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Survivors watch as the US president and the Japanese Prime Minister


pay their respects to the 70,000 who died.


With the memory of the morning of August six 19 45 must never fade.


That memory allows us to fight complacency. It feels our moral


imagination. -- is fuels. A judge orders Jonny Depp


to stay 100 yards away from his estranged wife Amber Heard,


after she accused him More than 100 leading scientists say


the Rio Olympics should be moved or postponed over the Zika


outbreak. A final reckoning for Argentina -


in the next hour a court is expected to deliver a verdict on former


military officers accused of hunting down and killing political opponents


in South America. A new adventure


for an old favourite. We celebrate 90 years of


Winnie-the-Pooh. president has visited the first city


destroyed by an American At least 70,000 people were killed


in Hiroshima on the sixth of August 1945 - tens of thousands


more went on to die Three days later a second


bomb killed at least The Americans say the attacks did


much to bring the war There was no apology


from President Obama, but speaking to an audience


which included survivors of the attack, he reflected


on the lessons from the day when, as he put it,


"death fell from the sky From Hiroshima,


John Sudworth reports. 71 years ago a US President sent


a single bomb to destroy Today, a holder of that


same office came here for the first time, standing next


to the Japanese Prime Minister It's impossible to deny,


of course, the deep The huge media presence


are here to see the leader of the only country ever to have


used an atomic weapon paying his respects in Hiroshima,


a city that has come to symbolise On a bright, cloudless morning,


death fell from the sky A flash of light and a wall


of fire destroyed a city, and demonstrated that mankind


possessed the means From the instant of the first


blast... President Obama has made it clear,


though, that he is not here to offer an apology


for an act his predecessors have I said to my friend,


look, beautiful, aeroplane As she pointed, the bomb exploded


in the sky above her. She still suffers the effects


of the serious burns today. What do you think about the visit


by President Obama to Hiroshima? I was very happy to hear that,


because that is one But, as always, a short distance


from the President stands an officer carrying America's


nuclear launch codes. It's a reminder of the reality,


on a day strong on symbolism Some breaking news -


an American entertainment website is reporting that the actor


Amber Heard, who is filing What is happening? A court has


ordered that Johnny Depp stay away from his estranged wife, Amber


Heard. That is why -- that is because she has accused of domestic


violence. She says he threw her mobile phone at her, during a fight


at the weekend, striking her eye and her cheek. And in the documents to


the court, it has been reported that there was a photo showing the


injuries that she sustained during this alleged incident. She also


accuses Depp of pulling her hair repeatedly and also striking her and


hitting her repeatedly. She says the actor was high on drink and drugs at


the time. As I say, the judge has ordered that he stay away from her,


until another court hearing on the 17th of June. Johnny Depp himself


has not responded to this but his lawyer has said that he will honour


this stayaway order by the judge. And he is currently in Portugal with


his band. A huge amount of media interest. The couple only married


just over a year? That's right. They met in 2011, on the set of a film.


But they really gained international prominence only a month ago when


they were back in court in a different way, you may remember they


were accused of illegally smuggling their dogs to Australia while they


were filming there. Last month they delivered a bizarre video apology to


the court in Australia for that incident. And that was one of the


last times that people around the world saw them publicly. Then we


heard the news this week that Amber Heard was filing for divorce, citing


irreconcilable differences. Thank you very much.


More than 100 international medical experts have


published a letter urging the World Health Organisation


to consider whether the Olympics Games,


due to open in August, should be postponed or moved


from Rio de Janeiro because of the Zika virus threat.


The experts, from over a dozen countries,


said there was a clear threat to global public health.


They called on the WHO to set up a panel of specialists to advise


On Thursday, the head of the Atlanta-based Centers


for Disease Control said the Zika outbreak in Brazil did not pose


enough of a threat to warrant cancelling the Olympic Games.


The US military says the leader of so-called Islamic State forces


in the Iraqi city of Falluja has been killed in fighting along


A US colonel said more than 20 coalition air strikes have destroyed


IS positions over the past four days.


The UN says hundreds of families have escaped the besieged city -


although thousands remain trapped - as Iraqi government forces attempt


to recapture the area from the Islamic State group.


Some 50,000 civilians still remain trapped inside Falluja and they are


prevented from escaping by Isil as the government continues, the city


continues to come under heavy bombardment by the Iraqi forces.


Food has been in very short supply. We are hearing accounts of people


are relying on expired rice and dried dates and that is about it for


their diet. We have also heard reports of starvation related deaths


among the population there. This is from the people we have interviewed,


or our partners have interviewed, who have escaped.


Iraqi soldiers have fired tear gas to disperse protesters gathered


near Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone.


Several protesters were injured in the incident.


Protesters loyal to the influential Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr have


been calling for comprehensive reforms for months.


