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This is BBC World News Today with me Philippa Thomas.


Our top story - one of the bloodiest days in Iraq in years.


Iraq's bloodiest day this year - at least 94 people die


Many people were killed and you can see blood everywhere. They were poor


people who are here to earn their living.


After the UK Prime Minister David Cameron labelled Nigeria


as "fantastically corrupt", the


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari agrees.


Why should I oppose him for telling the truth? I could pretend that


Nigerian is corrupt and there is no corruption in Nigeria.


High heels or high tail it our of here -


the London receptionist sent home from work for apparently refusing


It's the bloodiest day of attacks in Iraq this year.


More than 90 people killed in a series of bomb blasts.


The strikes appear to be orchestrated by the so called


Islamic State, their target: Shia communities across


The first attack happened at a busy market in the Shia stronghold


of Sadr City - at least 63 people died there.


Further car bombings in the northwest


Kadimiya neighborhood and nearby Jamiya followed -


Carnage in Sadr City. Scenes reminiscent of the dark days of Iraq


sectarian war. This mainly Shi'ite district witnessing the worst attack


on the capital in months. It was rush hour. A pick-up truck.


Explosives hidden under fruit and vegetables detonating is the busy


market. So-called Islamic State says that it carried out the attack and


it was aimed at Shi'ite militia men, but many of the victims were women,


some at a nearby beauty salon, preparing for weddings. TRANSLATION:


Many people were killed and you can see blood everywhere. They were poor


people and they were here to earn their living. They were killed in


cold blood. Why did this happen? Can this corrupt Government tell us why?


People have been destroyed because of this Government. The blast


destroyed vehicles and shops. Some were smouldering hours after the


attack. Security has gradually improved in Baghdad, with


large-scale attacks happening only occasionally. Islamic State capable


of striking fear far beyond the territory it controls. In February,


a double suicide bomb killed 70 people, also in Sadr City. But other


neighbourhoods were also caught up in the latest violence, with more


death and injury in Kadimiya. This was the bloodiest day in Baghdad


this year. The attacks come in the midst of a deep political crisis.


The Government crippled by factional divisions and Parliament unable to


meet. While the politicians dither, civilians wonder why the Government


can't do more to protect them. With me is the BBC's Middle East


analyst, Alan Johnston. What do you think the self-styled


Islamic State was trying to achieve here? Well, think back to my tears


to the summer of 2014 and the Islamic State group was rampaging


across Iraq seizing towns and cities and great swathes of territory, but


the picture now is very different. For several months now, on front


lines across the rock to the West, the Islamic State group has been


pushed back by the Iraqi security forces, but it does retain the


capacity to carry out devastating bomb attacks in the heartland of


what it would see as its enemies. It uses these means to undermine


confidence in the Government and the security forces. Remember that


Islamic State always wants to portray itself as the force that


fights for defence of the Shia Muslim community and it will feel


that it benefits all the time from any deepening of the sectarian


divide and of course by targeting a soft target likely market in Sadr


City, that bastions of Shia, they will feel that they are deepening


that divide. So it was to create anger. What can be done to stop it?


The security forces faced the most enormous challenge. Islamic State


seem to have an end list stream of fanatical young men who are ready to


die in an effort of getting these terrible bombs into the most


sensitive parts of the capital. Many people in Islamic State will no


Baghdad very well indeed. It is a huge, sprawling city. Countless ways


in an out and very easy for these people to mingle with the throngs in


the streets, but on a day like this, of course, we know that the security


forces, many members of them will be risking their lives every day on


checkpoints and carrying out searches and so on, but on a day


like this it is easy to believe that they are simply not getting good


enough intelligence, that they have not been able to probably populate


penetrate Islamic State and get the kind of information that might just


prevent these bomb attack is getting through. And meanwhile, civilians,


ordinary people, going about their business, and they are dying. Some


of the things you have been reported on really do bring it on.


Absolutely, we heard a report saying that a bomb had gone very close to a


beauty salon where there were some brides preparing for their weddings


and even, we understand, some of the brooms, perhaps where IT barber shop


nearby, that they too were all among the casualties. As you say, the most


ordinary civilians on the front line in this war in Baghdad. Thank you


very much. In the last couple of hours,


Brazil's Supreme Court has rejected President Dilma Rousseff's last


ditch appeal and right now the Senate is proceeding with its


debate on a full impeachment trial. It's expected that a simple majority


of Senators will vote in favour, which means Brazil's first woman


president will be automatically suspended from office


and from presiding over Dilma Rousseff is accused


of doctoring her government's budget figures - she says she's


the victim of a judicial coup The Senate president has warned


that if they vote to go ahead with the trial,


it will be a long and traumatic process for Brazil,


with no quick results. This debate could go on for hours


and at the heart of it is the accusation that Dilma Rousseff is


accused of doctoring her Government's figures. She says she


is the victim of a political coup by her components.


Joining us from the capital Brasilia is the political


Our correspondent Julia Carneiro is in the capital Brasilia.


