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Hello and welcome to World News Today. It warning from UN Special


Envoy Angelina Jolie Pitt that the global refugee system has broken


down. She says the current 60,000,000 people on the move is the


largest since World War II and countries need to pull together. How


we respond will determine whether we create a more stable world or face


decades of far greater instability. That is a former British spy chief


says failing to deal with the crisis could lead to populist uprisings


across Europe. Also coming up... The United States and other world powers


say they are ready to arm the Libyan government to help it fight Islamic


State. And more are celebrating in the city. Lester turns out for its


Premier League champions as they parade the silverware around the


streets. The global refugee system has broken


down, that's the warning from the UN refugee agency and its special envoy


Angelina Jolie Pitt. Speaking to the BBC, Hollywood actress warns


uncontrolled immigration had given what she calls a false of legitimacy


to those who promote fear and separation. She said nations need to


put together to deal with the world's 60,000,000 displaced people.


That is not the only warning to be made about the impact of the refugee


crisis. Here in the UK the former head of foreign intelligence says


the European Union is evident in the face of the most serious


humanitarian problem it has ever faced and NASA has said rising


global temperatures, 1 of the drivers of the international


migration crisis have broken records for the 7th month in a row. We will


report on all those developers but 1st, here's what Angelina Jolie Pitt


told the BBC today. I would say every human being is justified in


trying... And it is noble to try and make a better life for yourself and


your family but there is a difference of a refugee and economic


migrant and refugee is someone who has to leave, they are in fear of


death from persecution and war and an economic migrant is somebody who


is in need of making a situation better but is not living necessarily


in the country for that country is oppressing it and it's right to


live. It is very difficult to have to put it on a scale, the only


reason we do is because there is a lack of funds and there is a lack of


space. I believe the person... Bombs dropping on their house and killing


their children, they have absolutely no way to survive in a place that


they are at, I believe that should be put as priority and legally, that


the split as priority. 1 of the issues that has come up again and


again is the fact that now there is a lot of talk since the crisis in


Europe and... We are forgetting that there is the Middle East and Africa


who are also facing quite some pressure with regards to refugees. I


particularly speak about Libya, and it has a very unstable situation and


that is helping with human traffic in. I wonder what you think would be


or should be the responsibility of countries who intervened when it


comes to taking care of refugees. Libby of course is a country of


great concern because it has gotten to a stage where it is quite lawless


and the traffickers and we see the boats and the migrants on the


boats... A lot of people are benefiting financially from that and


I think 1 thing that can be focused on is accountability for these


crimes. For the trafficking, I don't see many people arrested for this


kind of behaviour but who to arrest them? Who wears... The local police,


army? Not from a country that does not have a stable police and army in


government, so these are the bigger questions and how... Even if it was


to say this country should help, what exactly should they do? We have


to bring law and order to these countries, we have to stabilise


them. Angelina Jolie Pitt is not the only person warning about the impact


of the migrant crisis. Sir Richard Ehrlich, the former chief spy master


in Britain told the BBC the European Union appears to be imprudent of


rising to the challenge of the migrant influx which could run into


millions of the next 5 years. If Europe cannot act together to


persuade a majority of its citizens that it could gain control of its


migrant crisis, then the EU will find itself at the mercy of a


populist uprising which is already stirring. The stakes are very high.


And the UK referendum is the 1st row of the dice in a bigger geopolitical


game. With me is our security correspondent Gordon Carrara.


