused Donald Trump a narcissist and


pathological liar. The two men were really going at it. With allegations


like that, conspiracy theories like that, it makes it harder for Trump


to unite the party around him. But one thing going in his favour is


these delegates that will go to the convention, those who were behind


Cruz now say they may come behind Trump. Fascinating.


We will keep you up to date on the Indiana results,


and you can also follow the story on our website, including taking


a close look at the delegates tracker and the detail on Trump


Also keep across our twitter feeds for all the latest.


Improbable, impossible, a miracle, those are just some of the words


being used to describe Leicester City's victory,


winning football's Premier League title despite almost


There have been huge celebrations that began last night


and continued through the day, Leicester fans just


Leicester City, players, coaches and the club's owners,


together for the first time since they were crowned the latest


and least likely winners the Premier League has ever seen.


I feel good, it was an amazing achievement for me, for the lads,


Last night, the squad watched as Spurs's draw against Chelsea


Today, the fans continued their celebration, the like of which this


It's going to make such a difference.


People have been saying about Richard III, do you think


it is luck on the team, but he doesn't play


We were here until 3am, partying all night.


I have just renewed my season ticket.


If ever there was a David against Goliath story in sport...


This is a story that translates to all, Leicester,


capturing the global's imagination and making headlines everywhere,


from the United States to Thailand, where Buddhists


The club owners flew into the humble training ground earlier


to congratulate a team that has turned the football


Back in League 1, we used to sell out half a stadium.


They have stuck through the team, thick and thin, it is


good that they enjoy it like the players do.


The city was brought to a standstill as the players


arrived at a restaurant for a celebratory lunch.


It is a fairy tale, if it ever gets topped,


I would love to be there and see that.


I can't see anybody getting over this.


Leicester's triumph has put a smile back


Even if, in time, it proves to be a glorious one-off,


it is a club that will forever be synonymous with sport's enduring


For decades, Turkish citizens have had to apply for visas to travel


to the European Union, a process that can take weeks.


For decades, Turkish citizens have had to apply for visas to travel


The European Commission is set to announce whether Turkey's dream


of visa-free travel to Europe will become a reality.


It's supposed to be part of a deal with Ankara over the migrant crisis,


but critics say it would be rewarding the Turkish government


as it clamps down on free speech and human rights.


This is the ritual for Turks who travel to the EU.


Incessant queues, their applications sometime rejected.


Brussels is likely to recommend that Turkey should now get visa free


travel to the EU Schengen zone, with the recent migration deal


It is so irrational, unacceptable, for human dignity.


And for the basic rights of free travel.


Turkey accepting migrants deported from Greece and clamping


The Turkish government knows it has leverage over Europe.


The PM insists no visa waiver, no migration deal.


These are free travel has been Turkey's dream since it applied for


membership decades ago. Other countries, from the Balkans


to South America, have achieved it. But the EU is more apprehensive


about Turkey, and as EU scepticism and the right wing have risen


across Europe so have fears about an 80 million


strong Muslim country. But some say the fears are created


by populist EU politicians. Many of the political elites


have an image of millions of Turks flooding into


the EU looking for work, This would not be the case echoes


it would not give them It wouldn't give them


the right to social benefits Is this the government


Europe should reward? Attacking protesters at a takeover


of a national newspaper. Critics have been silenced and violence has


been stoked in Kurdish areas of the country. One opposition channel is


worrying about plummeting fresh freedom and Europe kowtowing to the


president of Turkey. The EU should stick to its principles this time.


If anything was given to the Turkish government under these circumstances


I believe that the government won't hesitate to take over all the media


landscape here in Turkey. If the price of stopping the migrants is to


enjoy Turkey's floors, they will be heavily criticised.


Europe knows if it shuns it's difficult but important neighbour,


Now a look at some of the days other news.


Russia's Foreign Minister says he hopes a cessation of hostilities


in Syria will be extended to the city of Aleppo


Sergei Lavrov was speaking after talks in Moscow with the UN's


More than 250 people, many of them civilians,


are reported to have been killed in Aleppo in the past ten days.


A one-year-old girl has been rescued from the ruins of a building


which collapsed four days ago in Nairobi.


The Kenyan Red Cross say the baby was severely dehydrated and has been


Twenty two people died when the six-storey building


Police in Germany are investigating the deaths of at least two young


women say they were the victims of a couple who held them


They say the couple, a man in his 40s and his ex-wife,


used dating adverts to lure the women to their home


in north-west Germany, where they were chained up


King Felipe of Spain has formally dissolved parliament and called


fresh elections after months of political stalemate.


The vote scheduled for the 26th of June follows the failure of rival


parties to form a coalition in the wake of inconclusive


Italy's highest court has acquitted a homeless man of stealing


It has been a picturesque and historic Cruz.


