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This is BBC World News Today with me Geeta Gur-murthy.


The headlines: Wreckage is found floating in the Mediterranean


in the search for the missing EgyptAir plane.


By air and sea the search for answers continues and there's


despair for relatives of those missing.


He is married and has a boy and a girl.


The boy is one and a half and the girl is


He was the backbone of our family and he was loved by everyone.


The Latin American strain of the Zika virus has been confirmed


in Africa for the first time, on the Cape Verde islands.


Why are there three times more psychiatric patients in prison


We have a special report from one jail in Chicago.


We have people who are sick, not criminals. They artistic. It is no


different if we had diabetes. A convicted murderer pleads guilty


to trespass after scaling the walls The authorities in Greece and Egypt


searching for the missing EgyptAir flight say that human remains,


passenger belongings and wreckage have been found floating


in the Mediterranean. Flight MS804 went missing


in the early hours of yesterday morning, en route from Paris


to Cairo with 66 passengers It was just entering Egyptian air


space when it was last heard from. Debris from the plane has


been found in the area, about 290 kilometres


from the Egyptian coast. A huge international search is now


underway, and focused on finding A possible oil slick


within the search area has also been Our correspondent in Egypt


is Quentin Somerville. In the village they


pray and they mourn. Three men from separate families


from this village died in After Friday prayers,


Mohammed told me about his friend. She was four years


old. He tells me it would be easier


if the families were able to bury One man is refusing to believe


that his son has passed. This was to be her


first visit to Egypt. Most of the family are just too


heartbroken His uncle agreed to


tell us of their loss. TRANSLATION: What can


we as for now that we have lost He is gone and his daughter


has gone with him. This village is a long


way from Paris. They lost three young


men here and a child. They were enormously proud


that they had gone out into the world


to earn a living. There is some comfort today that


Egypt has discovered some of the debris and belongings


from the flight. There is a hope that eventually


the bodies of the sons That came one step closer


to happening today. Egypt's navy and air force


was out searching again. Greece's defence minister


announced the discovery. TRANSLATION: We have been briefed


by the Egyptian joint rescue


coordination centre about the discovery of a body


part, two seats and luggage at the scene


of the search, slightly to the south


of where the plane signal was lost. More details are being learned


about those who were on board. Richard Osman from Wales had a child


who was only a few weeks old and


a two-year-old daughter. His brother Alister spoke


to the BBC. He said this could be


an act of terrorism. Can they not see the results


of their actions? Do they not see what is left over,


what is left at the end That is left at the end of the day,


a family deprived of We are now putting faces to names


of others lost in the crash. They were mostly


from France and Egypt. The pilot of the aircraft


was Mohammed Shakir. His cousin spoke of


his professionalism. 2000 hours in the same


aircraft, I believe this All his colleagues


say he is one of the In Egypt's towns and villages,


there will be no peace until their And then they can fully


turn their thoughts to what caused the plane to fall


from a clear blue sky. With me is David Mearns. He is a


deep sea recovery form. Thank you for joining us. From what you know


now publicly, is it possible to see what has brought this plane down? Is


it possible to see if it was an accident or attack? No, that is not


possible. People like me, our skills is to go out and find the wreckage


and then recover it for investigators to answer those


questions. You have been involved in those such as yourself. Correct. How


likely is that they find the black boxes? I think there is a high


likelihood they will be able to do that. The first wreckage has now


been found and it will allow them to narrow the crash site where it


impacted on the sea bed. Then the next underwater phase will begin,


searching with acoustic devices to listen to the underwater location


devices that are attached to the black boxes. That will be the focus


of any recovery efforts. That tells you the most amount of information


in the shortest period of fine Flight MS804 time. There is an oil


slick in this area, does that indicate anything specific? Yes, you


can sample that oil and get some of the oil up and determine whether it


is from a ship or whether it is aircraft oil. If it is aircraft oil


and it is coming up from a point source on the sea bed, that is a


really good way to localise the wreckage on the sea bed. From what


we are seeing of how much wreckage there is, are you surprised by how


little or how much there is? What happens to it, does it think? No, it


is not all think. When a plane explodes in the side to the max guy


or if it hits the surface intact, it does fragment and a lot of the


objects float. The structure of the plane is such that it allows very


large objects to actually float. As of this time, with only a couple of


pieces of wreckage found, it is surprisingly at but we have only


just got into the wreckage and there is a chance that they will find more


tomorrow. As the determine the drifts, this is 24 hours or more


after the plane has crashed, in that time it is possible that the


wreckage could have drifted 15 or 20 miles. Lots of information obviously


still needed. Thank you for joining us. We can speak now to our


correspondent in Cairo. We have seen the incredibly distressing scenes


from there with families talking now of learning their loved ones were on


board this plane. How much information as the Government able


to give to those families? Well, it is a day of mourning and grief here.


