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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


I'm Alpa Patel. Here are the headlines.


There's a controlled explosion at Old Trafford as Manchester


United's last Premier League game is abandoned.


In France - 17 women who have served


as ministers say they will no longer stay silent on sexual harassment.


Also coming up - the leading campaigner for the UK


compares the aims of the organisation to


And 18-year-old Max Verstappen becomes the youngest ever winner


Bomb disposal experts have carried out a controlled explosion


at Manchester United's home ground, Old Trafford.


Police described the object as looking incredibly


like an explosive device, but concluded it was not viable.


The discovery forced the abandonment of the club's final game of


Well, from Old Trafford we join Andy Swiss.


As the players warmed up just 20 minutes before kick-off,


The instruction for fans in two stands to evacuate from the stadium


after a suspect package had been discovered.


As the players, including United's Michael Carrick,


digested the news, the remaining thousands of fans inside the stadium


Most appeared to remain calm as they exited.


Amongst them, a group who came all the way


It is the right decision that the security of the fans


When you left the ground and asked a security guard,


what is going on, they were like, we don't know, just wait outside.


It kind of put us in a panic.


The emergency services arrived at the ground as well as the bomb


disposal team, who carried out a controlled explosion.


In footballing terms, this was one of the biggest days


of the season, with United hoping to win a place in


Instead, the sport has been overshadowed by concerns


over security at one of the game's most famous venues.


To France - where 17 female politicians,


have said in an open letter saying they will no longer stay silent


It follows the resignation of Denis Baupin - the Deputy speaker


of the French National Assembly - over sexual harassment allegations,


Well one of his accusers - Annie Lahmer - has been speaking


to French television. She says she hopes the letter will


TRANSLATION: The pain has subsided over time, but my personal pain has


not subsided. We need to be able to talk about it. But above all, I want


this to free up other women so that they feel that they can talk about


these kind of incidents. Following the story


is our correspondent He told me why these former


ministers are taking this stand. This issue has been dominating the


French media. Denis Baupin is a member of the Green Party and the


significant politician. The Green Party on the left are the forefront


of the fight against sexism and so forth. But it is not immune from the


clubby masculine atmosphere that this is all about. Denis Baupin, the


Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, very well known in French


politics, forced to step down after these eight women, cracker Mac of


whom gave named testimony, described how he had sent them explicit text


messages or in one case even groped one of them after a meeting. He


resigned. Huge outpouring of outrage across the political spectrum, of


course. Some woman said that this happen before, and every time there


is an outpouring of discussed, but it still goes on, hence this letter


today from these eminent women who say, really, this time, things have


to stop. In general, things are improving in France, but at a slower


pace than in other countries and in a very male atmosphere that French


politics still is, and this kind of behaviour does go on. 17 signatories


to this letter, Christine le regard one of them. What are they calling


for to sort this out? In a way, it is just more rhetoric adding to the


many expressions of outrage. They have some particular ideas about


toughening legislation. Many of these ideas are already in hand. The


women's rights Minister has been on television, saying that she welcomes


this intervention but that some of those ideas will be on the statute


book, for example limiting the statute of limitations when it comes


to sexual aggression. At the moment, the alleged offences of Denis Baupin


could not the prosecuted because they happened a long time ago.


Women, in the immediate aftermath of an event like that are not happy


about coming forward. One idea would be to lengthen the statute of


limitations so that after some years it is possible to prosecute and to


make it possible for associations to launch prosecutions in order to


spare women who are sometimes reluctant to come forward and maim


themselves in these cases. Staying with politics -


but this time in the UK - because a leading campaigner


to leave the European Union has caused outrage after he compared


the aims of organisation Boris Johnson said the ambition


of some in Europe is to create a single super-state,


the same as the Nazi leader. Boris Johnson rarely does "subtle",


but his latest intervention in the referendum campaign has


sent sparks flying. A leading Leave campaigner,


Mr Johnson said the last 2,000 years of European history had seen doomed


attempts of recreating the Roman Empire bny trying to unify


it. Any mention of Hitler


in the EU debate was always Fellow Leave campaigners said his


reading of history was right. Boris was making a carefully


calibrated historic comparison. All of these figures,


Philip II of Spain, Louis XIV of France,


Napoleon and Hitler were all trying They wanted to do it by force.