Is this book expected to go against? Yes, it is. Senators have been


speaking very openly about how they will vote and they estimate that the


majority will vote in favour of the impeachment of President Dilma


Rousseff, which means if this happens, President Dilma Rousseff


will be suspended for up to six months while she faces trial in the


Senate. She is expected to record a statement to the nation later today


in which she will reinforce this message that she is facing an


attempted coup and that she will fight to return to Government during


this trial to defend herself so that she can finish her mandate of the


two years that I left as she told the BBC in an interview last week.


Her supporters have been out, haven't they, in force, but there


are also many who frankly want to see her go. Yes. The country is very


divided. We have seen mass demonstrations in Brazil over the


past months. Millions of people taking to the streets to call for


the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, but as this moment


approaches and as it becomes more complete, her defenders and


supporters are also taking to the streets. Yesterday, there were lots


of road blockages disrupting traffic and destructing life in many parts


of the country. Here, we are in the main administrator Leo --


administration area. There are demonstrations planned here for


pro-impeachment and also anti-impeachment, so we will see how


this develops. It is not expected that these demonstrations will grow


very big because at this point, even though people might have their


convictions, their beliefs in what is right or wrong, the outcome seems


pretty clear that President Dilma Rousseff will be temporarily


suspended and people are already talking about what comes next. She


will be replaced by her vice president and there is ready lots of


talk about how he will compose his cabinet and how he will try to put


Brazil's economy back on track. Meanwhile, this whole process hasn't


done a lot for the reputation of politicians in general in Brazil.


Not at all. We have a Congress where so many legislators face corruption


allegations and the speakers and Senate... Well, just last week, the


former Speaker of the lower house was suspended for corruption


allegations and he was the person behind the impeachment proceedings


and that was driving this process so there is not that much credibility


unfortunately here towards politicians and President Dilma


Rousseff herself is not facing corruption allegations, the


allegations for her impeachment are based on claims that she resorted to


manoeuvres to mask public spending in her former mandate and her


current mandate, borrowing money from state banks to pay for social


policies, so there is this whole feeling, mood in Brazil about his


big corruption probe that is going on and that has contributed for her


popularity to drop but there are no criminal allegations against her and


she has been portraying herself as a victim of this political drive to


oust. You have a long day ahead of you. Thanks for keeping us up to


date. Now a look at some of


the days other news. The UK has raised the threat level


from dissident Northern Ireland It means an attack on the British


mainland is now considered The threat level in Northern Ireland


has not changed and currently The Italian parliament has given


the government the green light The long-awaited and much-disputed


legislation was hailed by civil rights groups as a landmark


achievement, but it's been criticised by some


conservative politicians Ukrainian border guards have


recovered 17 paintings stolen last November from a museum in Verona -


including some works President Petro Poroshenko


was pictured inspecting the haul. His office said the paintings


were seized in a special operation, while they were about to be


transferred to neighbouring Moldova. The Nigerian President,


Muhammadu Buhari, has told an anti-corruption conference


in London that he won't demand an apology from David Cameron


for describing his country But he has urged Britain to return


billions stolen by corrupt officials One of his Government's main goals


is to fight corruption. He is telling the truth. He was talking


about what he knew and if you look at this Government and what the


Government I am heading has been trying to do, we campaign on three


things, security, economy, and fighting corruption. What has been


uncovered since we came in. What is the skill of corruption in Nigeria?


It is enormous. I think it is high time some action is taken so that we


can turn things around. I think a lot of that money that has been


siphoned off from the public purse from Nigeria has ended up in London


and other European capitals. What are you doing to try to get that


money back? It is still here and in America. We had to produce the


evidence. We had to go through the financial institutions. Through


their shipping lines. It will take time, that we are determined to get


as much of the documentation done. The international meeting that


David Cameron is organising in London this Thursday will bring


together politicians, business people and other groups


as part of efforts to clamp down on bribery, money-laundering


and other forms of wrong After his comments to the Queen,


we asked our Nigeria correspondent The British Prime Minister says


Nigeria is fantastically corrupt. But is he right? Well, Nigeria has


been looted from top to bottom. But it is only the world's 32nd most


corrupt country. Oil rich, it should be well off, but $20 billion in oil


revenue has simply disappeared and from the Army's budget, another $15


billion was stolen, money that was supposed to be spent on arms to


fight Boko Haram. Now, Nigeria's president has declared war on


corruption. He has lodged a tough new anti-corruption campaign. And


dozens of officials are under investigation. Among the assets


recovered, cars, jewellery, houses, and even one of these, and M are eye


scanner, allegedly bought by the official for his Private clinic --


MRI scanner. So can it work? It has to work because we cannot afford to


go back to where we are coming from. I do not think everybody is on


board. Some people profited from the status quo. You can imagine that


those who profited with the starters quote will not be happy with what is


happening right now. Corruption comes at a terrible price. It could


cost Nigeria nearly 40% of its potential growth. And that is


something the country can't afford. A hospital in Jordan is unlike any


in the world. It specialises in racial reconstruction. Our


correspondent reports from a place where people's faces are


reconstructed on a daily basis. -- facial reconstruction. I want to


show you around a really incredible place. This is where the tree people


who have been entered in warrants around the Middle East. People who


have been really horrifically injured. The aim is to rebuild their


bodies and also their lives. So come with me. This play specialises in


reconstructive surgery in plastic surgery and the patient are from all


around the Middle East and all of them have had life changing


injuries. In the operating theatre, and today they are doing seven


operations on Syrians and Iraqis, and the aim is to get this man here


walking properly again. Here on our project...


