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Hello and welcome to BBC World News Today -


A day before the European Championships kick off,


the French government issues a new security warning.


And minister warns about large crowds gathering.


I am in Paris where a large party is getting underway down by the Eiffel


Tower. After meeting President Obama,


Bernie Sanders WON'T abandon his campaign


for the democratic nomination. I am going to do everything


in my power and I will work as hard as I can to make sure that


Donald Trump does not become Also coming up: French taxi drivers


hail victory as Uber as part of its car transport service


is declared illegal. And thousands of people pay tribute


to Muhammad Ali as a Muslim prayer service is held to honour him


in his hometown of Louisville. France is facing its first major


security test of the European football championship,


with tens of thousands expected to gather tonight


for an open-air concert at the foot The country is already


on the highest state of alert following the terror attacks


in the capital last November. 90,000 police and security


officers are being deployed for the month-long tournament,


which kicks off on Friday. Ministers have meanwhile called


on union leaders to end the disruption caused


by nationwide strike action. Hello.


Welcome to Paris on a balmy summer's evening. That has been a traumatic


18 months for Paris and Sue Knight is the start of what many people


hope will be a month of, in the words of the organising committee of


this tournament, an end to the negative spiral that has been seen.


It will be party time by the Eiffel Tower. A big music conference ahead


of the football getting underway tomorrow night with France against


Romania. We cannot ignore the huge challenges facing Paris.


Well, France says it's ready, and here in the centre of Paris,


That, we're told, is one of the biggest TVs in the world.


And thousands of people will come here to watch matches.


To be honest, if the action's not so interesting - excuse me -


they can turn round, and the view is not half bad.


But while the fans are concentrating on the football and having fun,


for the French authorities, there's serious work to do.


Last November, 130 people were killed in the Paris attacks.


While the Prime Minister here says there is no specific threat


against this tournament, 90,000 security personnel have been


deployed, and there's an app to provide people with information


There was a time when hooliganism was the primary security concern


for any international football tournament.


However, the authorities have identified five games


They include England v Wales, and Germany v Poland.


Next, there are the strikes and the fuel blockades.


Now, these have got nothing to do with football,


and everything to do with new labour laws here in France.


These reforms will allow employers to more easily change


the terms of employment, including playing staff after.


-- the terms of employment, including laying staff off.


Now, it's not clear how disruptive this will be to fans, but,


By all accounts, France has a good chance of winning this tournament,


but the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema isn't


He says he wasn't picked because of pressure


French football authorities say it's because he's charged


Either way, it's a good reminder that no one does play a discord


Well, perhaps with the exception of the Dutch.


Anyway, so far so happy, we're told, in the French squad.


Last of all, there's the tournament itself.


There are 24 teams here - eight more than last time -


and it is estimated that 8 million fans will watch the matches either


Looking across the River Seine to the Eiffel Tower and the fan zone


behind, this looks like an event to savour, and, well, it might be.


But France has work to do over the next month to make sure this


Let's talk to two people about security and football. A former


German goalkeeper, also played for Nottingham Forest and Wimbledon, and


a freelance journalist. Welcome to both of you. Let's talk about


security first. It was inevitable that it would be the central issue


of this tournament. Yes, of course. There are huge precautions. If you


look at the numbers, 90,000 security personnel out in force, including


13,000 private security personnel. If we look down there at the Eiffel


Tower, 90,000 people can be accommodated, and there is 1500


security personnel there. Unprecedented numbers. A number of


drills. The French are trying to say, we have your back. Even the


Prime Minister has said, we cannot promise you that nothing will


happen. The challenge for fans is to have a good time while all this is


going on. Yes, definitely. People are worried. I see in Germany, lots


of people cancelled their trips because they think something could


happen. At the end of the day, I believe the security is


well-prepared and I don't think we should let terrorists dictate our


normal lives and football is a good way to fight against it. You are


friends with the manager of the German team. He has a tough job.


This is difficult. If you want the world champion title, then the


pressure is not there because the European Champion title would be


something good on top. The team reached a lot and looking at a rocky


qualification. The team is not in the best of shape at this moment. We


know that we have a tournament team which always reaches the heights


when it comes to big games. That is why Germany is still one of the


favourites for the tournament. In terms of security, the visible side


is the 90,000 security personnel, but a lot of people say this comes


down to intelligence. We haven't seen a lot of European intelligence


sharing. There has been an issue in the past. Can this be fixed this


time? They are trying. Cameron has said there is intelligence sharing


going on. You never know what is being spoiled. There are always


details trickling down, a French man caught with a lot of TNT on the


board are a couple of days ago, but they seem to have it under wraps.


Tell me about this game between Albania and Switzerland. You are


telling me this is more interesting than England and Russia. It is a


political game, because there are lots of decent Albanian players


playing for Switzerland and Albanian players who were born in Switzerland


playing in the Albanian team. It is the fight of brothers. It will be a


big party game, I think, in Switzerland on Saturday. Thank you


very much. You can follow the whole tournament through the BBC sport


application and here on BBC world News. It is a nice evening to be


here. In the last few minutes, president


Obama has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. He


said, I don't think there has ever been someone so qualified to hold


this office. He congratulated her on making history. We can bring you


what he has to say. Across thousands of miles and all 50 states.


There are millions of Americans, not just Democrats...


Our Washington correspondent Gary O'Donoghue joins us now


, polling the more people who know about Bernie, the more they like


him, the more they find out about Clinton. It's not the same. Away, we


are terrified of a Trump presidency. We are equally terrified for a lot


of the policies that Clinton is representing as well. Which Hillary.


I'm sorry. May that have an influence on how she proceeds now in


the campaign? The fact that Bernie Sanders has so much support, she may


include some of those feelings in her campaign? Is that to me? Yes.