A few weeks ago, demonstrators broke through the blast walls surrounding


the Green Zone and into Iraq's parliament and government offices.


Many motorists across France are still having trouble finding


fuel, as a result of strikes and blockades by


All but one of the union blockades at fuel depots have


But shortages have caused long queues at petrol stations.


President Francois Hollande, has said he will stand firm over


the changes to labour laws which have prompted the strikes.


Brazilian police are searching for more than 30 men -


suspected of raping a sixteen year old girl and then posting videos


The teenager reportedly went to her boyfriend's house in Rio de


Janeiro on Saturday before waking up naked and surrounded by armed men.


Arrest warrants have been issued, including one for the boyfriend.


Our correspondent described the timeline. The initial reports coming


out described what happened. She was apparently under the effects of


drugs, unconscious, and woke up surrounded by these men. That is


what she described to the police a day after having gone to visit her


boyfriend in a shanty town in Rio. And she was silent about what had


happened until the case came out on social media. This video was posted


on social media, a 42nd video showing her naked and with men


surrounding and jeering -- a 40-2nd video showing. This was on top of


all the pain she had gone through. It has caused an outrage on social


media and lots of angry reaction here with people calling for an end


to this situation, an end to what they are calling a culture of rape


in Brazil. In 2014, there were 50,000 cases of rape reported and


there is a fear that that is still under reported because so many


victims fear coming forward, fear talking about what happened in case


they are stigmatised or even blamed. I suppose that is reflected not just


in the video that was circulated but the comments left on it. Some people


say that she deserved what she got? Exactly. It was a terrible moment of


congratulatory comments filled with misogyny at first and then later on


we saw other voices come in and add to the discussion with outrage and


anger about what had happened. The first comments were taken off-line.


But I think it is a very clear example of how things are twisted,


how the victim is made to blame. There was lots of information about


her, that she was a drug user, that she was 16 and already has a


three-year-old child and that is suddenly being used to question her


behaviour. But she posted a comment on Facebook thanking people for


their support and said that she had expected to be badly judged by


society and it was a relief that she was getting all this engagement to


defend her and defend women's writes.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come:


the 96-year-old surgeon who gave his name to the anti-choking manoeuvre


he developed uses the technique to save a fellow resident


50,000 people had taken part in an event to help aids in Africa.


Taunting was led to scuffles and full-scale riots as the Liverpool


fans broke out of their area and into the Juventus enclosure. The


Belgian police had lost control. The whole world will mourn the tragic


death of the father of the Indian people, Mr neighbour.


The Oprah Winfrey show comes to an end after 25 years and 4500


episodes. The chat show has made one of the richest people on the planet.


Geri Halliwell has left the Spice Girls. I don't believe it! She is


the one with the bounce on the go, not her, why?!


Barack Obama meets survivors of the atom bomb attack


on Hiroshima, during the first visit to the Japanese city


by a serving US president since the Second World War.


A judge has ordered Johnny Depp to stay 100 yards away from his


estranged wife, Amber Heard, after she accused him of hitting her. Now


let's turn to the sports news. Jose Mourinho says it is a special


honour to be appointed manager of United. He replaces Louis Van Gaal.


It has taken several days of negotiations to agree the deal. The


53-year-old has won league titles with every club he has managed and


appears as focused as ever on making this new job a success. I want to


win and more than that, I need the supporters and the players to feel


that I say that but I think we can really. It is not just to say it.


So, yes I want to focus on the history of this giant club and give


what I have and what I don't have so I will give absolutely everything.


It is two weeks ago before the European champ and ships in France.


It busy time for international friendlies. England are 2-1 up


against Australia, Marcus Rushford becoming the youngest England player


to score on his debut. Northern Ireland are up against


Belarus. The world number two, Andy Murray,


has booked his place in the last 16 of Roland Garros, finally enjoying a


straightforward match with a straightforward win over Croatia's


Evo Karlovic. He took the first two sets in an hour but Karlovic pushed


him all the way in the third and Murray eventually took it 7-6. He


will face another big server in round four. I served quite smart for


the most part. A high percentage of first serves, quite a bit into his


body, as a bigger guy he is not -- it is not as easy for him to get out


of the way. And then my first job after the server, I was making him


move and dictating some of those points. So that was positive.


And Rafah Nadal will not "Tenth title. He has pulled out with a


wrist injury. The International Olympic


Association -- committee has said that registry competitors have


failed drugs test. More could be coming out in the coming weeks.


Samples were retested based on intelligence gathering and athletes


from five different sports and six countries


tested positive. If you remember in the lead up to 2012, organisers said


they had state-of-the-art facilities which would make it hard for drug


cheats to evade the system. They were going to check more blood and


urine samples and an unprecedented amount, more than any other games.