Very little information provided by the Government apart from what they


said that they have found some wreckage and some parts of bodies of


the victims. There isn't much detail that are providing for the families


here. Earlier today I spent some time in the hotel with the families


were meeting with officials from Egypt air and they were in a very


distressed situation. They are in a moment of sadness. I managed is big


to one of them and he told me about his lost brother and this is what he


said. I have lost my brother. He is married and has a boy and a girl.


The boy is one and a half and the girl is three. He was the backbone


of our family and he was loved by everyone. We have asked the


advertisement more information. We need to find the bodies so that they


can come back to us. We need to know what is going on. We need to know


what is going on. They want to have the bodies of their loved ones and


give them a proper burial. Today we have seen that there were some


symbolic funerals with empty Coughlin 's, but for the families


who have lost their loved ones, they want the real bodies they want to


give them a proper farewell. -- empty coffins.


Now a look at some of the days other news:


To Syria - and Russia has proposed proposed carrying out joint


airstrikes with the US-led coalition in the country.


Moscow said the strikes could start as early as May the twenty-fifth


and target the Islamist Nusra Front and other rebel groups who were not


Fifa's ethics committee says the former head of German football,


Wolfgang Niersbach, should be banned from the sport for two years.


It's over a allegations a bribe was used to secure votes


Mr Niersbach resigned as president of the German FA last year,


India's highest ever temperature has been recorded


in the state of Rajasthan, where it reached 51 degrees Celsius


in the city of Phlodi on Thursday - beating a 60 record.


The heatwave has already claimed dozens of lives,


with no real reprieve expected until the monsoon


The World Health Organization has announced that the strain


of the Zika virus circulating in Cape Verde is the same as the one


behind the thousands of cases in the Americas.


Meanwhile, the US authorities have revealed that 157 pregnant women


in America have tested positive for infection with the Zika virus.


The Zika virus has been blamed for neurological disorders and birth


This is the first time the Centers for Disease Control has released


Let's get more on this with our global health


First of all, on the US figures that have come out. All those who are


pregnant, will be definitely infect their children will the children


have problems? There is no definitely about anything involving


this at the moment. There is still much that is unknown. We do not know


what proportion of mothers who are infected with Zika will go on to


have babies who are brain-damaged. The Centre for disease control


released figures today and said to us that altogether there were almost


300 mothers expecting who have been infected with Zika. 157 are from


mainland US and the others from Puerto Rico. If you are than a dozen


who have gone on to have a miscarriage or give birth to a


brain-damaged baby, but clearly this is a very worrying development. The


numbers have changed slightly how they have been counting these cases.


It has jumped quite a lot in the last week, that is more about how


they have been counting the cases rather than a jump in cases. It is a


real concern for these mothers. President Obama is pushing for more


funding. Yes, he is. He added for billion has been signed off. There


is still a major gap. About $600 million has been allocated before


today, but that money has been taken from other projects including


fighting Ebola. The way President Obama phrased it was taking from


Paul and giving to Peter. He is urging Congress to sign off the rest


of this money because it is origin. He spoke in the last hour or two and


this is what he said. To the extent that we want


to be able to feel safe and secure and families


who are of child-bearing years want to be able to feel


as if they have confidence that when they travel and when they


want to start a family, To the extent that is something


we think is important. This is a pretty modest investment


to get those assurances. President Obama they are. We have


heard that the threat of this virus spreading to Africa and other parts


of Asia, how big is that and how is it happening? It is a real concern.


The world health organisation has said that parts of southern Europe


should expect cases in the coming months as well. They could effect


anywhere where there is the mosquito. This is the same mosquito


that spreads other diseases. These are coming into play much more now,


especially in Europe as it gets warmer. Anywhere that has these


mosquitoes are at risk of having Zika cases. The world health


organisation is telling countries in Africa that they need to prepare and


start telling people, especially pregnant women, about the risks of


Zika. You need to inform them of how to stay safe and crucially they


neared to be investment in vaccines and there needs to be research.


Protecting yourself from a mosquito bite is important. How does it


actually spread though? Humans are the intermediaries's yes, the


mosquito is the vector that infects humans. If somebody in Brazil


travels to Cape Verde and they have been infected with Zika. They may


not show symptoms but they go where the mosquito lives and that mosquito


bites that person, picks up Zika and then infects others. Other


mosquitoes that bite people who have been bitten, can also pick up Zika.


It is complicated but you can see how easy it is to spread, especially


with how much travel there is. That is very alarming. Thank you very


much indeed. Over the last few days we have been bringing you first-hand


experience of life in prison. On Thursday we were at Wandsworth


prison in London. The problems there are mirrored in many jails around


the world. In America there are three as many psychiatric patient in


prison than hospital. Our correspondent was given special


permission to film inside the prison and speak to the prisoners. This is


what checking into America's largest health institution looks like. It is


not the official role but when 30% of people being shuttled around from


cell to cell and locked away in this jail is not to have psychiatric


problems, that is what it has become.