Dramatic words from the former head of MI6, what is he most worried


about? His concern is about the ability or the way in which Europe


is dealing with this migration crisis. He says up to a million


April had entered Europe as refugees are migrants last year and European


institutions had not shown themselves to be able to deal with


that and some of the pressures it created. It is his concern is that


if people do not see the EU getting a grip on this the risk is of a


backlash and what he calls a populist uprising of extremist


politics growing in Europe as a result. He spoke of fears of these


uprisings of populism, did he say anything about potential security


aspects of migration, Bears that Islamist might be slipping into your


pretending to be refugees? He was careful to say you should not


conflict migration with terrorism and there were risks of individuals


coming through the refugee flow or the migration flow to carry out


attacks as might have happened in Paris but he also said it's not as


simple as that and border control... There is lots of evidence that


British citizens, other EU citizens are involved in terrorism, in other


words people do not need to come into the continent to carry out


terrorist attacks, it would be too simplistic to say the problems are


that closely linked and good intelligence, he said, was vital in


dealing with that rather than border control. We have had a Google -- a


vocal form a few days about whether Britain should stay in the EU... You


could hear from the tone of Sir Richard Dearlove that he was pretty


negative than pessimistic about your's ability to deal with this, he


has been seen as someone favouring Britain to get out of the EU, he did


not say that explicitly but he said he thought there could be some


marginal security gains from leaving. Others by Chiefs, as you


said, in the last week, wrote in the newspapers they believe Britain


would be safer if it remains in the EU, they would have more ability to


shape data-sharing arrangements in Europe which is important, there is


a difference of opinion amongst those involved in security about the


implications of Britain leaving. Thank you. An international


children's to the swarming the migration crisis risks creating a


lost generation of children unless governments tackle the issue. Save


the children calls for no refugee child to be out of school for more


than a month at aid agencies are worried about particular risks


facing women who along with children, make-up majority of new


migrants and refugees arriving in Europe. Caroline Hawley reports from


Lesbos. Alone, with four small children and


stranded in a strange country. This lady's husband was crushed to death


on an overcrowded Hindi the smugglers forced the family to


board. TRANSLATION: Daddy... Says her 1 1/2 robot.


Amina was on the same boat, she volunteers at this tea stand to stop


result going mad with grief. She set off from Aleppo with her disabled


husband Mohammed. That night, he drowned.


Many of the women here were already widows than they left, others want


to join husbands and brothers who made the journey 1st. This camp is 1


of the safest and best managed in Greece but aid agencies say women on


their own are vulnerable to sexual violence. Some here have formed


their own support networks, these women met in a Turkish detention


centre, forging a firm friendship and now share this makeshift home.


This woman's husband and 2 sons disappeared in northern Syria, when


her home was hit by shells, there was nothing to keep her there. Her


friend and her 3 children left home in Damascus to try to join her


husband and other son and daughter in Germany.


They hope to live next door to each other in Germany but with your's


borders closed, they are in limbo, like everyone else here, they have


no idea what the future holds. With me is the managing director of the


overseas development Institute, she does work on government, security


and migration. What do you think of what Angelina Jolie Pitt said today?


The system has broken down? There is a lot to agree with her comments...


As you say, she pointed out that the system that exists and there is a


system on rules and laws and responsibility, has broken down,


because those rules and laws are not being implemented and respected. It


has been broken down formally because the laws are not respected,


also broken down because pledges, financial pledges have been made to


support countries in the regions shouldering the responsibility of


the refugees others from the regions. I am not -- they are not


being helped. Is that because the rules in place haven't been able to


predict what is happening, the overwhelming magnitude? I don't


think that is the case, in a way, the flow, particularly from here was


predict the bowl given that the progress of the conflict, in the


country more broadly in the region, I think the system has broken down


because the mutual responsibility... That states all over the world


commit to each other to implement... And leave it to a race to the


bottom... Every state tries to protect themselves, and their


borders. As a failure of that sense of international commitment,


solidarity. You say the promises made with Syria in particular,


aren't being kept? They are not being kept and importantly, or


equally importantly, this crisis of politics and solidarity also ends up


being a very ineffective way of dealing with this crisis. The race


to the bottom is a race everybody loses, the work we have done suggest


refugees and migrants, once they make the decision to leave their


country and everything they have got and go in search of safety, they are


not easily deterred and actually, the policies put in place by member


states in Europe and other countries in the world are simply not


effective at keeping people out. I note you say refugees and migrants


together... But do you acknowledge that in many countries, people see


those categories of people on the move differently, they may be


willing to welcome refugees but economic migrants, less so? You are


right, the categories are different and refugees are entitled to


specific protection because they are fleeing extreme danger and balance.


It would be a mistake to conflate these categories. I think when it


comes to what can be done about the facts are many people are on the


move, we need to be careful, solving and addressing the problem from 1


category because it's seen to be better deserving does not end up


leaving many others in even worse conditions simply because they do


not have the same level of protection and entitlement. And


people will continue to move for a variety of reasons, for conflict...