The EU is doing it by stealth. But Boris Johnson's words incensed


Remain campaigners. I think trying to compare


what Hitler and the Nazis did, the millions of people who died in


WWII, the Holocaust, to the free democracies of Europe coming


together to trade and cooperate, and in the process to help bring


peace on the continent of Europe, Europe's history and Britain's place


in it has become Glowering over Parliament is


Churchill. His own views on Europe are being


pressed into service by both sides. The past is being invoked


to stir our emotions, our gut feelings, and that is


what Boris Johnson mentioned But this referendum


is about the future. Today, the Governor of the Bank


of England, who doesn't often do interviews,


decided to repeat Our judgment is there's a risk


that growth And inflation notably higher


in the event of a leave. The governor has now strayed


into the expression of what is a simple,


personal prediction. I don't actually think


it is possible for him to say with any absolute accuracy that


that will happen. Boris Johnson's comments


have whipped up The Leave campaign knows that


many big economic voices are sceptical of their case,


but this referendum Motor racing now and Max Verstappen


has created Formula 1 history with victory in the Spanish Grand


Prix. The 18-year-old has become the youngest ever Grand Prix winner


in the history of Formula 1, holding Verstappen was only promoted


to the senior Red Bull team a week ago and was making


his debut for the team. The Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton


and Championship leader Nico Rosberg crashed into each other


on the opening lap. More for you on the story later


in the bulletin with Sport. Police in Bangladesh have arrested


a man in connection with the murder Xulhaz Mannan was hacked to death


in Dhaka last month. Police say the suspect belongs


to an Islamist group. At least 20 people, including


academics, secular bloggers and members of religious minorities,


have been killed in recent attacks Authorities in Yemen say at least


25 police recruits have been killed in a suicide bomb attack


in the southern city of Mukalla. The Islamic State group has said it


carried out the bombing, which took place as the recruits


lined up at a police headquarters. The Philippines' new


president-elect, Rodrigo Duterte, has reaffirmed his tough policies,


confirming he will press Congress to lift a suspension


on the death penalty. He also said he will order security


forces to shoot-to-kill suspected


criminals who resist arrest. His firm stance on policing


was the hallmark of his election campaign, sweeping him to victory


during the presidential


elections earlier this week. Mr Duterte was nicknamed


"The Punisher" for his record as the crime-crushing mayor


of the southern town of Davao. His latest announcement on his tough


new policies were met with a mixed TRANSLATION: His solution is simple


and his political role is there. He says he will restore the death


penalty in six months' time. When he says at the Supersport time I will


reduce illegal drug manufacturing and distribution it is something


significant. You can fuel the hope. You really feel that change is


coming. TRANSLATION: The issue of poverty


has not been addressed at all. If people commit crimes it is because


of desperation brought about by poverty, gross inequality of access


to education and a lack of rehabilitation in the Justice and


penal systems. The death penalty for North cannot resolve the problems of


an unjust system. A former CIA agent has confessed


that it was his tip-off to the South African police that led


to the arrest of Mr Mandela - considered a terrorist


at the time by the United States and others - went on to serve


27 years in jail for resisting


white minority rule. Later of course he became


the country's first black president. The revelation made by American


spy Donald Rickard - and reported in the Sunday Times


newspaper - appears to confirm long-running suspicions that


Mr Mandela was being trailed The BBC's Karen Allen


is in Johannesburg. The circumstances around the arrest


of the late Nelson Mandela back For the first time we have a CIA


operative, the late Donald Rickard, who admits he was the man who tipped


the South African police off. It is something that basically


confirmed suspicions that have been swirling around South


Africa for many decades. You had to remember the context.