We watched as this man was processed into the jail,


He was charged with criminal trespass, sleeping on someone else's


42-year-old Robert is homeless and he has schizophrenia.


We saw as he shuffled off into what is a tough world.


In parts of the jail, up to 400 inmates are kept


in a single room, where they eat, sleep and live all together.


Many, of course, have committed far worse crimes than Robert.


Those we spoke to complained of the conditions they lived in,


but didn't want to be recorded for fear,


But the number of those among the prison population with mental


health problems appears to be ever-increasing.


It is now thought there are more than three times the number


of psychiatric patients incarcerated in America than are in hospitals.


He's been locked up because he stole groceries


Being incarcerated is no way to live.


Not only is it being kept from your freedom,


but being surrounded with the people that are here,


The mentality of the individuals that you're locked up with.


It can really get hard, it can be dangerous.


There are some areas of the jail that do have the look


Those running this facility have at least recognised that mental


health provision needs to be a huge part of what they do.


The new warden of the jail is even a psychologist.


But what they can't change is a system which means so many


people who should be treated in the community end up


No different than if they had diabetes, but they


Well, guess what, States throughout the country,


throughout the United States, have decimated the mental health


So where do these people end up then?


And it's been going on now for decades.


There does seem to be recognition that too many people


in America are going to jail, particularly those with


That can only be resolved with fundamental changes


in the justice system here and improved mental health


But both those things feel a long way off.


The Turkish parliament has approved a controversial


law that will strip MPs of their immunity from prosecution.


Dozens of them from various parties could now find themselves in court.


Pro-Kurdish politicians say the government's designed law


in an effort to drive them and other opposition representatives out


Well, one of the MPs who took part in the vote earlier today


Ertugrul Kurkcu is the Honorary President of the HDP Party.


Many thanks for joining us. Why are you opposed to this change proposed


by the President? Actually, there is no need for the deputies to be tried


in this way. There was an ordinary way that the majority party could


decide who would go to the court after the discussion in the


parliament. The commission and the assembly and make a decision for


every individual after their defence. Now all the rights for


defence and the individuality of the debate has been removed and there is


a total lifting of the desert for certain people. In other departments


of Justice Ministry will be anonymously lifted. The Government


says that nobody, even members of Parliament cat should be immune from


prosecution. -- should be immune from prosecution. The immunity means


community from prosecution. There is no valid reason now. You think this


is another blow to democracy in Turkey, as other critics have said.


As that's right? Yes, of course. This is what the majority does to


their minority. The majority party who holds the majority of the seats


and the parliament tries to oust the minority out of the Parliament.


There is nothing to do with democracy here. Secondly, all those


charges directed against the deputies are simply addressing it to


the people outside of the Parliament. They are going to be


tried but not for any deed. We are just showing some pictures and you


can probably hear the sound of the disruption in the last few days. Can


I just ask you, any sense, Turkey wants to get to membership of the


European Union. That is going to be these free travel potentially for


people from Turkey into Europe, do you think that is a good idea now as


the Government increases these moves? Do you think there is a


security threat in Turkey from people coming to Europe? Actually,


everybody should be free to travel everywhere in the world. If Turkey


is now discussing with Europe that Turkey is going to get views as


because Turkey is a democratic country and Turkey is going to meet


the European Union demands, we can see the first demand, the freedom of


speech and the freedom of political freedom, are being narrowed every


day and Turkey is not meeting one of the major conditions. Of course,


every Turkish person should go anywhere in the world if they want.


If the Turkish person except the condition is right, with broader


rights, there is no broader rights here. Therefore, this is a failure


of innocence. Thank you very much for joining us.


Here in London, a convicted murderer has pleaded guilty to trespassing


Dennis Hennesey, who's 41, scaled a perimeter wall


and was found by officers after an alarm was activated


The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were in residence at the time.


Our royal correspondent Peter Hunt says this isn't the first breach


of security there's been at the palace.


I am sure viewers around the world remember the story of Michael Fagan


who came here and got over the walls, he went up a drain pipe and


got into the Queen's bedroom. It was the first time anyone has been in


there since Queen Victoria. He was only removed when he asked for a


cigarette and she got a footman who helped the man until the police


came. That was the dark days of royal security. On this incident,


the police are feeling more confident. The insist this man was


detained in the gardens and did not get into the palace. Peter at their


outside Buckingham Palace. Search teams in the Mediterranean


Sea say they've found human remains and wreckage from the missing


EgyptAir plane. The European Space Agency says one


of its satellites has detected a potential oil slick


where the flight disappeared. There is much more online. Thank you


for watching.


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