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And the first trophy for three years for Manchester United as they beat


Crystal Palace 2-1 to win the FA Cup.


Egyptian investigators say it is too soon to reach any conclusions on a


day when more clues are emerging about the last moments on board 13


macro flight MS804. Egyptian military have released these images


and they include human remains and a life jacket found floating in the


Mediterranean sea. Teams are now looking for the flight recorders to


piece together what happened and French air accident investigators


have confirmed that smoke was detected in several parts of the


plane. But the latest on the investigation here is Richard


Lister. In the deep Mediterranean


between Greece and Egypt, recovery teams are finding


the remnants of flight MS804 They are assembled on the deck


of a nearby Egyptian navy ship. What looks like a blanket,


an airline pillow, a piece of foam that was once part


of someone's seat. Seat belts and debris marked clearly


with the EgyptAir logo. The remains of a tattered smart


white handbag and a trainer. Poignantly, a life vest


that appears unused. In the chaos of those last


terrifying minutes More than three hours


into the planes journey from Paris, air-traffic controllers tried


and failed to get in touch The plane sharply swerved 90 degrees


left, then a complete circle to the right, before dropping off


the radar completely. More details are emerging


about those final minutes. The flight system sent a string


of error messages to the airline. The first were warnings


about a cockpit window, but then smoke is detected in a toilet,


and in a bay full of They are among the last


messages to be transmitted. Apparently there was some sort


of overheat fire event on board. Possible reasons, it is impossible


to say at the moment. Possibilities are an electrical


malfunction of some sort, something burning put in a toilet


waste compartment, or a hostile Faces are gradually being put


to the names of those killed, the pilots and half


of the passengers were Egyptian. Among others, 15 French people,


two Canadians, others from Algeria and Saudi


Arabia, and one Briton. As the grim task of recovering the


debris continues, the main focus is finding the aircraft and its data


recorders that might explain why these people died.


Well 30 passengers on board were Egyptian and the grief


From Cairo - here's our correspondent Sally Nabil.


A lot of painful human stories have emerged since the plane disappeared.


We spoke to a close friend of the co-pilot, he was around 24 when he


died. His friend told me he was such a sociable, optimistic person, he


had big plans for the future, he was planning to get engaged to the girl


he loved. He told me that being a pilot was the dream of his life


since he was a child. He was such a loving person for his family, his


mother passed away about three years ago, so the fact that this guy has


died is a matter of great shock for his family, they are still in the


state of denial according to his friend, they still cannot believe


they lost their son. There are so many stories that we have heard


about, and Egyptian couple who left their three children in Cairo and


went to Paris so the lady could get treatment for cancer, but they never


managed to make it back home. EgyptAir issued a statement saying


they have brought a foreign aviation expert to explain to the families of


the passengers that getting back the dead bodies will be such a lengthy


process because it involves a lot of DNA tests to identify the victims.


We have been in touch with many of the families of the passengers, they


are in such a state of shock, pain and anger and they said they are not


getting enough information and are still living in the state of denial


and cannot believe their loved ones are gone for good. Everyone is still


waiting for the investigations and the search operations that are still


going on to know exactly what happened and what caused this plane


to disappear. Joining me now is Gordon Dupont


a former accident investigator with the Canadian Transportation Safety


Board. What do you make of what we know


of this EgyptAir plane It will take time and what we would


always do is to put anything and everything on the table and either


prove or disprove it, remove it or look closer at it in order to get


information. A bomb seems to be probably near the top of the list, a


fire is possible, although a fire normally would not happen that


quickly. Again, that is the small possibility, it could be a mistake


by the pilot were the pilot made a mistake that somehow took the


aeroplane part or the pilot, with a suicide as a possibility. There may


be other possibilities that may come up, anyone of them be chosen. The


data recorder is crucial, as a former air accident investigator,


how do you go about finding them? Both of the flight data recorders


and the cockpit voice shook order will have a ping which will send out


a signal which can be heard under water for approximately four or five


buyers that will go on for 30 days or so. I am quite confident that


they will find the black boxes which are actually orange, fairly soon. No


terrorist group has claimed responsibility, some experts are


leading towards it been a mechanical fire, what are your thoughts? My


thoughts are that they are not saying anything because it might


give away how they did it, that is a possibility again stop the fact they


have not said anything does not mean they did not have something to do


with it, they just do not want to give away how they manage to do it.


There has been a series of are tragedies over the past year, some


people may understandably feel nervous about flying, should they?