This was Cold War politics. Back in 1960, the ANC,


the resistance movement, Nelson Mandela led the armed wing


of that resistance movement, and had received military training


in Algeria, in 1962. He was arrested just


a few months later. This CIA operative said


he did not regret what he did. He said at the time Nelson Mandela


was considered the most dangerous communist outside


of the Soviet Union, although Nelson Mandela always


maintained that he was never


a member of the Communist party. It is likely to put more pressure


on the CIA to try and release more There have been precious Freedom


of Information requests to try and obtain that information


and they've managed The African National Congress,


the government of South Africa today, a spokesman today said


he was not surprised that this CIA operative had been named,


and he said he believed there were still members of the CIA


meddling in South African politics today, because he said


they want regime change. Stay with us on BBC News,


still to come: A political song from Ukraine


that's angered Russia wins the 2016


Eurovision Song Contest. Here in the UK David Cameron has


promised more support for children, when they leave local


authority care in England. The Prime Minister will use


the Queen's Speech this week to outline proposals,


including a commitments The Prime Minister has pledged to


create a covenant, promise laid out in law to everyone who has been


through the care system. It would ensure that those who leave care


would be guaranteed access to jobs, housing and a doctor. They would be


given a mental until the age of 25 that would offer them both emotional


support and practical help. The Prime Minister says this is about


ensuring that those who have had a difficult start in life would still


have the chance of a brighter future. There will be changes on the


issue of adoption. David Cameron has described himself as unashamedly


pro-adoption. The latest headlines: Bomb disposal


experts have carried out controlled explosion at Manchester United's


Old Trafford stadium. Police said it looked


like an explosive device. Andy Swiss joins me from Old


Trafford. Has there been any development in the last hour on


this? It has been a dramatic afternoon. Just to remind you what


has happened at Old Trafford. At about 2:40pm, 20 minutes before


kick-off, the players were warming up on the pitch, thousands of fans


had taken their seats inside the stadium. Then SH came out across the


tannoy telling supporters in two stands at Old Trafford that they had


to evacuate because of a suspicious package inside the stadium. Both


stands started leaving the stadium. Sniffer dogs were brought in. Just


after 3pm, when the match had been supposed to kick-off, another


message came across the tannoy telling the rest of the fans that


the match had been abandoned. Then they had to leave the stadium as


well. They left the stadium calmly, we have to say. There was no great


panic. Emergency services arrived. Bomb disposal units arrived. They


went inside the stadium. 6pm, three hours after the match had been


abandoned, a statement was released by Greater Manchester Police saying


that a controlled explosion had been carried out at Old Trafford on what


was described as an incredibly lifelike explosive device. Full


assessment has been concluded and it has been found that the device was


not viable. Although it was not viable, it has caused huge


disruption for thousands of fans who had come to watch this match and


also what was potentially a pivotal match at the end of the Premier


League season. That will now be rescheduled. This was a significant


match for Manchester United. Do we know when it might be rescheduled?


This was supposed to be the last weekend of the Premier League


season. There are no other Premier League matches to come. That makes


it particularly problematic Allsop Manchester United play in the FA Cup


final on Saturday. There had been suggestions that they would replay


the match this week. There is no other real time slot. Other clubs


apart from Manchester United, it is the end of their season. Players


aren't you to go for international duty so they will have to try and


reschedule the fixture for some stage this week. -- players are due


to go. Let's get the sports news. The final Manchester United game of


the season was called off the cause of that suspect package. 75,000 fans


were left disappointed by evacuate before kick-off. The match will be


replayed on shoes they 17th of May. United had hopes of reaching the


Champions League next season but local rivals Manchester city got the


point they needed to secure a top four finish. They drew 1-1 at


Swansea city in Manuel Pellegrini 's last game as city manager. We knew


that we needed one point today to have a spot in the Champions League


next year. And that was what we did. Were you aware of the problems at


Old Trafford, that the game was not being played, and did that affect


wings for you? We didn't know before the game that the game was


abandoned, we didn't know why. I hope that it was nothing important.