But you can only test for what you know people are taking. So sometimes


there is a time lag. That is why there is a time lag. That is why


they store the samples and they go back and test when testing


procedures become more sophisticated. The worrying thing is


that the IOC said that this process is ongoing so there are


possibilities of more tests to come. Concerns are raging over the Zika


virus. 100 medical experts urge for the games to be postponed or move.


The letter was sent to the world of organisation. And that is the sport.


The final verdict in an historic human rights trial is expected


Operation Condor was a campaign of state-sponsored terror organised


by South American dictatorships in the 1970s.


The US-backed regimes conspired to hunt down,


kidnap and kill political opponents across South America and beyond,


as Irene Caselli reports from Buenos Aires.


40 years ago, this woman was kidnapped and held illegally in this


before being sent back home. In the before being sent back home. In the


process, she was separated from her son, Simon. They were reunited 26


years later. TRANSLATION:


I think that I spent most of the time here. The cold was terrible,


but the screen were worse. The screams of those who were being


tortured were the first things you heard, and they made you shiver.


That is why there was a radio blasting day and night. What hurts


me most here is the staircase. They took you upstairs and that is where


the questioning and torture darted. I think I screamed, I realised it


was a sign of life, and it was was a sign of life, and it was


impossible to hold back. If you scream, the others knew you were


alive. During the Cold War, South American dictatorships came together


to systematically eliminate leftist opponents. It was a transnational


plan called Operation Condor. Over the past three years, the historic


trial in Argentina has specifically focused on this conspiracy.


TRANSLATION: This trial has focused on other


trials. There are huge numbers of documents. We are not focusing in


one trial or in one country. We are looking at what happened in Uruguay,


Brazil, and Chile. Uruguayans like this woman consider Friday's trial


particularly significant because courts in her country have never


tried ex-military for torture. Along a fellow defendants, there is a


fellow Uruguayan. It is a milestone in human rights. In the past we had


international courts but we have international courts but we have


here a domestic court here in Argentina which is prosecuting


transnational crimes that were committed in an organised fashion by


Sikh states in Latin America. Testimonies of survivors of torture


centres have been fundamental in determining the scope of Operation


Condor. Today, 40 years later, many people will finally see some


justice. Now - if ever someone


was in the right place at the right time -


the surgeon whose name was given to the anti-choking manoeuvre


he developed has used At the age of 96, he saved


an 87-year-old woman. Dr Henry Heimlich performed his


famous 'Heimlich Manoeuvre' on a fellow resident


at the retirement home He dislodged a piece of hamburger


from Patty Ris's airway - after she'd been choking


and unable to breathe. She was sitting in a chair and I


turned her around so that her back would be exposed to me. I put my


arms around her and pressed where I described it, below the rib cage.


And I did three compressions and this piece of meat came out and she


started breathing. I wrote my thank you note to him for saving my life.


right next to you so you could save right next to you so you could save


my life. Because I was gone. I couldn't breathe at all for a long


time. Fantastic story. Elizabeth is celebrating her 90th


birthday, as is Winnie the blue. To celebrate this, the story has been


written, Winnie the pool and the Royal birthday.


That harm is fit for a Queen... Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Christopher


Robin and Dior. Much like characters have a new adventure in Buckingham


Palace. The story is narrated by the actor Jim Broadbent. It's a lovely


story, celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday and also Winnie the Pooh's


90th birthday. My first there was named Pooh after him. I had to, but


he was always the favourite. It is an honour to narrate a brand-new


story. The first Winnie the Pooh book was published by AA Milner in


1936. Christopher Robin was named 1936. Christopher Robin was named


after his son. One of the first books was dedicated to the Royal


Princess Elizabeth. From childhood, she was declared to be a fan. But


the two have not been able to meet. There was a starring in the crowd.


It's the Queen! The Queen is coming! And she was greeting the crowd as


she met -- as she went. Winnie the she met -- as she went. Winnie the


Pooh passed by Harrods which is described in the story as a grand


old shop which Winnie the Pooh found the familiar. Fans will know that it


is familiar because the story is based on a real teddy bear bought


from Harrods. This is what the original one was like. Christopher


Robin's mother bought this in 1930 14 Christopher Robin's first


birthday. She did not know then that he would turn into the most famous


bear in the world. He was a British made teddy bear, 18 inches, and


would have cost 13 shillings and sixpence, the equivalent of ?27


nowadays. Today, Winnie the Pooh has been translated into more than 40


languages. In this latest tale, he meets a new generation. The Queen is


said to have been happy for the project to go ahead, celebrating a


very happy birthday with an old friend.


Archaeologist in Boston have located a shipwreck from the 1870s. It was


in a Seaport district and which was land failed -- filled with land over


a century ago. It was filled with line.


The Sydney Opera House in Australia has been been lit up with works


It's part of the Vivid Sydney festival which has become


Let me leave you with a taster of the spectacular light show


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