No, not at all. Accidents will occur, we humans are geniuses in


finding ways to make mistakes, human mistake is responsible for about 80%


of them. Terrorism is certainly becoming more common, unfortunately,


but it is still the safest way to travel by far. As far as the


investigation goes, how quickly will we know either way what happened to


this plane? It will take a while. They will find the wreckage, I do


not doubt that they will, but it will take a while to analyse it and


be very sure that what they are looking at is the actual thing that


occurred. They do not want to go rushing off and saying, look at


this, we found something, that is going to be the answer whether be


other clues that you tend to ignore or do not follow through on. Thank


you very much for being with us. Manchester United, Patrick Geary is


that the BBC Sport Centre. This is some breaking news. Manchester


United, just a few hours ago lifted the FA Cup with Louis Van Gaal but


we understand that Jose Mourinho will be appointed their new manager


for next season. Big news coming out of Manchester United and surprising


news for some given that they only won the FA Cup. We understand that


Jose Mourinho was lined up and this deal was done before the game in


principle and the result was a respective four Louis Van Gaal. You


may find that surprising, given that he has just lifted a trophy, but


where he has fallen down has been in the league. Manchester United were


expected to finish in the top four entitling them to play in the


Champions League, the European elite competition if you like. Because


they finished fifth on goal difference and then age of their


performances has attracted criticism around Louis Van Gaal and his


position and that seems to have been what has undone him. Jose Mourinho,


the former Chelsea manager will come in. He is a controversial figure,


but he usually equates to success. He was sacked by Chelsea in December


and his reputation took a head will stop if he -- he won the league in


the previous season and everywhere else he has been, he had achieved


success and it seems that Manchester United have gone for him as a


short-term almost guarantee they help of success as opposed to Louis


Van Gaal who was a very experienced bigger when he was appointed in


2014. He managed I Munich, the Netherlands, Barcelona... -- Bayern


Munich. He never found his groove at Manchester United. Although he


brought some young players through, he also spent big money on a series


of quite high profile signings and that team never really gelled and it


ended up with them finishing fifth in the league despite a slight


upturn in fortunes towards the end of the season, they had Champions


League qualification in their grasp at one point but let it slip. The FA


Cup success that they have achieved, a big result for them, too - one


against Crystal Palace, it was not enough to save Louis Van Gaal. It


would never have been enough, the deal with Marie Newell was announced


in principle -- Jose Mourinho was confirmed in principle. They have


been trying to replace Sir Alex Ferguson in assessed -- in a sense.


The club was cast in his image and his shadow really lingers over all


of his successors, David Moyes before Louis Van Gaal at Old


Trafford as well. Jose Mourinho has been judged to be the kind of


high-profile figure that can come out of the shadow of Alex Ferguson.


How he does, we will see Nick season, it will be an interesting


and competitive Premier League with Manchester City appointing Pep


Guardiola as their new coach. Leicester City this season,


surprised everyone, it is a league that seemed in a flux and Jose


Mourinho will go on with high expectations at Old Trafford. Thank


you very much. Families of those killed


on the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, are suing Russia


and President Vladimir Putin in The jet was shot down


by a Russian-made missile over eastern Ukraine in 2014,


killing all 298 people on board. The West and Ukraine say


Russian-backed rebels were responsible, but Russia accuses


Ukrainian forces. Half a million people have left


their homes in low-lying areas which are prone to flooding. Strong winds


and heavy rain up rooted trees and trapped people inside their homes. A


number of ports have" the country many power lines are down. A


security guard has been killed in Chile during protests that took


place while the President was delivering an annual address in


Congress. It is reported that the man died of asphyxiation after


masked demonstrators burned a pharmacy and a supermarket in the


second largest city which is where Congress mates.


In Sri Lanka, the heaviest rainfall in a quarter of a century has left


at least seventy people dead and more than 120 people missing.


Huge landslides have buried some in up to 50 feet of mud.


More than a quarter of a million people have been


Azzam Ameen, from BBC Sinhala, has been on board a navy rescue boat


Apart from the major landslide in this district there are at least


200,000 people affected by the heavy flooding is. So far people have been


evicted from their houses but still there are many who live in their


houses in order to save their belongings. We have joined a Navy


boat planning to rescue at least four people who have informed them


that they cannot stay because the what level is increasing. We can see


a lot of vehicles submerged in the water. The water is on the roof of


these houses. It is a serious situation. People have been


evacuated, but still there are people living in their houses in


order to save their belongings despite assurances from the


government. I am with the Sri Lankan Finance Minister who is touring the


most affected areas, what is happening? You can see that it is


difficult. At this moment, this area is very badly affected. It is a very


panicked situation. I hope that things will come back to normal


order before too long. Is the what are decreasing? At a very slow pace


and we are making all attempts to clear the water, but monsoons are


setting in, so it makes a bad situation worse. Still to come... We


report from Stay with us on BBC World News,


still to come: We report from Ethiopia, where Skateboarding


is capturing the imagination this morning the plane landed in


Delhi. The President of India walked to the plane to solemnly witnessed


Mr Gandhi's final return from the political battlefield. The polling


stations were are prepared for what will be the first truly free


elections in the history of Romania. It was a remarkable climax to what


was surely the most extraordinary funeral ever given to a pop singer.