But also continued to be because of economic reasons and aspirations and


in search of a better life. As we approach the questions of what to do


about this, it's important to look at different solutions for different


people, but not to forget that there are migrants who are equally in


dangerous situations sometimes. Thank you very much. Plenty more to


discuss another day. The refugee crisis has been partly blamed on


climate change and April has seen yet another record broken. According


to NASA last month was the warmest April ever recorded and that's the


7th month in a row global record temperatures have been smashed. The


news comes at governments began working in Germany for a Rubik to


implement the 2015 Paris agreement to implement global warning with the


United Nations urging strong work bell-macro stronger action. Land and


sea temperatures rose 11% above the baseline for April, scientists are


talking about climate emergency. It all but assures 2016 will be the


hottest on record and probably the largest margin. The average


temperature of the Earth's service has increased by 0 pointed 5d in the


last century, 13/14 warmest years were recorded in the 21st-century.


The BBC weather team says beating climate records month after month is


a growing trend but the concern is the rate at which temperatures


accelerate. When we say 1 point something degree it doesn't sound


like much at all but we have to put it into context of what was agreed


in Paris at the tail end of last year by all the countries who got


together and said, no more than 1 1/2. If we have already got up to 1


point something,... We talk about what is going on at the north and


south pole which is often used by climate science... The ice is


shrinking like there is no tomorrow, the North Pole... At the South Pole,


the ice is building up in locations but it has to be said, overall,


whatever your prospective, there is very much more in the way of ice


loss at the North Pole than the South Pole. The United States and


other world powers say they are ready to an the Libyan backed Unity


government to help it fight so-called Islamic State. John Kerry


said Libyan authorities were about to receive ammunition and weapons


through exemptions from the current UN arms embargo. The arms embargo


allows for the Government of National Accord to request weapons


if it needs them, specifically to secure the country and to combat


Daesh. The instability in Libya is affecting more countries in North


Africa, some of the neighbours are concerned about the prospect of


barnstorming into the region. Our correspondent has this update from


juniors. The instability in Libya affects the entire region, not least


of which its Mediterranean neighbour Tunisia. Indiana, ways to support


the new unity government backed by the United Nations... Based in the


capital Tripoli. They want to help them fight the threat posed by the


rise of extremist groups like the so-called Islamic State. The Libyan


government has asked for an exemption to the UN arms embargo


that has been in place for years, the risk is that because they do not


control all the rival armed groups in the country and there is no clear


chain of command, these weapons could eventually fall into the wrong


hands and could worsen the local civil conflict. The presumptive


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has called on Muslims


to work with the police and turn people in. This follows his


controversial demand that Muslims face a temporary ban on entering the


United States, those remarks prompted criticism from David


Cameron which Mr Trump responded today saying he is not anti Muslim


but anti-terrorist. You get a lot of decent law abiding Muslims who feel


offended... And they feel targeted and under attack. What can you say


to them... Here is what I say, they have to turn the people in. It must


work with police and enforcement, tournament, they have got to play


ball. If they are not going to play ball... Loss of sound. If you had


your turn again, given how controversial and divisive it has


been, we Jiri Vesely is what you said about banning muslins from


America? It got people thinking, whether it's good for me or bad for


me, I don't care, it got people thinking and you have to understand,


I am not against any religion but there is something happening,


something bad going on, something very bad, and we have to get to the


bottom of that. Let's talk to Laura Trevelyan in Washington. Donald


Trump says many things making the headlines at what has been made of


this? It's interesting because the headline coming out on NBC News


website from that interview Donald Trump did in Britain is Donald Trump


saying I am not stupid, OK? There is a different narrative going in


America come at the weekend President Obama gave a speech, he


didn't talk about Donald Trump but about how important it was not to be


ignorant. Donald Trump feeling thin-skinned, people attacking him


or his views, especially a Muslims and he is firing back in Britain and


he was cross, another clip, with the British Prime Minister saying he is


unlikely to have a good relationship with David Cameron because David


Cameron had said his policy on the temporary ban of Muslims ending the


US was stupid, divisive and wrong, something Mr Trump takes issue with.