This is the physiotherapy department, and this is where the


patients spend long, long hours working with the physiotherapists on


getting their bodies fit again. This is where the kids were being


treated here come for education and therapy. This is the paediatric


counsellor. What are you doing here? As we've been hearing,


coverage of the comments has Reports on this channel


are being blacked out. Instead, state media outlets have


dedicated their coverage to the Queen's dress sense


and notable party attendees. This was the moment when the viewers


in China had their BBC News coverage scrambled. Shortage covered when we


started covering another element. This is the section Chinese censors


found ineligible for broadcast. Whitney is our royal correspondent


Sarah Campbell. That was the official cameraman. Yes, the Queen


has a cameraman. What happened was about 18 years ago when 24-hour news


coverage really started to come to the fore, it was decided that rather


than all of the main broadcasters in Britain, which is sky, ITN, and the


BBC, rather than in having the own crews follow the Queen is all of the


time, essentially getting the same pictures, then it made sense for


them to pull together so they all pay for one cameraman and his


footage is the footage that is recorded and sent around the world.


And so the Queen is very used to this and the cameraman is at


many royal events and the Queen is very used to having Peter around. He


does it very discreetly and he is their most of the time. He is at


garden parties and when she goes to open schools, all of these visits


are all recorded and the footage is given to the broadcasters. What


makes this one different is that the Queen said something which has been


construed widely as pretty controversial. And that is what made


it newsworthy because as we know the Queen has been on the tone for 64


years and has rarely been known to say anything controversial and many


people say that is why she has been so successful. It is fascinating,


because you might have assumed that she speaks her mind all the time and


we never get to hear it, but actually she is quite tight-lipped


all of the time and steer is not bland conversation but quite easy


conversation. And you can see why, because here she has made a comment


that she clearly feels quite strongly about. It is fairly


black-and-white that she considered the Chinese officials had been very


rude, her words, and what has happened is that it has created


headlines all across the world. Has it been damaging? Well, from the


palace's perspective, I think it is fair to say that they are not


ecstatic that this is what we are talking about today, these comments,


that at the same time, the instinct is that they are not looking at


changing the system, they're not looking at reviewing it or censoring


this footage in any way, so that gives some sense that they can deal


with it. It might be slightly more of a problem for the British


Government because there has been so much diplomacy behind the scenes to


build up relationships with China. And today, from that perspective,


the Chinese spokesperson was very keen to point out that this was a


very successful visit, the relationship continues to be a


strong one, this golden area of relations continues. The Foreign


Secretary gave a very interesting statement. What is fascinating about


this is it is a bit of an insight into these visits. He said that the


Chinese lizard got a bit stressful on both sides, but this was a


massive occasion back in October of last year, all the pomp and


circumstance, a four-day visit. It was a really big deal for both


countries and this is a little bit of a revealing insight into how the


Queen felt about it, behind the scenes. We are both wearing heels,


but not vertiginous, and this is relevant because this is a story


today. Sent home from work for refusing


to wear high heels. That's a story a lot


of you are reading on the BBC online, and it's all about a British


woman Nicola Thorp who says she was sent home from a


receptionist job because she wanted She's now petitioning


the British Parliament to change the law, so that women aren't


subject to such a requirement. Let's hear first from


Nicola Thorp talking to the BBC She said, I'm sorry. All women who


work here on reception have to wear heels and there was a male


receptionist there and I said he is not wearing heels and she laughed at


me, which is understandable. They said, you have to go home. They said


I could go out and buy a pair of heels and were happy for me to do


that with my own money and I refused. It was a nine-hour shift to


escort clients from the front desk to meeting rooms. I would be on my


feet for nine hours. I said I do not want to do that in high heels and I


am not entirely sure why adding two inches of four inches to my height


makes me more professional or makes me what any professional manner. I


don't think it affects how come across. Well, we asked the firm


involved for a statement, they responded


"The dress code is not a PwC policy."


The company it that provided the job here is actually called Portico.


It says "In line with industry standard practice, we have personal


appearance guidelines across many of our corporate


locations," but now it also says, "We have taken on board the comments


regarding footwear and will be reviewing our guidelines."


You can get in touch with me - Philippa Thomas - and most


of the team on Twitter - I'm @PhilippaBBC.


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