It has been a peaceful funeral demonstration so far, but suddenly


the police are tear gassing the crowd. A prelaunch ritual is


established here and it was said to be in good spirits, but just a


little apprehensive. In the last hour, East Timor has become the


world's newest nation. The challenges ahead are daunting. For


now at least, it is time to celebrate.


Investigators say smoke detectors were activated on board the EgyptAir


flight just before it disappeared over the Mediterranean. The BBC


understands that Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal will be


replaced by Jose Mourinho, one hour after the club beat Crystal Palace


2-1 to win the FA Cup. Refugees do not often get a chance to meet


politicians from Brussels who make key decisions about the future, but


this week some dead. Ten member is of the European Parliament spent


days in Greece to see how the deal between the EU and Turkey that came


into effect two months ago has led to a dramatic reduction in new


migrants. Their visit exposed their continuing deep political


Carefree holiday-makers on Lesbos. Add to see it is calm and quiet. Big


waves of refugees no longer come after Turkey and the European Union


made a deal forcing people to claim asylum on arrival or be sent back.


From here you can see the rocky coastline of Turkey. It is just


across the water, not so long ago, Greece could see more than 10,000


people crossing from there in a single day. Now almost no one is


coming. That does not mean that the European migrant crisis is over.


Sleeping on the railway but going nowhere. This is a makeshift camp on


the Greek Macedonian border. Most here are from war-torn Syria and


nearly half our children. They were heading north to other European


countries when the borders were closed. Now they are among the


50,000 people stuck in Greece, which is struggling to deal with asylum


applications. This Syrian teacher draws cartoons to express his


frustration. When European parliamentarians come


to this camp, confrontations are inevitable. There are promises of


more support from Brussels. It is a very crucial issue, on moral and


political issues to change the situation and to try and provide


education and social care for people here. This visit also exposes the


deep divisions in Europe between those who want easier entry for


refugees and those who firmly do not. What would be the message that


goes out to the camps of the people here who are desperate if they are


told that they have open borders and that's what we are pushing for. We


are not pushing for open borders and that is a dangerous situation. Last


year there was an influx of 1.3 million people to the EU. Now the


deal with Turkey has produced a pause and yet there is no end to the


political dispute or the suffering of refugees.


Police in Kazakhstan have arrested dozens of anti-government protesters


after they held rallies against controversial land reforms.


That has angered many who believe it will open the door for its nearest


neighbour 's Tyne Tracker China to come in and take over land and that


anger has now turned against the authoritarian leader. The President


has been in power for 27 years, with more analysis here is our reporter.


It is about land and power, but what is underlining this process is a


general dissatisfaction with a government that in the judgment of


many observers is authoritarian, people do not have much say about


whether country is heading. It has been having a difficult time,


Kazakhstan depends on oil, it is a big oil exporter, the second largest


uranium export and the oil prices have gone down and people are


suffering there. All these republics, because they are now 25


years old, are bit nationalists, there is a surge of identities,


there is quite a strong feeling in what are regarded as foreign powers


being seen to try and take over. China is a big investor, I think


that is one of the more emotive reasons that play into that, but I


think probably, the dissatisfaction with the government plays a big part


in this. A group of people on a hot air


balloon have been rescued by a passing boat in the sea off


the Australian coast. Nine passengers leapt


from the balloon's basket onto the vessel, after the aircraft


began to run low on fuel, raising fears it may


ditch into the water. A great view of the ocean near the


Australian city of Melbourne but a little closer than these hot air


balloon passengers were expecting. Flying just meters above the sea in


Port Phillip Bay and running low on fuel, the only option was to lighten


the load. Luckily a passing motorboat realised what was


happening and with some precision flying, the balloon pilot began


unloading passengers. We just got out there and I think the wind did


not behave the way they were expecting. They could not quite get


it to land so they drifted over the Bay, but the pilot did really well.


He was pretty calm. With the last passenger safely off the stricken


aircraft it was up to the pilot to guide the balloon to a nearby beach.


None of the passengers or the pilot were injured in the incident. Local


police are investigating. Very lucky escape.


Now to Ethiopia where skateboarding as a sport is barely five years


old but it is attracting hundreds of young fans in the


The first concrete Skate Park is now up and running.


It was constructed with the help of local skateboarders and the NGO


'MAKE LIFE - SKATE LIFE', which has built similar


parks in India, Bolivia, Jordan, and Myanmar.


I skate seven hours of the day. I start at three o'clock and skate all


night. It is a nice thought. I am going to


be a professional. -- sport. Me and my friends started organising. After


that, we found this park and now we can build another skate park. There


was no skate park in Ethiopia, only this. It has been here for 45 years.


-- four or five years. Now we are like amateurs, after some


years, we are going to be professional. Then we will play for


Ethiopia. That is it from me and the team,


goodbye for now. Good evening. For cricket fans, the


first test at Headingley was a roller-coaster ride of emotions,


this was the scene earlier today, rain stopped play and looked pretty


bleak and for a time the rain was quite heavy. The


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