Interestingly, at the end of last week, is to Trump seemed to slightly


backtracked on that policy, saying perhaps he would give some pause


button that view with Piers Morgan he was not backtracking. Everyone


looking for signs that Donald Trump is trying to be more statesman-like


perhaps going near to the mainstream Republican view, given that he has


been talking to senior figures like Paul Ryan. Yes, indeed, there was


soon Ammi of negative coverage about Donald Trump this weekend, saying he


will not release his tax return. There is a story about him


apparently calling reporters and pretending to be his own spokes man,


20 years ago, the New York Times has an expose an about his relationship


with women but the chairman of the Republican National committee points


out that the voters don't seem to care so far about any of these


issues. I guess the fact is he has more than 10,000,000 votes, more


than anyone ever got in a Republican primary but when it comes to the


general election, will any of this affecting? The latest bowling last


week in key states showed him virtually neck and neck with Hillary


Clinton. This has been the most extraordinary election, I guess we


will wait to see when the next polls come out and receive this negative


coverage, if indeed negative coverage it is in the eyes of


supporters, what impact that will have. What are we hearing from other


senior Republican figures? Are they getting accustomed to the idea this


might be their man? Yes, you are seeing senators coming out in


support, Paul Ryan, the Leader of the House Republicans is withholding


his support but I think what you see amongst Republicans is a desire for


unity, to go head-to-head against Hillary Clinton who they see certain


to be the Democratic nominee and for those who don't like Donald Trump,


they think Hillary Clinton is much worse but it is definitely doping


Trump, his remarks about Muslims. The former commander General David


Petraeus said in the Washington Post on Friday he regarded that as being


toxic, was counter-productive and played into the hands of al-Qaeda


and Islamic State but I guess the question in the yen is how much


foreign policy will matter to those people who like Donald Trump who say


him as blunt and saying things no 1 else will say. 1 other question...


We heard about this war of words between David Cameron and Donald


Trump... Going on a bed of a spat with the new Mayor of London,


Siddique Khan. Absolutely, remember Donald Trump said he would make an


exception to the new Mayor of London and he would allow him to visit


America despite this temporary ban on Muslims entering the United


States and Donald Trump says he thinks that the mayor is ignorant,


he has made very nasty and very rude comments about him. Sadiq Khan has


made this point saying this proposal for a temporary ban on Muslims is


counter-productive and plays into the hands of extremists. Donald


Trump having to defend himself and the people who support him feel for


what he says is something that they also believe, there is a problem


with extremism and Donald Trump is prepared to save what no 1 else will


say. Laura, thank you. -- per per to say. Let's take a look at the other


news, of demonstrators in ethnic group have taken to the streets of


Kabul, they are angry at the government decision to reroute a


multi-million dollar power line away from 2 provinces with large


populations. Much of the city has been shut out. The World Health


Organisation says polio could be eradicated in Pakistan within


months. The organisation told the BBC only a handful of cases have


been reported this year in Pakistan and neighbouring Afghanistan. There


have been clashes between protesters and police in Bhopal as supporters


for ethnic minority groups demand changes to the Constitution. 500


demonstrators chanted slogans and attempted to push through a police


barricade at the Prime Minister's offers. The minority group leading


the protest once a bigger stake in the constitution adopted last year.


Here in the UK there have been calls for an inquiry into how 1 of the


best-known football stadiums in the world was evacuated on Sunday after


an object resembling a bomb was found. Manchester United's last game


of the season was called off at Old Trafford and bomb discourse of


squads carried out controlled explosion. Police said the


suspicious item was a training device left behind by a private


security company. The managing director of that firm that left


behind the dummy bomb has been speaking about what happened. This


mistake is entirely mine and I have to take full responsibility for


leaving the training item behind on Wednesday. I had been part of the


Metropolitan Police are specialist search unit since 1985. And retired


in 2011. I have dedicated my service to defeating terrorism within the


specialist areas and I have been privileged to have worked for and


the people I work aside... I am absolutely devastated that a lapse


in my working protocol resulted in many people being disappointed,


frightened and inconvenienced. From 1 football story to another, it's a


day of celebration in Leicester, a party atmosphere building all day,


supporters gathering to laud the remarkable achievements of the


miracle team, Leicester captain Wes Morgan and his team-mates are


parading the Premier League Trophy all around the city on an open top


bus, it's happening just 2 years after a similar parade to celebrate


the Foxes promotion to the top flight. Only a year after they were


nearly relegated! That is the scene live in Leicester.


Hello. We will see some changes in the


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