Exactly that is the reason for Bernie to stay in it even if it's


stacked against him. What were the odds of him winning 22 states a year


ago. People would have said literally zero. He did it against


all the odds. Everyone in the establishment, media, the Democratic


Party. We want to vote for policy, not for parties. I was an


independent before I knew about the New York laws that required me to


switch my party allegiance over in October before the first debate


happened because I was really inspired and involv, but so many


people didn't know that. We have to end it there. Thank you very much.


Founder of Babes for Bernie. Thank you for your time.


The Israeli Army says it will deploy two additional battalions


to the West Bank in response to the shooting in Tel Aviv


which left four people dead and 16 injured.


The Army has also revoked entry permits for more


Two former British prime ministers have joined forces to urge people


in the United Kingdom NOT to vote to leave the European Union.


Speaking in Northern Ireland, John Major and Tony Blair said


a Leave vote could undermine the peace process there -


as well as raising the possibility of Scotland opting for independence.


The African Union's Amisom force in Somalia says it has repelled


an attack on one of its bases run by Ethiopian and Somali troops


in the town of Halgan, nearly three hundred kilometres


The Islamist group Al-Shabab claims it killed 60 soldiers in the attack,


It's the fourth major assault on African Union bases


A Belgian court has approved the extradition to France of a key


suspect in both the attacks in Paris last November and the Brussels


Mohamed Abrini is said to have admitted being "the man in the hat"


seen on Brussels airport's CCTV moments before the bombing


Investigators claim both the Brussels and Paris attackers


were part of a network backed by so-called Islamic State.


A French court has fined the app-based taxi firm Uber


hundreds of thousands of euros for running what it called


The case centred on the Uber POP ride-share service -


which connects users with non-professional drivers


The government had anyway banned the service because of


With me with more on this story is our business


What exactly did the courts say? The court is saying that it has become


illegal in 2014 to run a service like this. What do Britpop was doing


was using nonprofessional drivers. In 2014, it became illegal to do


that. They continued until 2015 and then stopped at this service. Uber,


we consider to be a service where you may well get picked up by a


nonprofessional driver, but this is not OK in France, and in Germany it


is the same, and Italy and Belgium and the Netherlands are moving


against it. The sentinel of the cases the nonprofessional driver.


The centres could be five years in prison. It was 800,000 in the end.


Part of that is suspended. The question then becomes, where does


this leave the progress for the sharing economy? It is obvious this


is an enormous force. In some countries in the EU, less so we see


it in other countries, but they don't seem ready to accept it.


Almost as if legislation needs to be passed in order to make it


acceptable, to make it even safe. This has often been the argument


where we saw the centre of the objection in France was professional


taxi drivers protesting. The difference between UberPop, the


low-cost section of Tom ten man-macro -- Uber. Each is drivers


who operate... That is a ride sharing service. You can also be


picked up by professional drivers who are operating at that particular


time. It is an application, but there has been an appetite there, if


you have ever been to Paris and tried to get a cab, you understand


where it comes from. There is an appetite for this type of service.


The question becomes, how deregulated? The French are raising


that question now. Thank you. Thousands of people are attending


the Muslim funeral prayers for the boxing legend Muhammad Ali,


who died last week. Prayers are being held


in the Freedom Hall in Ali's Leading figures from the world


of boxing and the civil rights This is ahead of the main funeral on


Friday. The pastor, Rev Charles Elliott,


is a family friend and tells about Ali's involvement in the US


civil rights movement, and in the church's own


fight against poverty. Muhammad Ali was a great supporter


of my Feed The People programme. My Feed The People programme,


I was going to feed "He told me, he said,


feed them every day. They'll start to death,


they'll starve to death if they can't eat but just two


days out of the week. I'll pay for it, I'll


pay for it, every day." I have been trying to give


confidence, as much as I could, to Muhammad Ali's brother, Rahman,


and I have been almost like his father ever


since his father passed, I have a picture of Muhammad Ali


at my church, where a lot of children were there


and they were trying to get to him. The bodyguards were trying


to keep the kids away. Let them kids come here,


I want to sign every autograph Children are precious,


I love children." This is me right here,


looking up to him. Look at everyone else


in the classroom, how excited they were, to see


the champion come in. I just loved him, he was beautiful


then, he's beautiful That's the reason why I think he's


an idol and he's known nationwide, Every time there would be a major


event involving civil rights and whatnot, Muhammad Ali would be


there to share his vision. A lot of time, there


was controversy, because I have always told him,


"If you have a pure heart and love That's who God looks at -


he doesn't look at religion, We will bring you full coverage of


Muhammad Ali's funeral tomorrow. Preparations are being made


in Sweden for the opening of a museum showcasing one


of the country's greatest exports. Yes, it's an Ikea museum -


a celebration of the furniture And and as you would expect,


it's all carefully planned - don't even think about


deviating from the route. Located in the southern town


of Almhult - where the first store opened in 1958 -


the exterior has been restored Presumably they assembled


all the exhibits from a flatpack - along with rather confusing


instructions. Look at these remarkable pictures


from Australia. It is a fish swimming inside a jellyfish. The


shot was captured by Ocean photographer Tim Samuel Arthur Byron


Bay in eastern Australia. Samuel photographer Tim Samuel Arthur Byron


says the official was still alive and fighting.


Really a pretty grim experience for that page. The breaking news we had


at the start of the programme, in the last few minutes, President


Obama has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President for


the Democratic candidate for president. He said, I don't think


there has ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. He


congratulated her on making history. Clinton's rival Bernie Sanders met


Obama earlier, but he hasn't officially conceded the race. He is


staying in for now. We will bring you more on BBC News. The weather is


next. Goodbye. Another glorious day up and down the


UK on Thursday. Just one or two showers in the forecast. As we head


into Friday,


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