The first American cruise ship to go to Cuba in decades has pulled into


port. but cruise liners are sailing


from Miami to Cuba again. To send them on their way, good


weather, calm seas and cold drinks. As the Adonia pulled away


from Miami's iconic South Beach, the patriotism of both


countries was on show. This is the latest


and much-awaited stage in the thaw between


Havana and Washington. But this cruise


almost didn't happen. Cuba only recently lifted a ban


on Cuban-born nationals Some in Miami took to the seas


to repeat their long-standing While the Adonia might be


the first US passenger vessel to make this trip


since the Cold War, the company behind it wants


many more to follow. So resolving the Cuban-


American migration issue was key. It was important for us that,


not just for our travellers but also for our employees


here in Miami - so many of them are


Cuban-born Americans - we wanted to ensure everybody had


the opportunity to sail with us. So we are really proud to be part


of this historic moment. most passengers were not thinking


about the politics. They see the cruise


as an opportunity of a lifetime. Rick Schneider and his husband


are ticking off an item My partner and I were in Key West,


55 or 56 years ago. And he said to me, "You want to take


the ferry over to Havana?" And I said, "I don't know,


let's do it next time." Then along came the revolution,


and this is the next time. the passengers awoke to the sight


of Havana on the horizon. So there they are, the key landmarks


of Havana - the Habana Libre,


the Hotel Nacional, And although a lot has been said


about this trip, about how historic it is,


actually, when you are coming


on a cruise ship - the first in over half a century -


it does feel pretty momentous. As the Adonia got closer, crowds


gathered on the shore to greet them Fittingly, the first person


of the ship was a Cuban-American hand-picked by his employers,


the Carnival Company. Whether this new cruise service


brings positive change Certainly, more tourists


means more work and income for some. Others, though, have a residual fear


that the island might once again become a weekend jaunt


for wealthy Americans. The Olympic flame has begun


a journey through more than three hundred towns and cities in Brazil


that will end with the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio


de Janeiro in August. President Dilma Rouseff lit


the torch at the presidential palace in Brasilia, promising the games


would be a success despite political For more on this the BBC's


Julia Carniero joins us from Rio. That is the big question, isn't it?


Yes, the torch was touring the capital today. It was a relief from


all the political news that usually comes from the capital to have


something different happening. But as the torch was going through the


building in Congress there was a meeting to decide the next steps in


the impeachment proceedings. There will be a big vote next week to see


if impeachment proceedings go ahead and F Dilma Rouseff will have to


step down and make way for the vice president to step in temporarily. It


could be for up to six months which means she will not provide over the


opening of the Olympics at all. Despite all this political turmoil


it was a very festive beginning to the torch relay in Brazil. We've


been seeing also the day the torch touring across Brasilia, going to


the iconic buildings in the city such as UNESCO heritage sites and it


went in a speedboat, in a swimming pool, into the football stadium, one


of the stadiums that will stage -- that stage the World Cup matches the


few years ago. There were some moments that the testers, supporters


of the president tried to get in the way of the relay, but they were held


back by guards who were keeping the passage open for torchbearers. After


today, we'll see the relay go on to more than 300 Brazilian cities,


across the sprawling mass of the country. The biggest country in the


world, it will be carried by 12,000 torchbearers.


Thank you, very much indeed. The father of a five-year-old Afghan boy


who was photographed wearing a home-made football shirts say they


have been forced to leave Afghanistan due to threats. The boy


was presented with a shirt by the soccer star himself.


When the boy wore a plastic bag T-shirt bearing his favourite


player's named Little did he know that Lionel Masi would send him the


real thing. The five-year-old is now the proud owner of two signed


T-shirts and a ball. But the sudden fame has come at a


price. He and seven members of the family have had to flee Afghanistan


after threats of kidnap. A few days ago I got a call from a


local gangster. He thought that since my son received these T-shirts


maybe he got some money from him. He wanted his share. It was a very


risky situation so we left. Since he arrived at the border. The


little boy has been followed by camera crews. He has bought his


prized gifts, and his original home-made T-shirt. But the star


treatment has done little for the family's dire circumstances. His


father says he sees no future for his son here. The five-year-old is


very clear about where he wants to go.


Messy, you know how much I like you, now I want you to invite me so I can


come and see you. And until he meets the iconic


footballer this little boy will spend time honing his skills.


Let's go back to Leicester now and their incredible victory


Martine Croxall has been in Leicester watching


Are they still going? I can barely hear a word anyone says to me! I've


been deafened by singing and shouting. I get the chance to come


home to Leicester for some fantastic stories, last year it was the real


internment of a medieval king, this year it is Leicester City doing the


impossible, winning the premiership! Everybody said they would never do


it, they are too small a team, they don't spend enough on their players.


But they have been proved wrong. They started off the season 5000 to


one, the possibility of them winning this title. This Saturday after


their match with Everton they will lift that trophy. Nobody can quite


believe it. In the 132 year history, they have not spent as much on their


players as Manchester United have spent in the last two years, which


just tells you how big this achievement is. How will it change


Leicester? They have a pretty successful rugby team, is it going


to materially change Leicester, do you think? Yes. In many ways. This


feels like a repeat of an extraordinary cycle of sporting


success. I worked in 1996 and 1997 when all the sporting teams in the


city, the Tigers, the cricket team and Leicester City were enjoying


sporting success, but winning the League Cup as they did in 1997 is


nothing like the achievement that they've managed here and now.


Imagine all those internationally famous teams like Chelsea, Arsenal,


Liverpool, nobody thought for one minute that little old Leicester


could do it. It's thanks to the team really working together, they are


not made up of expensive players who are real stars, but that could


change, of course. But the manager has dealt with them


in an understated way. He said let's just get to 40 points, we can only


think about 90 minutes at a time, and then, on Monday, it all came


down to whether Tottenham could beat Chelsea. They had to beat them. But


it was a draw, to all, and so around 10pm last night, British time,


Leicester City fans turned up you, they blocked the roads, traffic


couldn't get through and they'd just been having a party ever since. The


manager promised them pizza, and he took them to an Italian restaurant


just a couple of miles from the centre of town, thanks to social


media the crowd found out and they were mobbed when they came out of


the restaurant. When the victory parade happens in


maybe a couple of weeks' time I am sure there will be hundreds of


thousands of people from all over the place who will turn up to wish


the team well. They will be able to play in the


Champions League next season which brings extra money and extra


pressure, and now the team have to try and hold together and make sure


that not too many players are tempted by the bright lights and


large paycheques of other football teams who are bound to be interested


in them. Thank you.


They've got the moves, a new dance video featuring police


in New Zealand shows officers in a different light.


And those are the pictures we'll leave you with.


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