But we were just depending on what we must do here, and things were in


our hands. The Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez was given a standing


ovation by his fans after they thrashed Tottenham 5-1 at St James


Park. He has a break clause in his contract he would not be drawn on


his future. That defeat for pot them and the 4-0 win for Arsenal over


Aston Villa means that Arsenal leapfrog Spurs into second on the


table. It was an emotional game for Mikel Arteta who played what is


likely to be his last game for Arsenal. For the manager it was a


rewarding day. It was harder than ever this season but in the end, the


fact that we did not give up, we were under huge pressure, we kept


our togetherness, and that is part of the DNA of this club. And we have


done that to the last minute of the season. And that is why we are an


front of them. Champions Leicester completed their dream season with a


1-1 draw away at 2015 winners, Chelsea. John Terry spoke on the


pitch. He reiterated he would like to stay with the club. He has not


decided yet whether to accept a new one-year contract extension. This is


how the top of the Premier League ends with all but that abandoned


Manchester United against Bournemouth game having been played.


That defeat to Spurs moves them down to third with Manchester City


climbing that final Champions League place. Southampton after, but they


are guaranteed to join Manchester United in next season 's Europa


League. Max Verstappen became the youngest driver to win a race as he


took Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix. The 18-year-old took advantage of


Mercedes favourites Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg crashing in the


first lap. It was his debut race for Red Bull. The previous record was


held by Sebastian Vettel at 21. After the race was Berg had this to


say about this incident but Hamilton. I tried to stop them as


early and as clear as possible to make sure that he does not try to go


down the inside. I was really surprised, didn't expect him to go


down the inside anyway and I was surprised that he did. And that was


it, really. After that, next thing I knew we were in the sand trap. One


week before the 29th birthday, Andy Murray has chalked up a notable


victory over rival Novak Djokovic. He gave a superb display to win the


final of the Italian open, beating the world number 16-3, 6-3. Serena


Williams ended a nine-month title drought by taking the women's event.


She beat fellow American Madison keys to seal her fourth- when Rome.


-- her fourth title in Rome. Ukrainian politicians have held


their victory in the Eurovision Song Contest as a continent wide


endorsement of their position in the conflict. On the other hand, Russia,


which came third, claimed that the competition was hijacked if


politics. The final vote. And the dramatic moment Ukraine conquered


Eurovision. The winner, Jamala. Ukraine had beaten its bigger rival


Russia into third place. Jamala sings about the year, 1944, when


Josef Stalin ordered the deportation of all Crimean Tartars. Many people


interpret the song as a comic on Crimea today, after Russian


annexation. Russia has reacted angrily to the Ukrainian win. After


the contest, live on Russian TV, there were accusations of a fix.


Russia had won the popular vote, but not the support of the jury 's.


Studio guests claimed that the singer was a victim of political


voting. In Moscow today there's been a chorus of disapproval of the


Eurovision result. Politicians have been dismissing the contest as a


political battlefield, claiming that the Russian defeat is part of a


Western campaign against Moscow. One senator suggested that Russia should


boycott next year 's competition in Ukraine. This Russian MP believes


the West is waging an information war on Russia that has now spread to


Eurovision. TRANSLATION: The jury 's were


influenced by an information campaign against Russia, she tells


me. It claims that everything in Russia is bad. That all sportsmen


take doping and that Russians are aggressive. Russia went all out to


win this year 's Eurovision. If it does take part next year, and if


relations with Chievo remain pens, the Ukraine could prove a difficult


stage. The world is more interconnected


than ever before. It is becoming more connected every day. Building


walls will not change that. In politics and in life, ignorance is


not a virtue. APPLAUSE


It is not cool to not know what you are talking about. President Obama


ending the programme. That's it from the team here. Thank you for joining


us. You can join me on Twitter. That's it,


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